Monday, February 23, 2009

Mesmerized and blown away...

Nope - this has nothing to do with a certain Mongolian beauty who met with a gruesome end not so long ago on a secluded hill/mountain somewhere. But, this is about another beauty...who...errr...has something to do with a mountain, too. Different beauty, different era, different ending. And different mountain. So, sit back, and relax :)

I had never been to a Musical before. Not even when I was residing in London way back in 1991-92 when the West End was a just a tube ride away from where I was staying. I don't know why I was never interested to go and see Phantom of the Opera, Cats, Miss Saigon and the likes then. The closest I got to a Musical was all those Christmas pantomimes at the end of the year. Pathetic, huh?

When Istana Budaya was having Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical Season 1, I never bothered to find out when the show was on, or even how much the tickets cost. I was saying to myself, "Alangkan West End shows pun I tak tengok...why should I go and watch PGL kan?" (I know...I know...sungguh macam diva, kan?!) And I guess because I never got to watch PGL The Movie, there was no "attachment" to PGL The Musical. I started to pay attention and show some interests only after hearing the rave reviews it got.

PGL 2 came....and went. Just like that. Both Ayah and I were just too busy. By the time we decided that we could go and watch it, all the tickets were sold out. And we thought, that was it. There goes our chance to witness the most talked-about Musical in town.

So, when we heard that there was going to be PGL 3, we decided that whatever the prices were, we would just get the tickets. Everybody else we knew seemed to have watched The Musical. Some had even gone to watch both PGL1 and PGL2 and were going back to watch PGL3, too! So, there must be something with this Musical which kept on pulling/calling people back to it, kan?

We decided to coincide this PGL3 outing with two of our MT members' 40th birthday celebration - Ibu and Re*a. It was kind of a belated birthday treat for them, as theirs were the only 40th birthday parties of the MTs and hubbies' which we didn't manage to organize properly last year. So, their PGL tickets were on the rest of us :)

So, armed with 3 credit cards which entitled us to a 15% discount on the tickets, Ab*d and I went to Ro*k Co*ne* at The Cu*ve about a month ago to purchase the tickets. As one person could only buy 5 tickets per one credit card, we decided that I would purchase 5 with one of my credit cards, and Abid would purchase another 7 using 2 of her credit cards. And we managed to get quite good seats for Thursday 19 February. (I was sitting right smack in the middle - in fact almost directly behind PM Pak Lah malam tu, albeit selang 4 seats behind him! And before anyone starts asking me, NOPE! I didn't see him sleep/doze off that night. Hehehe!)

There were a few celebs which caught our eyes that night, one of whom was the ultimate Perempuan Melayu herself - Datin Seri No*ma*a Sh*msu*in. There were a few dramatists whom the MTs for the lives of ALL of us could not remember their names at all! Haiyaaaa...where got time to watch all those Samarinda and yang sewaktu dengannya, and hafal their names what...I must say Datin Seri NS memang anggun and jelita in real life (or should I say "LEBIH" anggun and jelita dari dulu?)

The show started right on time, and from the moment the curtains were up, we were all mesmerized and blown away with everything The Musical had to offer. There were moments when I suddenly realized my mouth was gaping while watching the superb performance. There were moments when my eyes were welled with tears. There were times when I would just laugh at the hilarious antics portrayed on stage. And the songs...and, oh, the dances - they were just brilliant. And the backdrops and props and all those special effects. Oh my...VERY impressive indeed. Kudos to the whole PGL3 Team!

I can't even pick my favourite character(s) of the night! I loved AC Mizal as Adipatih. I also loved Ida Mariana who played Bayan - she has such a beautiful voice. She was the best singer on stage that night, I must say. But, Stephen Rahman-Hughes a.k.a HUNKY Tuah has such a wonderful and dreamy voice, too! And Adlin Aman Ramli - Mahmud Melaka, was one hell of an entertainer, too. And Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina - what can I say? She was in all her elements that night. She was really into her character...

After the show, the rest of the MTs and their hubbies decided to go for a Teh Tarik session in Keramat, but Ayah and I had to give it a miss as Ayah had to rush back to TMC to see a patient. We also had to fetch the kids from Mak's house in PJ and bring them back to SD as the next day was a school day.

All in all, we had a great time at PGL3 The Musical. Worthed all the money and time spent. And Ayah and I have decided that when P.Ramlee The Musical makes its next round, we're definitely going. This time, bringing the kids with us, insya Allah.

