Sunday, August 31, 2008

Crazy Weekend...

Today's Merdeka Day, tomorrow's 1st Ramadhan, and it has been a long-ish weekend for me thus far.

It seems like a very long weekend because Ayah is away in Surabaya. And we're missing him loads. He left KL early Thursday morning, and Insya Allah will be back home by 4p.m tomorrow. So, even though we will not get the chance to have our first sahur together as a family this year, insya Allah, we will be able to berbuka sama tomorrow.

However, on the other hand, it has also been a very hectic weekend for me, and the weekend seemed to have passed unnoticed somewhat since I was running here and there like a headless chicken most of the time.

Anyway, just to share with you guys just how much petrol and toll money (and shopping money, of course!) yang habis the last couple of days, here goes -

Friday night :

We slept at my MIL's in PJ. And I accidentally tore my left contact lens while taking it out from my eye before going to sleep...and I realized that I had left my glasses and my spare contact lenses in SD!

Saturday morning :

So, with only my right lens on, I drove Hilman and Hasya to TTDI for their Chess Class at 10:45a.m and after dropping them off, I drove back to SD to get my spare lenses and also my glasses. (Surprisingly, it was not THAT bad driving with just one lens on actually considering the power for my left eye is 525, while my right eye 475!...BUT, memang tak digalakkan buat selalu, makcik...)

As the kids were only finishing at 12:30p.m, I decided to drive back from SD to PJ first to fetch Hanna and Daryati, and also to put all our bags (which I had packed the night before) in the car for our sleep-over at Ibu's that night.

Ibu's Hafiz was having his 7th birthday do, and as we knew that once the MTs dah berkumpul, it would continue until the wee hours of the morning. And since Ayah is away, yours truly did not trust my own driving back from Rawang to PJ masa subuh sepi'e, and therefore had made a self-invitation to sleep at Ibu's. Hahaha! And, it just so happened that Mr. Engineer is also away (in Jeddah), and so, Mrs Engineer (Onair) had also invited herself to sleep over in Rawang with her brood! Begitulah muka-muka tak malu ahli MT... Hahaha!

Saturday afternoon :

So, anyway, after fetching Hanna and Dar and after putting all the bags into the car, we left PJ and went on to fetch Hasya and Hilman at 12:45p.m from their Chess Class in TTDI, and straight away headed to One Utama. Surprisingly, there were not as many people as I expected, and parking was a breeze with the One Privilege Card.

We had lunch at TCRS first (isi minyak before meredah kedai...), and started our shopping spree at 2p.m, which lasted until 5p.m. - the last item we got was Hafiz's birthday presents. And kira punya kira, we managed to get 15 items within that 3 hours. That's an average of about 1 item in every 12 minutes! Fuyooo...Best Personal Record maaaa...

We made our way to Ibu's at about 5p.m. FYI, Ibu had texted saying the party would start at 4:30p.m Malaysian time, so, it came as no surprise when we found out that we were the first of the MT clans to arrive, checking in at Emerald at 5:30p.m... :)

From 5:30p.m until 2:30a.m - it was eat, eat, eat, yak, yak, yak, eat, eat, eat, yak, yak, yak, birthday party and karaoke intervals, eat, eat, eat, yak, yak, yak. Errrr...and I'm talking about the mothers, okay? Frankly speaking we didn't really know what the kids were doing half of the time...They were left to their own devices... And they have become so PRO at that! Hahaha!

Anyway, Here's wishing Hafiz "A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!"

For the record, we only went to sleep close to 3a.m.

Sunday morning :

Had to rush to Shah Alam, as Ayah's niece was having a school concert at Conco*de, and the kids had promised her that they would be there.

After a breakfast of nasi lemak hingga menjilat jari prepared by Ibu's Bibik, we left Emerald at 9:30p.m, and headed straight to Shah Alam using the Guthrie Expressway (berapa banyak tol daaaa??!), and we reached Conco*de at 9:56a.m - just nice, as the concert was just about to start at 10:00a.m. My SIL was already waiting for the kids at the lobby, and I just dropped them there, and made my way to Plaza Mas Alam with Dar.

And you guessed it - we continued with our shopping spree there.

Dar had told me that she did not want another baju kurung, so we set out to get her a blouse and slacks/jeans/pants. We managed to find her baju and seluar AND also another 14 items for me - 9 of which are new tudongs for myself. I've decided sempena bulan Ramadhan yang mulia ini , I want to upgrade my hijjab to a different style, which covers all my anak rambut as well (which sebelum ni asyik lah made guest appearances every now and then above my forehead) Insya Allah, with the new style all the anak rambut will be covered from now on.

