Monday, January 19, 2009

Aching-feet Sunday...

Whereas Saturday was a "lonely" day, Sunday on the other hand, was an "exhausting" day for me - but, I didn't mind because we got to spend the whole day as a family :) We brought Dar along, too - kira her off day lah yesterday. Normally on Sundays, her kerja kat rumah pun tak banyak. Besides washing the cars, she would just do a bit of ironing aje because most of the times we would eat out, or tapau our meals, and with the kids tergolek sana-sini all over the house, it would be quite difficult for her to mengemas, etc anyway on Sundays :)

The day started off with us leaving the house at 10:15a.m to go to UMSC as Ayah had to discharge one of his patients. What was supposed to be a 20-minute wait in the car while Ayah went up to his ward, turned out to be a 45-minute wait. The kids didn't complain coz' dah biasa dengan kerja-kerja menunggu Ayah ni... :)

We reached Mid Valley just before 12:00p.m. To find a parking slot was pure madness around that time, I tell you. We went round and round the P2 parking bays before Ayah decided to drop us off at the South Court entrance while he continued going around searching for the impossible parking space. We managed to get 4 items while waiting for Ayah (talk about efficient shopping, huh? Hehehe!). Ayah managed to finally park the car around 12:30p.m, and he went straight to TCRS to book a table for us to have our brunch there. It's amazing to see how people sanggup wait for an empty table to dine there. Ayah said if it was him, kalau dah nampak queue so panjang, he would just go to another joint. But, with us boycotting most of the American eating places, we were left with not much choice...

We continued with our shopping (mostly "beli tingkap" ajer :)) until about 5:30p.m. Itu pun because our feet were killing us! We didn't get the main thing that we set out to get yesterday, i.e. a small fridge for Ayah's new office, but instead we got a new vacuum-cleaner for myself (or rather, for Dar because I'm so not into doing any housework while she's around. Hehehe!) AND, check this out - a cross-trainer machine, you all! (Hmmmmm....alangkan our treadmill kat rumah dah bersawang, ni nak tambah dengan cross-trainer lah pulak...Another waste-of-money item to add to our collection, I wonder? Hehehe!)

But, semalam our semangat was really high - Ayah's, mine and Hanna's, that we would put the machine to good use. We have set our minds to start going on the treadmill more regularly to burn the calories, and on the cross-trainer to tone our bodies up, insya Allah. And another thought came to my mind - "So, what's gonna happen to our Lifetime membership at CF in One-U??!" Hmmmm...going to One-U to work-out is so not as exciting as going there to shop, kan?! Maybe we can de-register ourselves and get some refunds from them? I hope.

Ayah was so excited yesterday because he was at his lowest weight ever (since 15 years ago, that is), i.e the weight he was at before we got married, okay? And I pun tak nak kalah, and tried to be excited because I managed to reach the weight I was at after Ramadhan last year. Hehehe! This means there aren't many kilos standing between us now, okay? Only 9 kilos to be precise, okay? A year ago, the difference was 20 kilos, okay? Ahaks! Pressure...pressure... But, I'm very happy for him. And of course, I'm very happy that the reduction in the gap is not because I have gained weight, but rather because he has lost 11 kilos! Well done, Ayah :)

This should be a good enough reason for me to SERIOUSLY discipline myself to work-out, maaan... Anyway, the cross-trainer machine will only arrive this Saturday. Maybe, I should defer going on the treadmill UNTIlL the cross-trainer is here? Biar sekali harung kan? Hehehe!

Anyway, after Mid Valley, we went to TMC as Ayah had to review his patient there pulak. The kids and I waited in his clinic while he went up to the wards. And it was quite amusing to see the kids playing doctors with all the gadgets they found on Ayah's table. Ada tokoh semuanya, I could see :)

We went back to my parents' place in KD after that. My sister Yong, who has been going to some cooking classes prepared a couple of desserts which was so yummy! (Errr...somehow there's a huge dichotomy here, huh? Talking about Cross-trainers and workouts in one paragraph, and then sinful desserts in this paragraph?! Hahaha! Biarkan I terjun dengan my labu-labu, okay?)

