Tuesday, August 26, 2008

And the theme(s) for this year...

For the past 12 years, Ayah and I, and the kids would have a theme for Raya. This year is no exception.

However, this year, in a way we're having an "accidental" theme. Well, at least two of them are.

Why "accidental"? Well, it just so happened that Mak had tempahed a coral peach/orangy baju kurung for both Hanna and myself for a function a couple of months back, and as we had only worn the bajus that one time, we decided that they'd be our baju raya, too. So, yours truly bought a similarly plain coloured material for Hasya and Hilman to tempah, NOT knowing that Mak had also bought a similarly coloured material for both Hasya and Hilman a month back for their baju raya!

So, I ended up having an extra 7.5 metres of coral peach material to spare, which in the end became the material for Ayah's baju melayu for this year.

So, theme #1 - "accidental" coral peach/orangy bajus.

With our first day baju raya out of the way, I went on to look for materials for our second day baju raya, and managed to get a cream/beige/yellow coloured materials for everybody - Ayah included. This is rather unusual, as Ayah would normally refuse to buat baju melayu as he has quite a number of collection of baju melayu in different colours and shades in his wardrobe already! And he normally does not have to worry about all the matching sampings for his baju melayu as Mak still keeps my Arwah FIL's collection of fine samping songket of different colours and shades - all very well-kept in her room, with her TLC.

So, theme #2 - cream/beige/yellow (and for us girls, with purple/violet flowers)

AND, not known to me, Mak also bought 2 more pieces of materials each for Hanna, Hasya and myself which she had also sent to the tailor (and I only knew about it when I sent the cream kain to the tailor!). One of the materials is pink. Nasib baik. No headaches there, as pink was one of the colours we chose last year, and Ayah and Hilman still can fit in their last year's pink baju melayu nicely. Phew...

So, theme #3 - "accidental" pink.

All kains for us girls were sent to the tailor about a month ago.

But, we only sent the cream/beige and coral peach kains for Ayah's and Hilman's bajus to Om*r A*i last Sunday. I supposed, with Arwah my FIL dulu, and now Ayah and Hilman, being his loyal customers, Abang M*n still accepted our tempahan. Nasib baik... And alang-alang dah ada kat Wisma Yakin tu, we also bought matching samping and songkok and butang baju melayu for Hilman that day.

And I've also tempahed a pair of baju kurung for Dar, my maid (and it just so happened that she chose a cream + purple material for herself, too!)

So, everything checked.

Errrr, not quite. Kasut raya, and smart casuals for the kids belum beli lagi meehh!

And we're also getting Dar another pair of baju kurung : ready-made, and kasut raya, too.

That would be another 2 shirts/blouses and 2 pairs of trousers/skirts for EACH kid, AND four pairs of kasut. Ni tak masuk lagi my own kasut(s) raya! Larat ke I nak menapak meredah the crowd to shop for all these?!!




Waterlily said...

Hi Shana

dah mood raya eh..? Looks like this year banyak yang 'accidental' theme for you, tak per..okay gak tu..

I ni kan..am a sucker for Hari Raya..mengalahkan budak kecik. I dont know why, dah masuk 40an ni pun tak reda reda lagi excited nya bila time nak raya. Most of the time, the excitement is at its peak bila time PREPARE...and the that morning of first raya...after that masih excited lagi, cuma dah cool down sikit...hehehehe..

Btw, our theme this year is (1) White (2) White (3) Blue (4) Gold. Why dua kali white? Itu kena tanya dear hubby - dia beli 10 mtrs plain white, and another 10 mtrs white with white stripes...nampak macam sama je..but since dia dah beli..

Kmar said...


Puasa belum, dah pikir pasal baju Raya ke?.. he.he... Btw, you should get all the things done before puasa or else takut tak siap pulak tempahan baju nanti.

This year, my kids will pakai baju raya yang you hadiahkan hari itu.. he.he.he... (thanks).

MrsNordin said...

In our case, the theme would usually appear towards the end of bulan puasa. For now, malas nak fikir. Pakai je lah baju color apa yang ada!

