Wednesday, August 22, 2007

He dreams of me....NOT!

It's 3:15a.m, and I'm supposed to be sleeping, but I feel that I have to just write this now.

Ayah had planned to finish some work tonight, but he just could not open his eyes. Well, I can't blame him - he came back from the hospital at 4:30a.m yesterday, slept at 5:00a.m, and woke up at 6:15a.m, because he had to be at Sri Pentas by 7:30a.m. Meaning - he only had 1 hour and 15 minutes of sleep in the last 42 hours or so!

I insisted that he get some sleep and I promised to wake him up after two hours. He went to bed at 1:00a.m, and I decided to do some work on the computer while waiting for the two hours to pass (I did not want to sleep, as the chances of me hearing the alarm after only 2 hours of sleep would be very slim - they say that we would be in our deepest sleep in the first two hours?).

At 3:10a.m, I gently tapped on Ayah's hand and asked him - "Yah, do you want to wake up now and do your work? Or do you want to continue sleeping till 5:00a.m? I'll re-set the alarm for you, if you want?"

To which he answered, "It's okay, just let go for now..."

And I was like, "Huh?!" and I asked , "Let go?" I was smiling away and decided to play along and layan his "mamun". Hehehe!

"Nak let go apa, Yah?", I asked again.

And he said (eyes still closed), " need to approach them yet for now".

I was trying very hard to control my laughter, but, I prompted Ayah again, "Errrr...approach siapa, untuk apa, Yah?"

"Untuk Larian Kardio", he muttered, and suddenly he opened his eyes.

He looked at me - somewhat confused. I looked at him - even more confused. And both of us started laughing!!!


.....and he went straight back to sleep after that....

So, when I wrote "he sleeps, he eats, he drinks, and he breathes Larian Kardio" in my previous posting, I forgot to write that " he also DREAMS of Larian Kardio"...

Bless him.

P/S : Zainal Abidin (YES! THE Zainal Abidin) paid a surprise visit to PPUM Cardiology Ward yesterday to show his support for Larian Kardio and spent quite considerable time with heart patients and staff there. Read about it here and here. You can also watch the video of an interview with him here.

Monday, August 20, 2007

It's here again...

The school holiday.

What does it mean to me?

Well, for a start - I won't be going to my office the whole of this week. I am still on my study leave and my work time is flexible. I have brought home with me materials to work on (and HOPEFULLY) I can do some work at home. We won't be going anywhere this time around as Hanna will be sitting for her UPSR exam the first week of September.

Secondly, when I said "home", I meant our (own) SD home and NOT Mak's house in PJ which normally would have been our weekday home. We would normally only sleep over at SD on Saturday nights - that's ONE night in seven. But, we've been home in SD for three days now... and I have to admit that I have not been able to do any (official) work thus far. This is because -

Thirdly, when we're home in SD, without any maids around - that means I become the "bibik" for the whole week! So, for the past three days, I've been sweeping and mopping the whole 2 1/2 floors of the house everyday, I've been tidying up the kitchen and the rooms, I've been cooking, I've been doing the dishes, I've been doing a bit of "gardening" (to those who have been to our house they would know that this should not be a big deal because we have an extremely mini garden, BUT to me, any gardening chore IS a big deal irrespective of the size of the garden!!!) I have also been doing the laundry, BUT have not been doing any ironing! So, you can just imagine the heaps of clothings in the ironing room waiting, pleading and beckoning to be ironed...

Fourthly, I can spend more time with the kids. I can cook their favourite dishes, and I can sit down with them when they do their revision, or practise playing the piano, and I can even sit down and watch "Spongebob and Squarepants" with them. In fact, both Ayah and I even had time to bring them to watch the Finals of the Youth Champions Cup at Bukit Jalil between Manchester United and Juventus last night. We support neither team, but a friend had free tickets to give away, and we thought - "Why not?" So, off we went - Ayah in his Newcastle United jersey, Hanna in her Chelsea jersey and me in Ayah's Barcelona jersey, Hasya and Hilman, errrrrrr..... in Barbie top, and HotWheels T-shirt respectively - supporting Juventus just for the night simply because they were playing against Man U...(Hahaha!) The results - too sensitive to be mentioned here...

Fifthly, I can go on my treadmill everyday here in SD. (Or maybe I should say "I should be going on my treadmill everyday, but, so far have not had the time and energy to do so?!") Excuses...excuses...

Sixthly, our grocery bills, and our utility bills will definitely be higher over the holiday period. The kids will be opening the fridge door and checking the contents every 5 minutes. I was in TESCO just yesterday, stocking up the pantry and fridge, but, by the look of it, I might have to make another trip to TESCO again this Wednesday! And when the kids are allowed to take a break from their revision and/or reading storybooks sessions, the PC will be on, both ASTROs will be on, and not to mention Hanna's CD player blaring Good Charlotte, Green Day, Simple Plan, Avril Lavigne and Linkin' Park back to back! And of course, when we're home 24/7, the airconds will also be on (nearly) 24/7...