We left KD at 8:30p.m. Ayah tapau-ed our dinner from Be*ag*s, and we spent the next 3 hours veggie-ing out in front of the TV watching AJL 23. A BIG HOORAY and well done to Faizal Tahir for getting the Best Vocal and Best Performance Awards. You truly deserved them, Superman. Too bad tak sapu bersih... But, I have no issues with Meet Uncle Hussin winning the Best Song. It IS a good song. No doubt about that :) Congratulations to MUH for bagging the RM25k and also the RM10k for the Best Pop Rock Category Award! :)

So, that was my Sunday. Kaki memang sakit, but, it was well worthed it :) Hope you all had a great day yesterday, too!

And I'm so looking forward to next Sunday. HOPEFULLY, it'll be the beginning of a meaningful relationship between me and the Cross-trainer machine. Insya Allah ;)


Madam Tai Tai Again said...


I'm great at encouraging people to exercise...but I'm such a lazy bag of bones myself. Nak kurus..but doing it the easy way. Diet!!

Great that you have added another equipment to your little gym at home. I'm sure I will see a much slimmer, toner and radiant Shana when I see you next!

Desert Rose said...

Kak Wanshana, wishing u good luck with ur exercise machinery k.....

MrsNordin said...


It'll make you feel better having the cross trainer at home. Pakai ke tak pakai lain kira!

p/s. Our treadmill, dah jadi tempat kucing kencing! Hampas!

wanshana said...


I think going on a diet is much more difficult for me coz' I just love to eat!

It was somewhat an impulsive buy - on Saturday tergerak nak get a cycling machine sebenarnya, tapi bila dah sampai kat kedai tu, terus terbeli the cross-trainer! And now, I'm cracking my head - kat manalah nak park benda tu kat rumah we all yang tak cukup lantai tuh?!

My family hall is still like tongkang pecah after the girls' room makeover hari tu. Nampak gayanya have to bekerja keras to clear that space before Saturday.

Amin. Insya Allah boleh jadi slimmer, toner and more radiant after this...PROVIDED tak HHTA lah, kan? Hehehe!

wanshana said...

Desert Rose,

Thank you, thank you... :)

I need all the luck I can get, dear...and it's not with the exercise machine, but rather - with my discipline! Hehehe!

One way to keep me focus is for Ayah and I to weigh ourselves every morning, and me making sure that the gap is at least 12kg? (Macam mission impossible ajer... Hehehe!)

wanshana said...


Betul tu...Nampak the machine kat rumah will definitely make me feel better. But, I would feel much better if by only LOOKING at it, I can lose weight! HAHAHAHA!

Kat rumah I takder kucing. But, I bet if we had one, our treadmill will face the same fate as yours kot? The way you put it - so kelakar! Hehehe!

Now our treadmill functions as a storage space and sometimes Dar would use it to hang some of the ironed clothes. Kira okay lah tu - multipurpose...tak ler a total waste of money... :)

Kmar said...


Goodluck with your new cross-trainer. Hopefully boleh maintain berat badan.

I pulak.. yg susahnya.. bila dah buat all these kind of exercise... selera naik pulak!! Susah..susah.. camno nak ´kurus´? Janji badan rasa fit dah le... he.he..

tireless mom said...

Dear Shana

Kat part mana yang nak lose weight ni? If it is for the sake of fitness and healthy, go fot it girl.

I saw AJL too. I wish Aizat or Spider could win but satu pun tak dapat. Tough luck. MUH pun not bad for an Indy to bolot the Juara.

wanshana said...


Thanks, dear :)

I kalau boleh, tak nak ler "maintain" berat badan yang sekarang ni, geng! Kena shed 2-3 kilos baru lah kena start meintaining it :)

I know what you mean. I remember when I used to go to the gym a couple of years ago. Everytime after working out, Ab*d and I would singgah to have a hearty lunch kat Robert Harris or Yoshinoya kat One-U tuh, and makan bagai nak rak! Hahaha! (Shed 1 kilo, gain 2 kilos...)

wanshana said...