Sunday afternoon :

After 2 1/2 hours of shopping, we went to fetch the kids at Conco*de at 12:35p.m, and made our way back to SD as I needed to get the keys to our BJ house. All the MT members had decided to come and see it that afternoon as all these while they had only seen the pics and videos of the house. However, unbeknown to me, Dar had decided to do the laundry, thus we could only leave SD after the washing cycle ended at about 2:15p.m.

We left SD at 2:25p.m, and took the Sg. Buloh toll route and managed to catch up with Ibu, Mrs Engineer and their clans on the NKVE. It just so happened that they had just had lunch and had just left the Sg. Buloh R&R, and we headed to BJ in a convoy.

We spent nearly 2 hours at the BJ house and later made our way to Kayu Ma*is Restaurant in BJ for tea (which ended up being more like early dinner for all of us), and by 5:30p.m, everybody made their way home, while the kids and I went back to the BJ house where Dar was just finishing up with the mopping, etc. We had tapau-ed some rice for her, and we only left BJ for Mak's around 6:15p.m after Dar had had her dinner.

We reached PJ at 6:50p.m and I immediately SMSd Ayah (we had been SMSing each other every 2 hours or so for the last 3 days, updating each other on the "damage" done to our pockets...Hehehe...)

My SMS to him : (inter alia)...btw, I spent RM**** shopping dis weekened (and I went on telling him how many items we bought, etc, and what they were, etc., trying very hard to JUSTIFY the damage...Hahaha!)

And what came back from him made me feel less guilty.

His SMS : Dats slightly more thn wat I spent...(until I read the continuation to his SMS!)... >1/2 of wic on my wife! Go spend RM**** more then! ;p

(Alamak!! I had not bought anything at all for Ayah!)

Hmmmm, I hope he's not being sarcastic, maaaannn!

My reply : >1/2 of ur shopping on me? Serious?! Thx, but u rlly shdnt hv! Shd jz get stuff for kids...But, thanks! :D

His SMS : Errr..dat wz only 1 item, dear... :) jz like 4 da kidz coz' time constraint...sori. Don't think hv time 2 get anything 2nite or 2moro...

Hmmmm... Now, THAT has REALLY made me curious. I wonder what Ayah had bought from me which cost about half of what I had spent this weekend...


Counting the hours ;)

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you -


And when you all go to Bazar Ramadhan, make sure you all only have RM15 in your wallet/purse, naaaaa...Jangan lebeh-lebeh naaaa...


P/S : Sorry, no pics this time as the camera is with Ayah :) Maybe, Ibu can provide the visuals?

P/P/S : Summary of my mad headless chicken weekend dashes over the last couple of days : PJ - TTDI - SD - PJ - TTDI - One U - Rawang - Shah Alam - SD - BJ - PJ, and all in all 10 kali lalu toll...


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

fulamak...the weekend was quite a blast huh? maybe it was a merdeka weekend everybody decides to stay away from home as long as they could. i myself had a good one. we wheelchair guys (together with our respective spouses) organised a small bbq affair while waiting for the merdeka countdown. sunday was calmer with only lunch-do before i finally ends the weekend with my astro remote firmly in my hand, terbaring kepenatan.

tomorrrow's a different story all together. fyi, have started my MM career more than 3 months now. so monday means get down to kerja.

been looking forward to puasa though. Ramadan's back and am eager to do more ibadat that has been lacking (absent!) since the last one came about.

Wishing you, doc Ayah and the kids a meaningful and blessed Ramadan. InsyaAllah.

Anonymous said...

salam kak shana,

fuyoooo ... with all that driving, i agree that you'll need BOTH of your lenses! hehehe ...

i still remember your 'sms-es' with abang H everytime we go shopping ... hehehe ... :)

Ramadhan Murbarak and bila ke bazaar ramadhan tu ingat ingat la kat we all ni ye! uwaaaa ...

our hugs to the kids and salam to your family and abang H :)

take care :)

:o) me

ps: ibu - yes ... can we have photos please :)

jabishah said...

Fooyoh.. tercungap-cungap I baca your entry ni. Letih nye. Takpa... lepas geram jalan & makan sakan before Ramadhan. Not to mention the shopping.... hehehe.

Don't forget to share what Ayah got for you tau ;-)

Selamat mengerjakan ibadah puasa.

IBU said...

fuiyooo... now that u've put it in writing, baca pun dah terasa penat nya..... hehehhh...patutlah must shop before puasa!

Aisey..sorry lah malam sleep over tuh, I totally forgot most of the guests pillows, comforters & totos (?) kat rumah lama in green park.

Tenkiu for the sneak peak of your superb BJ's new house. Knowing you and your advance planning & thorough implementation skills, I could picture vividly all the proposed reno work: the terrace, garden, water feature, wet & dry kitchen, spacious & airy living room, wardrobe, study, Hanna's room (just a door & toilet eh?) and of course d swimming pool. We can't wait for the house warming!!!

