Monday, February 16, 2009

Perfect Valentine's...

Friday night - right after Maghrib, Hanna and I left the house for One-Utama.

The mission - to get a pair of running shoes for Hanna as her school was having a "Merentas Desa" event on Saturday morning, and she didn't have any running shoes to wear. And I also wanted to get a Valentine's card and gift for Ayah. The last Valentine, both of us were so busy that neither managed to even get a card for the other! So, this year, I was determined to at least get a card for him :)

We reached One-Utama at 8:30p.m, and for the next one hour or so, we were at Ne* Ba*an*e, Ni*e, Ad*da* and Ba*a, Ne* Ba*an*ce (again!) and finally Ba*a (again!). Mak ooiii... The trainers are so mencekedaghah, except for those in Ba*a, so that was where we finally settled for a pair of Po*er trainers for Hanna for RM50 :)

Anyway, after getting the trainers, we went to look for Valentine's cards for Ayah. Hanna managed to find a cute one for her and her adik-adik to give to their Ayah, while I was struggling to find a nice one for my hubby. As it was rather a last minute thing, I didn't have much choice, and I had to settle with the best of whatever were left at the card shop, which were not that nice. Sorry, Ayah :(

Next mission - to get his gift(s). By that time, most shops were closing already! Hanna and I managed to run to Gu* La*oc*e. Hmmmm...bad idea to go shopping with your 13y-o daughter as her taste can be so like langit dan bumi to yours! Whatever it was that I liked would get an immediate disapproving look from her. Anyway, as it was a VD gift for MY hubby, and I was paying for them, I had the final say lah kan? By the time we settled with the gifts, it was already 10:30p.m, and off we went home to SD.

And then, it was the waiting game...

Ayah finished his Friday clinic at 10:30p.m, and he was supposed to meet up with Na*a, a friend who was back in KL from Sydney. As Na*a's flight back to Sydney was on Saturday morning and as both of them had been pretty tied up in the last couple of weeks, Friday night was the ONLY time they could meet up for a teh tarik session. 10:30p.m turned to 11:30p.m as Na*a had to settle a few last minute things before his flight back to Sydney. And while Ayah was waiting for Na*a, I was waiting for Ayah at home...Tension lah jugak...

And as the clock struck midnight, still no signs of Ayah. I decided to SMS a Valentine's message to Ayah and almost immediately I received Ayah's Valentine's message to me! Apparently, our messages got crossed :)

By 12:45a.m, I dah merajuk dah...and SMSd Ayah -

"Lama sangat waited for you. I'm going to bed now"

And he came back with, "ODW home".

I put the card and the gifts on his pillows, and went straight to sleep.

I can't even remember when exactly Ayah came home because I was so deep in Slumberland then. Merajuk MAKSIMA lah tu...But, I somehow could recall him saying sorry and thanking me for the card and the gifts and kissing my forehead, before I heard him snoring...and I myself went back to sleep! So much for a romantic Valentine's eve, huh? Hehehe!

On Valentine's Day itself, we had another cause for celebration - in the form of Hasya and Hilman getting prizes for their Hari Anugerah Kecemerlangan at school. The prizes were for their 2008 Final Exams. Both Hasya and Hilman received 2 trophies and 2 Certificates each : Hasya for getting No.2 in her class and best for English for the whole standard 3, while Hilman for getting No.1 in his class and best for Science for the whole standard 2 last year.

Another cause for celebration was when we found out that Hanna's (cheap :))new pair of Po*er trainers had served its purpose very well indeed as Hanna got a medal for 16th placing for her Category (out of about 200 runners) in the Merentas Desa! No need for expensive trainers to run fast, huh? ;)

The rest of Saturday afternoon was spent sending and fetching the kids to and from their swimming class, and with Ayah and I having a long nap until just before Maghrib(something which we rarely get the chance to do!)

After Maghrib, Ayah and I left the kids at home with Dar, with RM125 for them to order Pizzas from Do*in*es (sebab guilty lah tu!),and off we went to KL*CC as Ayah had made reservation at Ta*ak*ra. NOT the most romantic place to have a Valentine's dinner - what with its very bright light and noisy crowd! Hehehe...But, it was perfect for us :)

We left the place just before 10:00p.m, and as we were walking to the car, holding hands, Ayah said,

Ayah : I can still remember the first Valentine's card I gave 1985...

Me : Oh, too!

Ayah : It has a picture of a girl...

Me : Yeah, wearing a bonette... It was red and pink!

Ayah : You remember it, too?!

Me : Yes, of first Valentine's card. Of course I ingat.

And I could feel him squeezing my hand tightly...

And I dah tak merajuk dah with him after that...:)

Even though this year Ayah did not give me any cards or roses like he normally did in the past, I went to bed having this warm and snug feeling in my heart that night knowing that like me, he still remembers the first Valentine's card he gave me 24 years ago...

