Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saya manusia biasa...

I received a comment earlier to my previous posting from someone who memberi teguran because he/she said that even though I said my hati dah kempis, I still do'akan the thief will get balasan yang setimpalnya, if not di dunia, di akhirat nanti. He or she said that I should not have said that, and gave me a word or two, short of saying that it was "unislamic" of me to have done that. He/she said that sebagai orang Islam, kita seharusnya berkasih-sayang sesama manusia...

I published the comment, but then I was advised by someone to withdraw it.

Thank you for the teguran, though.

But, I just want him/her to read the posting again.

Yes, earlier on in the "Hati Yang Bengkak" posting, I did do'akan some bad things, but, after reflecting everything, in my last posting, "My Cooking Weekend", I was okay - hati dah kempis, and I didn't say/write that "I "DO'AKAN" the thief will get balasan yang setimpalnya, if not di dunia, di akhirat nanti".

What I wrote was
,"And whatever it maybe, he will get balasan yang setimpalnya - if not di dunia, di akhirat nanti".

Those two, to me, are NOT the same.

Anyway, isn't that what we're supposed to believe in? Whatever deeds we do, whatever sins we commit, we will be rewarded and punished for it?

Hmmmm, was I wrong to have written/said what I said?!

Whatever it is, I guess I have to respect him/her for having the capacity to totally forgive 200% those who may have wronged him/her in whatever ways, in a matter of hours or days. He or she adalah semestinya seorang manusia yang luar biasa. SUNGGUH luar biasa. And I take my hats off to him/her.

Saya pula hanyalah manusia biasa.

I have to admit, I am not seorang yang wara'. I am only human. Manusia biasa.

Dosa pun ada jenis dosa pada Allah SWT, dan ada juga dosa pada manusia, yang mana kita wajib minta maaf pada orang yang mana kita telah melakukan kesalahan terhadapnya.

Why is that? Sebab sebagai seorang manusia biasa, sekiranya kita dianiaya, kita akan terasa marah, sedih, dan sebagainya. Dan it is said that do'a orang yang teraniaya, akan dimakbulkan Tuhan.

Dan sebab itulah, mereka yang menganiayai orang lain mesti memohon maaf pada mereka yang dianiayai oleh mereka supaya yang teraniayai akan memaafkannya, dan insya Allah, tidak akan mendoakan yang buruk-buruk ke atasnya.

Sebab yang teraniaya selalunya adalah manusia biasa...

Am I making sense here?

Well, whatever it is, whatever that goes through my mind, my heart - hanya Allah SWT yang tahu, and memahaminya.

Jahat ke hati I sebab masa memula tu mendoakan yang buruk terhadap si pencuri? Hanya Allah SWT yang tahu.

I feel like hati I bengkak balik...for a different reason pulak.

To all manusia luar biasa out there, I salute you all...

But, to those who THINK they are luar biasa, and think that other manusia biasa are lesser than them, jangan pakai cakap ajer...

Post-script : Anyway, here are some pics of the family berbuka puasa dalam suasana kasih sayang semalam...


Ayah said...

Hahaha... It is quite funny to see a very strange reaction from you. Suara2 sumbang yang perasan bagus ni selalunya memang you buat dunno jer. I guess this is what you call dugaan bulan Ramadhan. And guess what? There will be plenty more to come!

Org2 macam tu memang banyak kat dunia ni...dan kewujudan mereka memang perlu untuk melengkapkan jenis2 manusia di dunia ni.

It's ok, we just let them be. We continue to concentrate on our amal ibadah and pray that we won't be judgemental and say bad things about others. We must never ever be anything like them.

Anyway, can't wait for berbuka. Food smells good, dear... ;p

Madam Tai Tai said...

From one manusia biasa to another,

I second what Ayah said. know what you meant and you are not answerable to anyone. Suka hati you lah apa you nak doa or's YOUR prerogative, ok.

Hope you will buat hati you seperti normal now, ya. Jgn bengkak dan jgn terlalu kempis. Perut tu boleh lah kempis kan sikit di bulan Ramadan ni.. :)

Anonymous said...

Wanshana, I agree with madam tai tai. You are entitled to feel what you want to feel. Some people i.e. 'orang luar biasa' sometimes just pandai nak bercakap sahaja, bila terkena sendiri, barulah dia tahu perasaannya. Robot kot dia tu!

kudo said...

i guess when one is 'in the moment', one would do what you did. human nature, as you astutely point out. the other side of the coin is that we don't know what drives these ppl to do the things they do, may it be out of pure malice or desperation.

haizal, start a blog la... will be interested what kind of blog it'll be.

aiz said...

kak shana, we are merely human... it's normal to feel whatever u felt the day it happened.


Kalau lah kita semua boleh dengar komplen2 org2 lain, urs is SO NOTHING!!

so don't worry lah, small matter! haiyo btw, hari ni masak ape ha?

Udinb said...

Wanshana, setiap perkara yang berlaku ada hikmah di sebaliknya.

