Friday, September 5, 2008

My cooking weekend...

Hati ni dah tak bengkak dah.

Thank you so much to all my blogosphere friends who had given me a few angles and perspectives on how to look at my phone-less situation. Yes, it was just a phone. We have friends who lost TWO CARS in one night, and I can't even begin to imagine how they must have felt then.

My rezqi to have that phone with me was just until 5:55pm of 2nd Sepetember 2008. And insya Allah, I will be getting a new one, which may be better than my HTC in its own way. Syukur Alhamdulillah, my kids and I were not harmed during the culprit's attempt to steal the phone. And maybe I should give him the benefit of the doubt (?!) as to why he stole my phone. And whatever it maybe, he will get balasan yang setimpalnya - if not di dunia, di akhirat nanti.

Thanks again, guys, for mengempiskan balik my hati :)

Tonight, we'll be breaking our fast in SD for the first time. Well, at least for me and the kids. Ayah will be breaking fast with his PRIMARY school friends (Boleh?!) They're planning a Reunion Dinner for the end of this year, and after berbuka they'll be having a meeting to discuss the proposed event.

So, I will be cooking for berbuka. And as Ayah will not be around, I'll be cooking some campak-campak dishes for the kids.

Hasya has requested for "Ayam Hotel" (which is actually Szechuan Chicken).

Hilman wants "Ayam Pedas" (which is actually Ayamas Hot and Spicy Chicken).

And Hanna has yet to request for anything.

I'm in a dilemma, coz' Hasya and Hilman just had Szechuan Chicken and Ayam Pedas with rice respectively for sahur this morning. I think I should not layan sangat their tekak, especially when they just had those dishes for sahur. I think what I'll do is cook something else which are also their favourites.

So, insya Allah, I will cook Sweet & Sour Lala (for Hilman), Ayam Masak Halia (for Hasya), and Japanese Tofu for Hanna. And oh yes, I also have a few Ikan Terubuk Masin (which I brought back from Kuching that day). I can just steam one of them up, and squeeze some lime on top. Settled.

The only problem - Hasya and Hilman finish school at 5:30p.m, and the traffic going back from PJ to SD on Fridays is always crazy. If we can get home by 6:30p.m, insya Allah, I will be able to have everything on the table by the time berbuka. Later than that, the kids will have to berbuka minum air dulu. (I don't think we even have kurma at home! Aiyoyoooo...Teruknyer...)

Hmmmm, a note to self - better get some kurma for the house tomorrow, coz' we're having my side of the family for berbuka at our place tomorrow night. The truth be told, we have yet had the chance to berbuka and see my parents' this Ramadhan even though they're just sepelaung away in KD! I feel so guilty, but both Ayah and I have been rushing here and there the whole of this week.

As both my Mommy and Abah pun are not that well, I'm having them and my sisters and brothers over instead. Kalau berbuka at my parents, I'm very sure my Mommy will insist on cooking something - which is not a good idea as she's not that strong anymore (even though it would be heavenly if we could taste her chicken chops, ikan masak lemak putih, gulai tempoyak, her fish curry, pechal, gulai tauchu, sambal tumis udang petai, her daging kicap, her kueh sepang, her tepung talam, and the list just goes on!) But, I'd rather have my Mommy to just come over, put her feet up, and enjoy her cucus, while I do the cooking. If at her own place, sure she cannot duduk diam one...

Menu for tomorrow night, just Nasi Ayam, and Kuey Teow Goreng (both are big hits with my kids and my nephews and nieces), and maybe Ayah will get some Roti John and Desserts from Bazaar Ramadhan.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow night. Best, best, best!

Selamat Berbuka, y'all, and here's wishing all of you a great weekend!


anom said...

K. Shana,

Glad to hear that your hati dah kempis and no longer bengkak..

Syoknya nak berbuka ramai2.. we all had that on first day buka puasa but it was in my parents place nun di Penang.. Best, walaupun terpaksa berbuka dalam gelap sebab 5 minit sebelum azan, the whole area blackout..

Selamat berbuka to you & family.. Enjoy the company and the food!

U.Lee said...

Hi Wanshana, can I have some of that ayam pedas?
Already drooling thinking of it.
You nak buat ketupat?
If you make take a pic, send me telegram...I love ketupats.
Have a great weekend, Lee.

aiz said...

kak shana,

DIA kata when we lose something that is "big" to us, HE'll replace it with something even bigger....

When i met with an accident 2 weeks ago (nobody was hurt, just my pocket), I am very sure that HE has something big in store for me... hehehehe...

Today, my niece took me out for ifthar, just because my car is still in the workshop. She even paid for the buffet. Afterwhich, she bought me a jacket... and was kind enuf to leave her car with me...

And i know there's more to come....

hehehehe... if that's not BIG, than i don't know what is...

selamat berpuasa...

wanshana said...


Thanks. Kalau lama sangat bengkak, nanti sakit jiwer, kan? Baik tak payah :)

Yes, I'm really looking forward to tonight. It has been quite some time since I buat makan-makan kat our place ni. I hope tak black-out! Touch wood! :)

Selamat berbuka to you and hubby, too. Hari ni berbuka kat rumah or luar?

Enjoy your wekend.

wanshana said...

Uncle Lee,

I say, how to send you the Ayam Pedas? My boy - put 12 pieces in front of him, within 12 seconds all sudah licin! Hahaha!

And sorry - no ketupat tonight. Kena tunggu raya kot? Have to have ketupat with rendang, and I'm not into cooking rendang today lah, Uncle Lee. Sorry :(

When you come back to Malaysia, nanti, I'll serve you the Ayam Pedas and the ketupat, and my Mom's own recipe rendang. Powerful, I tell you!

I'll post some pics of tonight's gathering in my next posting :)

Have a great weekend, Uncle Lee.

wanshana said...


Thanks, and so sorry to hear about your accident. And it's your new car, kan? Alahai...Memang dugaan. Glad to know nobody was injured.

Yes, you're right. Something bigger is in store for us, insya Allah. And by the look of it, you're getting the big thing piece by piece. Let us know of the final big piece nanti, okay ;)

How's puasa so far? Any long-haul flights ke bulan puasa ni?

Here's wishing you and hubby a blessed Ramadhan.

Take care.

Wake Up Call said...
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IBU said...


Oh ... terbayang2 kuey teow mu itu... Pagi tadi gi pasar & beli kuey teow. Tak tau ler apa rasa jadi nya nanti. hehehe....

p/s tension jer baca ur komen at waterlily's diva - schezuan chick tu simple? campak2 jer eh? Alahai...

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Hi Shana,
I hope you had a blast with your family :)

Ketapi baru sampai kat station ni..hihi..