I guess the feelings are still very strong...Syukur Alhamdulillah :)


MrsNordin said...

Of course he'd remember the first Valentine's!

Glad you had a good time despite the running around during the day. And congratulations to your kids as well. You must be proud of them!

wanshana said...

Thanks, BJ.

Yup, we're very proud of our kids, of course :)

Anyway, I didn't think he would remember how his first Valentine's card to me looked like actually. Ye lah - we were in Form 5, and it was posted to me. That was not our first Valentine's being physically together, face-to-face, etc. So, I was quite surprised that he still remembers the card :)

Very Piscean indeed :)

kudo said...

trainers- they aren't getting any cheaper! i guess that goes for anything anyway :P

Busybody said...

Hmm..such a warm fuzzy feeling..
Menyesal pula I did not make extra effort for mine.

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Wow.. so romantic lah Shana. You guys still remember your first Valentine's card!

Congrats to your anak2 dara & anak teruna for their achievements. Agaknya kalau beli Nike utk Hanna tu boleh dapat #1 kot?

Ezza Aziz said...

Ni lagi sorang..selain MrsN,you and doc pun very lomantik!!!semuga berbahagia hg ke akhir hayat..adoii macam lagu pulak..hehehehe

Ummi365 said...

arghh.. tak aci tak aci.. boleh squeeze tangan lagi tu.. jeles jeles..hehehe.

anyway..glad you had a great dinner. and congrats to hilman and hasya too.

Desert Rose said...


Waaaa bestnye, so sweet..

U guys stay cute like that forever yea.

With d kids yg pandai-pandai like yours, to treat them wth anything pun rasa gembira je kan. Really hope anak2 I pandai mcm tu nanti, now my first born standard 2, last year bila dia nak exam, I yg turut study bersama dia, kalau tak dia baca 5 minit je. Guess he still dont get it. I said he must at least b top 5 in class, so he did just like I told him, he ended up dapat No.5 , sob sob.

This year kena lipat gandakan usaha maknye untuk menggerudi

Madam Tai Tai said...


I didn't get a card or flowers or gift from my hubby, but the dinner for two which we had was worth more than all of them. It was good to spend time alone with my hubby on VD, just as you did with yours.

Congratulations to Hasya and Hilman for their great academic results.

Kmar said...


You have so much patience... penting tu especially when you are married to a ´hardworking´ doctor. Banyak pahala laa... !! Merajuk sayang la tu. Always remember.. niat romantic tu mesti ada... he.he.. betul tak?

Congratulations with your kids achievement!! Is it your genes or tuan doktor´s genes in them??.. haha..

As about Hanna.. eerggh.. I rasa dia pakai your ´cross-trainer´ to maintain her stamina untuk rentas desa he.he.. . Whatever it is , wow 19th place out of 200.. that is GOOD!!

wanshana said...


So true. Nothing is cheap nowadays. Makan kat Kopitiam pun dah mahal... :)

wanshana said...


Yup - warm and fuzzy :)

It's okay, tak Valentine's Day pun, you can still choose a day and plan something special for you and hubby. I'm sure he'd like that :)

wanshana said...

Ja @ DDI,

Hehehe...romantic lah jugak :)

And thanks for the congratulatory wishes for the kids. Hmmmm...kalau beli Nike hari tu, mau Hanna terus boleh represent Malaysia kot?! Hahahaha!

Maybe I should ask her - the girl who got first hari tu pakai kasut apa...

wanshana said...

Kak Ezza,

Hehehe...Amin, insya Allah.

Didoakan Kak Ezza and Abang Aziz pun begitu... :)

wanshana said...


Alahai...janganlah jeles...Nanti your Cik Abang balik, you boleh qadha' squeezing his hands, okay? Hehehe!

And thanks for the congratulatory wishes for the kids :)

wanshana said...

Desert Rose,

Hehehe...Thanks :)

Dah makin tua ni, sometimes we take each other for granted. So, hopefully on special days like VD ni, we can make extra efforts to light the flame again. It doesn't have to be anything extravagant. Kalau Ayah bawak akak gi Kayu Nasi Kandar pun, akak tak kisah... :)

Kira okay lah tu your eldest got No. 5. Hilman pun when he was in Std 1, he got No 12, and Final Exam he got No. 5. Std 2 baru menyerlah... Itu pun, kalau we all tak sit down with him before exams, tak tau lah what would have happened.

I'm sure your kids will be more than fine. Don't worry too much about them, okay? :)

wanshana said...


You're so right. It doesn't have to be anything or anywhere fancy, kan? As long as we're together, that's all that matters :)

I read your posting on VD, and I know you and MrS really had a great time enjoying each other's company that night :)

Thank you for the congatulatory wish for Hasya and Hilman. I'll convey it to them :)

wanshana said...


"Patience" is my middle name...Hehehe! Anyway, I think Haizal is very patient, have tolerated me all these years!

