Friday, September 20, 2013

Mothers would do anything for their kids. Errrr... Not really!

My phone rang at about 3:30pm yesterday. It was from a number I did not recognize.

I immediately answered it thinking that it might be from Sh**p calling about my microwave which was sent for repair last week.

I was quite surprised to hear Hilman's voice on the other end.

Hilman : Hello, Mommy :)

Me : Oh, hello, Hilman! How are you?

Hilman : I'm fine, thank you. Mommy ok?

Me : Yes, I'm okay. Thank you, Man :)

Hilman : Ayah and Kak Long dah okay, ke? (*Tuan Doktor and Hanna were admitted to the hospital for a few days for severe food poisoning early this week, by the way.)

Me : Yes, they're much better, thank you. Ayah dah discharged semalam. And Kak Long insya Allah will be discharged tonight. By the way, whose phone are you using ni?

Hilman : Oh, this is Maisarah's phone (* Maisarah was his primary schoolmate and is also at KY* now)

Me : Why are you using Sara's phone, Man?

Hilman : Err... My phone cannot be charged, Mommy (and without pausing) Mommy, can I ask you something about tomorrow? (*Obviously there was far more important thing than the problem with his phone not being able to be charged here)

Me : Yes, Hilman. What is it?

Hilman : Mommy, tomorrow night is Miss Karen's wedding and she has invited all her students from 6 Mawar last year to her wedding. I only knew about it today from my friends. Maisarah and I want to go tomorrow night. Boleh tak, Mommy? I really want to go.

* Miss Karen was his class teacher when he was in Standard 6 last year, by the way. *

Me : Hmmmm... And how, may I ask, are you two going to this wedding, Hilman?

Hilman : That's why. Can we go back tomorrow?

Me : And how may I ask again, Hilman, are you coming back to KL to attend this wedding?

Hilman : That's why. Can someone jemput us tomorrow? If can, Maisarah nak tumpang sekali.

Me : Hmmm... Where are you now, Hilman? You are in Melaka, right? And where am I now? I am in KL, kan?  And so are Ayah and Pakcik Rizal.

Hilman : (As if he did not hear what I was trying to say) And boleh tak, lepas wedding tu, hantar Hilman and Maisarah balik Melaka again because I'm involved in this musical thing in Kolej and we have a meeting/practice on Saturday morning and I have to be here. I'm involved as one of the crew.

Me : (Terdiam sekejap...)

Hilman : Is that possible, Mommy?

Me : Hilman. No. THAT is NOT possible Hilman. First, You just came back last weekend. And you know very well that you are only allowed to come back for an overnight weekend once a month saja, kan?

And before I could continue -

Hilman : That's why la, Mommy. We don't want to go back for overnight. After the wedding you send us back to Melaka.

Me : (*Haaaaaa???!!!) Errrr... Listen to me, Hilman. (And I had to repeat what I said earlier). Hear me out.

Firstly, You JUST came back last weekend. And you know very well that you are only allowed to come back for an overnight weekend once a month saja, kan?

Secondly, You JUST told me about this now. You can't expect me to arrange everything at such short notice, Man.

Thirdly, Even if it's just an outing and not an overnight stay, and even if I could arrange something, I would not go and fetch you tomorrow, because you have something on which you need to attend in Kolej on Saturday morning. You have to get your priorities right, okay?

Fourthly, and you know that Ayah has not been feeling well these past few days, kan, Man?

Hilman : Oh ya, Mommy. Sorry... Okay, Mommy...

Me : Fifthly, I'm sure Miss Karen will understand if you and Maisarah cannot make it to her wedding, Hilman. She knows both of you are in a boarding school and she knows how you guys are restricted from going back home as you please, I'm sure.

Hilman : Okay, Mommy...

Me : Why don't you call her or SMS her today? Wish her all the best and congratulate her on her marriage and explain to her why you and Maisarah cannot be there.. I'm sure she will understand, Hilman...

Hilman : Okay, Mommy...

(But, I think he was still keeping a bit of hope...)

Hilman : So, MEMANG tak boleh go to Miss Karen's wedding lah ya, Mommy?

Me : Nope. Sorry, Hilman. Just make sure you call her nanti to apologize and explain, okay?

Hilman : Okay, Mommy...

* So, it's official then. This Mom will not do just anything and everything for her kids. If that makes me a less loving or caring Mom, then let me be a less loving or caring Mom then :p


Noorhayati Munit said...

Kesian Hilman... I would give him another option, "If someone was going to fetch Maisara, you can tumpang her." Obviously, nobody right? So he still cannot go. :)

wanshana said...


I think even if ada orang yang he can tumpang balik KL with pun, I will not allow him kot? Wouldn't want to menyusahkan other parents to fetch and then send them back to Melaka the same night. KL-Melaka-KL-Melaka-KL is not exactly a short distant trip!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god my kids are JUST the same shana.. The way they ask to be sent here there mcm mami nya robot je apa .. Shila

Anonymous said...

A good mom gives her children what they need and not what they want ;-)

Maximum cuteness though, Hilman ;-)

Anonymous said...


Salam first time kak nur tinggalkan komen walaupun kak nur dah follow your blog for more than 2 years now.Tak tau lah why tiba2 mcm sedih sangat bila baca your conversation with Haiman tu..Must be sbb knur dah tua agaknya..hehe..Buleh mengalir airmata..Ms Karen sure proud sbb disayangi hingga begitu sekali and you must be proud too sbb melahirkan anak berjiwa penyayang...

Salam mesra from Kak Nur

Anonymous said...

Ooops sorryyy...Hilman.tertaip nama anak kwn kak nur Haiman pulak...

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Wan, how you doin'? Interesting posting.
Allow me to add my 65 cents here.....
A man loves his sweetheart the most, his wife the best, but his mother the longest.

And a mother is a never ending song in a child's heart of comfort, happiness, and being.
They may sometimes forget the words, but they always remember the tune.
You have a nice day, simpan satu lagu dalam hati.
Ps, saw you at my blog reading silently.

wanshana said...

Oops! Sorry all... Took me some time to leave comments here. Always tied up with this and that.


Yes, all kids all over the world must have originated from the same template! Hehehe...

Hi, Anonymous @3:54pm Sept 20,

100% with you :)

Hehehe... Yup, even though he is now 13 at 5'8", he's still a cute baby to me ;)

Waalaikumussalaam Kak Nur,

Salam perkenalan, too, and Thank you for following this blog (walaupun blog ni selalu sepi nowadays! Hehehe...)

Yes, Hilman was one of Miss Karen's pet students, and she was one of Hilman's favourite teachers, too ;)

Memang his nature is like that, Kak Nur. He is soft-hearted in that sense. Always warms my heart with the things he does. But, of course, when the things he does are bebenda macam ni, instead of "warm", boleh jadi "sedikit panas" jugak! LOL! :)

Hi, Uncle Lee :)

Aaaawwhhh... Thank you. That made my day. I was once my hubby's sweetheart, and his wife now. And I'm a mom to Hilman now :) So, I fit in all the categories!

Yes, selalu jenguk-jenguk your rumah, too ;)

Take care, Uncle Lee! Keep warm - it's getting colder now.

Anonymous said...

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ReallyADad said...

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