Thursday, February 5, 2009

Delighted to be Reunited...

It's 1:37a.m, and I can't seem to bring myself to sleep.

Ayah has long gone to Dreamland, and Hilman is sleeping in between us as I'm typing this. The aircond is not switched on because Hilman is still coughing (after 2 weeks!), and maybe that is why I find it hard to doze off on this rather warm night.

Hilman has finished his course of Prednisolone (a steroid-based pills) and his Pabron syrup, but he is still coughing slightly. He still takes his Ventolin puffs every four hours, and he has been banned from taking any cold drinks, and also from switching on the aircond in his room when he sleeps at night for the past 2 weeks. I might have to bring him to see Dr. Musa again, but the only time I'm free to do that is this Friday morning.

Things have been pretty busy at work. My HoD is away on his 3-weeks "pilgrimage" to India, and for 2 of the weeks he's away, I have to be the acting HoD. And I just so hate admin stuff! But, what to do? And one of the things that I have to attend to is this visit by students and staff from Andalas U Indonesia today. Needless to say, I also have my normal teaching commitments on Thursdays to fulfill, too.

I feel bad for not being able to bring Hilman to see Dr Musa today. And Ayah is pretty busy, too. If only Dr Musa opens his clinic until the evening. Anyway, I will definitely bring Hilman to DSH on Friday. But, hang on! I have to check - I seem to remember that Dr Musa doesn't have his clinics on Fridays! I might have to bring him to see Dr. Azizi instead. Hmmmm, in the mean time, he will continue with his 4-hourly puffs and the normal Breacol syrup. Hope they'll make the cough go away somewhat, somehow.

And I have also been meaning to blog on my STF81-85 Reunion which was held last Saturday, 31st January '09 at Singgahsana. It. Was. Such. A. Blast!

But, MrsNordin told me that someone made a remark that I looked kind of "lost" that day! Yup, I guess I was "lost" alright. Lost for words that is! Hehehe! Or as I term it - "wordless" :)

There were 60 of us, and I just couldn't make up my mind as to whom I should be sitting and chatting with, and in the end I menghinggap sana sikit, sini sikit! And after 23 years, understandably there were some awkward moments between some of us. But, having said that, there were those whom I could just re-connect like we never left school all those years ago!

So, to those who may have felt "offended" by my state of "lostness" (?!), I sincerely apologize. I janji tak buat lagi...Hehehe! 5 hours to catch up on what happened to us in the last 23 years was surely not enough. And I went back having regrets for not being able to REALLY sit down and borak with some of the gang :(

It's good that we have now managed to compile all the data and contact details of most of our batchmates, and I am already looking forward to having coffee with Yan Hamid and Anis Harun one of these days, insya Allah. I might rope in Neetot, Farah and Shahariah (who could not make it that day) for a Kopitiam session somewhere. Eta, Anne, Zaza, Ogy, Oya, Pis, Netty, Jue are you guys in? Awe and Lin, all the way from BP, Hye from Bukit Mertajam, and of course, Aida K from Abu Dhabi - let us know when's the next time you guys are coming up/down/over to KL, and maybe we can arrange for the Kopitiam session to coincide with your KL trip, huh?

And my friends in FB have also increased in number since the Reunion. So, I'm pretty busy hogging on my FB account, too, these last few days, looking at all the photos posted - hence the somewhat state of neglect of this blog these last few days :)Sorry, guys.

But, to make up for the slight hiatus, you all can read all the postings about the "Delighted to be Reunited" Reunion of STF81-85 Batch by MrsNordin, Eta, McZae and moi, here, here, here, here , and here if you guys want to know more about what went on that day. And, oh yes - there are some great pictures, too!