Who needs West End musicals when we have such superb talents in our own backyard, huh? (says the once-a-diva-me-when-it-comes-to-local-musicals... Hehehe!)

( I get commissions for this 6-Star review?)

Here are some (BLUR) pics...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Apologies, and thanks...

Dearest friends,

First of all, please accept my apologies for not counter-commenting on any of your comments on my previous post. I wish I could. Hati ni rasa`membuak-buak' nak give each and every one of your comments a personal note, but, I'm still feeling slightly under the weather even until today.

I truly appreciate all your warm and kind words, and well-wishes. And from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for all the concerns shown, and do'a and the 'speedy recovery' wishes for my Abah and moi. Insya Allah our do'a akan dimakbulkanNya. Amin. Thank you so, so, much...again. Hanya Allah SWT yang dapat membalasnya.

I'm slightly depressed as apart from the ear infection and the pain on my neck which are STILL there, both my feet and fingers are now puffed up and swollen. They're not painful, syukur alhamdulillah, but I'm quite concerned because this had never happened to me before, not even when I was pregnant with the kids. Apparently, it looks like some kind of water-retention thingy. But, from what I had read in the past, swelling of the feet, or any limbs etc are normally associated with a weak heart, or some kidney problems, or if there are tumours obstructing the functions of our internal organs. So, I was worried...and it doesn't help when Doctor Hubby doesn't seem to think it was anything serious, but, at the same time didn't even look at my feet, and didn't do much to explain the possible causes of the sweeling, etc :( So, yeah... I was depressed to say the least.

Being someone who seldom fell sick before this, I just felt so frustrated, and helpless the last one week or so. Why wasn't I getting better? In fact, I think it has gotten worse the last couple of days ni!

So, off I went to see yet another doctor this morning - pecah record, you all...FOURTH doctor within one week! (And I think this frequent visits to the doctors is also one of the factors making me depressed...)

Dr. Mo*az*i spent a good forty minutes taking down my history and also examining me. The ear infection has not cleared totally, and he is of the opinion that my back-pain and stiff neck are related to the infection. It's a natural body reaction to counter the pain in the ear, and this causes spasm at the back of my neck. And the only explanation he could give with regard to my swollen feet and fingers was that it most probably has to do with the painkiller I was taking the last one week, i.e Ar*ox*a. Apparently, some of its known side effects are - water-retention in the body, fluctuating weight (that explains why I've gained 2 kilos in the last one week despite being sick!), and also headaches (which I've been having since last night!). Strange...because this was not the first time I've taken Ar*ox*a...But, Dr. Mo*az*i said that my body must have gone through certain changes in the last few mionths or so, and now it is not tolerant to the drug anymore.

So, I've been given another course of (a different) antibiotics for the next one week, and I've been taken off Ar*ox*a. I've been adviced to just take the normal PCM for my stiff neck, and headache and pain in the ear from now on. I hope they'll work for me. The shooting and throbbing pains are giving me restless nights...and I badly need a good night sleep.

I pray to Allah SWT that that is REALLY all to it, and I'll be back to my normal self in no time, insya Allah...

And oh yeah...Watching Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical last night with Ayah and the rest of the MTs and hubbies REALLY lifted my spirit last night. It was just SUPERB! It was just so mesmerizing. And I was blown away. Will definitely blog on it once I'm much better. I promise.

Again, thank you so much for all the do'as and well-wishes.

God bless :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Health issues...

To those of you who are my FB friends, would know by now that I'm on a 2 day sick leave - yesterday and today.

Both Ayah and I were not well about a week ago with flu. I think I got it from him as I had a one day delayed symptoms of whatever it was that he had. Anyway, by Friday last week, both of us were over it. Or so we thought.

I still had some intermittent pain on my right ear, and I guess it's quite normal for that to happen after a bout of flu. And at the same time, I started having some back pain, or rather neck-pain (something like what we'd have if "salah tidur", only worse!)

Not really bothered, and thinking that the pain would go away eventually, Ayah and I brought the kids out for dinner on Sunday evening (case of feeling guilty leaving them at home when we went out for our Valentine's dinner lah ni...Hehehe!). On the way home, I was starting to feel pretty lousy, and my whole body was aching. Very much like having flu-symptoms. Joints aching and rasa seram sejuk. Hasya and Hilman became my tukang urut in the car throughout the whole journey home.