'Things happened for a reason'

Saya selalu berpegang teguh kepada prinsip berkenaan apabila menerima kritikan terutama dalam persekitaran kerja yang penuh dengan 'office politics' and 'gossiping'.

Just 'tawakkal' and see the positive side of it. Kita hanya manusia biasa.

Selamat berpuasa.

Kak Teh said...

wanshana, what a terrible thing to happen to you - i mean the loss of the phone. My son was just telling me about his experience - he lost two - no, lost is not the word. He was mugged...once by someone with a knife. The first one took the phone off him and punched him. And these are young kids. All of my children have been mugged and when that happened, I felt like going after them for causing loss and pain on my children and I too wished for the worst to happen to them. How dare they inflict pain as well as take away what we earn so hard to get.
But after some time, I thanked God that they didnt seriously hurt my children. Now i cakap, kalau orang nak phone - bagi saja. Dont be a hero.
The inconvenience of losing a phone is that you lose every number which you never write down.
The positive side is: ayah belikan you phone baru, betul tak?
selamat berpuasa.

MA & Brood said...


This is your blog, you write whatever you like. Rant whatever you feel like. It's your life, it's your experiences.

Self righteous people memang ramai kat luar sana and they think they are doing everyone a favour by moral policing ( is there such a word?) everyone.

But you know what? Very often this set of people are the sorry lot. They have to resort to this kind of
outlet to feel good about themselves.

What you write about is very, very normal. A normal reaction. Fullstop.

Maybe dia jeles you nak dapat handphone baru kot?

Hahaha...take care.

Kmar said...


Don´t take it so hard la with those kind of comments. Kalau tak ada orang berfikiran sebegitu, tak ceria pulak dunia ni.

I was mugged once in Madrid and was forced to face down the jalanraya. Masa tu pukul 8.00mlm with 2 friends. Our flight tickets gone, passport gone, money gone... cards.. etc.. They were skillful thieves. I siap ´lawan´ balik but they were 5 of them and 3 of us.

Hati sebengkak-bengkaknya. Nak forgive all the thieves.. eem.. sorry laa. Anyway, I am still thankful they didn´t hurt us bad enough physically. Worse, the thieves were Moroccans... seagama!!

So, Shana, you have the right to be ´human´!!

IBU said...

Alamak... what have I missed here?

Siapa tu yg komen lebih2? Lawyer? Majistrate?

Senang2 cakap other people deeds as unislamic? Rasanya dalam sirah pun ada diceritakan para ulama & anbiya yg mendoakan diturunkan bala & malapetaka kepada para pengkhianat2.

(Shana, imagine me tgh meng-stablekan my kuda-kuda & my fists knuckled up - in position ready for sparring to defend you... hehehehh)

Takpelah Shana..... jgn bengkak hati selalu. Aritu I tengok buku resipi, hati2 & paru2 yg bengkak2 sedap kalau dibuat sambal.

Kalau nak hilang bengkak hati tu, errr... masak mee rebus, jemput kawan2 buka puasa. I gerenti kempis hati you. ( Ni berapa banyak kali hint daaaa???)

Take care....

wanshana said...


So not me.

I've resigned to the fact that he or she is a self-righteous person when I discovered that he also left a comment in another blogger's blog condemning her, too.
So, let's not waste our breath on him/her.

And as you also know, he/she left another comment saying that I wrote what I wrote in this posting so that people will feel for me.

And he/she said that my "Nawaitu" is not right. And he/she feels sorry for me?

MY NAIWAITU is wrong??!!

GOD, now he/she can also BACA my niat???!! MEMANG SUNGGUH LUAR BIASA MANUSIA INI...

I feel sorry for him/her

Yes, as long as we continue to concentrate on our amal ibadah, and are not judgmental and say bad things about others, we'll be fine, insya Allah.

wanshana said...

Madam Tai Tai,

Yes, you're right. But, it really irks me when I come across 'holier than thou' type of people ni.

Hati ni dok kembang-kempis lah pulak...

wanshana said...


It's always easier to condemn people when one has never been in the same situation, kan?

But, I'm not going to do'akan he/she will experience the same thing.

I do'akan that he/she will be able to differentiate between memberi teguran and mengutuk orang lain.

wanshana said...


Yes, in such a situation, one is not able to think straight, especially when one's overwhelmed with frustrations, anger, and sadness.

It takes some time for us to reflect the whole thing.

And after reflecting, and also after realizing the possibility of the other side of the coin, I knew I was wrong for making the earlier do'a. I was beginning to feel okay about the whole thing, until...

How's puasa over there, by the way?

wanshana said...

Hi Aiz,

Thanks. Yes, memang normal. Masalahnya, ada juga manusia tidak normal sometimes...

I knew I was wrong. Sudah lah kan?

Semalam punya menu buka puasa - dah ada dalam my post-script :) What about you? Are you in the country? Berbuka kat mana today?

wanshana said...