Jgn lupa hapdet on the "surprise" from Tuan Doktor no??

U.Lee said...

Hi Wnshana, berapa batteries you have on you? Ha ha. Saya bacha what you doing pun jadi tired, ha ha.
You sure got loads of energy....
Gosh, the way you run around...and one eye not in full operation, ha ha.
Wanshana, you're marvelous.
But take it easy huh? Don't strain your batteries, ha ha. Have a nice day, Lee.

Waterlily said...

Wow..mengancam nyer your weekend! Tapi tak per...boleh ghamai ghamai ngan kengkawan kat Rawang..ok tu..

Shopping pun dah selesai...amin..tapi kan, selalunya mesti ada last minute selit itu ini..hahaha...

Selamat menyambut bulan ramadhan and selamat berpuasa..

Madam Tai Tai said...


It's ok..spend..spend..spend.. Just think that in doing so you are helping the economy, ok!

Have a fantastic berbuka puasa today!

Ayah said...


I'm hooooooooooooooooome!!!


Eta My said...


How on earth..u ade all the energy to jalan2 and tulis2....( tenaga kinetik ke ape?..) some perenggan..kita tak mampu untuk menahan diri dari tersenyum sinis..mcm-mcm dia nih!

And also...bestnye ade surprise dari suami tercinta....

OK.Tata!!..but RM15 nak bawak ke bazar ramadhan.!!!???? boleh ke disiplin!!

wanshana said...


Thanks for the wish. Hope you, Pinky and your family have a blessed Ramadhan, too, and semoga dapat menjalankan ibadah sebaik-baiknya, insya Allah.

Yes, even though very tiring, last weekend was a blast indeed. The kids especially enjoyed themselves immensely. Could see that you and your friends had a good time, too.

We didn't really wait for the merdeka countdown that night. But from Ibu's house, we could see a few firework displays from afar before midnight. Nice.

I'm looking forward to the next 29 days of Ramadhan, too. Ramadhan always bring peace and serenity in my heart, my life, insya Allah.

Take care :)

wanshana said...


Waaaa...long time no hear from you! Hope everything's okay. Heard from Murni Iqbal that you've already moved down to Exeter a few weeks ago. You must be so exhausted and drained out. Have you settled the kids' schooling, etc?

Tu lah tu...nasib baik lah I didn't koyakkan BOTH lenses! Kalau tak, jenuh nak drive.

SMSing A.Haizal while shopping has been a habit of mine. Hard to die. I always feel I need to mintak izin from (or at least inform) the Penyimpan Mohor Besar...Hahaha! Alhamdulillah, so far, he had never said "NO". Lagi suruh belanja ada lah! ;)

You know what? Bazzar Ramadhan food cannot challenge your cooking la, my dear... So, jangan sedey-sedey, okay? Your desserts, your masak campak-campak tu semua are to die for.

Here's wishing you, Hilmi, Irfan and Iman a blessed Ramadhan. Salam to Hilmi, Hugs to the boys. Irfan puasa tak this year?

Take care :)

wanshana said...


Thank you for the wish. Here's wishing you and your family a blessed Ramadhan, too :) Semoga ibadah kita mendapat ganjaran berlipat ganda, insya Allah.

Berat mata yang membaca, berat lagi kaki yang menapak and badan yang mendrive nih... Hehehe! Memang over-tercungap I last weekend. But, it was fun!


Ayah bought me a beautiful Indonesian Silk Batik Tulis :) Tapi, tak sempat lah nak hantar tempah for raya ni :( Simpan untuk raya tahun depan kot.


wanshana said...


Memang penat, tapi you pun sure lagi penat nak melayan tetamu yang buat self-extended invitation to lepak kat your house. Hahaha! Thanks so much for your and Saba's hospitality :) We always feel so at home at your place.

No worries about the duvet, etc. Cukup what for everybody. Everybody slept so comfortably like a log that night!

My planning for the house memang macam bagus ajer..Entah bila lah nak start on the reno work! Errr...learning from you guys yang dah pro ni, agak-agak berapa "zero" nak tambah kat our proposed budget tu, huh? Hahaha!

Tuan doktor got me a beautiful Indonesian Silk Batik Tulis :) Takut nak tempah and pakai. Hehehe!

MrsNordin said...

Wow.. it sure was a busy weekend for you. But nice lah you all did the sleepover like that... I'm sure it was awesome! Your kids get along very well with each other, so senang lah for the mothers. For me... susah sikit nak buat perkara macam ni.

Anyway, what did he buy for you?

wanshana said...

Uncle Lee,

The last time I checked, I had 72 Energizer Bunny batteries running, with another 76 being charged. Hehehe!

No choice la, Uncle Lee. With 3 very energetic growing up kids, Mommy also have to be super-energetic maaa...