Later that night, I was having trouble sleeping as the pain (both ear and neck) were getting worse, and I could not find a comfortable position to sleep in. I kept on waking up several times during the night, and finally Ayah asked me to take some Ar*ox*a for the pain. For those who are familiar with this drug, would know that it's one of the stronger painkillers around. Even that did not really work on me.

The next day, as I was bringing my Abah to see Ayah's ENT specialist friend at UM*C, Ayah suggested that I had my ear checked, too. My Abah has been having nose-bleeds everytime he blows his nose for the past 2 weeks, and we only got to know about it last weekend because he was keeping it to himself all this while. Only when the nose-bleeds became more frequent that he decided to tell my Mom. It is a cause for grave concern because Abah has a history of cancer of the nose way back in 1995-96. It was detected quite early, but he had to go through radiotherapy treatment over a period of 2-3 months, and syukur alhamdulillah, he was given an all-clear after that.

I was in Newcastle then - a fulltime housewife and mom, following Ayah who was an SHO in Wansbeck General. I only got to know the progress on Abah's treatment, etc thorugh my sister Yong. After he got the all-clear, Abah, my Mommy and Yong came to visit us in Newcastle. This was about 1 1/2 years after I left KL to join Ayah.

I was so shocked to see Abah when we went to fetch them at the airport. Abah had lost so much weight! From a sturdy and tall gentleman of 5'10" weighing at 75kg, he went down to a frail man of about 55kg! And I remember crying my eyes out seeing the new him at the airport. Apparently, the radiotherapy treatment had caused his tongue to burn and his tastebuds just lost the ability to taste any food for nearly 6 months after that. That had put him off food totally, as everything tasted like sawdust, according to him. But, syukur alhamdulillah, he was given the all-clear. But, at his age, it was quite difficult for him to regain all the weight he had lost.

My Abah is 79 years old. He'll be 80 on 30th March this year. Apart from the old cancer, generally he has been quite a healthy old man. He has hypertension, which comes with old age generally. He's not diabetic, and he doesn't have any heart problems, syukur alhamdulillah. He never had any serious complains about anything, until his nose started bleeding again two weeks ago...

I brought Abah to see Prof Pr*pa who suggested Abah to do a biopsy as there was a small lump behind his right nostril. And my sister Yong brought Abah to see Prof Ra*ma* yesterday for the biopsy, and we will only know the results next Tuesday. We pray that it's just an old scar, and it's nothing serious...

As for myself, according to Prof Pr*pa I had quite a bad ear canal infection on my right ear, which apparently is quite common among those who frequently clean their ears with cotton-buds. Strange, because I am so not guilty of that. He couldn't explain why or how I got it if I had not been using cotton-buds to clean my ears in the last one month or so.

Anyway, I've been put on a course of antibiotics, clarinase and just as I'm typing this, there's a 4 inch gauze soaked in some ointment (which I swear smells like kerosene!) stuffed inside my right ear canal. It has been there since Monday afternoon, and it's only coming out on Friday. But, I can't stand it anymore. I think I'll ask Ayah to pull it out tomorrow afternoon. It doesn't only muffle my hearing, but, it's also so da*n itchy in there!

I had to see another doctor for my stiff-neck, and was given 2 types of painkillers and some deep-heat ointment to apply to the back of my neck and shoulders. And I was given a 2-day sick leave. But, at the moment I'm writing this, the pain in my ear is still there, and my neck is still stiff, in fact I think it has gotten worse.

But, somehow they don't seem to bother me that much anymore. They're just normal pains. Normal ailments. And insya Allah I'll be alright in the next couple of days...

It's waiting for Abah's biopsy results that is making me having sleepless nights now...

Please pray for him.

Thank you...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Perfect Valentine's...

Friday night - right after Maghrib, Hanna and I left the house for One-Utama.