Thank you. Yes, ada hikmahnya, insya Allah. I agree with you. Even being condemned pun, I take it as ada hikmahnya, insya Allah.

How's puasa di Sarawak - berbuka lebih awal dari orang Semenanjung :) Everytime dengar maklumat waktu berbuka puasa, my kids always say, "Let's go to Sabah and Sarawak!!!" Hehehe!

Selamat Berpuasa to you, Ana, dan anak-anak, too.

wanshana said...

Kak Teh,

Syukur alhamdulillah anak-anak Kak Teh were not harmed. When I was in Newcastle, there were so many incidences in which Malaysian students were mugged. Some were even beaten to a pulp!

Yes, memang mula-mula tu marah sungguh. Kita manusia biasa, kan Kak Teh? But after a while we see the positive side of things.

Yes, the positive sides of things come in many forms :)

Selamat Berpuasa :)

wanshana said...


That was exactly what Ayah said to me! Waaaa... macam ada ESP between you two nih? :)

I really don't know his/her motives, but, I don't think "jealousy" is one of them.

It's probably just a "moral-policing" thing, like you said. But, as we know, some police pun can be corrupted sometimes.


wanshana said...


Thanks! You never fail to amaze me with your Euro trip tales. Syukur alhamdulillah, you and your friends were not seriously harmed/injured.

And how could I forget the time when you had that incident with the train conductor (?) and you were peeling the apple with the blunt side of your peeling knife because you were so scared, but were trying hard to stay calm and stay in control (by making it clear to him that YOU had the knife!)

You also know about the "near-pick-pocket" incident that I had in Barcelona that time we visited you, right? Also Morroccan. Sigh...

Macam-macam ragam manusia ni kan?

wanshana said...


I really don't know lah - magistrate or lawyer, and I don't want to know.

Waaaa....itu kuda you pakai - real kuda or pinjam itu Palace of Golden Horses punyer?!

Hati, paru, limpa yang bengkak, paling best buat rendang campur, you! :)

Mee rebus? Okaylah, next weekend I buat berbuka puasa, insya Allah. Nanti I confirmed dengan Peyimpan Mohor Besar, okay?

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Itu pencuri orang biasa atau luar biasa?

Pada pendapat kamu, pencuri itu dalam golongan orang teraniaya atau tidak?

Pernah tak kamu berfikir kenapa orang begitu jadi pencuri?

john f seademon said...

I used to be able to just forgive and forget, but more often than not those you forgive tend to step all over me the next time around.

I'm human...not an angel...

wanshana said...


I will let the others to answer this.

Tak kuasa nak memanjangkan cerita...

wanshana said...


So true...

I'm no angel, too.

I'm only human with weaknesses, and I take advice well, if it is given in a proper manner, and if the person who gives the advice practices what he/she preaches, and doesn't look down on other people's weaknesses. Period.

Anonymous said...

Dear Second anon,

Yang Wanshana nak kena pikir pasal wellfare pencuri tu apahal? Who is the victime here??

Ayah said...

Waaahhh... Byk betul dugaan you bulan Ramadhan ni ya. I have heard many many stupid comments in my time but this one... Wow!Sungguh 'luar biasa'!

I suggest let it be jer... jangan layan manusia macam ni. There are so many of them around tak larat you nak tukar their attitude.

For all you know, that 'anonymous' person yang curi your fon and now masuk your blog nak menagih simpati dari you. What a cheek!!!

hanna said...


U.Lee said...

Hi Wanshana, you just post what comes from your heart...everyone one time or other have mentioned, done some misdeeds whether spoken or otherwise, me included....but as long we do good, help people...we will 'go' up to same place, ha ha.
You keep well and have a great week, Lee.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shana,

Ooo shana, just forget it, he/she is not worth to think about.

You're not wrong in what you doa'. I think i'll do the same if it happens to me.

Selamat berpuasa to you and family. Cheer up as usual ok.

By the way, your CKT looks delicious and i bet it tastes 3x delicious that its look.


Hana said...

Kak Shana,

I tak pernah comment except once to say thank you for your cerita chenta.

Tapi kali ni, even though I dont know you personally, I dont think you are type of people yg simply mendoakan tak baik pada orang.

Who will not get angry if that incident happened to us? Normal la tu apa yg kak shana buat sebab kita tgh marah kan? after that dah cool pun.

sometimes, ada org rasa they are the best and most perfect. but takyah la tunjuk kat org lain.

dont worry, kak shana. I know hati you baik. dont think about it. take care ok? be happy and enjoy your life especially this beautiful ramadhan.

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Alamak dah macam drama...

First of all, it's darn ez to say Forgive and Forget. I for one bukan senang nak buat camtu. I can forgive BUT I won't forget. NEVER. Why? Because I'm also 'orang biasa' like you Shana.

To 'orang-orang luarbiasa' out there - So bertuahla y'alls. Have you been there? Or are you ok with all the evils that lurk in every corner of our lives nowadays?