Take care, Uncle Lee, and have a nice day :)

wanshana said...


Tu lah tu - last chakuk before Ramadhan.

Memang tak habis shopping lagi - their kasut raya belum beli lagi nih! But, syukur alhamdulillah, the bulk of the shopping dah over and done with.

Here's wishing you a blessed Ramadhan, and a safe trip back home to Abu Dhabi. Bila ya? So sorry tak sempat nak meet up :(

P/s : Kechur I tengok Mee Rebus you...

wanshana said...

Madam Tai Tai,

Thanks! :)

While I was helping the Malaysian economy, Haizal was also doing his part in helping the Indonesian economy...Hahaha!

Here's wishing you a blessed and fantastic Ramadhan to you, and your family, too.

Take care.

wanshana said...


Welcome home! (((((HUGS)))))

And thank you for the lovely ole-ole :)

Luv ya.

wanshana said...


Tenaga kinetik? Campur dengan tenaga atomik...Hehehe!

It was really great to see you at Ibu's that day, Eta. It had been quite a while before that since we last saw each other kan? And you still looked the same! Anak-anak you chomei-chomei belaka :)

Errr...I should heed my own advice.

Semalam gi Bazaar Ramadhan ngan Haizal bawak handbag segala, and we ended up buying 3 Roti John (wajib for kids), 4 pkt Char Kuey Teow, 4 Murtabak, 5 potong Apam Kampung, 10 pieces of tepung pelita, 8 popiah basah, 2 jugs of Air Tebu, and 1 jug of Air Kelapa!

Maybe, I should increase it to RM20? (Hmmmmm...boleh survive ke?!)

wanshana said...


Yes, it's nice to have a sleepover at a friend's place every now and then. Selalunya, kalau hubbies ada, no alasan to sleep-over, kan? So, Onair and I pun grabbed the golden opportunity last weekend. Hehehe!

My daughter Hasya gets on well (like house on fire!) with Onair's and Jo's daughters. While Hilman always looks forward to being with the boys (kat rumah dikelilingi dengan girls!). Hanna pulak asyik menempek with her Mommy and gang ajer most of the time :)

I got a beautiful soft Indonesian Silk Batik Tulis as ole-ole from Surabaya :)

Anonymous said...

kak shana,

hehehe ... sori ler ... lama ilang :) everything's fine ... settling down and slowly getting into routine :) started working 2 weeks back so quite penat but it's okay :) you saw kak murni ke on her recent trip home?

good la you get the green light from abang H dulu kan and so far he has been very 'understanding' so alhamdulillah :) hehehe ...

haaa? my cooking? your kuey teow lagi sedap okay!!! *lama lagi kena tunggu before i can sample it again - sigh*

anyway, when are you coming here? ada plan ke? lupa lak nak cakap, my parents are coming over!!! yeeehaaa ... so tak sedih sangat kot this raya :) *senyum dengan lebar sekali!*

missing you and family and hope we all ada rezeki balik next year ;)

take care :)

Pp said...

wanshana :-)

i suka baca ayah's comment tu...."honey i am hooooome!"
aarghhhhh, so romantics an those moments of re-union after a short separation. Indah!!!

errr, ole ole tu tak de kasi tau specific ka? hehhehe curious juga saya.

rumah di BJ? which one? saya pun ada beli satu di sana.....entah2 berjiran kita...
but mine is also put up for sale...tak sanggup bayar loan!!

driving with one full vision? ok ka? lori tu tak nampak mcm harley ka?? bahaya tu! apa kata doktor in the house??

salam ramadan.

abe id.

wanshana said...


I guessed as much that you were busy moving down south. Dah start kerja dah? waste no time, huh? ;)

Murni called me up last week and we were supposed to meet up last Monday. Somehow or rather, I guessed both of us were so occupied with stuff, and we forgot to call each other! And with my handphone being nicked yesterday, now I don't have her number! Do you mind SMSing the number to A.Haizal's phone if you have it, please? Thanks!

Bestnyer!! Your parents are coming? Are they staying on for Raya? Iman and Irfan sure excited habis (or have you not told them, seperti biasa?)

Not sure when I'm going back to the UK yet. But, hopefully we'll get together next year when you guys come home.

Take care - Selamat Berbuka.

wanshana said...

Abe Id,

Hehehe... ha-ah, "romantikus"!

Ole-ole dari Surabaya - Sutera Batik Tulis Jawa :)

Somehow, my eyesight was not that bad with only one lens on that day. Of course I drove slower than I would normally drive, especially bila nampak lori besar-besar, and mat-mat rempit berkaliber di jalanraya :). Doktor in the house only got to know about it when he read my blog...Hehehe!

Our house in BJ @ U8 - Bidai area. What about your house?

Selamat Berbuka!