MAMAMIA said...

Alahai shopping raya... taboo topic for Papapia & Amir.

Luckily baju wajib for 1st day dah settle. Dah berapa kali attempt I tried to get the rest, tapi tiap kali shopping, these 2 men fr Mars, must cut the shopping trip short. Tinggal this weekend aje kalau nak shopping. Bulan puasa nanti, malas dah nak bersesak2....

Eta My said...

Suit the budget..better do shopping sebelum posa...( I bet this weekend bisa penuh shopping complex..)..I slalu cam tu sebab malas nak bersesak disamping menahan lapar dan dahaga...tapi musti ter'accident' one of the posa day buat last minute shopping..say kasut raya dan segalanya...

Happy shopping!( and tumpang shana..nak komen kat kengkaewan!)

Waterlily....putih suci berseri tahun ni....tempah kat mana?

And Kmar..so sweet of Shana kan...dpt baju raya..budak2 tak sibuk melaram kan..Mis U!and bila I tengok gambar u...cam terngiang2 u pukul bole tenis..hehehe!

Bj, u malas nak pikir.( sibuk kerja )..ek..ele..kasi can le..the boys satu theme..hak yang dah besar .pi je beli ready made...senang cerita..oo..maid ade masuk corum tak??.

bella said...

kak shana,
Raya for me has always been an exciting moment for me, i don't know why...Tempah baju raya is a must too!hehehe...Wisma Yakin is still the best for baju melayu selection.Every year we will buy for Cik Abang and FIL kat sana...but, we have never had a theme, selalu lain2 kaler...hehehe

Rohani Ahmad said...

Shana dear, i tbaca psl u shopping2 baju raya ni trpanggil nak nulis comment ni. Fuhhhh...i settle some 2 weeks ago kot. Ya allahhh, penatnye...and now that aisyah and najwa dah besa kan..eee..banyak citenye.Najwa ni die crewet sikit so i kata 'tahun ni awak cerewet itu tk nak ini tak nak, ha raya pakai baju skola..abis cite..' hahahha. Penat kan..and i still ade najwa n aisyah punye sluar jeans nak cari..alaa..bulan posa ni tk semangatnye nak menapak2...
Ni body sendiri tk pikir ni,mane bole kan orang len cantik2 kite lak tak..o tak mungkin...hhahaha

wanshana said...

Hi Waterlily,

Like you, I'm also a sucker for Hari Raya. Kalau tak, takder lah nak bertheme-theme segala! Hehehe...

Nothing wrong with that, right? It's fun, what?! And I do it for the kids, so that they'll remember each raya for years to come. And I memang look forward to all the prep running to Raya. Excited giler, mengalahkan budak kecik. Hahaha!

Make sure you post all your gambar raya with the white, white, blue, gold themes, okay?


Madam Tai Tai said...

It's been a looong time since I shopped for raya. Raya in 2006 we all wore Bangla-mari punya baju. For 2007 we celebrated raya in Nepal, so kira tak beraya lah.

Looks like we will give it another miss this year. Kita orang terpaksa beraya kat Dhaka...sob..sob.. So pakai lah baju apa2.

Btw, nice choice of accidental colour themes!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

i googled up on coral peach because prior to this, tak tau color dia macam mana. nampak cantek. might consider on that color for my baju melayu this year.

the thing is, i have been wearing the same navy blue baju for the last err...7 Rayas. Pinky decided that she has had it. for this year, she'll drag me down to the mall to get a new pair, whether i like it or not.

Ayah said...

Banyaknya baju raya dia.... kena raya sepuas-puasnya tu... baru betul seronok...
Selamat Menyambut Hari Kebangsaan

IBU said...

Baju raya? Oredi?????

Err... Langsir raya same theme jugak ke?

U.Lee said...

Hi Wanshana, I bet you will look sensational in that dress.
Bila Hari Raya? Ada ketupat? Dodol? Ha ha.
You keep well and best regards, Lee.

wanshana said...