The mission - to get a pair of running shoes for Hanna as her school was having a "Merentas Desa" event on Saturday morning, and she didn't have any running shoes to wear. And I also wanted to get a Valentine's card and gift for Ayah. The last Valentine, both of us were so busy that neither managed to even get a card for the other! So, this year, I was determined to at least get a card for him :)

We reached One-Utama at 8:30p.m, and for the next one hour or so, we were at Ne* Ba*an*e, Ni*e, Ad*da* and Ba*a, Ne* Ba*an*ce (again!) and finally Ba*a (again!). Mak ooiii... The trainers are so mencekedaghah, except for those in Ba*a, so that was where we finally settled for a pair of Po*er trainers for Hanna for RM50 :)

Anyway, after getting the trainers, we went to look for Valentine's cards for Ayah. Hanna managed to find a cute one for her and her adik-adik to give to their Ayah, while I was struggling to find a nice one for my hubby. As it was rather a last minute thing, I didn't have much choice, and I had to settle with the best of whatever were left at the card shop, which were not that nice. Sorry, Ayah :(

Next mission - to get his gift(s). By that time, most shops were closing already! Hanna and I managed to run to Gu* La*oc*e. Hmmmm...bad idea to go shopping with your 13y-o daughter as her taste can be so like langit dan bumi to yours! Whatever it was that I liked would get an immediate disapproving look from her. Anyway, as it was a VD gift for MY hubby, and I was paying for them, I had the final say lah kan? By the time we settled with the gifts, it was already 10:30p.m, and off we went home to SD.

And then, it was the waiting game...

Ayah finished his Friday clinic at 10:30p.m, and he was supposed to meet up with Na*a, a friend who was back in KL from Sydney. As Na*a's flight back to Sydney was on Saturday morning and as both of them had been pretty tied up in the last couple of weeks, Friday night was the ONLY time they could meet up for a teh tarik session. 10:30p.m turned to 11:30p.m as Na*a had to settle a few last minute things before his flight back to Sydney. And while Ayah was waiting for Na*a, I was waiting for Ayah at home...Tension lah jugak...

And as the clock struck midnight, still no signs of Ayah. I decided to SMS a Valentine's message to Ayah and almost immediately I received Ayah's Valentine's message to me! Apparently, our messages got crossed :)

By 12:45a.m, I dah merajuk dah...and SMSd Ayah -

"Lama sangat waited for you. I'm going to bed now"

And he came back with, "ODW home".

I put the card and the gifts on his pillows, and went straight to sleep.

I can't even remember when exactly Ayah came home because I was so deep in Slumberland then. Merajuk MAKSIMA lah tu...But, I somehow could recall him saying sorry and thanking me for the card and the gifts and kissing my forehead, before I heard him snoring...and I myself went back to sleep! So much for a romantic Valentine's eve, huh? Hehehe!

On Valentine's Day itself, we had another cause for celebration - in the form of Hasya and Hilman getting prizes for their Hari Anugerah Kecemerlangan at school. The prizes were for their 2008 Final Exams. Both Hasya and Hilman received 2 trophies and 2 Certificates each : Hasya for getting No.2 in her class and best for English for the whole standard 3, while Hilman for getting No.1 in his class and best for Science for the whole standard 2 last year.

Another cause for celebration was when we found out that Hanna's (cheap :))new pair of Po*er trainers had served its purpose very well indeed as Hanna got a medal for 16th placing for her Category (out of about 200 runners) in the Merentas Desa! No need for expensive trainers to run fast, huh? ;)

The rest of Saturday afternoon was spent sending and fetching the kids to and from their swimming class, and with Ayah and I having a long nap until just before Maghrib(something which we rarely get the chance to do!)

After Maghrib, Ayah and I left the kids at home with Dar, with RM125 for them to order Pizzas from Do*in*es (sebab guilty lah tu!),and off we went to KL*CC as Ayah had made reservation at Ta*ak*ra. NOT the most romantic place to have a Valentine's dinner - what with its very bright light and noisy crowd! Hehehe...But, it was perfect for us :)

We left the place just before 10:00p.m, and as we were walking to the car, holding hands, Ayah said,

Ayah : I can still remember the first Valentine's card I gave 1985...

Me : Oh, too!

Ayah : It has a picture of a girl...

Me : Yeah, wearing a bonette... It was red and pink!

Ayah : You remember it, too?!

Me : Yes, of first Valentine's card. Of course I ingat.

And I could feel him squeezing my hand tightly...

And I dah tak merajuk dah with him after that...:)

Even though this year Ayah did not give me any cards or roses like he normally did in the past, I went to bed having this warm and snug feeling in my heart that night knowing that like me, he still remembers the first Valentine's card he gave me 24 years ago...

I guess the feelings are still very strong...Syukur Alhamdulillah :)

Rest? What rest?!

I'm at home now. Have not been feeling well the last one week or so. I was getting better a couple of days ago, but last night I was getting all the flu symptoms again. I went to see a GP on Friday, and was given some antibiotics and some eardrops. Apparently I had an infection on my right ear - quite common after a bout of flu, so I was told.

