Friday, September 20, 2013

Mothers would do anything for their kids. Errrr... Not really!

My phone rang at about 3:30pm yesterday. It was from a number I did not recognize.

I immediately answered it thinking that it might be from Sh**p calling about my microwave which was sent for repair last week.

I was quite surprised to hear Hilman's voice on the other end.

Hilman : Hello, Mommy :)

Me : Oh, hello, Hilman! How are you?

Hilman : I'm fine, thank you. Mommy ok?

Me : Yes, I'm okay. Thank you, Man :)

Hilman : Ayah and Kak Long dah okay, ke? (*Tuan Doktor and Hanna were admitted to the hospital for a few days for severe food poisoning early this week, by the way.)

Me : Yes, they're much better, thank you. Ayah dah discharged semalam. And Kak Long insya Allah will be discharged tonight. By the way, whose phone are you using ni?

Hilman : Oh, this is Maisarah's phone (* Maisarah was his primary schoolmate and is also at KY* now)

Me : Why are you using Sara's phone, Man?

Hilman : Err... My phone cannot be charged, Mommy (and without pausing) Mommy, can I ask you something about tomorrow? (*Obviously there was far more important thing than the problem with his phone not being able to be charged here)

Me : Yes, Hilman. What is it?

Hilman : Mommy, tomorrow night is Miss Karen's wedding and she has invited all her students from 6 Mawar last year to her wedding. I only knew about it today from my friends. Maisarah and I want to go tomorrow night. Boleh tak, Mommy? I really want to go.

* Miss Karen was his class teacher when he was in Standard 6 last year, by the way. *

Me : Hmmmm... And how, may I ask, are you two going to this wedding, Hilman?

Hilman : That's why. Can we go back tomorrow?

Me : And how may I ask again, Hilman, are you coming back to KL to attend this wedding?

Hilman : That's why. Can someone jemput us tomorrow? If can, Maisarah nak tumpang sekali.

Me : Hmmm... Where are you now, Hilman? You are in Melaka, right? And where am I now? I am in KL, kan?  And so are Ayah and Pakcik Rizal.

Hilman : (As if he did not hear what I was trying to say) And boleh tak, lepas wedding tu, hantar Hilman and Maisarah balik Melaka again because I'm involved in this musical thing in Kolej and we have a meeting/practice on Saturday morning and I have to be here. I'm involved as one of the crew.

Me : (Terdiam sekejap...)

Hilman : Is that possible, Mommy?

Me : Hilman. No. THAT is NOT possible Hilman. First, You just came back last weekend. And you know very well that you are only allowed to come back for an overnight weekend once a month saja, kan?

And before I could continue -

Hilman : That's why la, Mommy. We don't want to go back for overnight. After the wedding you send us back to Melaka.

Me : (*Haaaaaa???!!!) Errrr... Listen to me, Hilman. (And I had to repeat what I said earlier). Hear me out.

Firstly, You JUST came back last weekend. And you know very well that you are only allowed to come back for an overnight weekend once a month saja, kan?

Secondly, You JUST told me about this now. You can't expect me to arrange everything at such short notice, Man.

Thirdly, Even if it's just an outing and not an overnight stay, and even if I could arrange something, I would not go and fetch you tomorrow, because you have something on which you need to attend in Kolej on Saturday morning. You have to get your priorities right, okay?

Fourthly, and you know that Ayah has not been feeling well these past few days, kan, Man?

Hilman : Oh ya, Mommy. Sorry... Okay, Mommy...

Me : Fifthly, I'm sure Miss Karen will understand if you and Maisarah cannot make it to her wedding, Hilman. She knows both of you are in a boarding school and she knows how you guys are restricted from going back home as you please, I'm sure.

Hilman : Okay, Mommy...

Me : Why don't you call her or SMS her today? Wish her all the best and congratulate her on her marriage and explain to her why you and Maisarah cannot be there.. I'm sure she will understand, Hilman...

Hilman : Okay, Mommy...

(But, I think he was still keeping a bit of hope...)

Hilman : So, MEMANG tak boleh go to Miss Karen's wedding lah ya, Mommy?

Me : Nope. Sorry, Hilman. Just make sure you call her nanti to apologize and explain, okay?

Hilman : Okay, Mommy...

* So, it's official then. This Mom will not do just anything and everything for her kids. If that makes me a less loving or caring Mom, then let me be a less loving or caring Mom then :p

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It has been a while since I last blogged about the kids...

I was just reading my old blog entries and I realized just how much almost everything was about the kids. And I'm so glad that I actually blogged A LOT about them.

All three of our kids have left home for college/boarding school now, and whenever my mind suddenly wanders and starts thinking about them, one of the things that I would do is read my old blog postings on them.

And this helps me cope with my empty nest syndrome somewhat.

Reading my postings on each of them chronologically brings me through the journey of them growing up, and memories of what I had blogged would come back so fresh and vivid to mind - as if they just happened yesterday.

Whenever I come across stories posted by friends of their babies/toddlers which remind me so much of the similarities with my own kids when they were that age, I would quickly browse through this blog to recall the similar experiences I had with them, and I must again say that blogging is very rewarding in its own special way, especially to this lonely Mom :)

And I realized that I should start writing about them on a regular basis again. Not so much for anything else, but, so that 10 years down the road, I could recall every single thought that I have of them.