I've been there. My maids took my things worth nearly 13K. Gerrram. And did I berdo'a for them to be punished di dunia or akhirat? YES I did. Was it a crime to feel that way?

Did you remember a story on one USJ guy years back? About this Malay guy was with his 60's yo mother(kalau tak silap). The guy was waiting in the car for the mother who was walking.. then suddenly came 2 guys on a bike - snatched her mom's handbag. The son ran and saved his mom sambil tendang2 & pukul2 the snatch thieves. He was given a medal BUT a police report was made against him.

Why? By whom?

There was a bystander - a Malay lady who was with her anak. She made the police report against the poor son coz the incident which happened infront of her anak was so traumatic, according to herlah. She said, tak payah lah pukul pencuri tu sampai macam tu, thus the police report. Can you believe that?

I guess that woman was one of the 'outstanding people'. Very rare indeed.

Phew... panjang pulak comment I. One thing, boleh share kuetiau recipe? Sedap nampak... serious ni :)

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum Saudari Wanshana

Saya selalu membaca posting saudari, tapi ini kali pertama meninggalkan ulasan.

Bila saya baca mengenai posting kena curi handphone tu, saya agak terkejut dgn respon saudari. Reaksi pertama saya ialah agak keterlaluan dan melampau lah kalau setakat hanya hilang handphone, sampai mendoakan pembalasan yg teruk sangat. Memang lah inconvenient, tapi its just a handphone.

Saya dapati saudari ni dari golongan orang yang sangat berada, kalau setakat sebiji handphone yang hilang tak de terkurang apa2 pun.

Mohon maaf di atas ulasan ini, cuma memaklumkan apa yang saya fikirkan, tidak membuat apa2 penilaian positif atau negatif terhadap saudari.

Superwomanwannabe said...

relaks lah shana....

takkan nak jadi orang puteh yang semuanya nak "forgive" and promote "love". takkan tak leh marah? Takkan nak sengeh- ambiklah,ambik, apalagi you nak heh heh? Is it unislamic to feel angry or to NOT forgive selagi tak diminta ampun oleh orang yang buat salah? (melainkanlah it affects silaturrahim like family bonding- selalu i rasa -alahai, dah lah tu...kawanlah balik,youare family)

Paling pun kita mampu buat, is redha, and trust in God to dole out the punishment! Mwahahahahaha!(evil laughter)

wanshana said...

Dear Anonymous @ 4:11p.m,

Thank you.

I guess Anonymous @ 3:04pm had forgotten to also look at both sides of the coin.

He has probably forgotten that hanya sesetengah pencuri sahaja yang teraniaya yang membuatkan they resort to stealing (?!), while most thieves out there bukanlah golongan yang teraniaya tapi mengambil jalan yang senang.

Teraniaya atau tidak, they have a choice samada mencari rezki yang halal. Unfortunately, they choose to mencuri.

Alangkan ulat dalam batu boleh hidup. There are so many orang yang kurang upaya out there who earn an honest living berusaha dengan khudrat and tenaga sendiri.

Tepuk dada tanya selera.

And I have acknowledged and accepted the possibility that the thief who stole my phone was probably desperate. And I was willing to let it go at that, without any holier than thou comments made...

wanshana said...

Dear Ayah,

You are the person who knows me best and knows what kind of person I am. I don't care about all the judgmental remarks made by others.

Malas nak layan dah. I'm just letting him/her be.

wanshana said...


Eeeeessshhhh, indeed...

wanshana said...

Dear Uncle Lee,

Thanks. Yes, as long as kita buat baik and tak sakitkan hati orang, we'll be rewarded.

Take care!

wanshana said...

Dear Noni,

Thanks. I memang dah tak nak ingat about the thief lagi, until I terpaksa deal "dengan holier than thou" individuals pulak.

I know, he/she is not worth my time and headaches.

The CKT tu tak der lah special mana pun sebab dah selalu sangat masak and makan. Dah macam rasa biasa ajer now ni :)

Selamat berpuasa to you and your family, too.

wanshana said...

Dear Hana,

Thank you.

Yes, I was angry at first, and then dah cool dah pun. I admitted I was over-reacting. Why nak panjang-panjangkan cerita pulak, kan?

You take care, too, and here's wishing you a blessed Ramadhan, insya Allah :)

wanshana said...

Dear Ja @ DDI,

Dah lebih dari Drama dah, Ja...

Orang yang tak pernah merasa memang senang ajer nak cakap and nak condemn, kan?

Yes, I read your posting about what your maids did. Itu pun, jenis tak mengenang budi after you treat them as part of your family. Nak berkasih-sayang lagi ke?

Benda kita beli from our hard-earned money, or given by someone to us, benda yang kita sayang stolen by those who malas nak berusaha and ambik jalan mudah. Pelik kalau kita tak rasa marah, kan?

Tu lah tu, that lady yang lodged police report tu memang in the same club as manusia luar biasa lah tu...