TM @ Kak Yatt,

When we saw each other hari tu, all my flabs were very well-disguised. Tu yang you all could not see tu...Camouflage gitu...Hahaha! But, yup - they're there alright :)

Thanks :) I'm doing it more for my health than anything. My sugar level has been dangerously bordering "HIGH", and I really need to exercise to burn the calories, and lower down my sugar. I want to live long. Anak-anak kecik lagi lah, Kak Yatt.

wanshana said...

And, oh ya, Kak Yatt - Faizal Tahir was in his elements last night... Nobody could have beaten him meh!

Better luck for Aizat and Spider next year, insya Allah.

jabishah said...

We are in the same boat lah. Malasnye nak exercise. The last I cxed my cholesterol level is at boarder line... All the best to you! ;-)

Ummi365 said...

ermm.. meh i tenguk.. tak de pun anything bulging out of your baju.. ok je nampak.. my dear you are very the OK you know. tapi it's goodkan to go up the threadmill and crosstrainer to keep fit. bukan cakap you, i pun sama malas. nak kurus pun harapkan puasa jelah..nak naik itu threadmill..hahaha.. baik i naik benda lain kan kan kan..

i takkan pergi OU on a sunday, madness trying to find a parking. kalau nak pergi pun pagi2 dah tercongok kat parking masa orang lain tak ada lagi.

Unknown said...

Wokay Shana...I shall let u terjun dengan labu-labunya...tapi kan last jumpa kat umah e-boo tu..tak dak lak nampak u perlu sangat pada whatever 'machine' pun...

And Mak aii..itu tuan doktor sudah kurus banyak meh....wahh...

Real..punya aching feet...sedangkan diriku mengendong si Mikhael ke hulu ke hilir pun...lenguh kaki gak...

akhir kalam..stay healty...tata!

ms hart said...

Wanshana, alamak, after the cross-trainer things, what will be left of you?! Tulang ikan bilis? he he Ok, ok, good luck to you, ok? Next get together, your portion of desserts, let me have them, boleh kan?! he he

p/s Sunday sempat baca Tuan Doktor you punya article! Simple and informative! I terbayang2 you pulak masa baca tu!!

wanshana said...


I've always had problems with my sugar. Everytime pregnant mesti high, and the last 3 years it has been consistently bordering (or in excess of)a HIGH reading.

I managed to control it 2 years ago by cutting down on my rice intake and working out regularly, and it went down to normal. Lepas tu, discipline terbang...and I'm back to square one :(

I'm trying to go back to less carbo, no sugar, and more exercise mode. Have to. Kalau nak hidup lama....insya Allah.

wanshana said...


All the bulges were very well-disguised and stored when we met hari tu. Hehehe! Kalau ikutkan my kids, when they see my flabs kat tummy area, they'll say it reminds them of a burger coz' ada tiga lapis. HAHAHA!

Anyway, puasa also works for me, but, I thought I'd also workout to keep fit and healthy, insya Allah. No one else to help us, except ourselves, kan?

I dok tengok your weight tracker - memang tabik spring kat you! How on earth did you manage to lose ALL those kilos, Ummi?! Please don't tell me it's all through healthy eating... I die like that! Hehehe!

Yup, we will only go to One-U if we can leave the house by 10:30a.m. OR failing that, we would go around 5:00 p.m, when there'll be ample parking.

wanshana said...


Hehehe! Itu sebab I main silap mata :) Ada rahsia how to make people think you're thin. One of them is to stay seated and tak berdiri dan berlegar ke hulu ke hilir. Tu lah sebabnya kalau kita jumpa kat rumah Ibu, I memang melekat kat dining table tu sampai ke malam. Hahaha!

But, I seriously need to make myself fit again lah. Now ni panjat tangga sikit pun dah mengah, geng...

You stay healthy, too ;)

wanshana said...

ms hart,

Thanks. Hehehe! Ye lah tu macam ikan bilis :)

My dessert portions, kalau bukan hari Ahad you can have all, my dear. However, Sunday is my reward day and I will wallop everything. Hahaha!