Patutnya dua bulan sebelum raya dah habis fikir pasal baju raya ni. Kalau tak, tailor dah tak terima. Ini pun, nasib baik both tailors for the ladies and the men of the house tutup sebelah mata and accept our kains...

You're most welcome. Hope the bajus fit :) Nanti e-mail their photos to the yahoogroup, okay?

Raya ni you nak masak apa ya? Kambing Golek Barcelona ke? ;)

wanshana said...


Tak ader theme pun tak per...

We all ni saja suka-suka - for the kids. Selalunya they each will choose a colour.

This time around, as two had been decided by their Wan, to be fair, I chose beige/cream/yellow as the third theme for everybody. Kalau tak, jenuh le pulak nak kena beli lagi 3 kain sebab nak keep everybody happy!

wanshana said...


Tu lah...Kaum Adam ni memang tak understand betapa therapeutic and betapa pentingnya shopping is to us Kaum Hawa, kan? Hehehe!

I pun insya Allah will try to shop for everything before puasa starts. Ayah will be away until Monday, so, I'll take this opportunity to shop this weekend til' I drop! Hahaha!

Selamat menyopping, Mamamia :)

wanshana said...


Yup - memang this weekend I ada "mission" to shop for whatever lagi yang perlu.

Bila dah puasa tu, banyak sangat cabaran especially to Hilman (yang kuat makan) coz' we're bound to lalu all the eating places, and the smell of all the food will surely menduga his keimanan. Hehehe...

wanshana said...

Hi Bella,

Yes! I pun macam you - always excited when it comes to Raya prep.

Wisma Yakin and kawasan sewaktu dengannya memang the best place to get Baju Melayu, etc, provided you don't go there masa bulan puasa.If not...Ya ampun! Punya lah banyak manusia! And they have so many cute Baju Melayu for babies, toddlers, etc.

We normally park our car at Tmn Jaya LRT, and take the LRT to go there. Tak tahan nak meredah traffic. Parking is a big problem there, kan?

wanshana said...


Memang! Anak pompuan ni memang cerewet banyak! Nasib baik la my girls are okay when it comes to pilih kain for Baju Kurung. It's choosing their blouses/dresses/ jeans/skirts, etc. yang jadi masalah besar!

And I setuju! Mak budak pun mesti (LAGI?!!) glamer, beb... ;)

wanshana said...

Madam Tai Tai,

Thanks. I hope the bajus will turn out nice. Sometimes, kain ni, bila dah jadi baju, lain lah pulak rupa dia!

Tak per lah kena beraya kat Dhaka. Yang penting you have MrS and anak-anak with you, kan?

How is Raya in Dhaka ya? Are you all into having Open Houses by all Malaysians on the first day, OR taking turns to buat Open House on different days?

If you were to host it, what would be the menu, ya?

wanshana said...


I only have this to say to Pinky -


Yes, coral peach is a nice colour. If you decide to get that colour for yourself, make sure Pinky gets the same colour for herself, ok? (Must practice from now to be sehati sejiwa maaa... ;))

Take care, Kerp.

wanshana said...


Memang nak raya sakan la ni. On the rare occassions nak tempah baju raya/kurung ni, mesti lah nak "over" sket. Hehehe...

What about Raya over there, ya? Buat Open House tak nanti? Gotong Royong kacau dodol, bakar lemang segala?

Alamak! Hari Kebangsaan? Tak tempah lah pulak baju Jalur Gemilang this year... Hahaha!

Selamat Menyambut 51 Tahun Kemerdekaan to you and family, too. :)

wanshana said...


Langsir masih pakai langsir 10 tahun yang lepas meh! (That reminds me - nak pi hantar dry clean soon. Dah kepam giler!)

Insya Allah bila dah hantar dry clean nanti, and dah balik to their original colours, langsir kat depan tu ikut theme beige/cream. Yang kat dining hall tu pulak , ikut theme coral peach. Buleh?!!!

wanshana said...

Hi Uncle Lee,

Now I'm not really worried if I don't look sensational in any dress. Yang penting - I have to look thin. Hahaha! (Wishful thinking, I'd say...)

