Sunday, August 31, 2008

Crazy Weekend...

Today's Merdeka Day, tomorrow's 1st Ramadhan, and it has been a long-ish weekend for me thus far.

It seems like a very long weekend because Ayah is away in Surabaya. And we're missing him loads. He left KL early Thursday morning, and Insya Allah will be back home by 4p.m tomorrow. So, even though we will not get the chance to have our first sahur together as a family this year, insya Allah, we will be able to berbuka sama tomorrow.

However, on the other hand, it has also been a very hectic weekend for me, and the weekend seemed to have passed unnoticed somewhat since I was running here and there like a headless chicken most of the time.

Anyway, just to share with you guys just how much petrol and toll money (and shopping money, of course!) yang habis the last couple of days, here goes -

Friday night :

We slept at my MIL's in PJ. And I accidentally tore my left contact lens while taking it out from my eye before going to sleep...and I realized that I had left my glasses and my spare contact lenses in SD!

Saturday morning :

So, with only my right lens on, I drove Hilman and Hasya to TTDI for their Chess Class at 10:45a.m and after dropping them off, I drove back to SD to get my spare lenses and also my glasses. (Surprisingly, it was not THAT bad driving with just one lens on actually considering the power for my left eye is 525, while my right eye 475!...BUT, memang tak digalakkan buat selalu, makcik...)

As the kids were only finishing at 12:30p.m, I decided to drive back from SD to PJ first to fetch Hanna and Daryati, and also to put all our bags (which I had packed the night before) in the car for our sleep-over at Ibu's that night.

Ibu's Hafiz was having his 7th birthday do, and as we knew that once the MTs dah berkumpul, it would continue until the wee hours of the morning. And since Ayah is away, yours truly did not trust my own driving back from Rawang to PJ masa subuh sepi'e, and therefore had made a self-invitation to sleep at Ibu's. Hahaha! And, it just so happened that Mr. Engineer is also away (in Jeddah), and so, Mrs Engineer (Onair) had also invited herself to sleep over in Rawang with her brood! Begitulah muka-muka tak malu ahli MT... Hahaha!

Saturday afternoon :

So, anyway, after fetching Hanna and Dar and after putting all the bags into the car, we left PJ and went on to fetch Hasya and Hilman at 12:45p.m from their Chess Class in TTDI, and straight away headed to One Utama. Surprisingly, there were not as many people as I expected, and parking was a breeze with the One Privilege Card.

We had lunch at TCRS first (isi minyak before meredah kedai...), and started our shopping spree at 2p.m, which lasted until 5p.m. - the last item we got was Hafiz's birthday presents. And kira punya kira, we managed to get 15 items within that 3 hours. That's an average of about 1 item in every 12 minutes! Fuyooo...Best Personal Record maaaa...

We made our way to Ibu's at about 5p.m. FYI, Ibu had texted saying the party would start at 4:30p.m Malaysian time, so, it came as no surprise when we found out that we were the first of the MT clans to arrive, checking in at Emerald at 5:30p.m... :)

From 5:30p.m until 2:30a.m - it was eat, eat, eat, yak, yak, yak, eat, eat, eat, yak, yak, yak, birthday party and karaoke intervals, eat, eat, eat, yak, yak, yak. Errrr...and I'm talking about the mothers, okay? Frankly speaking we didn't really know what the kids were doing half of the time...They were left to their own devices... And they have become so PRO at that! Hahaha!

Anyway, Here's wishing Hafiz "A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!"

For the record, we only went to sleep close to 3a.m.

Sunday morning :

Had to rush to Shah Alam, as Ayah's niece was having a school concert at Conco*de, and the kids had promised her that they would be there.

After a breakfast of nasi lemak hingga menjilat jari prepared by Ibu's Bibik, we left Emerald at 9:30p.m, and headed straight to Shah Alam using the Guthrie Expressway (berapa banyak tol daaaa??!), and we reached Conco*de at 9:56a.m - just nice, as the concert was just about to start at 10:00a.m. My SIL was already waiting for the kids at the lobby, and I just dropped them there, and made my way to Plaza Mas Alam with Dar.

And you guessed it - we continued with our shopping spree there.

