Friday, May 22, 2009

Naik hangin...

Ayah came back home quite late some time last week and asked me, "Did R*B and HS*C people call you tadi? They called me to tell that our credit card payments were overdue, and I gave them your number".

Alamaaaak!!! Then I remembered the thing that was bugging me for the last few days before that. I knew there was something I needed to do which I had forgotten to do - settling the credit card bills!

You see, I'm in charge of paying ALL bills : credit cards, car loans, housing loans, utilities segala.

Well, errrrrr, let me rephrase that.

I'm actually in charge of SIGNING the cheques and posting or banking them into the relevant banks. The cheques are from our JOINT-ACCOUNT, but, ONLY AYAH'S PAY goes into it, get it? ;)

Ayah just fills in the account at the end of every month, and yours truly would sytematically empty it throughout the month, paying all the bills/loans, etc. The only thing Ayah wants to know is that every month all the bills are settled, and he doesn't have to worry about them.

So, when the banks kept on calling him to ask about the overdue payment, it was only natural for him to pass them to me. Short of saying, "It's your job, dear..."

Anyway, after that reminder, yours truly immediately signed the cheques and put them in the envelopes with plans to just drop them into the mailbox the next day as I just didn't have the time to go to the respective banks to make the payments. But, of course, dok sibuk sana sini, etc., I again forgot all about them, until early this week, that is.

I was attending a conference in KL on Monday and Tuesday this week, and my phone was on silent mode throughout the sessions. And I was quite perplexed when I saw 6 missed calls from a 03-2******* number at the end of the conference. And I suddenly remembered about the cheques which were still in my handbag.

"Alamak!! It must be one of the banks!"

I was pretty bushed by then and decided to just post the cheques the next day as the Post Office was out of my route going home.

And post the cheques I did on Wednesday.

It was on Thursday that I received an SMS text asking me to call a certain 03-2******* number, and I knew it was one of the banks, so I quickly made the call.

It was R*B. A young chap answered it, and I informed him about the SMS that I received asking me to call them. He asked me what it was pertaining to, and I told him, I wasn't sure as they were the ones who asked me to call them.

He asked me what my MyKad number was, and after checking their records, this was what he said,

"Ooohhh, Mrs. Wan, etc., etc. This is because you have defaulted in your credit card payments! When was the last time you paid, madam?"

Darah I dah tersirap dah masa tu. Macam lah we had defaulted for months! And lagi pun, he should know when our last payment was made anyway. He was checking our accounts masa tu via their system, kan?! Apasal lak nak tanya, kan?!

I was trying to remain calm, and told him -

Me : Ohhh, okay. Yes, my husband received the MANY CALLS made by your bank, and I've already posted the cheque yesterday. You should get it by the end of the week, I think.

R*B chap then said, "Okay, madam. That's fine then".

I was about to put the phone down, when suddenly I had this really strong urge to pick up a fight -

Me : Errrr, excuse me. Wait, wait, wait! Wait, wait, wait...I just want to say something la to you all ni.

Him : Yes, madam?

Me : Our overdue payment tu how much, ya? (I just wanted him to say it out loud)

Him : Let me check. (Pause for about 5 seconds) It's RM327.14, madam.

Me : JUST RM327, right?

Him : Correct, madam.

Me : And it was what? 8 days late when you started harrassing us, right?

Him : Errr, mmmmmm...No,'s like this...

And I just cut him short.

Me : Why aarrr you all ni so hard-up sangat with the RM327? You called my husband, or rather harrassed him every day for that RM327, and even sent SMSs to us, when the payment was only overdue by about 7-8 days?!

Him : No, madam. If we don't do that and you don't settle it, then we have to suspend your card, and take legal action. Nanti madam jugak yang susah (or something to that effect la)

Me : (Kepala dah gatal...) THAT'S JUST IT! Baru defaulted this time, and ONLY for RM327, and you treat us macam hutang banyak sangat lah with you all! EXCUSE ME, I think you all should differentiate between your clients yang memang hutang tak bayar berpuluh ribu, and have defaulted for months and clients like us who pay the bill fully everytime without fail, okay?! You should check our records for the last 4-5 years. Never once did we pay JUST the minimum payment, okay? We had always paid in full every time, no matter how much our bills were, okay? And bila default RM327 ni, you all harrass us sampai ke lubang cacing! Please lah! I want you to convey our displeasure about this whole thing to your collection department laaa... Langsung tak value clients/customers macam we all ni!