Cheers, y'all :)

Post-script :

Ayah managed to bring Hilman to see his Paeds friend at TMC this morning. Apparently Hilman has a bad case of laryngitis, and he has been given 1 day MC. I'm glad it's not his asthma. Apparently his lungs are clear, but he has a very red and inflammed inner throat. Poor baby... :(


abd. aziz said...

hi Shana,
kesian Hilman,mmg batuk ni ada lah satu bunyi yang paling menjengkil kan..apa lagi kalau anak anak kecil yang kena...tak tentu arah kita di buat nya...akak ada pendapat ni...why not you try ubat batuk yang berherba pulak...kalau tekak dia gatal gatal itu lah penawar nya. Akak pernah mengalami batuk yang lama ..sampai bunyik macam batuk kering..makan ubat hospital ni bertambah teruk..macam panas jer so satu hari akak nampak dekat rak kedai cina ubat batuk cap ibu dan anak ni..try je laa..dalam 2 hari ,hilang semua nya. Satu lagi kat hospital Puswari pun ada ubat berherba ni. Satu lagi orang cina cakap.kalu batuk jangan makan ayam! gatal tekak maaaaa

Kak Ezza said...

salam shana.
tadi salah account laaa...aiyooo
tak tengok tengok terus send...malu nya...

Eta My said...

Dear Shana,

Shian kat abang Hilman yg gebu tu...teruk gak kes selsema/batuk dia eh..and sabar sgt u..yelah...mana ibu takkan bertungkus lumus kerana anak..

ooo..tak leh kena aircond kah? wonder my baby pun sosek-sosek hidungnye..kerana ibu yang makan jamu ni..tak tahan panas..

Then today I had a visit from my jiran..and she said..tumbut kunyit basah dan campur sket ngan kapur..(agak-agak le quantitynya..) then sapu atas ubun-ubun...petua lama beb...cepat kering sosek-sosek...but baby kita tahu le ubun-ubun kat mana..tapi untuk abg hilman...kat mana?hopefully u dpt pi jumpa doktor dan he cepat baik..

And again..posting about reunion ni..tak habis-habis..ade je yg nak digelakkan...and also..tima kacih memujuk hamba...bab kata netty..kalau tak kerana Shana who is so sweet with words....bercinta gak nak meh esp for her yg tgh ade conf kat pd..


p/s: sempat gak dpt baju merah eh!!..I think amongst others yg glam gak mlm tu is you..ade koleksi rantai labuh..pasti lebih seri..hihi!!

wanshana said...

Thanks, Kak Ezza :), and no worries - biasalah tu terguna account Cik Abang, etc tu ;)

Nanti I try bagi Hilman makan ubat batuk Cap Ibu dan Anak tu kalau tak reda-reda jugak. He actually likes it coz' rasa sedap. Tadi the doctor gave him 2 types of ubat batuk - one for daytime and one to be taken before bedtime. See how it goes. Kalau by Saturday still dok ber'kong-kong-kong' lagi, nak kena gi sensei lah pulak...

Tak leh makan ayam? Hmmm, if hari tu masa 'snip-snip' dia boleh tahan without chicken for 10 days, insya Allah he'll be okay if we take it out from his diet for a few days, kot? Worth a try.

Thanks again, Kak Ezza :)

wanshana said...


Alahai...shiannyer si Mikhael dok sok-sek selsema. I pun tau petua letak kunyit and kapur tu. Tapi, nak letak kat Hilman? Errrr...sure member protest besar-besaran! Hehehe!

I'm so glad you made it to the Reunion, Eta, and Netty and the rest of Soc Sci, too! I don't think I did anything pun. I think memang masing-masing sememangnya wanted to be there, tapi malu-malu kucing...Meow... My "minimal" pujuk may have set the Meowness aside, kot? :)

Tapi, tu lah - tak sempat nak really borak.

I'll confirm re sessi mengkopi tomorrow night. Tak jadi masalah kalau "Beg-beg tangan" dibawak sekali :) So far, yang ok - Ogy, Yan, Oya, Anis, Jue, you and myself. Still waiting response from Neetot, Netty and Farah. Pis, Zaza and Anne can't make it, though.

Maybe bila cuti sekolah and when Aida K is around we arrange to meet up again, can? Boleh Awe, Lin Sharif and Hye join, too.

See you tomorrow night, insya Allah.

wanshana said...

And Eta,

FYI, baju tu I baru beli pagi tu, tau! Sebab baju merah yang sedia ada dah shrink, babe...Hehehe!

Tak sempat lah pulak nak shop for matching red accessories to go with it. Tapi tak per - jimat duit!);)

tireless mom said...

Dear Shana

Hope Hilman will recover soon. Must be an epidemic cos Alim pun not feeling well, cough and cold.