Dar had told me that she did not want another baju kurung, so we set out to get her a blouse and slacks/jeans/pants. We managed to find her baju and seluar AND also another 14 items for me - 9 of which are new tudongs for myself. I've decided sempena bulan Ramadhan yang mulia ini , I want to upgrade my hijjab to a different style, which covers all my anak rambut as well (which sebelum ni asyik lah made guest appearances every now and then above my forehead) Insya Allah, with the new style all the anak rambut will be covered from now on.

Sunday afternoon :

After 2 1/2 hours of shopping, we went to fetch the kids at Conco*de at 12:35p.m, and made our way back to SD as I needed to get the keys to our BJ house. All the MT members had decided to come and see it that afternoon as all these while they had only seen the pics and videos of the house. However, unbeknown to me, Dar had decided to do the laundry, thus we could only leave SD after the washing cycle ended at about 2:15p.m.

We left SD at 2:25p.m, and took the Sg. Buloh toll route and managed to catch up with Ibu, Mrs Engineer and their clans on the NKVE. It just so happened that they had just had lunch and had just left the Sg. Buloh R&R, and we headed to BJ in a convoy.

We spent nearly 2 hours at the BJ house and later made our way to Kayu Ma*is Restaurant in BJ for tea (which ended up being more like early dinner for all of us), and by 5:30p.m, everybody made their way home, while the kids and I went back to the BJ house where Dar was just finishing up with the mopping, etc. We had tapau-ed some rice for her, and we only left BJ for Mak's around 6:15p.m after Dar had had her dinner.

We reached PJ at 6:50p.m and I immediately SMSd Ayah (we had been SMSing each other every 2 hours or so for the last 3 days, updating each other on the "damage" done to our pockets...Hehehe...)

My SMS to him : (inter alia)...btw, I spent RM**** shopping dis weekened (and I went on telling him how many items we bought, etc, and what they were, etc., trying very hard to JUSTIFY the damage...Hahaha!)

And what came back from him made me feel less guilty.

His SMS : Dats slightly more thn wat I spent...(until I read the continuation to his SMS!)... >1/2 of wic on my wife! Go spend RM**** more then! ;p

(Alamak!! I had not bought anything at all for Ayah!)

Hmmmm, I hope he's not being sarcastic, maaaannn!

My reply : >1/2 of ur shopping on me? Serious?! Thx, but u rlly shdnt hv! Shd jz get stuff for kids...But, thanks! :D

His SMS : Errr..dat wz only 1 item, dear... :) jz like 4 da kidz coz' time constraint...sori. Don't think hv time 2 get anything 2nite or 2moro...

Hmmmm... Now, THAT has REALLY made me curious. I wonder what Ayah had bought from me which cost about half of what I had spent this weekend...


Counting the hours ;)

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you -


And when you all go to Bazar Ramadhan, make sure you all only have RM15 in your wallet/purse, naaaaa...Jangan lebeh-lebeh naaaa...


P/S : Sorry, no pics this time as the camera is with Ayah :) Maybe, Ibu can provide the visuals?

P/P/S : Summary of my mad headless chicken weekend dashes over the last couple of days : PJ - TTDI - SD - PJ - TTDI - One U - Rawang - Shah Alam - SD - BJ - PJ, and all in all 10 kali lalu toll...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

And the theme(s) for this year...

For the past 12 years, Ayah and I, and the kids would have a theme for Raya. This year is no exception.

However, this year, in a way we're having an "accidental" theme. Well, at least two of them are.

Why "accidental"? Well, it just so happened that Mak had tempahed a coral peach/orangy baju kurung for both Hanna and myself for a function a couple of months back, and as we had only worn the bajus that one time, we decided that they'd be our baju raya, too. So, yours truly bought a similarly plain coloured material for Hasya and Hilman to tempah, NOT knowing that Mak had also bought a similarly coloured material for both Hasya and Hilman a month back for their baju raya!

So, I ended up having an extra 7.5 metres of coral peach material to spare, which in the end became the material for Ayah's baju melayu for this year.

So, theme #1 - "accidental" coral peach/orangy bajus.