Dung dang dung dang, dush dush dush - si mamat tu kena sembur dengan I.

He tried to explain something, and I just couldn't care less what he was saying and I just put down the phone.


Ya, adik-adik, kakak-kakak dan abang-abang. It was THAT time of the month, okay? Fuse box memang cepat blow.

Bengang. Bengang. Bengang.

I just didn't like the way the credit cards people are treating us.

And what made me even bengang, barely a minute after I put down the phone, HS*C people pulak called! Aaaaarrrggghhh!

Malas nak layan, and I just told them I had posted the cheque and they should be getting it by the end of the week. This, I was quite okay as the amount pun was quite substantial. But, R*B people tu...memang tak patut.

And as I'm writing this, I'm still waiting for people from Ma*ba*k to call me and ask for payment. Believe it or not, I've not paid them for 2 months. Reason being - the outstanding amount is 37 sen. Yes, you read it correctly. 37 sen.

Tak kuasa nak go to the Bank just to pay that amount. Duit minyak pun will be more than that. And tak kuasa nak membazir stem 30 sen to post the cheque(?!) for 37 sen(?!). Tak masuk akal.

If they still harrass us for the 37 sen, memang I akan naik hangin satu badan...



Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Dear Shana,
The bank reps should know a good paymaster when they see one. Ramai sangat org yg suka default on their payments.. so go harass them instead. Ini sekali lambat pun dah kena call?? Memang macam tu ka depa ni??

I'm lucky that all banks are in my housing area. Malam2 pun boleh pi cash-in. Yang mana ada 2U to, I buat online saja.

Mesti you hangin betul ni. Hubby hangin tak dengar cerita you ni?

Ok, take care. Have a great weekend :)

Unknown said...

chill kak shana. guess local banks macam tulah. customer service kurang. i prefer h*bc sebab lebih professional.

kay_leeda said...

Iiisshhh...nasib baik the young man kena dash dish dush je. Had you gone to make a verbal complaint agak nyer how would he be reacting.

But at times these poor souls are just doing their work, and they blindly follow the procedures. Ada ka dia nak think thru skit?? Different customers, different records. Ni tak main tangkap muat je. Haaa,,,kan dah kena!!!

IBU said...

Hahahah....memang patut naik hangin.

I once kena dgn ...which bank entah. Same case dutifully paid every month before due date, satu kali terlupa - I was out of country, dia cari pusing satu dunia. And what pissed me off was that the amount was so seciput hokay?!!

And when they started harassing, I said - go ahead la, close my account. No need to suspend - suspend pun! I don't want to use your credit card pun. Never again! Sebok pulak dia apologise over & over again - and I stood my ground and said bubbye. SUDAH lah..... orang lain hutang million, kita seciput celah gigi nak gertak cam tu. Peeeeeegggggi dah! Silap orang la dia nak cari gaduh! LOL!!!!!

Btw, I switched to maybank2u la ni. Senang. I think the transaction fees cost lesser than the cost of my travelling to the banks/post office, cari parking, etc. You know la kan, I mmg cannot stand this bit. Besides - save sikit saliva, tak lick the stamp. LOL!!!!!

C u later 2day dear!

Pi Bani said...

Bayar online lah dik oii... tengah-tengah malam buta teringat nak bayar pun boleh bayar. My cheque book sekarang tahan lama semenjak makcik ni pandai guna online banking.

Ni dah hangin satu badan ni... tak gi massage ke? :)

wanshana said...

Dear Ja @ DDI,

Apparently, some say that some banks may have outsourced their collection/harassing tasks, and those people engaged may not have the full records. The banks may just give the names of the defaulters and amount outstanding to them (doesn't matter whether first time or not), and get these people to call the account holders.

I hope this is not true - they shouldn't be releasing financial info like this to third parties, kan?