Raya will most probably fall on 1st October. Ketupat dodol mesti lah ada, Uncle Lee. All mesti home-made punyer (but, errr...in OTHER people's home laaa!) Hahaha!

You take care, Uncle Lee ;)

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

So you're left now with juz a few things to buy.... Senang sikit kan?

Happy shopping dear :)

Ize said...

Shana hie,

Just to share - kita orang dah fikir theme for next year....ha!ha!ha!

Anonymous said...

Shana hie,

just to share - kita orang tengah sibuk cari theme for next year....ha!ha!ha!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

told her of this posting of yours. she is sooo with you, as predicted. we agreed that coral peach is the way to go for my next baju melayu. she'd be getting one too but tak as for this year's raya, tak sempat lah nak tempah.

wanshana said...


Thanks :) I'm looking forward to shop with the kids this weekend, insya Allah.

Yes, dalam official list, memang tinggal sikit aje lagi nak kena beli. But, you know lah - bila dah kat shopping mall nanti, ada lah lagi additional items to add to the list tu...

Ayah is in Surabaya now, and I think he'll also get some stuff for the kids over there, too. (If only he's in Bandung, kan?!!)

Have a great weekend :)

wanshana said...

Hi Anonymous/Ize,

(I'm guessing you're the same person?) :)

Hi-5! You're not alone, we all pun dah plan for next year's theme! Hahaha!

Memang suckers for Hari Raya kan?!!

wanshana said...


ALRIGHT!!! Sama theme kita, ya? ;)

Hmmmm, tell Pinky - kalau tak sempat get the materials to tempah, she can always get ready-made baju kurungs of the same colour/tone/shades from the shops/boutiques for herself.

Make sure post gambar kat blog nanti, okay?

Kak Teh said...

wah, belum puasa dah ada baju raya? I have not given it a thought pun Lagipun it will be cold here.

Selamat berpuasa to you and family.

Pp said...

wan shana :-)

hebat persediaan!

kami di sini, sehelai baju raya dah cukup hehe....untuk pakai pagi raya tu jer...lain2 tu, boleh ajer pakai baju harian...

masa cuti baru2 ni di KL, sempat lah beli sorang sepasang for the boys...i think Lil and my daughter ada extra kut...

excited tunggu bulan puasa ...nak turunkan keberatan badan!!


wanshana said...

Kak Teh,

All our baju raya are still at the tailors. Normally we would only be able to collect them 3-4 days before 1st Syawal.

If we were to send the materials, say, NOW (i.e 3 days before puasa, instead of 1-2 months before puasa), that will mean that there won't be any baju raya for us, until 2 weeks of Syawal!

Hmmmm...if it's going to be cold in London masa raya nanti, you won't be able to show off your glamourous baju raya then as you'll be nicely wrapped in layers of other clothings on top, I guess. :(

But, I bet MSD/Malaysia Hall/Malaysian High Comm will still throw a heck of an Open House like they normally do, kan?

Thanks. Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan to you, too, Kak Teh.

wanshana said...

Salam Pak Payne,

Hehehe...Saja for the fun of it - untuk menggembirakan anak-anak :)

My baju and Ayah's will of course come in handy nanti bila ada khenduri-khendara segala (boleh pakai sedondon :). Tapi, anak-anak ni berat sikit nak pakai baju kurung/baju melayu kalau bukan hari raya!

So, untuk berbaloi, I paksa they all pakai baju raya yang glamer masa kelas mengaji sepanjang tahun :)

We girls memang selalu ada extra baju raya, Pak Payne...Nama pun perempuan...Hehehe!

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan. Semoga kita sama-sama dapat meningkatkan imaan dan ibadah, dam mengurangkan berat badan, insya Allah... :)

Waterlily said...


seems everybody dah kena mood puasa and raya!

You've been tagged. Hop by my blog.


Theta said...


Your posting on Baju Raya puts a smile on my face. I think I'd be deemed a 'kiasu' lot since I had sent mine in February! LOL!

