Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hati yang bengkak...

It was supposed to be a happy and fine day yesterday, as Ayah managed to get off early from work, and we were planning to go to Bazaar Ramadhan with the kids - a rare opportunity as Ayah would normally finish work pretty late. I went to fetch him at the hospital at 5:00pm (as we had slept at Mak's the night before, and Ayah's cars were in SD). Anyway, after fetching Hasya and Hilman from school, we headed straight to the Bazaar Ramadhan at Section 17.

Ayah had to drop us in front of one of the flats, as it was impossible to find a parking space at that time. Just as the kids and I were walking to the Bazaar, it started to rain, and I took out my handphone and called Ayah to bring the umbrellas with him. I immediately put my handphone into my handbag, and went to the stall selling Roti John (this is the kids' wajib food for berbuka), and I met my SIL there. We chatted a bit, and as the rain was getting heavier, the kids and I took shelter at "Kamal" - a grocery store opposite the Bazaar.

I immediately opened my handbag to get my phone to call Ayah, to inform him of our whereabout. It was then that I realised my handphone was NOT in my handbag!!! I panicked, and started to double/triple check the contents of my handbag. Confirmed - my handphone was missing!!! Somebody must have picked it out of my handbag when I was chatting with my SIL at the stall earlier. My God!!! It was just a matter of 1-2 minutes!

AAAARRRGGGGGHHHHH!!! Why does this always have to happen to me?! I once lost my handphone while I was waiting for Hilman to finish his JELIC class in 2004. I was doing some work at one of the tables at the JELIC centre when 2 Indian guys came in on the pretence of selling some stuff. I ignored them, and one of them came to the table and started to put a few brochures on the table, explaining about their "products". On hindsight, it was pretty strange, as they were telling me about household cleaning detergents, while the brochures (which I glanced briefly) were full of pictures of baby products!!!

Anyway, when I continously ignored them, they apologised and took the brochures away...without me realizing that they also took my handphone which was on the table underneath the brochures!!! Sedih sangat... And I cursed them like there was no tomorrow then.

And it happened again yesterday. Rasa bengkak and berbuku sangat hati ni. Kenapalah ada manusia macam ni yang tak nak berusaha dengan cara yang halal. Buat dosa dalam Bulan Puasa yang mulia ni. I strongly feel that the culprit's a Muslim...Sigh. Sedih sangat.

The HTC Touch was given to Ayah for his role in organizing a Conference earlier this year, and he had given it to me. And I fell in love with it straight-away. It was a very friendly phone, and quite durable. It had served me very well indeed. Yang tensionnya - all my contact details, my schedules for the next 6 months are in there...Not to mention, pictures of the family, too.

I asked the kids to keep a lookout for their Ayah, as it was quite impossible to catch sight of him in the rain when everybody was holding an umbrella. Ayah was the one who saw us at Kamal, and I immediately told him about the phone. He asked us to wait at Kamal, and started calling my number while walking up and down along the street hoping to hear my ringing tone. It rang a few times, and after a while the *&^%$%#@! thief took the battery out, I guessed.

Ayah came back, and told me, it was okay. It could have happened to anybody, and it was just a phone. He said he'd get me a new one. But, that's besides the point... I felt so enraged and sakit hati sesangat!!! Ayah asked me to bersabar, as it's Ramadhan, and there might be a hikmah behind all these. I guess one of the hikmahs was that we ended up buying JUST the Roti John and Air Soya from the Bazaar (instead of 101 dishes which we really didn't want/need...)

We went back to Mak's. The kids knew how upset I was, and started to console me, especially Hanna. And while waiting for berbuka, Ayah asked Hanna to go through the website to look at all the latest HTC and Nokia models in the market, and asked me to choose one. Frankly speaking, the HTC Diamond which Ayah suggested is just way too sleek for my liking. I fear that it would end up with thousands of scratches scrawled on its face! (That's how brutal I could be!)

And talking about being brutal, after performing my solat Maghrib semalam (still enraged), I actually made a do'a that the culprit would meet with an accident last night. And I know I shouldn't have done that, and even more so, I shouldn't have told Hanna of what my do'a was, but, I did. And, she just said, "Oh my God...I do'a the SAME thing, too, Mommy!!!", and earlier on Hasya had also chipped in, "And I hope the thief will burn in hell!!" (????!!!)