With our first day baju raya out of the way, I went on to look for materials for our second day baju raya, and managed to get a cream/beige/yellow coloured materials for everybody - Ayah included. This is rather unusual, as Ayah would normally refuse to buat baju melayu as he has quite a number of collection of baju melayu in different colours and shades in his wardrobe already! And he normally does not have to worry about all the matching sampings for his baju melayu as Mak still keeps my Arwah FIL's collection of fine samping songket of different colours and shades - all very well-kept in her room, with her TLC.

So, theme #2 - cream/beige/yellow (and for us girls, with purple/violet flowers)

AND, not known to me, Mak also bought 2 more pieces of materials each for Hanna, Hasya and myself which she had also sent to the tailor (and I only knew about it when I sent the cream kain to the tailor!). One of the materials is pink. Nasib baik. No headaches there, as pink was one of the colours we chose last year, and Ayah and Hilman still can fit in their last year's pink baju melayu nicely. Phew...

So, theme #3 - "accidental" pink.

All kains for us girls were sent to the tailor about a month ago.

But, we only sent the cream/beige and coral peach kains for Ayah's and Hilman's bajus to Om*r A*i last Sunday. I supposed, with Arwah my FIL dulu, and now Ayah and Hilman, being his loyal customers, Abang M*n still accepted our tempahan. Nasib baik... And alang-alang dah ada kat Wisma Yakin tu, we also bought matching samping and songkok and butang baju melayu for Hilman that day.

And I've also tempahed a pair of baju kurung for Dar, my maid (and it just so happened that she chose a cream + purple material for herself, too!)

So, everything checked.

Errrr, not quite. Kasut raya, and smart casuals for the kids belum beli lagi meehh!

And we're also getting Dar another pair of baju kurung : ready-made, and kasut raya, too.

That would be another 2 shirts/blouses and 2 pairs of trousers/skirts for EACH kid, AND four pairs of kasut. Ni tak masuk lagi my own kasut(s) raya! Larat ke I nak menapak meredah the crowd to shop for all these?!!



Sunday, August 24, 2008

Get-together at The Z**e & Emerald Rawang...

My apologies. This posting is one week late due to my hectic schedule at work the last seven days. But, as the saying goes - better late than never, huh?

The gang had a get together in KL last Saturday (16th August 2008) - the occassion : to meet up with our friend Kmar who was back home in KL from Barcelona with her hubby, Jose, and their gorgeous kids - Daniel and Aisha. They were back for 5 weeks and only flew back to Spain last Monday.

I last met Kmar and her family when I menempek ikut Ayah who had a conference in Barcelona in 2006. The rest of the gang, apart from Sal and Awin, had not met Kmar since we left school in 1985 - that was 23 years ago!

Kmar and co. normally come back home every 2 years, and her parents would visit them in Spain in between. As her hometown is in Ipoh, and as everybody was always pretty tied up with things and stuff, we rarely got the chance to meet up with Kmar in KL before this. This time around we decided to make a point to have a get-together just a few days before she flew back home to Barcelona.

The venue was The Z**e in KL, where they were putting up for a few nights before their flight home. As it was the first day of the school holidays, there were still many of our friends who could not make it. Most of them had balik kampung that day. But, we went ahead with it, as realistically, it would never be possible to get everybody gathered together at any given time anyway.

It was a pot-luck thing and some of the dishes we managed to whip up (or got somebody else to whip up for us...Hehehe!) were Kuey Teow Goreng (moi :)), Ketam Masak Lemak Kuning (who else if not Ibu, who also bought with her some VERY juicy tembikai - but alas, NOT from TES*O! Hehehe!), Yam Cake (Awin), Satay Sa**ri (Sal), Cheese Cake (courtesy of Onair with the help of Sec**t Re**pe ;)), and those yummy Roti Boy buns (Abid).

Myself and co. were the first to arrive, followed by Ibu, Awin, Onair, Sal and Abid and their families. Suffice to say, when the gang got together, tak ingat dunia semua...

To Kmar,

It was really good to have met up with you and the family. And thanks for the ole-ole from Barcelona :). I hope next time Daniel will not be too shy with his Mom's VERY loud friends...Hahaha! And I'm so impressed with Aisha's Bahasa Melayu (or rather - Bahasa Perak! Hehehe!). It was quite interesting when we saw her automatically changed her language from Bahasa Perak to Spanish/Catalan when she spoke to Jose. And when she had to be the interpreter for Daniel and your parents - SOOOOOOO CUUUUTTTEEEE!!!

