Monday, February 16, 2009

Rest? What rest?!

I'm at home now. Have not been feeling well the last one week or so. I was getting better a couple of days ago, but last night I was getting all the flu symptoms again. I went to see a GP on Friday, and was given some antibiotics and some eardrops. Apparently I had an infection on my right ear - quite common after a bout of flu, so I was told.

Anyway, as I'm bringing my Abah to see Ayah's ENT specialist friend today, I might as well get him to check my ear, too. It's not a nice feeling - being sick/not sick/sick over the last one week. I have brought back some work with me on Friday, so, I guess I can just while away the time this morning going through them. Abah's appointment is at 3:00p.m, so I have worked out my schedule for this afternoon -

12:15p.m - Go to Ba* Fa*t to get some Manila cards for Hilman's Seni Visual class before sending him to school.

1:00p.m - Fetch Hasya from school, and send her home to SD

2:00p.m - Fetch Abah from Ko*a Dsara

3:00p.m - At the clinic

5:00p.m - Fetch Hanna from school, send Abah home.

6:20p.m - Fetch Hilman from school.

7:15p.m - If I'm lucky, should reach home by this time.

So much of getting some rest at home, huh?

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