Resipe kuey teow? Insya Allah. Nanti I buka blog masak-masak lah pulak, ya?

Selamat Berbuka!

Take care.

Ayah said...

Sometimes when misfortune befell me, I bayangkan mungkin ini adalah balasan dunia for something that I had done. Ya lah...Kan manusia ni tak lari dari membuat dosa, termasuk yg perasan bagus yg tulis macam2 pasal org lain tapi diri sendiri tak tau level mana pun. So if this is a form of 'punishment' for a wrongdoing and that it is THE ONLY punishment for that particular action, alangkah bernasib baiknya kita. But yes or no, Allah swt sajalah yg Maha mengetahui...

Hana said...

Kak Shana,

akak tak over react pun la...tu biasa. It happened to me tapi pencuri tu took my wallet. I did the same thing. tengah marah kan.

kita keje teruk-teruk, org lain senang je curi, sape tak marah? kalau tak marah, macam takde perasaan je kan?

be cool kak shana. jgn layan sgt nanti hati lagi bengkak kan? enjoy your berbuka nanti ye..

wanshana said...

Anonymous @ 1:14pm,

Wa a'laikumussalam. Terima kasih di atas komen saudara/saudari.

Samada saya dari golongan yang sangat berada (which I'm not, by the way) atau pun tidak, that is besides the point. Kaya ke miskin, saya manusia biasa.

Dan seperti juga reaksi pertama saudara/saudari yang terkejut dengan reaksi saya terhadap kehilangan handphone saya, apa yang saya rasa pada waktu itu juga adalah REAKSI PERTAMA saya sebagai manusia biasa.

This is not about whether I can afford another handphone or not just by memetik jari (which I can't, by the way). This is about me losing something yang I sayang.

Hilang satu biji handphone, tak terkurang apa-apa?! Maybe, it is so in your case. But, do you know just how much I earn as a government servant? Whatever my family ada adalah atas SIMPANAN dari our hard-earned salary. My hubby is also a government servant, untuk makluman saudara/saudari.

Dan after cooling down, saya telah menulis posting selepas itu yang menyatakan bahawa saya over-reacted dan bersyukur that nothing worse than that happened to me and the kids. That was supposed to be the end of the story. Full-stop.

Yang menjadi masalahnya adalah apabila ada manusia luar biasa yang memanjangkan cerita when I clearly wrote that I was ready to let it go.

Anonymous said...

Dear Wanshana,
Always read your blog because i like the way you write. From your writing, people know that you are a good person. Teringin nak bagi comment for this matter. Jangan peduli cakap orang.. U feel what u want to feel. Heran betul ramai orang yang perasan baik di dunia ni. I cant imagine if i lost my handphone.. Anyway, from my experience, when we lose something, maksudnya tuhan nak bagi u something bigger. Its not just a new handphone but u will get more than that... may be naik pangkat ke.. or etc. Just wait and see.. All the best to you wanshana

william said...


I have been following all the comments since Friday.

But I am very much curious what has the hidden commentator irked you that much until you do not want to allow the comment to appear.

Perhaps, you should allow the readers to view the comment as I believe many others are as curious as me.

wanshana said...



Yes, kita berserah.


wanshana said...

Dear Hana,

The cooler I get, I'd freeze. Hehehe!

No, I'm okay. Really.

Only those who have been through what we have been through will understand why our first reactions were such.

I can so relate to how you felt when your wallet was stolen. Nak jerit, nak nangis, nak hit someone, nak menjerit - all in one go...until we had time to reflect later.

Looking forward to berbuka dengan family tonight, insya Allah.

Take care.

wanshana said...

Dear Anonymous @ 3:00p.m,

Thank you. Amin :)

Yes, insya Allah ada hikmahnya.

I normally would just ignore such comments, but this time around, I feel I need to say something.

Selamat Berpuasa, and Selamat Berbuka :)

wanshana said...

Hi William,

Unfortunately, I have rejected and erased all of his/her comments, as I didn't want to waste my time and jam my comment box. Yes, there were a few comments from him/her.

I was okay with his/her first comment, (and I actually published it) UNTIL I visited his/her blog and found out that he/she wrote about me touching on my posting about me losing my handphone. It was short of saying how "unislamic" of me for not having the compassion for the thief, and that even though I read the Al-Fatihah, I did not embrace it?

Suffice to say - it was not so much of what he/she wrote, but THE WAY he/she wrote it!

And there were a few of his/her comments in reaction to my counter-comments made here, whereby he/she became very personal and questioned me whether I read the Al-Fatihah and whether I understood its meaning, whether I have taken my ablution (wudhu') properly, and whether I was having my period, hence my reaction to his comment (??!!!)

THAT was totally uncalled for.

Mr Engineer said... house contractor once told me, "curiga tak pe, menuduh jangan".

Errr...doesn't sound as if it has any relevance to your posting but, I kind of like his statement. Well, he was making that statement about the spate of robberies in the neighborhood where his workers were treated as suspects.

