Thursday, November 12, 2009

And the results are in!!!

It’s that time of the year again – exam results time.

Ayah and I already knew Hasya’s and Hilman’s results last week, but, we only knew Hanna’s today when I attended Sr* Am*n’s Open Day this morning to collect her report. Ayah couldn’t make it as he is now in Kuching and will only be back on Saturday night. But, I have been giving him ‘Live Feed’ of the results and everything else religiously :)

The Verdicts –

Hanna has improved (depending on how you look at her results).

Hasya has also improved (also depending on how you look at her results).

Hilman pulak, merosot (whatever way you look at his results).

Hanna :

For her Form 1 Mid-Year exam last year, she got #17 in her class and #40 in the whole Form, and for her Finals, she got #3 in her class and #7 in the whole Form. There was a vast improvement in her performance last year. Last year’s results were, by the way, based on the traditional percentage-based ranking.

However, Sr* Am*n has changed their policy this year and now rank their students based on their CGPAs. Meaning, even if you score 8 very high A’s and you get 1 high B, you still will be placed lower than your friends who get 9 straight A’s, even though their overall total marks and percentage may be less than you. The more A's you get, the higher your CGPAs, the higher your ranking will be.

So, based on the new CGPA system, for her Mid-Year this year , Hanna got #17 in her class, and #36 in the whole Form 2 (with 6As and 3Bs) and for her Finals (which I just got to know today), Hanna got #10 in class and #18 the whole Form (with 8As and 1B). I guess for a school like Sr* Am*n, that’s not bad a position to get at all :)

Apparently, according to Hanna, if the ranking were to be based on total percentage, she could have gotten a better position. Well, Hanna. It is NOT. So you’d better make sure you aim for all A’s next time, okay? You will just have to work harder for Sejarah, and at the same time maintain your A’s for all the other subjects.

So, if we were to look at her position in Class and Form now, and compare them with her last year’s FINAL exam – she dah merosot. But, if we were to compare between her Mid-Year and Finals this year, she has improved. A lot. :)

Her current CGPA is 3.79, which will be brought forward to next year. There is still room for improvement, and I make do’a that she’ll do better every time, insya Allah.

It’s your PMR year next year, girl... You’d better work hard(er) and smart(er), okay? (Goshhhh!! Baru macam semalam I blogged about her UPSR results! How time flies...)

Hasya :

Here’s the tricky one. If we were to look at Hasya’s Mid-Year and Final Exam rankings since she was in Standard 1, they were #1 and #1 (Std 1), #2 and #1 (Std 2), and #1 and #2 (Std 3). However, for her Mid-Year this year, she slipped to #5! Anyway, syukur Alhamdulillah, for her Finals this year, Hasya got #2.

Yes, she has improved when it comes to her position in class this year, i.e. naik 3 mata anak tangga, BUT, she didn’t get all As for her subjects. For the main UPSR subjects, Hasya got 4As and 1B (No prize for guessing what subject she got B in...YUP! Pemahaman... :( But, she has improved in terms of her total percentage. So, I’m okay about it (but, I’m not sure about her Ayah, though!).

Hasya has been banned by her Ayah from using her laptop and/or going on the internet since we got to know that she got a ‘B’ for her Pemahaman. And that means, she has not been FB-ing for the last 2 weeks. And I think all her plants and animals in Farmville have wilted away, died and gone to heaven. And all the food in her Restaurant City dah basi and berkulat and dah jadi tapai kot?! :)

She kept on asking when the ban will be lifted without telling me in so many words that it’s her Farmville and Restaurant City which she’s so worried about. But, I’m her mother. I know. :)

I just want to prolong her agony at least until Tuesday next week, coz’ that will be the school’s Hari Anugerah Kecemerlangan when she’ll get to go on stage and receive her prize. Unlike the previous years when Hasya would also get prizes for getting highest for 1 or 2 subjects (normally English), this year, she’s only going on stage for getting #2 in her class.

Hilman :

Now, Hilman ni pun tricky jugak ni.

If we were to look at his performance since Standard 1 – his positions in class had been #12 and #5 (Std 1) – meaning he improved a lot that year! He maintained and got #1 and #1 (Std 2), and for his Mid-Year this year, he got #1, too. However, for his Finals this year, he has slipped dua mata anak tangga to #3! And for that, his Ayah has banned him from playing his PS2 and PSP indefinitely. His total percentage has also gone down :(

And unlike the previous years when he would also receive prizes for getting highest for Science, this year he’s only going on stage to receive his prize for getting #3 in class. Just like Hasya, there will be no prize for best in subjects this year...