We should do this again next time when you're back in Malaysia, and hopefully we'll get more people to join in the fun, insya Allah.

Anyway, we said our goodbyes to Kmar and made our way home around 8:30p.m.

About an hour later, Ibu sent an SMS which I only read way after midnite-

"Guys, how abt teh tarik session at rawang 2mrw petang? Latest challenge in secret chamber for men n boys. Ladies...err...cabut rambut gatal?"

(Ibu's secret chamber is really an 'underground room' beneath her first floor garden, entrance to which is from her groundfloor garden)

The next morning, I texted her -

"Sorry, only read SMS late smlm. Jadi ker ptg ni? If all ok, we're ok, too. But, haizal nds anor secret chamber 2 work in. Can? What time nak serang rumah u?"

And she came back with -

"Ok 5pm. Teh/nscfe tarik, krpk lekor, sotng ball, roti smbl telur. badminton, carrom, fsball, scrble. Mic? Then watch chng wei vs lindan. Haizal can use mini libry or guest rm, free wifi"

But alas, only Onair and myself could make it as Abid was already heading her way to Penang that morning, while Jo was still in JB, and Reha was still in KB. Kengkawan lain pun semua out of town.

It was another pot-luck thingy, and I fried some meehoon for tea, while Onair bought a yummy Sec**t Re**pe cheese cake. (Errrr...Onair you ada share ke kat SR??!! Hahaha!)

The new challenge in Ibu's "secret chamber" turned out to be a pool table - much to the kids' delight! I lost count of how many rounds of pool, and how many games of badminton they played that evening. Suffice to say, all the kids were drenched with sweat by the time we made our way home that night.

Everybody was glued to the TV when Choong Wei played against Lin Dan in the Men's Single Finals that evening...Well, not for long though. Halfway through the game, a few of us were already having palpitations and found the game too much of a stress to watch, and we decided to just peep in every now and then. So much so, that we forgot to take pics of all the muka-muka tension that night. Everybody knows what happened to Choong Wei, so, let's not go into that, huh? :(

Anyway, later that night, Onair had a baking session in Ibu's kitchen, and surprise, surprise - MY Hanna helped her out! Hmmmm, IF only she is as helpful in MY kitchen! Hehehe!) As it turned out, Ibu had never used her new oven since she moved into the new place, and the racks were all still TIED together. (Errrr...why am I NOT surprised?! HAHAHAHA!!!) And the user's manual was just too much to absorb in 10 minutes. Last-last pakai the mini oven in the wet kitchen :)

Unfortunately, we could not wait until the cake was baked as we had to go and visit my biras who was involved in a cycling accident earlier on at DSH. Su**ian had his nose broken in three places and had to spend a night at the hospital. Syukur alhamdulillah, it was not serious (in fact, by Thursday morning he was already on his way on the plane to Hong Kong with L**n - my SIL, and their kids!) And check this out - one of the reasons they're there (besides bringing the kids to Hong Kong Disneyland) was, get this - to get ANOTHER bicycle! Sigh...

Anyway, that's that for now, ya...

In the mean time, here are some pics.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Public Lecture by Professor Amitav Acharya

I've been pretty bogged down with running here and there, and calling people up in the last week or so. My HoD is on leave (the whole of this week) and I was the "pemangku ketua" from Monday until yesterday.

Our Department - the Department of International & Strategic Studies, University Malaya, is organizing a Public Lecture this Friday, and on top of that, I'm also part of the organizing committee for the Harvard Project on Asia and International Relations (HPAIR) Academic Conference which is going on today until this Sunday (24/08/08).

Anyway, for the Public Lecture, if any of you guys are interested and can make it, please, do come over and listen to PROFESSOR AMITAV ACHARYA - a world authority on security and Southeast Asia. And if you're coming, please call 03-79675480 to confirm your attendance, ya... Thanks :)

Professor Acharya will deliver a lecture on "Multilateralism and Regionalism in Southeast Asia".


10:30 a.m (22/08/08 - Friday)


Lecture Hall C,
Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
University of Malaya

A short profile of our distinguished speaker -

Professor Amitav Acharya holds the Chair in Global Governance at Bristol University. He is the author of Constructing a Security Community in Southeast Asia and co-editor of Crafting Cooperation: Regional International Institutions in Comparative Perspective.