I do use 2U facilities, but, because I never registered these credit card companies as one of my registered payees, now macam leceh sikit to add them - nak kena get TAGs lah, kena register kat ATM lah, etc. So, tak terbuat until now. Maybe I should just register these banks irrespective.

Hubby hangin jugak, but because he wasn't the one who had to deal with the caller, tak terasa sangat lah kot.

Thanks, Ja.

wanshana said...

Dear Lana,

Dah chilled dah fact dah nak sampai tahap frozen. Hehehe!

Yes, I guess in a way HS*C is better when it comes to customer service. They didn't harrass us as much as R*B.

Cheers, Lana :)

wanshana said...


Tu lah tu! But, if what people say about the tasks being outsourced were true, I guess the banks don't have much to do with it. BUT, even then, they should give clear instructions and monitor the job jugak lah, kan?

I'm sure some banks have lost customers just because of the tactless approach these people use. Besides Ibu, one of our other MT friends also decided to stop using a certain banks' card when they, too, harrassed her for her first overdue payment! Hard-up sungguh bank-bank ni, kan?

wanshana said...


Hmmmm, I guess I should seriously consider registering the banks as one of my regular payees on my M2U and clicks even though it may be a bit leceh initially.

As what we discussed yesterday, they should really differentiate between 'tegar' defaulters, and good paymasters, kan? Ini tidak. And because of that, they lost good customers who regularly swipes their cards (kekadang macam tak ingat dunia....Hehehe!), you and A*id :)

Or, I think when we apply for credit cards, we need to clearly state where we went to high school - coz' bebudak sekolah kita ni, PANTANG dilayan sebegitu, and memang high risked of losing us as customers if they were to do that to us! Hehehe!

Take care, girl :)

wanshana said...

Kak Pi,

Hmmmm, good idea :) I nak gi cari tukang urut lah nanti. Kalau tak dapat masseurs kat good spa, downgrade to Ah Moi Spa pun okay jugak. Or I can dera my kids to take turns mengurut their Mommy later today. Hehehe!

Okay lah, I think I'd better start registering the banks as my regular payees in my M2U and clicks pronto :) Thanks!

Take care!

MA said...

Others have mentioned it. Guna online bankinglah, senang sikit. I pay all my bills online. Pergi ke bank cuma bila nak cucuk duit saja (but then again, kat mana-mana pun ada ATM kan?)

I also just found out that you can top up your ASB online too. And it updates the same day.

Oh and happy belated birthday. Lama tak merayap2, was offline quite a bit lately...

wanshana said...

Dear MA,

Thank you. I pun lama tak merayap-rayap :)

Yes, I will start using the online facilities to pay my credit card bills from now on. By hook or by crook I'll register them today :)

But, somehow for ASB I think I'd prefer to go to the bank personally and get the books updated manually. This one ok lagi coz' there's a CI*B on campus, and it's just 3 minutes drive from my office. Parking pun ample. Nanti when I reach the stage where I memang dah tak larat tahap tertinggi, then I'll do it online kot :)

Have a great week ahead.

ummisara said...

Dear Shana,

i pun pernah kena...tapi tak der lah i sembur mcm tuh...but in future...i akan buat cara u....heehhe!!

to ease the procedure...y dont u just pay all the bills online? i helps me a lot by doing that.

tak kisah mana bank pun...memanglah they will deduct few ringgit but its okay with me sbb i dont like the hassle of parking my car.

gud luck dear :)

Desert Rose said...

hah padan muka budak tuh, branik dia main sama Pn Shana????

Tulah kak, jaman sekarang ni bank sume dah guna debt collector so ske hati mcm hantu nak harass org over that amount of money.

I bergaduh big time ngan Southern Bank (now CIMB) (hambek la terus terang je cakap.... I lupa i dah byr ke blum for that month, so I byr sekali lagi sb masa tu I maternity leave. End up rupanye I byr 2 kali for that month. Pandai nye derang boleh letak both payment for d same month, n d next month tu kira outstanding lah.
I tanya dia ada ka orang yg baik dan mulia nak sangat byr kat derang sampai sebulan 2 kali???? mangkuk hayunzs tak????

MrsNordin said...