I was speechless, and Ayah came out, with "Aiyooo...brutalnya mak and anak-anak!!!" (Hahaha!). Let's make it "anak-anak perempuan", coz' my anak lelaki's reaction to the whole thing was, "Mommy, will all the bad people go to neraka nanti, Mommy? Will the thief go to neraka for stealing your handphone?" in a very cultured manner.

Ayah said, "SAH, anak perempuan semua brutal ikut their Mommy!"

I guess it was just a dugaan in the month of Ramadhan, and I should bersyukur, that the @#%$*&^! thief only took the handphone, and not my wallet/handbag with all my credit cards, and MyKad, etc. More importantly, as Ayah kept on telling me, he did not harm the kids and me.

Later, around 9:30p.m, Ayah said to me - "Do'a orang yang teraniaya selalunya dimakbulkan Allah... Dah accident dah kot orang tu..."

Which left me smiling. Ayah pun brutal jugak sebenarnya...


Anonymous said...

salam kak shana,

awww ... so sorry that it's happening to you again! i can't belive it happened in a split second!! like abang H said, ada hikmah disebalik all this ... maybe it's meant to be that you'll get a new one ;) but i know it'll never replace your old phone ...

lots of hugs!

:o) me

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

aisehhh...not quite a posting i'd expect before hopping over. in reply to Hilman's q, yes, penyamun like this penyangak who stole mommy's phone will sure to rot in hell. like the rest, lets pray he'll get to taste the preview of what hell's like by suffering a chronic non-stop diarrhoea till he returns the phone to its rightly owner.

chill kak shana. hope this episode wont dampen your spirit, especially during this joyous holy month of ramadan.

Mr Engineer said...

So sorry to hear of your pick-pocket episode. Bad people are have to be alert all the time.

Mrs Engineer's purse was once pick-pocketed inside the female prayer hall of the KLCC Mosque!! Talk about bad people!!

Spena said...

sorry to hear that sist. Anyway, HTC is a good phone. If you manage to 'sync' your phone regularly to your PC/laptop all these while, you don't have to worry about your contacts. Just sync it to the new HTC;-)

wanshana said...


Thanks...Tu lah tu. Until now I feel like going back to the bazaar and keep a look-out for suspicious characters around. I'm sure they work in a group, coz' they need at least one person to cover them when they go on "pick-pocketing" or "pick-handbaging".

A.Haizal has got a replacement SIM card for me today. But, we have yet to go and get me a replacement handphone :( In the mean time, I'm using Hanna's phone (which used to be mine - but I have forgotten how to use it!) Sigh...


wanshana said...


Thanks for bringing a wide grin to my face! :D Hahaha!


Naaahhh...I'm okay-ish about it now. Still feel a bit sad, but, insya Allah, I'll get over it soon. Thanks. No point of thinking too much about it, kan?


wanshana said...

Mr. Engineer,

Thanks. Yes, they're everywhere alright. I just don't understand these criminals' minds and conscience (errr...which I don't think they have anyway!) Don't they feel guilty? Berdosa? Tak takut balasan?

I should have known better, and should have been more careful. It's a lesson learnt the hard way :(

Kalau kat Jeddah tu, kalau dapat catch, memang kudung tangan!

(By the way, are you still in Jeddah? Mrs Engineer mentioned about you performing the umrah. Dah sempurna?)

wanshana said...


Thanks, sis.

Yes, it's a good phone. Believe it or not, I'm thinking of asking Ayah to get me the exact same phone. But, then again, everybody is saying that I should upgrade it. Diamond? Aiyooo...too nice! Phobia akak nak guna!

I'll definitely sync everything to my laptop from now on. Thanks for the advice.

Take care, dear.

P/S : I look forward to your postings on all the delicacies and good food you have for berbuka. I always look forward to reading your postings on the visits to all the eating joints :)

myheartbleeds said...

