Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sponsored makan-makan...

I'm at the office now, and it's raining cats and dogs out there.

I had a 2 hour tutorial session earlier on, and I'm having a slight headache now. Just thought I'd take a half an hour break.

It's the 18th day of Ramadhan today. Syukur Alhamdulillah, so far so good.

Most of the times this Ramadhan, we all berbuka at Mak's house in PJ or at our own place in SD. But, we've also had a few invitations for berbuka puasa from families and also companies supplying drugs or machines to Ayah's hospital. So far, we had berbuka at Ea*tin and Cr*stal Cr*wn, PJ.

Next week, there's another invitation - at Ge*ji, PJ Hi*ton (the kids and I are so looking forward to this!). And my BIL (Ayah's brother) managed to get some berbuka vouchers at Tr*pi*ana. So all of us are going there next week, too.

Ayah had quite a number of buka puasa invitations actually, but he only accepted the invitations if the family was included, too. So the kids and I dapat lah tumpang sekaki...(or rather - LAPAN KAKI) :)

So, so far all our buka puasa di luar have been fully sponsored :)

A few years back, we used to frequent jugak the hotels (especially Pa*a Se*ai @ PJ Hi*ton) stuffing ourselves sick with the buffet spread. But nowadays, both Ayah and I would not spend so much of our OWN money to savour all the Ramadhan buffet at any of the hotels. Cheapskates, ke we all?! Well, dah ada yang nak sponsor...apa salahnya, right? Hahaha!

But, there was this ONE time this Ramadhan when WE became the sponsors pulak. That was last Tuesday night when we brought Hanna and 6 of her friends for berbuka at It*li*nnies @ The Cu*ve. As it was a public holiday for Selangor on Wednesday, Tuesday night seemed to be the best time to bring them out. We had Aq*la, El*nna, Na*ia Ra*li, Na*ia Ro*lan, Ka*, and Ma* with us.

As It*li*nnies portions are quite HUGE, we only had to order 3 different kinds of pastas, a large pizza, and 2 plates of starters for the eleven of us! And yes, they served their 'bottomless' drinks, too. So, the kids had a field day asking for refills every 5 minutes or so. Pening jugak lah the waiters nak melayan. (But, tak miskin pun Italiannies malam tu, I'm sure. Hehehe!)

After berbuka, all of us went to perform our solat Maghrib at the surau in Ci*el*isure. And there I was with a group of 7 giggling teenagers (plus my own Hasya), while Ayah had his hands full with.... ONLY Hilman :) But, the girls were a nice bunch of kids. So, it was not too bad at all :)

After solat, we brought them to Bo*ders, and also to the CupCake and Candy/Chocolate shops (Sorry. I can't remember their names - near Se*ret Re*ipe tu?) while waiting for Ma*'s and Na*ia Ro*lan's parents to come and fetch them. We left The Cu*ve just before 10p.m and went to send the rest of Hanna's friends home before heading back to SD.

I think everybody had a good time, ESPECIALLY Hanna who thanked us profusely for the outing with her friends that night :)

And, by the way, Ayah and I are having a get together at our place with my MT friends this Saturday for berbuka, insya Allah. MORE postings on makan and food, for sure!

Anyway, with all the sponsored berbukas, eating and cooking sessions which I have been blogging about in the last few postings, one could be forgiven to think that Ayah and I had put on weight. But, syukur alhamdulillah, I have lost 2.5kgs so far this Ramadhan, while Ayah has lost about 3kgs!

But, Ayah has been losing weight gradually for the last 4 months or so now, anyway, and he's now at the weight he was 7 years ago. That's pretty impressive, my dear :) Keep it up (or rather - DOWN!).

I so look forward to going shopping again to get Ayah's new trousers and jeans! Yahoo!

And, just a shout out - Insya Allah, Ayah and I will be going out of the country from Wednesday next week until Sunday. While there, I guess we only have to worry about our sahur ajer, as all dinners will be - SPONSORED!

Hehehe... :)


Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Hi Shana,
That's one of the good things of working with vendors...haha.. dapat makan free!

Wow, you lost weight ke? Bestnya! I think I gained a few lbs la... tapi belum check lagi... macamana ni?

Helena said...

hi there shana.

I always get invitations for berbuka too. Vouchers belum pakai lagi but got invitations for makan free for me and family at the hotel here. The timing was great as coincidently Mia came back on tat weekend.

Hubby pulak kena blanja customers for buka puasa, and he would do it without the family.

Tak aci.... dia makan sedap2 sorang2..... huhu

It was a pleasant suprise to learn tat i lost 3 kg. Without even trying.... hehe.... I hope i wont gain it back on the 1st day of Raya. (Yeah....1 day is enough to gain 3kg!!!)

Madam Tai Tai said...

Hi Shana,

So despite all the delicious food you consumed during buka and sahur you still managed to lose some weight, huh?