Thanks for the congratulatory wishes for the kids. Hmmmmm, was that a trick question or what?! Hehehe...To answer your question - definitely Haizal's genes, my dear :)

A few of Haizal's former classmates in SK Sri* Pe*al*ng also send their kids to the same school and they were also there masa Prize-Giving Day that day, and they were telling Hasya and Hilman how their Ayah used to sapu bersih all the awards and tak bagi chance kat orang lain... Hahaha! So, that answers your question :)

Kmar, you're probably right - the cross-trainer may have had something to do with Hanna's stamina for the cross-country. Now, the question is, will it help ME, too? Or do I need a miracle to help me with that? Hehehe...

MAMAMIA said...

I kalau keluar shopping with my daughter pun, will face the same problem. As you said, memang our tastes macam langit dgn bumi. Apa yg I suka, semua dia kata macam makcik2... Maybe, she doesn't see me as a 'makcik'. A 'kak cik' probably...

Congratulations, on your kids achievement.

Tak aci ni, I pun nak buat entry pasal Valentine's Day jugak lah...

Anonymous said...

Jealous, extremely.

Hapah pun tadak. Tengok valentine cartoon at Disney Channel. Mickey Mouse pun more romantic than my other half. WanS, with the romanticness of you and hubby, makan magie goreng kat mamak pun boleh menjadi sangat meaningful.
Sangat touching lah;)


D.N.A.S said...

Your children are very sporting,lah. Mine will always question whenever hubby and I went out for our 'dates'.
Diorang mesti nak ikut punya. So, we ended up telling them we had to work, tak baik kan.... dok tipu diorang?
But these days, they're getting smarter and started asking, "mana ada org keje malam Ahad...?", "Bila masa mak ngan ayah keje satu ofis?"

Eta My said...

Amboi-boi..anak beranak beshnye menyokong satu same lain eh!!..tapi ape nak buat shana...those teenagers..citarase berbeza...serupa gak dengan ku yang selalu kena tegur ngan my girsl....:"Maa...warnanya tak happening arr..:"..entah happening camana yg dimaksudkan...

Tak pe Shana...merajuk pd yg sayang...kekadang itu yg buat spice up our marriage..and can't imagine ur face kalu merajuk lah dear...

Also..tahniah untuk anakanda2nya...
itu Hanna..kuat lari jugak eh!!..Hasya & Hilman..keep up the gd work..strive more...its all in the genes..this time around ur mommy pasti tak keluar 'steams' from her ears fact..air mato bergenang tak??

wanshana said...


Thank you for the congratulatory wish for the kids. Will convey to them, insya Allah.

Tu lah tu...I kalau gi shopping with my girls, I'd always get, "You must be joking, Mommy?!", "Are you serious?!", "Please lah Mommy, not that one", or paling tak pun, "Eeeeeewwwwww!!!", etc. You're right, dioghang ingat kita ni muda remaja macam they all, nak kena pakai segala like they do agaknya, kan? Aiyoooo!

Please do write. I look forward to your VD posting, Mamamia :)

wanshana said...


"Mickey Mouse pun lagi romantic..." Hehehee! That's cute :)

It's okay, dear. I'm sure your hubby has his own special ways to show his love, kan? Bila once in a blue moon he does something special and romantic for you, tu yang lagi mahal tu. Tak payah tunggu Valentine's Day...

Take care, dear.

wanshana said...


Hehehe...Your boys are so cute! Ya lah...dioghang dah besar, dah tak boleh dikelentong dah, kan?

My girls yang encouraged Ayah and I to go out for dinner just the two of us. We all rasa guilty jugak, tu yang sampai tinggal RM125 for them to order from Dominoes Delivery. True enough, they ordered way too much, and we had to have pizzas for breakfast (and lunch!) the next day.

And you know why they didn't mind being left at home? They wanted to watch Friends DVDs, and play PS2 without us nagging them in the background...Hehehe!

wanshana said...


Thank you for the congratulatory wishes. Will convey to them nanti. Yup...bergenang lah jugak airmata ni :)

Tu lah tu, Eta...Anak-anak kita ni nak mak dioghang "happening". Kekadang terfikir jugak dalam hati ni, are they embarassed to be seen with us? Takut nanti if we try too hard, kita lagi "happening" dari anak-anak kita. Tu baru ya! Hehehe...

Eta, kalau I merajuk, muncung empat batu...Hehehe...(No lah. He'll know if I merajuk if I becme very quiet - so unlike me, maaaa!!!)

Take care, dear :)

bella said...

Kak Shana,
That fuzzy and warm feeling tue yg best kan...congrats to the kids on their achievement!!!

wanshana said...

Hi Bella,

Thanks :) Will convey it to the kids :)

Memang best having the warm and fuzzy feeling...boleh tersenyum sorang-sorang sometimes...Hehehe!