Sunday, May 1, 2011

Oops! No more my baby (next year?)

Ayah, myself , Hasya and Hilman were just having our dose of Tutti Frutti froyo
for the day at our outlet in SS2 last night when this conversation came up -

Hasya : Hmmmm... Hilman has got stuff on his face now!

Me : Stuff? What do you mean?

And I looked at Hilman's face.

Me : Oh, you mean facial hair? Not that much and that clear lah, Hasya.

Hasya : Ya lah kot? (and a 3 second pause) Oh my. Puberty!

At this point, Hilman butted in -

Hilman : No la. Next year la... (with his usual muka selamba) :)

Ayah looked at me, and we looked at Hasya and all of us started laughing!