Letih nak add komen. Selalu jugak kena, kadang2 sampai gaduh besar with them. This is because the job is outsourced and these guys don't talk to the bank. That's why kadang2 tu bila dah bayar dia kata kita tak bayar lagi!

D.N.A.S said...

Dulu I pernah kena dengan C*t*bank. The thing is I have 2 credit cards tapi dia punya payment due dates are different (apahal lah tak standardize kan aje.... must be some incompatibilities in the computer system la kot).

So, the statements come in on different dates and I tend to be late for one of the cards. Off course, lah... I pegi bayar sedebuk sekali, one of them dah overdue.

So, the bank memang selalu call me regarding the late one. Everytime jugak I akan complaint pasal the different due dates.

Anyway, problem tu still tak settle until today. It's just that now I choose a better date to pay lah.... and it's right before gaji masuk just to make sure none of the card is overdue. Terpaksalah simpan2 duit dari awal bulan.

bella said...

Yups, customer service in Malaysia ni nak kena revamp.Konon-konon nak jadi outsourcing specialist in the world. But, banyak isu they cannot even handle or jawab. I have had problems with them too. selalunya what I do, I ask for their full name and I ask to speak to the supervisor. Masa tu barulah nak apologize but, too late lah kan...btw, sekrg nie I tgh angin with Maxis...tgh fikir nak port je...tukar operator terus...

aiz said...

lol... been there done that...

Madam Tai Tai Again said...

Hehehe..sabar Shana sabar.. With the economic recession sekarang ni, the banks can be extremely particular walaupun berhutang 1 sen. Unfortunately, they chose the wrong person as their victim. Good for you to put them in their place! :-)

Anonymous said...

ko tu nak marah apa hal?
hutang tetap hutang.
ko lambat, ko plak nak marah orang.
hutang tetap hutang, janji tetap janji..
kenapa ko rasa kena harras?
ko yang tak angkat fon..

simply arrogant lah ko tuh!

tak apologize, tak admit, saja carik lubang nak marah orang - whatever your fuse-box-cepat-meletup reason(s)

org tu dah tolong ingatkan, kalau ko mati eksiden dgn hubby ko tu sekali, 37 sen pun kena scrutinize, tima kasih lah kat org yang ingatkan tu..

kdg2 kita ni kena rendahkan diri, aku tgk blog ko nih...sheeeshhh...


Kmar said...

Dear Shana,

The bank tak boleh nak ´ganggu´ the customers yang owe (overdue) them a lot of money sebab for sure depa takut kena ´write off´ pulak. So, they go for the small debtors. Itu yang haru dibuatnya.

We didn´t have any problem with the bank (lucky thing) sebab everything will be deducted directly online. The only problem is .. at the end of the month, baki sikit sangat.. ha.ha.ha..

wanshana said...


Thanks, dear :)

Yup - am doing it online from now on :)

You're right, it's better than having to go through the hassle of finding parking (and also nak bayar duit minyak and parking fees everytime :))

wanshana said...

Desert Rose,

Dan branik sungguh Southern Bank nak main dengan Puan Desert Rose, kan?! Hehehe!

I think I had the same exprience with one bank a few years ago. I paid for two months for my car loan coz' I was scheduled to go away the next month, and they took that as a month's settlement. Tak tau kira, ke aper?!

wanshana said...

Dear BJ,

Exactly - the banks and the outsourced service company tu selalu ada miscommunications or sometimes incommunicado langsung. And the way they talk to customers tu yang buat orang tension...

wanshana said...


I know what you mean by wanting to wait for both statements to come before paying. Save the hassle of paying the same company two different times.

I do that, too, sometimes - I would wait for all the bills to come and then baru pay everything at one shot, and sometimes ada lah jugak 1 or 2 yang slightly overdue.

Ci*iba*k is normally very efficient. I guess you'd have to call them again to change the billing arrangement.

Good luck! :)

wanshana said...


Yes, you're right there. If they really want to outsource some of the functions, make sure lah the company tu provide good services and train their staff well. Ini tidak...Sometimes tu I rasa macam I'm dealing with budak baru lepas SPM.

