Thursday, July 28, 2011

Testing the market - my observation.

I might be wrong, but I think ALL male species at some point (or points?) in their lives will always be tempted to try and test the market - including those whom we would categorize as "pijak semut pun tak mati". Whether they would eventually be "bought" and become someone else's "property" will all depend on their niat to try the market in the first instance.

Some would be happy if they didn't get any buyers. Ada orang "tengok" pun, they're fine already, and they would pull out from the market.

Some would be thrilled if they become the object of an auction, and they would at the end of the day decide who their ultimate "owner" would be - their original "owner", or a new "owner" - depending on who would be prepared to pay the higher price for them.

Some would even WAIT to be bought, BUT, with a hope that the buyer would get bored with them, and they could go back home to their previous "owner" eventually.

Some would be waiting to be bought, and waiting to be released by their previous "owner", but alas there are no buyers interested in them.

Some probably wouldn't even realize that they were testing the market, but along the way would start to feel the thrill of having people interested in them. Some of those in this group would "develop further" and then fall under one of the categories above. But, some would get back to their senses and would pull out from the market before any new buyer could bring them home.

And some of the little piggies would go to test the market because they are just that. Pigs.

Whatever category these male species might fall into, one thing they always forget is that - a lot of female species would get hurt along the way...buyers included.

And some are hurt REALLY badly - to a point that even though at the end of the day, the male species might decide to pull out from the market, the damage has been done and the scars would be there until their dying day...

If only these male species would think with their mono head first before they decide to test the market, huh?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Laporan anak-anak...

* I actually drafted this two weeks ago, but was tied up with stuff and just could not follow it through at one seating. So, it might be a bit outdated, but alang-alang dah ada dalam my Draft box, why not just post it, kan? :)

Laporan Anak #1

Ayah and I went to Sri Aman Open Day to collect Hanna's report on 23rd June (Thursday) morning.

CGP of 3.61, and 7th in her class. She got 5th in her last test.

Not too bad, I guess, but her teacher - Pn Illyanie, said Hanna could do better. She could even be in the Top 3, in fact.

So, Ayah asked her how Hanna is in class generally, and what can she do to improve her grades. And Pn Illyanie said,

"Hmmm... Hanna ni banyak cakap in class... (Errr... Tell us something we don't know already, please? Hehehe...) But, bila ditanya soalan, dia memang boleh jawab. And bila saya tanya Cikgu-cikgu lain pun semua cakap macam tu. Hanna boleh bawak semua subjects - tak der masalah. Kalau kurang sikit bercakap, insya Allah lagi okay... Macam this time - banyak cakap pun, results ok...".

Errr... If you say so, Pn Illyanie... :)

Anyway, we went on to ask Pn Illyanie if she thinks Hanna has been so distracted with all her Club activities in the last couple of months (she's running for President of Sri Aman Interact Club, and also Treasurer for PRS, and has been actively involved in all sorts of Interact and PRS activities, and sports practice, too).

And Pn Illyanie said that it is quite normal for Sri Aman's Form Four students to go all out in all their club activities, and they would give all in whatever tasks and responsibilities given to them, and those who are active would more often than not, see a dip in their grades in Form Four.

Pn Illyanie assured us that once the students give up their posts in the Clubs when they're in Form Five, then insya Allah their grades would improve tremendously after that and they would do very well for their SPM, insya Allah.

I hope so, Pn Illyanie... I hope Hanna is one of them. I seriously hope so...

Laporan Anak-anak #2 and #3

All of us went out of the house at 6:45am on Friday (24th July) morning.

We had asked Zaidy to start work at 6:30am today instead of his usual 9:30am/10:00am reason being we were going to Hasya and Hilman's Report Card Day. If Ayah were to drive, it'll be near to impossible to find parking at the school, especially this time the school had scheduled the Open day for BOTH sesi pagi and petang in the morning.

Anyway, Zaidy dropped us and Hasya Hilman off outside the school at 7:15pm, and off he went to send Hanna to Sri Aman.

As we were early (the perjumpaan with the Guru Kelas was supposed to start at 8:00am), Ayah and I decided to have breakfast at the canteen first.

By 7:45pm, we noticed that some of the parents had started to queue up in front of the classrooms, and some had even seen the teachers, so, we made our way to Hasya's class first.

Her class teacher is Puan Usha who was also Hanna's class teacher when she was in Standard 6.

Syukur alhamdulillah, Hasya got all As. But, for placing in class she got #4. It has become a pattern for Hasya from Standard 1 to fare better in her finals than her mid-year exams, so we were half expecting that. She would normally get #1 or #2 for her finals, and the lowest she had gotten for her mid-year so far was #5. So, this is still within her expected range.

Anyway, we were told by Puan Usha that Hasya is doing well, and she should not have any problems maintaining her As for her UPSR. Insya Allah...

And when we asked Puan Usha, how she is in class, whether she's playful or talkative, etc., the reply we got was,

"No, she's okay! She's not as talkative as Hanna... (Hahaha! Hanna really has a reputation of being talkative both in her primary and secondary schools! Aiyoooo... :))) Hasya participates in class and is always enthusiastic in whatever she does. She's a well-rounded girl - and she does well in her studies and also she's very active in her co-curriculum activities, too. There are students who score, but, that's it. They just study".

So, we take it that Hasya should be fine and should improve on her low As by the time she sits for her UPSR, insya Allah :)

Next we went to Hilman's class and sat down with Encik Suhaidi, his class teacher.

And guess what? The first thing Encik Suhaidi asked was, "Kakak Hilman, Hanna apa khabar?" (Aiyoooo... Kan I dah kata Anak #1 tu famous... LOL!!!)

Anyway, Hilman got 4As and 1B (for Science, which is his favorite subject - which he got Hadiah Matapelajaran Terbaik every year). So, we asked Encik Suhaidi if Hilman had any problem following the subject in class in Tahun 5?

The answer we got was that the questions were quite hard and only 2 students got A for Science, and the fact that Hilman got a very high B for Science meant that we should not be too overly concerned. Hilman should be able to do well in the subject, insya Allah. According to Encik Suhaidy, if based on his marks, Hilman is second in his class, but because there are 2 of his classmates who got 5As, Hilman is therefore ranked #3.

And the standard question on how our kids are doing in class was also asked :)

And Encik Suhaidy said this,

"Hilman ni, kira macam jadi contoh lah dalam kelas. Memang selalu participate in class and selalu nak jawab soalan. Sampai kadang-kadang saya kena cakap kat dia, 'Hilman tak dibenarkan jawab soalan ni!" (HAHAHAHA! That is SO Hilman! :))

Encik Suhaidy went on to say -

"And Hilman suka bertanya. Apa yang dia tak faham, dia tak segan bertanya. Kadang-kadang saya pun tak boleh nak jawab and kena minta dia berjumpa dengan saya selepas kelas...(Hehehee... That's our Hilman alright!) Generally, Hilman ni bagus dan budak yang baik. Insya Allah dia tak ada masalah nanti..."

Syukur alhamdulillah... Insya Allah :)

So, I'm quite happy with the reports from the teachers, and I know, if we were to look at the previous patterns, both Hasya and Hilman will fare better in their finals nanti, insya Allah...

Errrr... But, for Ayah -

In Hasya's case, it does not matter if Hasya is more active in all the co-curriculum activities compared to her friends who got #1 and #2, she should still get #1.

And in Hilman's case, if there are two students in his class who could score A for Science, Hilman should have also gotten an A! Whether the questions were hard or not, is irrelevant.

** Adoyaiiii... Kesian lah anak-anak yang bapaknya high achiever nih...Hehehe!*