I feel for you!! I too lost my handphone once in 2004 when I accidentally left it for like 2 minutes on the desk of my Master's class. Class had ended, everyone left and while walking to the stairs, I suddenly remembered I had forgotten my phone. When I went back to the class there were two Indonesian cleaners there who claimed they didn't see the phone and they 'baru aja masuk' sambil tersengih-sengih. What could I do then? Takkan nak panggil the guards and demand a body search on them? I had a strong gut feeling they knew where the phone went. Geraaammmm, geraaammmmm...

And by the way, the Motorola phone was a lucky draw prize I won at hubby's workplace annual dinner!

Madam Tai Tai said...

Ish..ish..mencuri dalam bulan yg baik ni! Apa lah orang ni!! Memang penyangak betul!

Kesian you.. Dah lah berhabisan duit dengan shopping baju2 raya, ni nak guna duit lagi for a new handphone. Perhaps you are taking the meng'helping' economy too seriously. :)

But..on a serious note, really sorry about the loss, ya.

Ayah said...

It's ok, dear... Hilang barang boleh diganti.

And I know how you feel. 'Lost' my N90 over 2 years ago, but I believe it all happened for a reason. Since then kan our rezeki has multiplied many folds.

So don't wish bad things on the thief or others. God Almighty will take of that...and of our rezeki, if we syukur and redha...

P.S. HTC Diamond want or not laaa..?


IBU said...

Alahai Shana,

So sorry to hear this.

Patutlah petang tu I sms you, cam mana nak masak nasi beryani gam, tapi x dapat reply! errkkk.... kidding! hehehehh.....

Adalah hikmah nye tu Shana. Hope you'll get a replacement soon, a better one even.

p/s psst.... ni Mak Ji Rock nak lecture sket: Lain kali kalau geram, mintak doa agar d culprit get balasan yang setimpal, ok? Jgn ikut hati dok pandai2 sentence the punishment, buleh? Mungkin dimakbulkan. But what if he's got 11 children, and the wife was bedridden and he was desperate to buy some medicine for her? Lepas tu dia pulak accident. Ayoooo..... how la??? Aiseh... sipi-sipi cerita Robin Hood la pulak. The end does not justify the means, kita rasa betul tak? So apasal pulak kita jer kena fikir pasal orang & orang tu tak fikir pun pasal kita masa dia mencuri? Itu orang lain... Allah saja membalas perilakunya. Kita? Kena tambah awareness - maybe kita dah berganjak dari tahap 1 maslow's hierarchy of needs. Our mode of survival should not be as desperate and we hope dia mendapat balasan seadanya, but perhaps even better, we should also pray that dia diberi keampunan dan keinsafan dari terus melakukan perbuatan keji. Ameeeeeennnnnn.....

Ayoooo Shana... macam real jer Maj Ji Rock ni? Manyak sorry la.. baru balik dari terawih ni, terlebih battery pulak!!!!


(Tuan Doktor baca ker? ahaha.... sure dia gelak kan I !!!! Cisss!!)

jabishah said...

Kak Shana,

I pun bengkek je baca cerita u ni. Dah lah bulan puasa. Mmg sahih tak puasa jgklah tu!

I pun hilang once at a bank. Mmg bengkek sesangat. I totally loved that hp...

Selamat Bersahur.

ps-ada ke mood nak sahur ;-)

IBU said...

psssttt.... Tuan Doktor ...

Itu HTC Diamond, buy one got one free or not? If got... remember your wife's good fren in Rawang la huh? Hehehe...

Ayah said...

Mak Ji Rock @ Ibu!!!

Excellent sungguh you bersyarah ya...but frankly speaking lah...deep down inside lah... I rasa you ni brutal jugak, kalau tak mana raaaawk macam tu! Hehe.. ;p

P.S. Itu HTC Diamond ada jual kat Tesco tak? Untuk buddy2 can get discount bagus punya, bole? ;p;p

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


if got one free, instead of bagi kat Ibu, how about doing some charity? ehem, ehem...


Mr Engineer said...


I am still in Jeddah. Gonna finish my work tomorrow (Thursday) and InsyaAllah will be heading for Makkah after Zohor. Will be flying back to KL this Saturday.

What Haizal said I totally agree. Hikmahnya memang sometimes kita tak realize or tak perasan. Look at me...I lost 2 cars in one night!!

Kmar said...