He was the Deputy Director and Head Research at the Institute of Defense and Strategic Studies in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He was Professor of Political Science at York University, Toronto and held research and teaching positions at the National University of Singapore, the Nanyang Technological University, Sydney University and Harvard University.

Professor Acharya has been involved in several international panels pertaining to global and regional security which include the Japan Forum on International Relations' 1995 project on Asia Pacific security cooperation, the Council on Foreign Relations' Study Group on China in 1995-96 and Harvard University's Vision Asia 21 Project. Professor Acharya has written extensively on Asia Pacific security issues and his academic interests cover Southeast Asia, international relations of the Third World and international relations theory.

Hope to see some of you at the Lecture tomorrow.

Sorry, have to run off to PJ H****n where the HPAIR Conference is held now.


Friday, August 15, 2008

"To merendek or not to merendek"...

The kids are going to see High School Musical (On Ice?) at Bukit Jalil tonight. We bought the tickets about a month ago - specifically JUST for the kids, as both Ayah and I didn't (and still don't!) think we could sit through and watch the show with them. Thank God my SIL is ever-so-willing to bring the kids to all these thingies!

I'll be fetching them from school at 6:00p.m, and straight away send them to my MIL's where they'll have their shower, get ready and have dinner. The plan is for them to leave the house straight after Maghrib. And with the kids gone, I will then make my way back to SD. They'll be sleeping at my MIL's tonight.

As it will only be just Ayah and myself at home tonight (with Dar, our helper), I don't think I would want to cook anything for dinner. So, Ayah and I will keluar merendek tonight - rare opportunities nowadays! Hehehe...

But, Ayah will only finish his clinic around 8:30p.m.

Hmmmmm...Where shall we go for dinner tonight then?

Thought of going for Japanese but, we feel guilty because the kids just loooovvveeee Japanese!

What about going for a steamboat dinner at Johnnys? Nope - guilty again. The kids would have loved that, too.

Errr... Any of the Steak Houses? Nope - kids would have loved that, too.

The Chicken Rice Shoppe? Secret Recipe? Cozy Corner? Italiannies? Marche? Paya Serai?

NOPE to all - guilty...guilty...guilty...guilty....guilty...and guilty!

Anak-anak we all memang kuat makan...and sukaaaaaaaa sangat makan luar... Habis tu, how??!!

Susah laaa like this... Maybe, I'll just cook dinner tonight then?

(But, susah also coz' the kids also just loooooovvvveeeee my cooking! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!)

Hmmmm...Ayah and I will have to learn how to not think too much of the kids at times like this, I guess. Especially when they will probably be enjoying themselves at High School Musical on Ice and not even be thinking about us, huh?!

So, Ayah - how about if we go to CARCOSA, then?

"Errrrr.... Only if the kids join us", I hear Ayah (and the little voice in my head) say...


Nasi Kandar Sedap @ SD lah nampak gayanya...

Post-script - We actually went to The Curve around 9:45p.m that Friday night. The Curve being The Curve, it was still full to the brim with weekend party-goers. Finally settled on Italiannies for dinner, and later moved on to Cineleisure. Not much of a choice for a jiwang night-out movie, so Ayah and I watched "The Mummy 3". What can I say? Poor acting (what do you expect from Brendan Fraser, huh?), but, it's a good movie if you don't want to think too much about the plot, etc...and also if you need a good sleep in the first 20 minutes or so (which Ayah apparently did :))

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Moo RX6 Turbo...

I was driving Hasya and Hilman back to SD from their chess class yesterday, when suddenly Hilman asked me -

Hilman : Mommy, what do you want me to be when I grow up, Mommy?

Me : Anything that you want to be, Hilman. You're a clever boy, you can be whatever you want to be. Hilman nak jadi apa nanti?

Hilman : I don't know...I don't want to be a doctor. I hate blood (Oooops! Ayah - there goes another potential cardiologist to follow your footsteps!)

Me : Hmmmmm...Engineer?

Hilman : I want to be a car designer. I want to design cars like Chevrolet, Corvette, Nissan RX6, Ferrari, Toyota Supra, etc. (Noticed - no mention of Proton or Perodua here?!)

