Friday, September 11, 2015

A Nose Job :)

So, APPARENTLY, I had forgotten that my current glasses were actually multifocals. That was until last night when I decided to get a new pair and the optometrist asked me if I wanted another multifocals or just the normal ones.
And I told him, "Oh... my current glasses are not multifocals". And he said, "Errr, they ARE multifocals". And, I said, "Errr, I don't think so!"
Yes. I was arguing with an OPTOMETRIST that my glasses were not multifocals... How's that for a "duhhh" moment, eh?
Anyway, the theory was - APPARENTLY, the design of the glasses is such that the lower part of the lenses is too near my face that its function as a reading glass was not that effective, and APPARENTLY, because of that, yours truly had made a separate pair of reading glasses for myself and had intermittently and interchangeably used both glasses as and when appropriate and required for the last 2 years. Until I totally forgot that the glasses were actually multifocals. Until last night that is.
So, I decided to wear them in a different way this morning to adjust the distance of the lower part of the lenses from my face.
And walllaaahhh!! I could read using the glasses without any problem at all all right!
*So, to all my students and colleagues - If ever you guys see me going out of my office like this, please pull me to the side and ask me to move the eraser from my nose, ya. Takut terlupa :) Thank you.

 P/S : The title of this posting was inspired by Bang Med (Hamed Samad)'s comment on my FB. Thank you, Abang Med :)

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