Like ibu said, kalau hati bengkak lagi, the MTs can kempiskan balik over a bowl of mee rebus....

Haji Ramlan said...


Doa yang sepatutnya ialah meminta Allah memberi hidayah kepada si pencuri itu supaya insaf dan biarlah kecurian terhadap anda merupakan kecurian terakhir yang dia akan lakukan seumur hidupnya. (Mesej ini juga ditujukan kepada bakal yang akan kena curi terutama dalam bulan Ramadhan ini)

Wake Up Call said...


Again, I must tegur you.

Your naiwaitu is not correct again. How could you write such a remark especially on the period matter when you "simply said again' that you have erased my earlier comments. (is it the truth or another make up? This is Ramadhan month and like you said tepuk dada tanya selera)

When I said uzur was that I was surprised you can get agitated (bengkak) even prior to buka puasa. Therefore, either you uzur or your puasa batal. That was my actual comment.

See how you twist it and not publishing my comment. You do not want to publish is fine with me. What made me to tegur you again is you dare to twist my actual intention into something that one muslim dare not do in this month of Ramadhan. Never the less, it really shows your hidden self.

I pray Allah will show you the light and make you a better muslim, insya Allah.

wanshana said...


So sorry. Terbabas your comment!

Dah relaks dah ni...

Tak nak I jadi omputeh derrrr...:)

Selamat berbuka.

wanshana said...

Mr. Engineer,

I like it, too :)

Mee Rebus coming soon, insya Allah.

Salam to Mrs Engineer.

Selamat Berbuka :)

wanshana said...

Wa a'laikumussalam Haji Ramlan,

Terima kasih.

Ya, saya telah mendoa'kan sebegitu.

Selamat berbuka.

wanshana said...

Wake Up Call,

Wa a'laikumussalam.

Even though I have erased all the comments from my Comment Box, it doesn't mean that I have erased everything from my head. I could remember what was written quite clearly, thank you.

Funny, when I read your comment that day, it didn't seem to come out as what you said here as what you actually meant.

One can read my nawaitu, and one can also determine I batal puasa. Wow, what next?

Yes, I also do'akan semoga Allah will make me a better Muslim by not having the thought that I am holier than others, insya Allah.

Ayah said...


Jangan layan kerenah "wake up call" ni. Dia rasa diri terlalu baik hingga melompat ke sana-sini to be a moral police, tapi diri sendiri, masya-Allah....Allah swt saje yg tau.

Mungkin dia tak puasa...ataupun dia uzur..., mungkin sebab dia rasa menuduh org itu perkara biasa untuk manusia bersifat seperti dia.

Usah...jgn layan lagi. Pasal dia nak mencari simpati supaya org baca blog dia, kena serang blog org lain pulak! What kind of mentality is that?!

To "wake up call":

Insaflah... Sekali-sekala tu dengarlah nasihat org. Ada baiknya..dan jgn keras kepala. Learn to respect other people.

Kalau rasa diri tu tak seberapa, jangan nak pandai tegur org. Nawaitu kena betul...Al-Fatihah itu perlu dihayati dgn betul dan jangan tuduh org lain tu macam jahil sangat tak hayati Al-Fatihah.

Ingat...nawaitu kena betul.

And guess what? This is YOUR "wake up call"!

Anonymous said...


Dear Wanshana,
One day, my family of three went to Dublin for an overnight stay. Hubby had a conference to attend there.

Once we arrived, I went to the shops to get some essentials with our toddler. Suddenly as I was making my way back of the hotel, pushing the stroddler, a man distracted me by saying something about my son, but I ignored him. But during what felt like a split second distraction, someone else ha managed to steal 50 euros from my handbag.

The money was given by hubby and when I realised it was gone, I cried. I cried because I felt betrayed. I cried because itu duit yg hubby bagi.

I cried because like you I am only human.

My hubby upon knowing what happened helped tenang kan and said 'ia hanyalah wang, jgnlah ditangiskan, yg penting nothing bad berlaku to me and our son, Alhamdulillah'

And like that I felt better. It's understandable to feel upset, angry and hurt bila kehilangan something yang ada sentimental value like your handphone yg was given by your husband. We are after all, only human.

Hope you are feeling better and Selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa to you and family


Mutiara said...

Assalamualaikum Shana
There are a lot of people who think they are "holier than thou" preaching yet not practicing. I feel that I shall not lower myself to his/her level as to satisfy his needs for attention.
Cheer up girl.
Kak Sal

IBU said...

Everdearest Mommy Shana,

I feel for you dear.

Biarkan lah si dia tu.... orang baru nak belajar blogging ... cempedak diluar pagar. Masih terkial hal2 tatasusila dan semangat kejiranan dalam alam cyber.

Ignorance is bliss.