Shana, so sorry about your hp. I still remember since you left at The Zone that day. Tergantung letter 'S'... canggih.

Anyway, my mom selalu kata, kalau hak kita dicuri atau hilang.. means rezeki kita mesti ada untuk beli yang baru. Gitu pulak!!?? I kata.. actually nak sejukkan hati sendiri. Or else for sure kita jadi 'super brutal' with this type of petty theft! Mesti ada hikmah sebab berlaku di bulan puasa.

Eta My said...

Tengok tajuk pun...dah siang2 bengkak!!..

Dugaan di bulan Ramadhan..and entah kenapa ade orang2 seperti ni..entah2..memang tgh tunggu mangsa..kebetulan u berada di situ...

Tak pe Shana...( walupun sebenarnya..u lebih tahu sedihnya when our fav things hilang!!worst kat pasar reramai lak tu!)..and usah u, kita pun mcm nak t'doa cam tu gak!!hehehe! brutal infiniti!

Ok.Semuga hari ni..hati dah comel kembali...and ade mood untuk menjamu berbuka puasa...


wanshana said...


Sorry to hear about your loss, too. Memang geraaaaaammmmm sangat, kan?

Macam mana lah ada jugak manusia yang sanggup mengambil hak orang lain and tak ada rasa bersalah langsung?! Don't they feel their lives are not peaceful by doing what they do? Pelik betul...

But, as a lot of our friends here have said - insya Allah, ada hikmahnya, especially di bulan Ramadhan ni. We just have to bersabar.

Take care, dear.

wanshana said...

Madam Tai Tai,

Thanks. I hope he'll get what he deserves eventually - in whatever form it may be (kalau tak accident pun, kan Ibu? ;))

Yup, nak kena keluar duit unnecessarily. Tension betul! (Could have used the money to get myself some bling-blings for Raya, kan? Hehehe...)

Have you decided on what to cook for berbuka today?

Take care.

Daphne Ling said...

Hey Kak Shana,

Wah...You're scary lar...I will try not to get on your wrong side...=(

My mum's femes line when someone does some horrible traffic thing (like nearly hitting our car when swerving) is "May all your tires burst!", and I will usually add "Just not in front of us"...


I sooo sympathise with your lost phone. When my phone crashed once and I couldn't access my phone book, I couldn't eat or sleep, and my parents were like 'I can't belive you'd get depressed about a phone!'...

I don't even want to think about losing it *Argh!*


wanshana said...


Ok, and thanks.

Amin. Yes, insya Allah, our rezqi will come in other forms, and manyfolds lagi, kan?

Ok lah - I tak doa yang bukan-bukan lagi for the culprit. Biar Allah SWT yang memberi balasan.

Would have preferred the HTC Dual. But, it's not in the M'sian market lagi? Nantilah I'll think about it.


wanshana said...


Ya, Ibu. Mintak maap, Ibu.

Lain kali saya tak buat lagi, Ibu.

Saya doakan anak penyangak yang 11 orang tu tak mengikut jejak langkah bapak dioghang, Ibu. Insya Allah. Ameen.

Errr....hari tu, kalau you call I mintak resipi briayani gam pun, sure tak dapek den nak nolong... Briayani gam - eden pandai makan ajer, Ibu... Nak masak - mintak sorry, Ibu.

elviza said...


I am sorry your phone got stolen.

Ayah sounds like an angel. If that happened to me (touch wood) my other half's first question would be, "why are you so careless?" Notwithstanding the fact whether or not I was careless. :-)

And if you loved your HTC, you ll love the the blackberry. Go get the bold blackberry. Then, we can berry2 chat.

Look at it this way, now that you lost your phone, you can buy a NEW one. :-)

Pp said...

wanshana :-)

i read in harian metro...empat perompak fr botak geng shot dead by our police!! 'PADAN MUKA!!' i said to myself la...tapi itu di luar tajuk lah kan!

Masuk tajuk hilang phone, hopefully - the culprit tu rasa bersalah sgt setelah mencuri ur mobile tu.....dia jual...dan gunakan duit tu sedekah kat anak yatim..!!

masuk tajuk, ayah's reaction....awwww, cair you@!! so calm dan cool, dan generous nya ayah...

wanshana said...


