Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Kids say the darnest things...Part II

I couldn't stop smiling after reading Ibu's hilarious entry on her Kumon session with her adorable and VERY smart 3-year old (going to be 4) son, Ameer.

When I read her entry, I suddenly remembered Hilman's statement to me a few months back -

"Mommy, cows cannot think, right?" he asked, and waited for me to reply, wide-eyed.

And I said, "They cannot think like we do. But, they still can think like how cows should think, I guess."

And he said, "No lah...they cannot think at all laaa... That's why they cross the railtracks and got langgar by the train, right?"

Then I realised - he was reading the newspaper which carried the news about a train which hit a cow and got derailed somewhere. And I said to him, sometimes even some people cannot think, and that's why they, too, get hit by trains.

And he just looked at me, and said, "But, people are smarter than cows, right?"

And I just gave him a "no comment" smile... :)

You would think so, right? :)


IBU said...

Reminds me of mad cow disease. No wonder la those in UK circa 80's/early 90s are not allowed to donate their blood. Hehe....

I wonder what Hilman thinks of the Mat Rempit?

WANSHANA said...

Dear Ibu,

Mat Rempit? Hmmmm...he'll probably ask me, "Mommy, cows are smarter than Mat Rempit, right?".

To which I would answer, "YES! You're right there, my dear. Cows are 100x smarter..."


I dont know why...but reading this entry, I kip on tinking abt this; "Minumlah susu awal lembu"

Hence the question..."But, people are smarter than cows, right?"


WANSHANA said...

Minah Celoteh,

Hmmmmmmmmm....indeed... :)

all jazzed up said...

If we speak cow language then I think we'd know that cows are definitely smarter than humans. At least they don't kill each other.

WANSHANA said...

All jazzed up,

Thank you for visiting!

Hear ye...hear ye... I agree with you, but, I have to say that cows are smarter than SOME people la kot... If not, the cows would also be smarter than me! Hahaha!!!

Oh, tidak!!!!



you are so do say the darnest things.
speaking of cows....aeons ago, when I was single, footloose and fancyfree, I used to take care of my nieces and nephews during my days off...did I say i was footloose and fancyfree?
one of my nieces, Khairena (who is now 23 years old), used to say something so funny.
Shana, you know PJ, kan? You know ada Dutch Lady factory somewhere along the road to the Section 14 mosque. In front of the factory is a life-sized model of a Dutch cow -the black spotted-on-white cow.
Everytime we passed by the cow, Khairena would say -- eeeh, beef burger beef burger....

WANSHANA said...

Dear K.Ena,

Hahaha!!! So funny!

Yes, I do know that Dutch Lady cow. In fact at least once a week I would pass in front of the factory.

Hmmm...from now on, everytime I lalu depan that cow, sure teringat Khairena's "Beef burger! Beef burger!" Hehehe...

(If it was Hilman or Hasya, it would probably be "Sizzling steak"...);D