You managed to read Ayah's article? Cool :) Yes, memang he wants it to be simple so that it's easily grasped and understood by the public. His article will come out every two weeks, insya Allah.

By the way, why I cannot leave comments in your blog, ya? It doesn't seem to be able to save my comments. I dok tergelak baca your Gingerredman punya cita-cita, and his last option of "kerja biasa-biasa macam Mommy and Daddy"! HAHAHAHA! Kelakau...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

being categorised under OKU, one thing i like about Midvalley is the ample parking space for disabled drivers/passengers. when many other shopping malls took it lightly, the good security people there at midvalley always make sure that none of the designated parking is abused by unscrupulous drivers.

btw, its funny that you brought it up, regarding the life-changing post i was rambling about...well...this is partly whats it about-



wanshana said...

Heelllooooo Kerp!

Lama tak berkunjung ke sini :)

Yup, you're right about Mid Valley on the Disabled Parking. Bravo to them. Kalau tempat lain...Aiyooo, the security people buat bodoh ajer.

Not just parking for the OKUs, kat TE*CO tu (Ibu, you're reading this?!) parking for parents with babies pun habis disonglap by others. Sakit jiwer tengok...

Garfield defines DIET as "Die" with a "T", non? He is so right. Hehehe! But, for now, don't die laaa...Hahaha!

All the best with your life (or rather "size")changing resolution, Kerp :)

(Errr...hate to break this to you, but, one of the best ways to lose weight is to cut down on your RICE intake, dear...)

MAMAMIA said...

First & foremost, have you been on the cross-trainer today? Kalau belum, lepas komen my komen, dipersilakan....

My hubby bought the bicycle thingy for me, tapi sekarang dah jadi tempat sangkut tudung. As U said multi-purpose... Bila hubby tanya, kenapa tak guna, my reason being I prefer to cycle outside with real bicycle, boleh dapat Vit D sambil angin sepoi2 bahasa menyapa muka. Chewah...

Kenapa bila I tengok Faizal Tahir kat AJL hari tu, I teringat kat U???

wanshana said...


Belum lagi - sebab hari Sabtu ni baru ada upacara menyambut kedatangan cross-trainer tu kat rumah I. So, KONONNYA, hari Sabtu ni baru nak beriya-iya memenuhi resolusi ni. KONONNYA juga, bila cross-trainer dah sampai, maka treadmill itu juga akan diberi nafas dan imej baru, dan tidak lagi menjadi tempat menggantung baju...Hehehe!


Kalau nak dapat Vit D sambil go on the cycling machine tu pun boleh, Mamamia. Letakkan aje di tengah laman tu, and go on it bila matahari berada tepat di atas kepala. HAHAHAHA!

I teringat kat I when you saw Faizal Tahir?! Hmmm..tak tau nak kata - teruja, or hairan...Hahaha!

Tapi, his vocals - first class, kan?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

eh, dont tell ibu but we never park at te*co. its either the cur^e or i*ano...hehehe...

ha ah la kak shana. actually dah lama tak blog-hopping sangat. even my own blog pon tak update sangat. not exactly in the best mental state to write anything. been a real struggle to come up even with a couple of lines. nanti la bila ada kesempatan boleh bercerita lebih panjang.

bella said...

Kak Shana,
9 kgs!wow...thats good, I hope you will get to the weight that you want...chaiyok!!!All the best et Bon Courage!

wanshana said...


Au contraire - most of the times we would park @ TE*CO, coz' sometimes we would go to Curve before our grocery shopping, and of coz' we need the car to be near when we finish shopping with 1 (or sometimes 2) trolley(s)of barang dapur! :)

(And lagi pun takut kena marah ngan Ibu...Hehehe!)

Been there, done that - no ideas/inspirations/semangat to write anything. Take it easy, the day will come when you tak cukup kertas kajang to write...Hehehe!

Have a great weekend!

wanshana said...


Thanks, dear :)

Hehehe..."Chaiyok", ka..."chayaq leboq" angan-angan nak kuruihkan badan I ni?

But, I will try my best, insya Allah :) (but then again, "best" is pretty subjective, non?!) ;)