We sometimes do face problems with Ma*is, too especially in terms of getting their statements late (sometimes AFTER the payment is due!). Tapi, sebab we've been using the numbers all these years and family and friends know these numbers already, malas lah pulah nak tukar operators and numbers.

Take care!

wanshana said...


Tension, kan?! :)

wanshana said...


How are you, dear? I know MrS just left for Islamabad again, right? Hang in there, okay?

I wouldn't have minded if the approach was more professional. Ini tidak - so tactless, and as if he owns the bank pulak! Ngalahkan chettiar...

You take care.

wanshana said...

Anonymous @ 11:55pm,

Terima kasih bebanyaklah atas your reminder.

First of all, I did admit to that person that we were late in paying, and I did apologize.

It was NOT because they reminded me that I was angry, it was THE WAY they reminded me, and THE TONE of voice they used.

Yes, I know - hutang tetap hutang, and we have to pay, even if it was 37 sen. And that is why we make a point to pay our bills in full everytime - just in case as your mulut celupar you had said - my hubby and I mati accident before sempat bayar our hutang.

And by the way you defended the caller, I think you might have exeperienced being a caller for the debt-collector company - you certainly have the right kind of language and the right tone to qualify for the job.

Terima kasih again.

And SYABAS for not having any hutang whatever with anybody. I salute you.

wanshana said...


You're right there. It's those people yang hutang ciput-ciput ni yang berbaloi nak dikejar, kan?

Yes, standing order is the best thing to do, but, I tak berani - takut tak cukup fund lah pulak nanti :)

Take care, dear :)

Anonymous said...

cakap mati eksiden tu mulut celupar ke?
just want to give people sense of we-are-nothing and get everyone pulled back to the ground.

ok skang i ada hutang ngan you. saya mintak maaf. ikhlas.

i am really sorry for being rude.
however, i tak pernah jadik caller kutip hutang.

i love to look from both sides. all sides for that matter.

How polite you want them to be> I dont think they are rude enough nak kena 'sembur'. They are giving reminder, and of course, reminder dari sapa2 pun pasal benda yang kita salah dan tak buat, boleh sakit hati kalau whistleblower tu silap sikit dalam tone or wordings..

And if you dont spare your anger and angry words towards these callers/agents, thenm who are worse if not equal to them.

And I know you are a lot more mature and wiser (sbb baru sambut bday) everyone. They have their shortcomings as you do.

You would like to be forgiven dont you?

Dont be equal to better than them.

I used to feel harras as well......
But my wife (peminat setia you yang you mmg tak kenal) always pulled me back.....and I learned..

Jangan sembur orang ikut sedap hati just kerana kita pandai sembur orang, sebab nanti kita tak tahu, siapa pulak akan sembur kita (bila kita dah tua, weak) or sembur anak kita masa interview ke apa ke....danmcm2 lagi..

Allah maha adil..kan?


note: my wife suka baca your blog (since more than a year ago) pasal kids... keep em coming..

I humbly apologize again...mlm tadi comment, pagi ni baca balik.. mmg teruk - no reason. this one layak to be 'sembur'ed by you, but you are much more wiser than me... peace..(no hutang please)

reenazack said...

K. Shana,
just to let u know that i have been ur silent reader for a while.

Enjoyed reading ur post as u keep it real.

Loved ur selection of song as it gives me ideas when i burn my fav song collection.

I pay all my creditcard n other utang bills thru maybank2u.. less hassle.. dapat gaji jek terus transfer bayar sumer coz i hate it when those buggers calling me walaupun late payment tak sampai ribu riban.


maklang said...

he..he..samalah kita..jadik tukang bayar all the bills every month! Towkey besar tinggal bank in duit dia dalam acct kita..and kita settlekan...Kalau harap dia memang banyak terlepas lah date tu...

Sabar2..Cik Wan Shana...maklang pun kalau kena call macam tu, tension gak...tapi rasanya mamat tu hanya menjalankan tugas...take it easy and have a nice day...:)

wanshana said...


Apology accepted.

But, I seriously think you should read and adhere to your own comment on - "Jangan sembur orang ikut sedap hati just kerana kita pandai sembur orang, sebab nanti kita tak tahu, siapa pulak akan sembur kita"

because you were doing the exact same thing (if not worse) by writing the WAY you wrote - touching on "mati accident" segala.