Seventhly, despite the above - the school holiday means BLISS to me... because I'm home! Hey, at least in my own little ways I can still enjoy the school holiday with my kids...

Hmmmm....did I mention what the school holiday means to AYAH? Well, he sleeps, he eats, he drinks and he breathes LARIAN KARDIO... Bless him. (And that's another reason why we're not going anywhere this holiday! Hehehe!) It's less than a couple of weeks to go, and he and his team have been going all out for the last one month to make sure that it will be a huge success. Have you registered for the charity run? If you haven't, please do. The guys behind the scene have been working day and night and have not had any holidays at all for the last few months, going all out, giving their all for this noble cause... And we - we just need to register, pay RM15, and run (or walk) 5.5km, get FREE health screening (first come, first served - for the first 1000 visitors), FREE CPR Demo, FREE cardio exercise Demo, FREE entertainment (Anuar Zain, Zainal Abidin and Farah Ashikin OIAM are also supporting this effort and will be singing on that day!)

You might have the whole of this school holiday to think about it, but, why wait? Make a difference. You'll probably save one heart patient's life with your contribution without even knowing it...


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Me - elf. You - Santa Claus...

I was brushing Hasya's hair last night and I made a remark about her right ear.

"Hasya, your right ear follows Ayah's right ear laaa - pointy a bit", I said. It was not something we just noticed, but I just wanted to remind, or rather highlight how much she follows her Ayah's looks.

"I know", she said. " I look like an elf".

"A cute little elf", I said, and kissed her right elfy ear.

Ayah who was just listening to the conversation decided to join in, and he pulled Hasya to him and said, "Hey...that means I'm an elf, too! Both of us are elves!".

Hasya just looked at him, and said, "Ayah, elves are thin. I AM THIN. I can be an elf!"

And she continued, "You look more like Father Christmas!"



Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Kids say the darnest things...Part II

I couldn't stop smiling after reading Ibu's hilarious entry on her Kumon session with her adorable and VERY smart 3-year old (going to be 4) son, Ameer.

When I read her entry, I suddenly remembered Hilman's statement to me a few months back -

"Mommy, cows cannot think, right?" he asked, and waited for me to reply, wide-eyed.

And I said, "They cannot think like we do. But, they still can think like how cows should think, I guess."

And he said, "No lah...they cannot think at all laaa... That's why they cross the railtracks and got langgar by the train, right?"

Then I realised - he was reading the newspaper which carried the news about a train which hit a cow and got derailed somewhere. And I said to him, sometimes even some people cannot think, and that's why they, too, get hit by trains.

And he just looked at me, and said, "But, people are smarter than cows, right?"

And I just gave him a "no comment" smile... :)

You would think so, right? :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Kids say the darnest things...

The other day while we were having dinner, Hasya suddenly asked me - "Mommy, who liked who first?".

Not having any inkling what she was talking about, I asked, "Sorry, what do you mean?"

"I mean, who liked who first - did Ayah like you first, or did you like him first?"

Ayah and I looked at each other and we burst out laughing.

Hasya was still waiting for an answer, and was becoming quite annoyed with us laughing at her honest question, and she decided to answer the question herself.

"Hmmmm, I think it must have been Ayah who liked you first, Mommy", she said.

"Why do you say that?" I was interested to know her reason.

"I don't know. I think you told me Ayah was begging and begging you to like him, or something like that?!".

Ayah's eyes were wide open and he was looking at me when he heard Hasya's reply.

Okay, okay...I must have said something along that line when Hasya asked me the question quite some time ago - but, it was meant as a JOKE!

I looked at Ayah, and was trying my best to give him my 'innocent' look, and said, "Hasya, I never said that! Even if I did, it was meant as a joke!"

And she asked again, "But, is it true? Did Ayah like you first? I think he did!"

Ayah looked at me. Hanna who had been listening to the whole thing looked at both of us, and we all burst out laughing again.

"Hmmm...." I said. "I think both Ayah and Mommy liked each other more or less at the same time", I tried to be as diplomatic as possible (to jaga hati Ayah...Hahaha!!!)

Then Ayah asked Hasya, "Hasya can you imagine when you have kids of your own and they start asking you the same question?"

"I will just tell them the truth laaa!" Hasya retorted.

And then she exclaimed, "OH MY GOOOODDDD!!!! When I get married and have kids of my own, you'll be a grandfather then! You'll be old, and you'll have white hair and be fatter and all!!!"

To which Ayah responded by poking Hasya's tummy and tickling her, and she started giggling away while trying to get away from Ayah.

And, deep inside I was saying a little prayer that, insya Allah, BOTH Ayah and I WILL grow old together, and we'll have white hair, we'll be fatter, and all and we will get to live to see our kids get married and settle down and have kids of their own....and Hasya's kids will ask her the same question on "who liked who first", and Ayah and I would relate this story to her and her kids, insya Allah...