There's something about getting your phone stolen which leaves you feeling so...(no words to describe it!), kan? I'm sorry you lost yours, too.

The day it happened, hati ni memang bengkak habis. Rasa macam tak boleh bernafas!

Tapi, now ni dah tak berapa bengkak, after I've had time to reflect and look at it in a different perspective. Thanks to all the comments I got here :)

Sahur - no problem. This time around, I don't have to be ibu and isteri mithali untuk siapkan sahur for the family, as I have my maid Dar to prepare for sahur. Not much to do pun (just that I get more sleep coz' I don't have to prepare and mengemas after that :))

Take care.

wanshana said...

Ibu, Kerp, and Ayah,

Sapa yang hilang phone ni??!!!

wanshana said...

Mr. Engineer,

Yes, I know... That was what I told myself. It's not the end of the world, and it's just a phone.

I can't imagine how bengkak you and Onair felt when you guys lost those two cars!!! Sure bengkak BIG time multiply by 1000??!!

But, yes, ada hikmahnya tu, insya Allah.

Selamat menunaikan ibadah umrah. Semoga sempurna semuanya, insya Allah.

wanshana said...


Yes, and my Mom would say - dah rezqi I to have that phone setakat itu saja, kan? We just have to accept and redha.

Insya Allah, will get yang baru which might be better in its own way, kan?

How's puasa in Barcelona, by the way?

wanshana said...


Thanks. Hari ni dah tak bengkak and dah tak brutal sangat...Dah comel balik. Hehehe!

Mood untuk berbuka puasa not affected at all. Takut terlebih pulak mood tu! Hahaha!

Selamat berbuka.

Take care.

wanshana said...

Hey Daphne,

Thanks. There's just something about handphones, kan? We're so attached to them.

How's uni life? I gather that you're having a great time. Good for you.

Yes, I'm scary. If somebody annoys me on the road or drives dangerously, I would make your Mom look so harmless. You know why? I would go like -

"DIE! DIE! DIE!!!" Hahaha!

Yes, I know, I AM BRUTAL.

Take care, dear :)

wanshana said...

Hi Elviza,


Yes, it's just him, and I think it's also because he had also "lost" his N90 when water seeped into his knapsack in Tioman a few years back, and he knew how it felt, AND this will also make him less guilty for "losing" his phone?! We're EVEN now. Hehehe!)

Anyway, Ayah's getting me a new phone, insya Allah. But, Blackberry sounds too hi-tech for me la, sis! Sure terkial-kial dua minggu just to figure out how to answer the phone! :)

May you have a blessed Ramadhan. Selamat Berpuasa.

Take care :)

wanshana said...

Pak Payne,

I have not read the newspapers for quite a while now. Malas nak baca all the going-ons yang menyakitkan jiwer. Anyway, good to know that the GENG BOTAK criminals are NO MORE now.

And don't hold your breath - I don't think the thief will ever terfikir to sedekah the proceeds to anak yatim. But, if he does, I halalkan apa yang anak-anak yatim tu terima, insya Allah (but NOT what HE takes)

Ayah memang cool, calm and generous :) - he learnt to be so from me.... (HAHAHAHA!!! Nak jugak selit tu!)

Take care :)

bella said...

Kak Shana,
Alahai, poor thing...sabar yer...bak kata en doc, maybe you'll get more rezeki in your life. that's something to look forward too kan...
But i know the feeling, recently mum's house was broken into and took quite a lot of stuff...we the brutal mamas( as en doc calls it,hehehe...)doakan lagi teruk...that they will get problems with their internal organs and whatnots...but now i realize, those are things, and can be replaced...but still....let them have diarrhea until they repent!!!hehhehe

wanshana said...


Oh my...I'm sorry to hear about the break-in into your Mom's house. Was there anybody at home masa tu? I hope no one was harmed.

Hehehe...Glad I wasn't the only one (with my girls) who had brutal thoughts about the punishment the criminals should get!

Internal organs ajer ke? I would have gone "lower". HAHAHAHA!

Yes, luckily they were just things, but still -


Theta said...