Don't judge a book by the cover ye? Cukup kah membaca sepotong dua cerita dan seulas dua komen dari blog orang lain bagi dia merumuskan peribadi sesama muslim? That one or two readings were enough for him (or her?) to conclude of one's hidden self? WaAllahualam.....

Ada orang kuman di seberang laut nampak, gajah depan mata buat2 tak nampak. Kita anggap lah dia sebagai dugaan kita menempuh ramadhan. Dugaan yg mencabar kesabaran. Dugaan yang menjengkilkan namun peluang kita menambah pahala kalau kita kesian kan dia... kesian... sebab gaya & cara penulisan kadang kala langsung bertentangan dengan tajuk2 sampingan yang dia sendiri cuba keutarakan. Cuma dia sedar atau tidak aje...

Let us really doa kan Allah ampun kan dia sebab dalam keghairahan dia menegur orang sana sini, dia sendiri tak sedar cara & gaya dia tu bordering menjengkilkan dan menghiris perasan orang lain. Tambahan pula hati orang perempuan yg sahih baru saja teraniaya. Dia tak sedar pun.... Rubbing salt into wounds.

Ada orang, bila memberi teguran, membuka minda audience, memberi motivasi, membangkitkan semangat dan memberi keinsafan. Ada orang lain pulak, bila memberi teguran, menambah menyakitkan hati orang yang mendengar dan membaca. Guess we all know which one he (or she?) belongs to.

Memang sah lah dia tu manusia biasa - seperti kita-kita juga. Cuma kekurangan masing2 dalam hal2 yang berbeza. Kita boleh agak, dia pun kurang sedar sebenarnya. Semuga dia diberi nur dibulan ramadhan ni.

Biarlah si dia tu....

p/s Mee rebus session, no need to jemput dia. Hehehehe.....

wanshana said...


Thanks. I know you know how I feel having had a similar experience with orang yang sangka dia ajerlah yang paling bagus, and orang lain semua tak betul ;)

Hey, for all we know, entah-entah it's the same person, kot?!

Anyway, I will heed your advice and just ignore him/her and also your advice to not publish anymore of his/her comments here. Nanti tak ader kesudahannya, especially when it looks like he or she seems to always want to have the last say...

By the way, HAPPY 14th ANNIVERSARY, dear... Luv ya :)

wanshana said...

Wa a'laikumussalam Siti,

Thank you for your comment, and thanks - I'm feeling much, much better :)

I can totally relate to how you felt when the thief stole the money. Overwhelmed with sadness and anger at THAT point in time, we could not think rationally. It is a normal reaction from us mere mortals, kan?

It's the loss of something special, something yang kita sayang, and the way we lost it which hit us hard.

And after our hubbies, family, friends had consoled us, etc., we realized the hikmah, and bersyukur that we were not harmed. And we moved on with our lives.

Thank God for people who know how to make us feel better when we feel down...

Selamat menjalankan ibadah puasa to you and your family, too, dear.

Take care.

wanshana said...

Wa a'laikumussalam Kak Sal,

Thank you.

How are you? The last time we chatted was last year on Joe Perantau's blog, I think? I have tried to hop over to Dendam Perantau a few times, but somehow the link is no longer there. I hope Joe's okay.

Yes, I will not stoop low to his/her level. I have better things to do.

Thanks again.

Here's wishing you a blessed Ramadhan.

Take care, Kak Sal.

myheartbleeds said...

Sis Shana,

Sesungguhnya I tertingal keretapi!! Phewwhh...

Aduhhh... dugaan for you bulan puasa ni.

Here's a snippet of Will Smith's "Just the two of us" -- a cover version with lyrics he rewrote for his son. I love this part and when I'm angry, I chant this to myself to calm me down...

"throughout life people will make you mad, disrespect you and treat you bad, let God deal with the things they do, coz' hate in your heart will consume you too"

Hope you're feeling better, sis!!

wanshana said...

My Everdearest Ibu,

Ameen. Insya Allah.

THANK YOU, my friend.

I had tears in my eyes reading what you wrote.

I know I shouldn't let what he/she thinks of me affect me, but it just riles me up when a total stranger judges me (unnecessarily some more!)

You're right about the two types of people who give advice and menegur. Syukur alhamdulillah, I also have the former category giving me advice here...

Cannot jemput him/her to our Mee Rebus Session. Kot-kot nanti, he/she will blog about it and hantam my Mee Rebus, saying his/her Mee Rebus is better than mine...:)

Take care, girl.

Thanks again.

wanshana said...

Dear Myheartbleeds,

Tak per - keretapi ni will be at this station indefinitely... :)

Ya, dugaan memang datang dalam pelbagai bentuk dan rupa. Insya Allah, I will be able to overcome them.

And thanks for the lyrics. I tried singing it to the tune of "Just the Two of Us". I think I know which part of the song this lyrics belong to, but, disebabkan akak tak pandai nyanyi and suara pun tak sedap - lagi depressed akak! Hahaha!

Take care, dear, and thanks again :)

bella said...

