Saturday, June 9, 2007

My last day in Geordieland... least for the year 2007.

It's 1:45a.m now, and my cab for the airport will be here in 2 hours time. I will first have to drop off the keys to my flat and laundry room at the Accommodation Office before making my way to Newcastle International.

I'm feeling very happy and excited, but at the same time somewhat sad for the friends I'm leaving behind. But, I guess we should look at this as a new beginning because it definitely is not the end. I will come back again for a couple of months next year, and Insya Allah will get to see them again.

Today has been pretty chaotic - what with trying to finish a piece of work for ICC, and also with the shipping company collecting the boxes in the morning, after which I had to make sure that everything that needed to be put in the luggage was in fact IN the luggage (and not lying around somewhere in the room). I then had to go to the Law School to collect the comments from the Postgradute Panel, after which I headed to Northumberland Street and Eldon Square for my last chakuk of shopping...As my luggage was already brimming 30kgs, I just could not take the risk of shopping a bit more for the kids to bring home with me, so, I settled with just getting them some YUMMY Millie's Cookies. Their stuff which I have shipped home will only reach KL some time in Mid-August, insya Allah...

Had lunch at Bangkok Cafe as there was nothing left in the fridge/freezer/pantry for me to cook and/or eat. This place is highly recommended - if any of you ever come to Newcastle. Reasonable price, HUGE portion, VERY generous with the ingredients, Authentic Thai, friendly and great service. It's just at the end of Lowfriar Street - at the edge of Chinatown.

Came back to the flat around 3:00pm and continued working (managed to negotiate with ICC to let me e-mail the draft tonight, instead of this afternoon - so thechnically I had till 11.59pm to finish it...Hehehe...And for the record - I e-mailed the draft at 10:36pm. Not bad, huh?! ;D).

M and H, Aunty S and Iman and Irfan came to fetch me for dinner at 7:00pm (Well...I still needed to eat even when I had not finished my work, right?!!) We went to Basha - a Lebanese Restaurant - another round of big helping of good food... The food I had today should make me feel full until my first meal on the flight to KL tomorrow! I was touched with the fact that H came along - on his crutches and all, for the "farewell" dinner. Thank you, H...Thank you M...for being there for me all these while. I owe you guys BIG TIME! It is sad to say "Goodbye" - so, I won't...

I was back at the flat around 9:00pm and managed to finish my work at 10:35pm, and Paulette, Jani and Eva came home from their dinner out at the same time, and all of us just sat around and chit chatted in my room until 12:30a.m. We said our bye-byes, tears welling, but we know that we will meet again... Plans have been made for 2009, insya Allah... If there is rezki, and if they are still in Newcastle next year when I come back for my short stint, I'll get to see them then...

So, here I am...all packed and ready to go home...



SitiNur said...

Welcome home, Sis!



you probably have tons of comments awaiting moderation.
just to let you know: welcome home.
and Malaysia just had a new woman who became the wife of our Prime Minister.

Anyway, do get in touch!
take care and, aint it good to be home?

WANSHANA said...

Dear Sitinur,

Thank you! It's great to be home again - with Ayah and the kids. The last one week was exclusively spent with them...Very nice indeed!

Take care.

WANSHANA said...

Dear K.Ena,

Thank you... YEP - it's just heavenly! I still can't believe I'm actually home with Ayah and the kids - feels like I'm dreaming!

Surprisingly - not many comments to be moderated (blessings in disguise? Hehehe! If not - I would feel so guilty for not attending to them immediately).

Anyway, I'm back in Sri Damansara - first time since coming back. Good to be "home" home finally. But, my God...the house really needs a serious spring cleaning!

I've been lalu-lalang Taman Tun the last couple of days - and sub-consciously I've been keeping a look-out, untung-untung terserempak with K.Ena. Hehehe...

Yes, will definitely keep in touch, and insya Allah we'll get to meet up one of these days?

At the moment, tengah cari inspirasi (or rather - TIME!) to write in my blog again :D

Take care.