Anyway, as I'm bringing my Abah to see Ayah's ENT specialist friend today, I might as well get him to check my ear, too. It's not a nice feeling - being sick/not sick/sick over the last one week. I have brought back some work with me on Friday, so, I guess I can just while away the time this morning going through them. Abah's appointment is at 3:00p.m, so I have worked out my schedule for this afternoon -

12:15p.m - Go to Ba* Fa*t to get some Manila cards for Hilman's Seni Visual class before sending him to school.

1:00p.m - Fetch Hasya from school, and send her home to SD

2:00p.m - Fetch Abah from Ko*a Dsara

3:00p.m - At the clinic

5:00p.m - Fetch Hanna from school, send Abah home.

6:20p.m - Fetch Hilman from school.

7:15p.m - If I'm lucky, should reach home by this time.

So much of getting some rest at home, huh?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Of Pink Panther 2, Shoes, and Los Angeles...

We went to watch Pink Panther 2 last night. I am a big fan of Steve Martin, so, I may be a bit biased when I say that it was SUPERB! Or rather, I should say, HE was superb :) But, Ayah, Hanna and I enjoyed Pink Panther 1 more. Hilman and Hasya loved both equally and they could not decide on which of the two was more hilarious :)

The younger kids didn't know that we were watching the movie. I told Hanna about it though, as I wanted her to bring her jacket with her, or at least wear a long sleeved top, as it can be pretty cold in the movie halls sometimes. As we wanted it to be a surprise for Hilman and Hasya, I had to secretly bring their jackets in my handbag (Yup. I have a VERY big handbag. And it's like ASTRO in there - macam-macam ada... :)) If I were to ask them to bring their jackets themselves, they would surely suspect, as the only time I would ask them to bring their jackets during an outing would be when we're going to the movies.

And as Hilman was (and is) still coughing, I also had to bring all his cough medications with me to be given to him before we went in to watch the movie. So, you can imagine how bulky my handbag was last night!

We went to Sk*chers to get Hilman's new slippers. The Sk*chers that I got for him from Newcsatle two years ago (ala Crocs) dah botak habis the tapak. And we managed to find a nice Camouflage design for him. And Hasya also got a pair of nice sandals for herself there. Hanna wanted a pair of Sk*chers trainers for herself, too but, the ones that she liked were selling at RM269! And considering that we just got her the Alhambra guitar 2 weeks ago which burnt a big whole in Ayah's pocket, RM269 for a pair of trainers for her is out of the question. And immediately after that, she pulled me to the side and said, "Mommy, tadi in Ni*e, there was a pair of trainers that I liked selling at RM159 only..."

(ONLY??!!) speak to Ayah, lah Hanna... Fenin Mommy...

We had dinner at Kl*ang St*tion, and all three kids ordered Hainanese Chicken Chops which came rather late. The movie was supposed to start at 10:20p.m (or rather the trailers and all), and the food only came at 10:05p.m! Obviously, both Hasya and Hilman were rather perplexed when I kept on asking them to finish up their food fast, and I kept on looking at my watch.

They finished everything at 10:20p.m on the dot, and I immediately gave Hilman his cough syrup. We walked up the escalators to GSC and the smaller kids got really excited when they realized that we were heading to the cinemas. We decided not to tell them what movie it was that we were watching, but both of them could sense that it was PP2. And Hilman, kept on asking me throughout the trailers, "Mommy, we're watching Pink Panther 2, right?!", and all he got from me was, "You'll just have to wait and see, okay?" And when the movie started, there were squeals of "YES!" from both Hasya and Hilman :)

(But, I later found out that Hanna had already told Hasya about it even before we left home last night! Trust Hanna to do that. But, I guess sisters can never keep secrets from one another. Hehehe! And pandai betul Hasya "acting" as if she didn't know... :))

And just as the movie was starting, Hilman asked me,

Hilman : Mommy, can I have the Los Angeles, please?

Me : Huh?! Los Angeles?!

Hilman : Yeah, the ones the doctor gave to me. The sweets? The ones like Strepsils?

Me : ??! (and after a few seconds, then only I got it) mean the LOZENGES?!

Hilman : Yeah, the Los Angeles...

Hehehe! Kelesss son takes Los Angeles to soothen his sore throat, you all...Hehehe!