Unlike me, I've not lost anything at all. Punggung pun macam melebar lagi ada lah! Sah..must be the jelebis!

Have fun wherever you and Ayah are going next week. I guess more hotel spreads coming your way kan. Enjoy the food!!

hanna said...

Thanks hahaa

wanshana said...

Hi Ja,

Tu lah tu...I yang tak deal dengan vendors ni, kena tumpang-tumpnag ajer lah :)

Yes, I lost weight. But, just watch this space on third hari raya - I'll surely regain semua balik. Hahaha!

wanshana said...

Hi Helena,

It's good when we can go out with the family for a meal sekali-sekala and it's being sponsored, kan? (I bet your hubby's clients whom he belanja also are thinking the same. Hehehe!)

Bila nak use the vouchers tu? Nanti tak sempat pulak. So, kena plan bebetul your berbuka schedule for the next 2 weeks ni.

When is Mia coming back for Cuti Raya? Maybe you want to wait for her to be around?

Well done on the 3kgs lost! I think I lost my 2.5kg in the first week itself, lepas tu tak berganjak dah! I guess it was all water... so now, nak turunkan the real weight yang payah sikit...

wanshana said...

Hi Gina,

Yes, I somehow managed to lose some weight, but as I told Helena - it was probably all water that I lost.

The weight has been stagnant for the last week or so :( But, I guess - better it to be stagnant than naik, kan?

Hmmmm...if I had my hands on those yummy sinful jelebis, sure I dah tak kisah about my weight. Hehehe!

And thanks - but, not sure if we could have 100% fun coz' Ayah will be working Thursday and Friday, and we'll only have Saturday to really enjoy the place a.k.a "shopping"! :)

But, we'll definitely enjoy the food - one of the family's favourites :)

wanshana said...


You're most welcome, my dear.

Hahaha! I know you didn't want Mommy to blog about the outing - fearing the uninvited friends might read this.

But, it's okay...Next time insya Allah, we'll bring your other friends pulak, okay? ;)

aiz said...

bestnya jadi budak kecik...... anyway where are u off to next week? hope sahur won't be difficult for you nanti!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

whoaa...dont mean to be nosey but i wonder where you guys will be heading to. would be that mean some raya shopping will be done abroad?

anyway, being with a welfare organisation, it took only 2 days into ramadan when invitations started pouring in. i have yet to accept any. i guess i'm being a bit selective here becos KL T**er's buka do will take place next week, and they can definitely count me in! hehehehee...

Eta My said...

Amboi2....mau kemana itu tuan doktor dan puan pensyarah....lapan kaki sekali disponsor eh!!
Semalam we all berbuka 3 beranak je...nasi lemak je..while ayah ade jemputan boka kat opis...even kalu ayah ajak pun, kita tak ikut le shana ooii...berat, penuh dan relax2 kat umah...pelan-pelan aa....
Shana, punya la ketinggalan zaman..kat situ ade surau ek...last time u can imagine either we all bersesak2 kat ikea atau kat courts yang sekangkang kera usual I selalu envy ngan ayah sebab dia solo..urus diri senang je..dimana2 pun..esp kat r&R..while me, myself and I...sentiasa kalut ngan the girls yang gigle2/gigil2 ke toilet dan surau!..
p/s: selamat bercoti dan bergumbira!! and bertuah anak2 u..coz the parents sporting habis..tambah rajin melayan kerenah kengkawan depa!

wanshana said...


Memang best jadi budak kecik when we don't have to worry about anything, about money, etc, kan? Tapi bila bab-bab kena leter dengan Mak tu...Adoi! Tak sanggup! (I think my Hanna would agree with this. Hahaha!)

We're going to the "Land of the Rising Sun", insya Allah. From past experience, makan a bit susah if we don't know how to speak the language. But, as we'll have a local to take care of us, insya Allah, we'll be fine.

For sahur, Ayah said we'll just get Room Service. If not pun, bawak Maggi :)

wanshana said...


Insya Allah we're going to Jepang :) Don't think we'll do any raya shopping there. It's so damn expensive wooooo! We'll probably look for electrical and IT gadgets ajer there.

Selamat Menjamu Selera di KL To***. Anywhere else you've chosen to go to sponsored makan-makan?

Aaaaahhhhh....Bliss - makan free. Hehehe!

wanshana said...


We're going to Kazumi's birthplace (Remember her?!)

I can so relate to how you must have felt nak membawa bebudak pompuan berduyun-duyun gi toilet or surau. Hehehe! But, Hanna and her friends dah besar jugak, so, tak ler susah sangat nak jaga.

Yes, the surau at Ci*el*isure is on the 2nd floor. Not too big, not too small. Can fit about 15-20 pax at one time, I think. All I can say is it's MUCH better than the surau at Cr*st*l Crown. It was SOOOO small. And worse - the entrance mengadap orang yang tengah solat!

Take care, dear.

bella said...