He paused for a while, and then asked -

Hilman : Mommy, will you buy the cars that I design, Mommy?

Me : Hmmmm...I will not BUY them, Hilman. You should GIVE Mommy the cars you design as presents instead, boleh?

Hilman : Ohhh, okay Mommy. I will give all of them to you as presents then.

At this point, Hasya butted in -

Hasya : Mommy, will you accept the cars that Hilman designs even if they're ugly, Mommy? (in a typical Hasya style)

Hilman : My cars will not be ugly, Kak Ngah (Feeling rather annoyed)

Hasya : What if you put spoilers and all which will spoil the looks of your car? (Get it? Spoilers? Spoil?), and then you put all the dark glass and all? That's for young people, you know? (Okay...I get it. I'm old...)

Hilman : I will not put spoilers la, Kak Ngah...But, maybe I will put the dark tinted glass.

Hasya : What else will you put on/in your car?

Hilman : I will put cow seats and all...

Hasya & Me : What??!!! COW SEATS?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Hilman was by then also laughing uncontrollably beside me in the passenger seat, and said -

Hilman : HAHAHAHAHA!!! NOOOOOO!!!! I meant "leather seats", not "cow seats"! Hahahahahaha!

The three of us just laughed all the way back to SD...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Cow seats, indeed :)

I can just imagine the horn going, "MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" every time I honk all the bangang drivers on the road at the age of 70...

My dear Hilman,

Cow seats, or no cow seats...
Spoilers, or no spoilers...
Tinted glass, or no tinted glass...
Ugly, or not (but, I bet all your designs will be just beautiful and perfect!)
Mommy will be VERY PROUD to drive the cars that you design, okay?


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Of Laksa Asam and a good friend...

I was in Kuching for a few days the other day for a conference, and was working on my slides for my presentation at the hotel room on Monday afternoon, when the phone rang.

It was one of my MT friends.

She is one very hard-working mom, I tell you. A high-flyer, and very good at what she's doing. And she's somebody whom I would say, memang tak boleh duduk diam. She was (still is) on a 2-week MC, and suddenly found that she had so much time in her hand at home, and so, she decided to cook for his brood and the brood's Ayah who had just come back the day before after being away for about 10 days.

The menu - Laksa Asam.

Apparently, she was flicking through our alma mater's Recipe Book (Dari Srikandi untuk Srikandi) and just could not decide on whether to cook Laksa Asam or Laksa Johor. She called just to clarify on some of the ingredients and instructions to whip up a mean laksa dish for her family. She finally decided on Laksa Asam, when I told her that it would be the less remeh between the two :)

We said our bye-byes, and I continued working on my slides.

A few minutes later, an SMS came from her -

"What do I do with d laksa? Rendam air panas n toss? Kan?"

I texted -

"Hehe...If fresh laksa, jz rendam in boiling water 2-5 mins dependg on types. If dry laksa, boil water first, add laksa n boil til soft. Gd luck!"

Then came her reply -

"Tq! Yeay, almost done. Errr...Bibi tanya, letak timun nggak? Bagimana sih, bu' Shana? Kasi in timun nggak?"

I replied -

"Timun ricik halus for garnishing - x need 2 put in kuah. Other garnishg sliced bwg besar, lettuce, chili padi, telur rebus, mint leaves, limau nipis. PETIS. YUMMY!"

And she came back with -

"Mak oiii? Bnyk nyer!"

Hehehe...She never fails to bring a smile to my face everytime she speaks, e-mails, SMS, and of course, when she blogs - even when her heart is not smiling sometimes...

So, to my friend (you know who you are), I hope the Laksa Asam turned out better than what you expected it to be, and that your boys enjoyed it sehingga menjilat jaghi. You should give yourself more credit when it comes to cooking la, kawan...

And more importantly, I hope you are embracing the hikmah well...

One of these days, I'm going to call you up for your Ketam Masak Lemak Kuning recipe, okay?

In the mean time, have a good rest, and enjoy the time with your heroes ;). And if you ever feel like cooking Laksa Johor - errrr, please call J*!


Take care, my friend :)


P/S : You did say I could blog about this didn't you? ;) Hehehe...