Syukur alhamdulillah, after taking his cough syrup and his Los Angeles, and after putting on 2 layers of jackets, he barely coughed during the movie.

We reached home just after midnight, and everybody went straight to bed. But before they went to their rooms, the kids thanked us in concert with their, "Thank you, Mommy. Thank you, Ayah. For tonight. We had fun..."

Thank you, kids. Mommy and Ayah had fun, too :)

P/S : Oh, by the way, looks like one of our kids is closely following Ayah's footsteps...Check it out here

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Delighted to be Reunited...

It's 1:37a.m, and I can't seem to bring myself to sleep.

Ayah has long gone to Dreamland, and Hilman is sleeping in between us as I'm typing this. The aircond is not switched on because Hilman is still coughing (after 2 weeks!), and maybe that is why I find it hard to doze off on this rather warm night.

Hilman has finished his course of Prednisolone (a steroid-based pills) and his Pabron syrup, but he is still coughing slightly. He still takes his Ventolin puffs every four hours, and he has been banned from taking any cold drinks, and also from switching on the aircond in his room when he sleeps at night for the past 2 weeks. I might have to bring him to see Dr. Musa again, but the only time I'm free to do that is this Friday morning.

Things have been pretty busy at work. My HoD is away on his 3-weeks "pilgrimage" to India, and for 2 of the weeks he's away, I have to be the acting HoD. And I just so hate admin stuff! But, what to do? And one of the things that I have to attend to is this visit by students and staff from Andalas U Indonesia today. Needless to say, I also have my normal teaching commitments on Thursdays to fulfill, too.

I feel bad for not being able to bring Hilman to see Dr Musa today. And Ayah is pretty busy, too. If only Dr Musa opens his clinic until the evening. Anyway, I will definitely bring Hilman to DSH on Friday. But, hang on! I have to check - I seem to remember that Dr Musa doesn't have his clinics on Fridays! I might have to bring him to see Dr. Azizi instead. Hmmmm, in the mean time, he will continue with his 4-hourly puffs and the normal Breacol syrup. Hope they'll make the cough go away somewhat, somehow.

And I have also been meaning to blog on my STF81-85 Reunion which was held last Saturday, 31st January '09 at Singgahsana. It. Was. Such. A. Blast!

But, MrsNordin told me that someone made a remark that I looked kind of "lost" that day! Yup, I guess I was "lost" alright. Lost for words that is! Hehehe! Or as I term it - "wordless" :)

There were 60 of us, and I just couldn't make up my mind as to whom I should be sitting and chatting with, and in the end I menghinggap sana sikit, sini sikit! And after 23 years, understandably there were some awkward moments between some of us. But, having said that, there were those whom I could just re-connect like we never left school all those years ago!

So, to those who may have felt "offended" by my state of "lostness" (?!), I sincerely apologize. I janji tak buat lagi...Hehehe! 5 hours to catch up on what happened to us in the last 23 years was surely not enough. And I went back having regrets for not being able to REALLY sit down and borak with some of the gang :(

It's good that we have now managed to compile all the data and contact details of most of our batchmates, and I am already looking forward to having coffee with Yan Hamid and Anis Harun one of these days, insya Allah. I might rope in Neetot, Farah and Shahariah (who could not make it that day) for a Kopitiam session somewhere. Eta, Anne, Zaza, Ogy, Oya, Pis, Netty, Jue are you guys in? Awe and Lin, all the way from BP, Hye from Bukit Mertajam, and of course, Aida K from Abu Dhabi - let us know when's the next time you guys are coming up/down/over to KL, and maybe we can arrange for the Kopitiam session to coincide with your KL trip, huh?

And my friends in FB have also increased in number since the Reunion. So, I'm pretty busy hogging on my FB account, too, these last few days, looking at all the photos posted - hence the somewhat state of neglect of this blog these last few days :)Sorry, guys.

But, to make up for the slight hiatus, you all can read all the postings about the "Delighted to be Reunited" Reunion of STF81-85 Batch by MrsNordin, Eta, McZae and moi, here, here, here, here , and here if you guys want to know more about what went on that day. And, oh yes - there are some great pictures, too!

Cheers, y'all :)

Post-script :

Ayah managed to bring Hilman to see his Paeds friend at TMC this morning. Apparently Hilman has a bad case of laryngitis, and he has been given 1 day MC. I'm glad it's not his asthma. Apparently his lungs are clear, but he has a very red and inflammed inner throat. Poor baby... :(