I read the reU at BJ's blog earlier. Wah memang a blast. 60 of you! Guess it is pretty normal for you to feel "lost". I had the same feeling too. Mana nak catch up, mana nak ingat latest about that person, etc etc. memang boleh jadi blur.

Waterlily said...

Hi Shana

I've been blog hopping reading about the reunion..still cant get over the fact that I had to give it a miss..sedey betul.

I'll be back for summer - June, July, Aug, insyaAllah. Nanti kita plan to meet up ya!

Kitchen Guardian said...


My Ibraheem from 5 months dok kelaur masuk apsh due to athma, now he is much better, but no dairy products fr him or food with colouring! i can imagine how you feel...

Reunion...never had any for my secondary school, coz i went to schools, but looking forward to the second school I went, if at all they have reuinions..but we had our mini reuinion wt my primary school friends..the worst part, most if not all remember me, but me not vice versa...malunya, but of course i remember their faces when we met!Of course know we keep in touch!

Kak Teh said...

wanshana, I hope Hilman is better. kesian tengok anak-anak sakit as we cant do much to help. Aah, but in a house with a doctor, am sure he is well looked after.

wanshana said...

Dear TM @ K.Yatt,

Hilman's still coughing, but slightly better now, thank you. I hope Alim pun dah okay. Memang musim batuk and demam now ni, kan?

The ReU was a great success, I must say. First time after 23 years we managed to get 60 (out of 114)of us together. I do regret for not really mingling bebetul with some of my batchmates that day, so, semalam we all met up for mengkopi session kat The Curve. Gelak sakan! Hehehe!

wanshana said...


We all missed you, too, that day. Some who didn't know that you couldn't make it were looking out for you and were disappointed to know that you were already back in Abu Dhabi!

It's okay, insya Allah this Summer break we'll arrange something with the rest of the gang, okay? Semalam we had mengkopi session - 7 of our Soc Sci gang. Will blog about it later :)

Take care, dear.

wanshana said...

Yani @ KG,

I was hoping that Hilman would grow out of his asthma, but, he keeps on having bouts of it. His case is considered quite mild in the sense that he normally only would get it once in 3-4 months, and it would go away after 3-4 days of ventolin puffs and cough syrup and prednisolone.

Antara anak-anak we all, Hilman yang paling "sihat", but, alas, he's the one yang selalu not well like this. Hilman yang paling kuat makan, so sometimes tak sampai hati to sekat his makan. He doesn't really take dairy products and food with colourings at home (except the occassional milk with his cereals and cheese with his pastas). Maybe, I should try to ask him to stop taking those to see if it'll help. Thanks, for the tips :)

I'm always amazed with those who have primary school ReU! I read your posting on your StNiks do - cool! I've been trying to trace my TMGS friends, but none of them seems to be on FB! Will keep on trying through other means, insya Allah.

Take care :)

wanshana said...

Kak Teh,

How's London now? Everything is snowed in the last couple of days ni I heard. After this, have to deal with all the slush and black ice pulak... Do be extra careful when you go out, Kak Teh.

Thank you :) Hilman is slightly better, but is still coughing. It sounds so dry, and I could feel how painful his throat is just by listening to his cough!

Hmmmm...I'm not sure if having a doctor at home actually makes things easier and better. He is so used to dealing with far worse cases, that bila anak-anak sakit, he takes it so lightly! Tension jugak kekadang tu...

ms hart said...

Wanshana! I think it's time I do some serious exercise...must build some stamina lah... Why? Because, just by reading your entry pun boleh tercungap-cungap nih??? Apa macam??? :)

p/s Bestnya reunion, kan?! My batch punya this coming May..tak habis2 Fab 40 celebration!:)

wanshana said...


Dah masuk 40 ni, we have to do a lot of things to keep fit, kan? Kita tau tu semua....tetapi, adakah kita benar-benar ambik pot?! In my case - tidaaaaakkk... Hahaha!

Yes, the Reunion was such a blast. We had so much fun. Terlupa anak-anak dan suami di rumah seketika. Bagi chance le kat Mak Budak jolly sekejap kan? ;)

I'm sure your Reunion nanti will be very memorable, too. Have fun :)