Kak Shana,
Lucky you...rezeki namanya tue...have a nice time berbuka di land of the samurai...

wanshana said...

Hi Bella,

Yes, syukur alhamdulillah... rezqi Ramadhan :)

The whole family memang crazy over Japanese food, so, you can bet that Ayah and I will definitely enjoy our sponsored makan-makan there :)

And make us feel less guilty for not bringing the kids with us, we're bringing them to Ge*ji, at PJ Hi*to* a day before we fly. Errr...itu pun kena sponsor jugak tu... Hehehe!

wanshana said...


"And TO make us feel less guilty, etc...."

Thanks. Ayah and I will definite enjoy our berbuka there, but, in between our "Hmmmmm, if Hanna/Hasya/Hilman was here, she/he would have loved this, this, that and that, etc..."


Kmar said...


Memang rezeki keluarga you melimpah-limpah dan didoakan supaya berterusan hendaknya.

Btw, one question.... macamana you still can loose your weight .. and at the same time boleh enjoy makan-makan?? Ada secret ´recipe´ ke?

Hanna´s friends must be ´over the moon´ with the wonderful time together!! Mesti tak habis cerita tu.. he.he... Thumbs up to Tuan Dr and Hilman sebab they were the ´thorn among the roses´.. sabar habis. You know, when girls in group.. eem.. boleh runtuh rumah bisingnya!! ..ha.ha.ha..

Waterlily said...

Alahai shana

Sponsored makan2 ni yang lagi sedaapp...heh heh..especially kalo ada buffet spread yang banyaakkk..yang desert dia mak oii..dari hujung sana sampai hujung sini...

Cheers Shana...have a good trip wherever that is eh! Kalau ke Abu Dhabi or Dubai, lemme know ya!

jabishah said...

Bestnye Kak Syana...

We all ni mana ada free. Sume kena bayar maa.. But this Ramadhan, no Ramadhan buffet. Lecehlah bwk baby. My girls dah tanya2 tu. Their dad promised lepas raya helper dah blk, we will definitely take them.Buka posa 6 kut... hehehe!

wanshana said...


Amin. Insya Allah :)

Secret recipe? Hmmmm, nothing in particular. I guess, kurang makan nasik kot? Tapi nanti bila dah pekena ketupat lemang rendang segala, by third raya sure naik balik.

Hilman dah biasa sangat outing dengan bebudak pompuan ni...I don't think he felt awkward or out of place. Kengkawan Hanna pun suka melayan dia :)

wanshana said...


Thanks :) This time around tak sampai Abu Dhabi. Insya Allah ada rezqi in the future, terpacak lah we all kat depan pintu you all...Hehehe!

Makan free AND getting to do it with family - tu yang best tu :)

We all, kalau makan buffet, tak berapa go for the desserts - except for ABC and ice creams.

We're more of roast lamb/beef, the savoury dishes, etc. Kalau anak bujang I, he'll just spend the whole time having roast lamb or any fish menu. Kalau dapat otak-otak, mau 2 dozen dia perabih...

wanshana said...


I know what you mean. When the kids were smaller, memang susah betul nak join buffet, etc ni. Especially bila time nak kejar Maghrib, etc.

Bebudak dah besar sikit and dah boleh keep an eye on the younger ones sekejap, baru tenang sikit. And they could appreciate the spread more pun. Kalau tak, tak berbaloi :)

Berbuka puasa 6 sounds good. Less crowd, and tak payah berasak-asak :)

Mior Azhar said...

Hi Shana,
I'm with you there.... bila buka puasa the right way is kalau ada orang sponsor sahaja... kalau org kata cheapskate pun cheapskate lar...
mahal sangat ler.
But the truth is bila sudah "dewasa" (ehem2) ni I don't think I can makan that much during buka...
Its good that your husband's vendors allowed family to memeriahkan suasana though. Mine are all invite solo (except for one)... so I tak pergi lar... guilty

wanshana said...

Hi Mior,

Hehehe! Betul tu... Cheapskate pun, cheapskata laah. Janji we all kenyang...Hehehe!

Memang some places punya Ramadhan buffet ridiculously mencekedaghah, kan? I remember about 7-8 years ago, the Pa*a Se*ai buffet was just about RM48++. Now...adoi, above RM100++, I think.

You and Ayah are the same - if family not invited, guilty nak berbuka luar sengsoghang :) Anyway, in your case, Azian's cooking is so much better than the hotel spread, I'm sure :)

Take care, and do sampaikan my salam to Azian. Thanks.

IBU said...


I pun have not gone out for berbuka luar (yet) except if with family. Teringat kat bebudak...dah lah Hafiz starting puasa this year, kesiannnnn... takkan nak break fast with Bibik jer? It's bad enough their Ibu can't get home in time to cook the dishes ... so at least must berbuka with them. Itu pun ada once or twice terlambat sampai. Tapi...err... kalau reach home on time pun, x sure lah masak ke tak punnnn!!! hahahah...