Sorry to hear about your phone loss, WanShana. I have my share of lost phones too, but mostly due to carelessness. Once I left my phone after having brekkie in Kluang Station and when I came back less than 10 minutes later, none of the waiters saw anything. Or so they said. I was fuming.
The last case involved leaving it behind at Kuching airport. My bad.
But nothing could prepare me for the loss of my handbag inside the KLCC surau! I temporarily lost faith in mankind. The level some people stoop to.

MA & Brood said...

Ya Shana, I can imagine masa tangah geram tu macam-macam kita doakan for those.Just to justify how badly our feelings was.

But then a wise old man advised me that whenever a musibah befell upon us - to doa for our own (future) kesejahteraan and permudahkan semua urusan (akan datang). What he meant was for us to bermuhasabah diri atas setiap kecelakaan yang berlaku. Apa yang orang lain buat kat kita dah set hukumannya by Allah. We need not have to worry about them getting away scotfree. They wont - it's just a matter of time.

Redha la that the phone bukan rezeki you lagi and the hikmah is that you will get a much better replacement.

Selamat Berpuasa!

Ustazah Andeh.

D.N.A.S said...

kak shana,
i pun tumpang bengang....! Tak patut betul.

2nd hand cell phone market in Malaysia is doing so well, sebab itu ramai pencuri henfon ni.

Helena said...

Never had any experience hp kena curi, however, i was pick pocketed in Sunway Pyramid while shopping few years back.

I remember that I was at the babies section. I was with mom and dad, 3kids and a baby in a stroller. I did not bring any handbag but my purse was in the bag susu Mothercare. I guess i did not zip it properly after handing over the botol susu to Zaryff.

No one else was in that area, and several India ladies datang tengok2 barang. One of them dukung budak. They passed by, sort of buat kecoh2, and i had to make way for them sebab they were to0 close for my comfort. Mmm..... pendek cerita, masa nak bayar at the cashier, tengok2 purse tadak.... and lotsa people behind me waiting to pay some more..... Luckily i saw my dad kat celah2 clothes rack..... shouted for him to come over to settle the bill....

After making a report kat security, i went back to the place there and saw several sales girls dok bising2.... rupa2nya they saw my purse, wide open kat atas lantai....

Yup..... $$$ all gone.... several hundreds....but nasib baik IC, credit cards all left intact.... (and Thank God I decided to withdraw money after the shopping trip. Dah siap nak ambik ATM card nak withdraw)

Memang Helena *&^@^*@(* the Indian group tu..... takda orang lain lagi la..... they were the only one at that secluded section.

wanshana said...


Sorry about your losses, too. Rasa ghalat kan? But, dah memang rezqi setakat tu.

Hmmmm...Surau KLCC - the same place where Mrs Engineer lost her purse! I bet, it was the same person?! She (assuming it was a "she" considering this would be at the Muslimah section) had made it her centre of operation, I bet.

It's ok. They will get their dues one day.

wanshana said...

Ya Ustazah Andeh :)

Thank you for the wise words. Yes, he will get the set punishment he deserves.

And yes, we always have to bermuhasabah diri when unfortunate events befall us. Sometimes terlupa that it could be balasan for some things we probably did in the past? Or for us to beringat lebih, and to be more humble, insya Allah.

Yes, I redha :)

Selamat Berbuka Puasa, Ya Ustazah Andeh... Hehehe!

wanshana said...


Memang tak patut...

And you're right - 2nd-hand handphone biz' is a booming biz', and I bet there's a big syndicate which gives continuous supplies to the vendors.

Habis camno? :(

wanshana said...


Eeeeeeee!!! Geraaaaaaamnyer baca your pick-pocket incident ni! Siap bawak anak lagi!

My SIL who runs a petrol station told me her kedai once ada A FAMILY of shoplifters. They would go in, a few will buat kecoh-kecoh, while the father and son will nick stuffs from the racks! Ini macam punya family pun ader...

Nasib baik they didn't take your MyKad, Credit Cards, etc. If not, imagine the hassle you would have to go through, and nasib baik your parents were there to come to the rescue. If not, lagi traumatic you and anak-anak that day. We just have to bersabar.

Selamat Berbuka, Helena. What's cookin' tonight?

Take care.

hannaaa said...

