Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hilman, my maaannn :)

I managed to ask Hasya about how Hilman has been doing in KYS thus far.

And her report to me was quite amusing actually :)

Here are some of the things she said to me about Hilman -

"He's doing okay, Ma".

"The seniors are okay with him. All of them said Hilman is sooooo baik! Too baik sometimes!"

"Some of his batchmates (girls) said Hilman is hot!" (Errrr...don't know how to react to that! LOL!)

"The girls in his batch also said, Hilman is very nice, and he's a gentleman".

"Miss Adrin (the music teacher) really likes Hilman".

And I also found out in Hasya's Twitter chats (when she didn't sign out from my phone), one of her friends from her batch (a boy) described Hilman as follows -

"Hilman is just like Johnny Bravo. Without the attitude".

Hmmm... I guess I can stop worrying about him now :)

But, having said that, this was what transpired between me and Hilman yesterday via SMS -

Hilman : Mommy, I don't have my seluar for sports

Me : Shorts or trackbottom? Can u ask Kak Ngah if it's in her bag? Makcik maybe termasukkan in her bag. If tak der jugak, then u hv to buy a new pair from the co-op, ok?

Hilman : Ok

And this morning -

Me : Hilman, Makcik said she already put ur shorts in ur bag. She sd yg ada koyak sikit inside tu, kan? Please check ur baju2 agn. And pls also check if Kak Ngah's track bottom is in ur stuff, ya? She said she's missing a pair. TQ :)

And petang ni -

Hilman : Shorts dah

And another SMS followed immediately after that -

Hilman : Trackbottom takde

Me : Ok, thx. So, maybe K.Ngah's trackbottom tertinggal in SD. And btw, Hilman, remember what I said about not to send a few short SMSes? Instead, to write whatever you wish to write in one SMS only? WhatsApps tak per if u send short ones (as long as there's wi-fi, ok?)

And I'm still waiting for him to reply my last SMS.

And I foresee that he will still send a few short messages via a few SMSes.