Well, it is all by sheer coincidence since we had then gone back to Kuching for a visit and knowing quite well, the next trip will be a Raya visit, I decided to send mine early.

The usual bespoke tailor, who had sewn my clothes and those of the women in my family, moved from her long-standing place in PJ to Kelana Jaya and I never got around to venture into her new place.

As such, ever since my nuptials, I have utilised my husband's tailor who also specialises in women's clothing. The results thus far have been satisfactory and come at a lower price than those normally charge in KL!

Oh yeah, it's LIGHT YELLOW for us this year ;)

wanshana said...


Waaaa...since February?! Impressive!

I did something like that some years ago (but about 4 months before raya). However, found out I was pregnant after that, and by the time Raya, I could not fit into the baju anymore. Even after giving birth (I can't remember if I was carrying Hasya or Hilman) I NEVER got to fit into the baju nicely and comfortably (my body had changed disproportionately by then! Hehehe!)

So now, I make sure I send the materials to the tailor 1 month before puasa. Not that I think I would get pregnant, BUT because I know without being pregnant pun, my body can do nasty tricks on me over 3-4 months! Hahaha!

Yes, tailors in KL ni can charge REALLY high sometimes. But, my tailor@Pasar TTDI quite reasonable jugak, and her baju sedap pakai.

Hope to see pics of you and your family in your light yellow baju raya in your blog nanti :)

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan to you and family.

wanshana said...


Ooops! I thought I posted a comment, but I guess I didn't publish it after reviewing it!

Anyway, I've crossed over and checked out your blog. Thanks for the Award and the Tag!

Jabishah also tagged me on that last week, but I still could not sit down and do it! (SORRYYY, Jabishah!)

Insya Allah, will do it over this long weekend.

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan to you and the family :)


Theta said...

There is a possibility that I might get pregger or even put on some weight (which I have since February) but hopefully this coming fasting month can help to shed some more weight. Haha! As if!

InsyaAllah, I'll post on the blog. Btw, do you have FB account? :)

Also, lest I forget again, here's wishing you and your family a Blessed and meaningful Ramadan. Thanks for the wish.

Pi Bani said...

Laa hai... ingatkan menjenguk ke mari nak ucap selamat berpuasa, rupa-rupanya member dah ready nak beraya!! :)

Tak pikir lagi baju raya tahun ni, mungkin recycle kot...

Anyway, selamat berpuasa and selamat shopping raya! (bayangkan pergi shopping bulan puasa... dengan ramai manusia nya... dengan hari panasnya... dengan kering tekaknya... hehehe...)

wanshana said...


Thanks for the wish :)

Possibility of you getting preggers? Hmmmm, does this mean you're already maybe preggers, but not confirmed yet, OR trying very hard to get preggers now? ;))

Bestnyer!!!! I'm so excited for you. I'm sure Sadia will be thrilled. All the best, dear.

Yes, I'm also having this wishful thinking of shedding some kilos this Ramadhan which I know, insya Allah I can. BUT I also know that I'll gain all the kilos back (and more) within 1 week of Syawal!)

Yes, I have an FB account (I've just joined about 2 weeks ago, in fact! It's under Wan Sharina Jaffri :)


wanshana said...

Kak Pi!

What a pleasant surprise to have you here! Thank you kerana menjenguk, and thank you for the wish :)

I've been a semi-silent reader of your blog for more than a year now. Pernah left a comment or two, but, quite some time ago. But, I still read your blog religiously :)

Sempat settle 95% of raya shopping this weekend, alhamdulillah. Now - tinggal kasut raya the kids and my helper. So, that's not too bad :)

Kak Pi slim, so I don't think you'll have any problems getting a ready-made baju raya for yourself
at the 11th hour :). Lainlah macam I yang disproportionate ni. WAJIB tempah awal. Hehehe!

Selamat Berpuasa and menjalankan ibadah. Semoga segala amalan kita diberkati Allah swt, dan diberi ganjaran berlipat-ganda, insya Allah.