Salam Kak Shana,
This is sooooo very big drama already...hehehe...but ..I think that seeing your menu for berbuka, means you dah lupa la your bengkak hati(me too i want your recipe Char Kuey Teow!)
To Anons yang tak bertauliah, adakah bermakna, yang berada patut dirompak????dicuri barang mereka???Now I yang bengkak hati sebab ada manusia yg sangat "narrow" pemikiran mereka....arghhh....

wanshana said...

Dear Bella,

Yes - SO the big the drama one...

But, hati ni dah tak bengkak dah, thank you.

Atas permintaan a few friends here, insya Allah, my recipe for Char Keuy Teow coming soon :)

Selamat Berpuasa and Selamat Berbuka :)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

alamak, i'm late as usual.

but here's my 2sen nonetheless.

i'm with everyone here.

i've been getting this type of crap a lot too kak shana. yang penting akak tau apa akak buat.

this is your blog. write as you wish. behind the pc screen, people can accuse others of everything under the sun tapi cuba kalau berdepan, silap2 paku dulang paku serpih.

kadang2 ada jugak jenis orang yang dengki. tak boleh tgk kebahagian akak sekeluarga. they will find the slightest of issue and blow it out of proportion.

what to do la...we just cant shut people off from spewing turds outta their mouth.

ok, i better stop now or i'll be accused of being unislamic by a certain quarter plak...heheh...

selamat berpuasa to you, doc and kids.

wanshana said...

Hi Kerp,

Late or not, you're always welcomed here :)

Yes, we can write whatever we want in our blog. Our feelings - happy, sad, angry, proud, etc. And I guess the person concerned also feels the same. But, I seriously don't know what feelings he getsng when he writes about other people.

But, we don't go around buat review of other peoples' blog, and worse still buat review of the character of other bloggers, do we?

Biarkan ajer lah mereka, Kerp.

Selamat Berpuasa to you, Pinky and family.

Take care.

Eta My said...

Shana..this post alone..amboi kumain banyak kekomen's...ape-ape lah...I'm sure Allah lebih tahu ape yang tersurat..
Anyway..kita suka tengok gambar hidangan tu....semalam try gak buat kue teow..tapi warna kureng menarik...almaklum..posa nih..perasa agak-agak..And kueh sepang yang ur mum buat tu..ape intinya..ade resepi gak kah..nampak so..yummy.!!!!

Salam hati comel...and Ibu tu..mengidam nak makan rendang campur-campur kah?..jeng! jeng!!

Ayah said...

i think you were talking about crime and punishment... if you do the crime you do the time... seorang yang kerja nya mencuri harus dihukum. balasan yang setimpal kepada jenayahnya ...

itu pon sebabnya ada dunia dan akhirat... syurga dan neraka...

wanshana said...


Salam hati comel to you, too :)

Tu lah tu... Tapi, dah tak nak memanjangkan cerita. I'm moving on :)

Kuey teow tu, kalau warnanya kureng menarik, tak semestinya RASAnya pun kureng sedap, kan?!

Kueh Sepang tu, sebenarnya is also what we call "Badak Berendam". Inti kelapa + gula kabung (macam inti ketayap jugak).

Recipe? Errrr...sebenarnya the recipe dah lama my Mom gave to me, tapi tak pernahnya nak try buat sendiri. So, dah terlupa! Hehehe! Nanti I'll ask my Mom again, okay?

Take care.

wanshana said...

Ayah @ 12:02p.m,

I have to admit, in the heat of the moment, memang I do'akan a bad thing to happen to the pencuri.

But, bila dah cool down, and after reading the comments by friends here, I knew that it doesn't work that way.

And yes, in my later posting I did mean crime and punishment, in that - whatever it may be, the thief akan mendapat balasannya, if not di dunia, di akhirat nanti.

Yes, that is why we believe in hari akhirat, syurga and neraka.

How's puasa over there, by the way?

Wake Up Call said...


I have apologised to you earlier if I did not make your day but you did not publish it.

Therefore, I would like to put on record again, as this is the month of Ramadhan, please accept my apology if I have hurt your feelings with my earlier comment.

Thank you.

wanshana said...

Wa a'laikumussalam Wake Up Call,

It's okay. Water under the bridge already. Passed and Gone. But, thank you, and apology accepted :)

I would like to take this opportunity to also apologize if I had said/written anything to you which might have offended you.

Zero-Zero then, huh?

Selamat Berpuasa.

wanshana said...

And another thing, Wake Up Call.

I feel that I need to tell you this.

Ada cara-caranya untuk menegur dengan betul.

Sekira caranya betul and teguran diterima orang dengan hati terbuka, akan terkumpul pahala, insya Allah.

Tetapi, kalau cara menegur hanya mengguris perasaan orang lain atau menimbulkan kemarahan, sia-sia sahaja, kerana dosa yang akan terkumpul.

I hope and pray that one day you will find the way to menegur dengan cara yang betul dan baik, insya Allah.