I don't mind having a HTC Diamond...

You think it's like buy one free 3?
That way Aunty Ibu and Uncle Kerp can get their share too :D
Ayah should be happy with his phone, so there's no Diamond for him :P

Look at it this way - Everytime you lose a phone, Ayah will always offer to buy a new one!

hannahaizal xox

wanshana said...

Hanna dear,

Errr, two words - "Dream on..." Hehehe!

Hmmm, buy 1 get 3 deal? Kat Toys 'r' Us ada kot?!

And how many times Mommy nak lose my phone, K.Long? (Answer - everytime a new cool model comes out...Hahaha!)

Thanks for letting me use your phone in the mean time, dear.


AuntieYan @ Makcik Blogger said...

Salam Wan Shana...dah selalu masuk sini, this time nak tinggal jejak pulak. :-)

Memang tak berhati perut betul penyangak tu!!! Auntie pun rasa macam mana perasaan geram dan keciwa you tuh...sabar least , your darling hubby dah nak ganti dengan h/p baru
dg. segera, kalau Auntie le....tentu le kena kira-kira duit dalam tabung ayam dulu baru dapat beli... :-(

Sukurlah you dan anak-anak ok.
Tak lama dulu, anak Auntie ada bagitahu, ofismate dia kena samun....samun h/p!..dia masuk satu gerai nak minum, terus duduk, h/p diletak atas meja depan mata dia...sekali sipenyaum ni ambik h/p dia depan mata....daaaaaannn!!! tak semena-mena dia di tikam dengan pisau, nasib baiklah tikaman tu tak kena jantung..(atas sikit je)...maka, hamba Allah tu dah terpaksa masuk hospital beberapa hari, siap menjalani pembedahan lagi...naya punya kes!

Alhamdulillah Wan dan anak-anak selamat.

Selamat berbuka.

wanshana said...

Salam Auntie Yan.

Terima kasih kerana masuk sini and meninggalkan jejak :) I pun sebenarnya pernah masuk ke sana (rasanya thru your comments kat Blog MrsNordin), tapi tak pernah tinggal comments :)

You ada tabung Ayam, I ada tabung Arnab...Hehehe!

Yes, syukur alhamdulillah I just lost a handphone, and my kids and I were not harmed. Ngeri dengar cerita about your friend tu! Dah dapat handphone tu, janganlah nak buat aniaya cederakan orang pulak, kan? Tak faham sungguhlah, manusia jenis macam tu. How's your friend now? I bet sure masih trauma lagi. Kesian dia.

Auntie Yan masak apa untuk berbuka, ya? Goreng bendi hari tu, tumis dengan chili belacan ke? Or ada resipe lain?

Selamat berbuka, and have a great weekend.

Waterlily said...

Hi Shana

bende bende camni memang menguji kesabarrraaannn...and most of the time, kita boleh hilang sabar! I can relate very well to how you feel, I lost my N70 last year. Sehari dua, tak habis lagi geram tu.

I emailed to dear hubby about the lost phone, dia kata its ok, nanti beli baru. He came back one day with an HTC box in hand. And I'm using mine now...err, tak tau la yang ni Diamond ke, dual ke hape...hampeh betul la...tau pakai je..

wanshana said...

Hi Waterlily,

I pun jadi mangsa, ya? I'm sorry you lost your N70. That's a very nice phone. Geraaaaammmm, kan?

The HTC you have now is probably the same as the one I lost - HTC Touch, coz' I think HTC Diamond jz came out about 3 months ago (I think!)

Don't you just love your HTC? It's so practical, and user-friendly (untuk I yang tak tech-savvy ni). I was so used to using Nokia phones that I was reluctant to switch to HTC. But, I fell in love with it immediately.

Tapi sekarang hanya tinggal kenangan...(Chewaaahhh!!! Hehehe!)

Selamat Berbuka di Abu Dhabi. What's cooking in your kitchen? ;)

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Alamak.. wanted to comment earlier tapi was caught in lots of thing..

Anyway, I too felt the GERAM that you felt. These people semua nak kerja mudah. They didn't see the aftermath of the things they'd done.

Ishh.. geram ni...I nak baca your next posting pulak... tertinggal ketapi hihihi...