But, but, but...To make up for it, he will be getting another prize called the “Hadiah Kecemerlangan” which has just been introduced by the school, for getting all As for his exam! Yeay!!! :) But, then again, he got all As for his last exam anyway, so, no "improvement" as such in that department lah this time, kan? Only 5 pupils from his Class got all As apparently. I’m not sure about the rest of the Standard 3 classes. So, insya Allah, Hilman will be placed in the best class next year.

Anyway, I have to admit - this time punyer exam, both Ayah and I were pretty tied up with work and stuff, and neither of us had the time and the chance to come up with our normal mock papers for Hilman and Hasya. In fact, for Hasya we basically left it to her tuition teachers to go over her subjects. And as for Hilman, I only had time to go through his workbooks the nights before his papers :( (Maybe...JUST maybe, the mock papers could have made the difference?!)

Anyway, Mommy just want to say that I am so proud of all three of you!!! Keep up the good work, and Mommy hope to see a lot more improvement for next year, okay? MMMUUUAAAHHHSSS AND (((((HUGS)))))!!!

So, next Tuesday will see both Ayah and I attending SK Sr* Pe*al*in*’s Hari Anugerah Kecemerlangan to cheer Hasya and Hilman on when they walk up the stage to receive their prize(s). That is - IF Ayah tak mogok and doesn’t want to go because his kids didn’t get #1... Hehehe!

If that’s the case, I’ll be there... still :)

And a big shoutout to Hanna's friends who read my blog:


Unknown said...


Ponat eden baco komentar kamu...must be masa u tulis..idea dtg about appraisal and post m ortem..eeee..takut...

Btw..tahniah...over all okey what...not bad for all of them..and since they know what kind of standard to aim...( quite high for me..)next time..kerja keras.....over time-over time..( Ibrahim pendek..ali baba bujang lapuk)..

And shian her animals kat farmville tu Shana oii....jgnlah kejammsss...

p/s:..I am proud...congrats shana..and u r so serious and tardy...Alhamdulillah..petua petui..turun-turunkanlah..

Faisal R said...

haha,what a detailed description of me little cousins academic performances =) them all smart, just like the mommy and ayah haha, well they got u n uncle for parents so its no suprise they're so smart =) anyhu, i was a bit surprised at sri aman's "CGPA" system..sigh..schools pun dah macam university dah nowadays =.=" anyhu, best of luck to hanna next year for her PMR, insyallah murah rezeki boleh masuk STF like the mommy =)

Anonymous said...

Congrats Shana and to your children!

Starting from this year, I tak kisah sangat nak check their books, in fact I even ask them to mark their own extra workbooks. So I only go through those they get wrong answers sometimes.

My son Aiman (Std 5) has shown the most improvement. Sometimes I am not sure which is the right way, to coach or not to coach. When I was small, my parents never had to push me to study at all, sadly, can't say that about any of my children. It must be my hubby's gene!!


IBU said...

TAHNIAH still...(whichever way you want to consider it apt).

I wonder how your children manage their BM? Mine mmg kaput betul lah... Padahal bukan lah 'speaking' sgt kat rumah pon! Hafiz had improved but just to B. Idin still B, hv not moved to A. Ameer... A la I think, but labelling nama objects & animals - how hard can it be? Kalau pemahaman sure kaput.

Oi!!! Cuti sekolah ni buat project "live" farmville la with the kids. I've started oredi - tomato for Ameer (penat nak jawab "bila plant ni nak grow ibu? what time?"). Hafiz tgh bela beetle & siput kecik he found in our backyard. hehehe....

dillazag said...

Oh, Tak buat mock exam papers, ya? Mak and ayah pun kena ban main facebook..

Congrats to the three kids! :)

kudo said...

remembered dropping below the radar in std 2 (ie anything below no.3), thankfully things didn't get pearshaped from std 3 onwards and got to shake hands with 'dignitaries' onstage thereafter.

the last ever A i saw was in my first term in medical school - in ONE subject. then again, by then it didn't matter for me anymore. hahahaha.

full 4, hanna. you can do it! same goes to hasya and hilman.

all this hard work will put you in good stead, believe me. i know, because all of us, incl your mom and dad, have been thru it.

Naz in Norway said...

Congrats to your three musketeers!
Have a good weekend, Shana :)

ummisara said...

Kak Shana...

Tahniah untuk 3 beradik tuh :)
tahniah jugak untuk mak & bapak sekali :)

anak i balik dengan seronoknya cakap next year tak tukar kelas..still kelas 1st .... tapi dulu first term no 12, year end pulak no 15....ayoyoyooo

Kmar said...


Your kids will never let you down easily!! Well done to their achievements. The most important they did made their best effort, betul tak??

.. eem... kejayaan mesti ´diikuti´ dengan hadiah kan??.. ha.ha.ha...