So, let me start off with Kak Long Hanna.

Hanna has settled in very well with college life and seems to be having the time of her life there. Syukur alhamdulillah. She's doing her A Levels now, and plans to read law in the UK thereafter. It was a total 180 degrees turn for her as a few months before starting college, she was set on doing Medicine! In fact when she applied for a place at KY**M, it was with the intention of taking up all the core science subjects for her A Levels. It was only about a couple of weeks before registration that she decided to pursue a Law Degree instead.

Both Ayah and I are okay with whatever decisions she makes, as long as she's happy.

Apparently, there were so many things about doing Medicine which had become some major concerns for her, especially relating to scholarships to further her studies overseas (the UK to be exact), chances of being accepted by UK universities if she were to do her A Levels here in Malaysia, how competitive the field is, future job prospects for doctors in Malaysia, and most importantly, she wasn't sure exactly if she really wanted to do Medicine. When she first decided on it, it was more because she wasn't sure what else she wanted to do, or what else she could do.

After performing solat istikharah a few times, she finally made her decision on her future career path.

Hanna being Hanna, we feel that whatever she decides to do, whether science-related or humanities, in sya Allah she'll do well.

She comes back home every week (Thank God!!!), bringing with her her laundry every time  (which I don't mind doing for her! Hehehe... so long as she comes back!).

She's taking 4 subjects - Add Maths, History, Economics and Psychology and is now busy preparing for her first exam which is to be at the end of this month. In sya Allah, I don't really have to worry about her as she knows what she needs to do and when she needs to study, and how she has to study :) As long as they work for her and she brings in good results, I just leave her to her own devices.

Kak Ngah Hasya is in Form 2 in KY* now, and she's really enjoying life there. And Hasya being Hasya, never once has she been homesick. Which is a good thing, I guess (except that it's a blow to Mommy's morale! Hehehe...)

She's doing very well academically, and has consistently been in the Top 5 in her class. Syukur alhamdulillah.

She's also active in her co-curricular activities - representing KY* in swimming and chess, and she's also in the athletic team for Hussein House and has won medals for the house for the 200m, 400m and 4x100m events. She has also won several medals for Hussein in their Swimming Championship.

She actively participates in debates organized by the Kolej and won the Best Debater Award for her batch last year.

Hasya also had the privilege of being chosen to represent KY* in the World Robotics Championship held in Anaheim, CA., a few months back with a few of her seniors.

She is now involved in the Anugerah Remaja Perdana Programme (equivalent to the Duke of E Programme in the UK) and is pretty tied up with all the required activities.

And syukur alhamdulillah, Hasya has been appointed to be in the College Committee , i.e. the KY* Prefectorial Board starting early this month.

And syukur alhamdulillah, she has started donning the Hijjab beginning of Ramadhan :)

Hilman is also doing very well in KY*. We think the school has really brought out all his potentials especially in areas we were not even aware of or even believed he would be good in before!

Yes, he was doing well academically before (even when he was not even consciously making the efforts to study! Hehehe...) But, I think the regimented life in KY*  means that he has to study when he has to study, and he he has no other choice but study. And syukur alhamdulillah, he has consistently been in the Top 3 in his class.

What really surprised us was how Hilman had "blossomed" in his co-curricular participation and abilities.

Those who knew Hilman when he was in primary school would remember how chubby he was up until he was in Primary 5. And being a chubby boy that he was, he was never ever selected to run for his House or school. And being a big boy he was, the sport in which he represented his school at MSSD last year was no other than the Shot putt event :) And, oh yes - in acara tarik tali, of course!

But, Hilman has started to shed all his baby fat since the end of last year and ever since joining KY*, he has grown so tall (taller than Ayah!) and has become so much leaner. So much so, that he was asked to try out for the KY* Under-13 Rugby Team and also to run for Hussein House during their Sports Day.

And alhamdulillah, he had the opportunity to play Rugby for KY* in two international meets. Even though his team did not win anything, we were very grateful for the opportunity given and trust the school put in him to represent them. Both Ayah and I could not have been prouder than when we saw him running and tackling, and being run over and tackled by the opponents on the field. Our little boy was not so little anymore :)

And, surprise, surprise! He represented Hussein House in the 4x100m event during their Sports Day and his team won the Gold Medal and they actually broke the school record of 4 years for that event! (I'm sure his teachers and friends in primary school would not believe this if we were to tell them this. Hahaha!).

So, overall, the kids are doing well in college/at school. Syukur alhamdulillah.

We make do'a that they will continue to do well, semoga menjadi anak-anak yang soleh/solehah dan berbudi pekerti tinggi dan berjaya di dunia dan akhirat, in sya Allah.

So, that's a wrap-up on how the kids are and what they have been up to since I last wrote about them.

In sya Allah I will try to blog more about them from now on, not so much of sharing their progress, but more for my own personal record and future recollection when I'm old and grey ;)


Here's a picture of the family taken on first day raya this year :)