Hey, one day someone might say the same things to you, and then you would know how I felt when I read your earlier comment.

And there are ways "to give people sense of we-are-nothing and get everyone pulled back to the ground", and I don't recommend yours.

Yes, you're right - how polite can I expect them to be, right? But, on the other hand, I suppose I can expect them NOT to be rude? It was just the tone of voice used which really got to me.

Anyway, yeah - I'm one for bygones to be bygones. Zero-zero from me, too.

wanshana said...

Hi reenazack,

Thank you for hopping by all this while and thank you for leaving your comment this time :) It's good to get to know new people and make new friends through this blog of mine :)

Glad you're "entertained" with my ramblings - which more often than not flow straight from the head and the heart - unfiltered! Hehehe!

And glad you love my songs selection. We've got the same taste in music, huh? Or rather - we have the same taste as my kids. I have no choice but to listen to their songs day in day out. So, as they say - if we can't beat them join them :)

And yes online banking is the way to go for me from now on, too :)

Cheers to you, too!

wanshana said...

Dear Maklang,

Thank you - I'm taking it easy and having a nice day today :)

If you were to ask my friends - I teramatlah jarang "menyembur" orang macam ni. Hari tu angin kus-kus tak baik kot? Hehehe!

Betul tu - kalau nak tunggu hubby settlekan all the bills, memang sampai dapat bankruptcy notice la kot, kan?! :)

Yes, that guy was just doing his job...I just wished he had done a better job at his job. You know what I mean? ;)

Thank you again.

You have a nice day, too!

maklang said...

Glad that you are having a nice day, Wan Shana...

Mine is not so good, sakit perut, kaki cramp...hmmm..dah tua2 ni ..macam2 mari wooo...

take care and smile tau...:)

P/s: I used to get upset kalau kena remind dengan bank ni..tapi now dah malas nak layan mereka..nak2 kalau yang offer itu ini...cakap lama2 suruh beli apa yang depa jual...Terus aje cakap...Maaf, saya tak berminat...and letak fon...I hope I am not rude by doing that...ampun..ampun...he..he..

Desert Rose said...

Oh Kak Shana,

Anonymous tu ada sakit mental ke or is having his midlife crisis?

Ari ni ko ske hati tetiba kuang ajar kat blog org , esok ko mintak maap???? Ko tiada kehidupankah? Atau bini ko bendera jepun?

-* sowy kak, menyampah ngan org yg berselindung di sebalik anonymous.

Servant said...

Desert Rose,
Shana dah maafkan aku..
Aku dah kosong2 ngan dia..
Aku tak maapkan ko...
ko masuk campur, nasib ko lah...aku tgh tunggu ko mintak maap, cepat...nanti tak settle.....

I know you are such a nice person..
I have been reading on and off..
but somehow when I read your blog last night, i felt like dejavu

Yes..I pun dulu very expressive in my blog

After few years blogging, in 2007 I dpt satu anonymous punye comment..yg sgt kurang hajau.. tapi ada benarnya.

Mula2 mmg rasa sakit hati.

But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.
Allah works remains myterious.

That comment changed my entire life, way i perceived life, change my direction, changed my family and we all glad it changed us!

To cut the story short...
I think while we try to be expressive, we should not hurt anyone in the process. Assertiveness is not aggressive.

I use to curse... a lot!
Online, on the road, office, family, friends when I know I am right..

I pun tak nak membebel lagi, kot2 nanti bagi chance pulak desert rose utk tambah dosa. sian dia.

Cuma nak kata, apa pun org buat kat kita, again, it is our choice to get the eternity benefit out of it or get equal in this world.

Pasal mulut celupar tu, maybe wrong choice of word, sebab my point nak kata kalau org tu tak ingatkan kita tentang hutang kita, and the next day kiamat kecil or besar terjadi, then...naudzubillah

Sebab tu kita kena syukur dgn apa yang Allah temukan kita stia hari, no matter bad or good.

And cara bersyukur ialah dengan berbuat kebaikan.

Unknown said...

Shana..slmt pagi...

Dlam satu ceramah bulan ramadahn lepas, there is one ustaz kata..segala hutang akan dihitung si akhirat..kalu kita tak bayar smapi ajal...ape sahaja pahala kebaikan akan digunakan untuk compensate the utang....( hope not to late la huh!...and I''ll try to carik the source untuk sahihkan kenyataan ini..dan kalu betul ..meh kita buat amal kebajikan banyak2..mana tahu..utang kita..yg nampak leh bayar..yg tak nyata..wallahu'alam...)

Shana, ini zaman alam siber tanpa sepadan..kekadang something happen, some words spoken not to our like..tapi berbaik sangkalah dgn Allah..this is especially to me..a stay-home-mum..

Si peminta hutang..tiap hari akan call punya..(haha..kerja giler!)..kekadang I jawab..kekadang tak..u know lah..diriku tak kerja..tak bergaji..harap duit sket2 che abg..ade lebih bayar ..tak de kalu..diam2 je..dlm hati..Allah tahu niat nak bayar..tapi tak dak fulus..utang idaklah berpuluh ribu...tapi since that one day..I gegatal jawap and janji I akan bayar ikut every month..infact vday dia akan cal sampai le dia notis ade pembayaran..(kite guna mayban*@u je..)...shian...dier..shian lagi kiter..bayar lekan..RM10 pun kira bayar jugak ape!..hihi!!!....

Tata!..nice day dear!!

wanshana said...

Thanks, Mak Lang :)

Alahai...I know what you mean. Shana ni pun ada time-time nya, segala joints rasa tersimpul and berkarat. Nak kena ni kena gi berurut ni, Mak Lang :)

I always do that - whenever these people call to promote their latest offers and products I would just speak softly (as if I'm in a meeting) and tell them I'm in a middle of something, and ask them to call later IF their offers nampak interesting. If not, I would just say I'm not interested. They all pun - selalu call masa office hours...Duh!

Mak Lang pun - keep smiling, too! :)

wanshana said...

Dear Desert Rose and Servant,

Bawak bertenang...bawak bertenang :)

I was in a dilemma whether to publish both your comments, but, I believe that both should be allowed to express your feelings and be heard.

Both of you do have valid points, and I'm sure both of you can somewhat accept some of the things the other has to say, insya Allah, kan?

Thank you so much Desert Rose for coming to my defence :) MMmmmuuaahhs! (((HUGS))))

And thank you Servant for saying your piece AND peace :)

ZERO-ZERO-ZERO, semua, okay? ;)

wanshana said...


Selamat tengahari :)

Thank you so much for sharing what the ustadz had delivered to you with us here. Yes, we strive to berbuat baik dan memperbanyakkan amal ibadah and mengumpul pahala, with the hope that all the deeds would compensate for all our shortcomings dalam amalan kita, insya Allah. And yes, we hope and pray that it will not be too late and that we'll have ample time to do so, insya Allah.

Eta, you being a SAHM, menjaga and mengurus hal and keperluan anak-anak dan suami segala 24/7 - BANYAK dapat pahala, tau :) MORE than enough to pay the debts, my dear :)

Cheers, dear, and have a nice day!

Waterlily said...

Hi Shana :-)

Time time bendera jepun naik, sure kita cepat hangin kan? Good luck la to sesapa yang jadik "pemetik suis" bila time ni ! hahahahhaa...

p/s Happy belated birthday dear. Been off radar for quite a while, so missed quite a lot on the going ons in blogsphere :-)

Desert Rose said...

En Servant....

Kak Shana ni my fav blogger sister , sb tu I masuk campur. And baguslah dah ada nama....

Ok sb I ni pun baik hati I maafkan u eh I pun mintak maap sb I mg suke masuk campur, defender of the universe.

Abu S.H said...

desert rose, i tak mintak maap ngan u pun??

mana ada konsep masuk campur..
i tak salah apa2 ngan you...
mana boleh you selamba sembur I..
u takde hak pun nak marah I, walaupun wan shana ni kakak kandung u..

dalam islam, kalau kisas hanya org yg kena aniaya je boleh balas balik, keluarga boleh balas on behalf only bila yang kena aniya tu mati or sakit.

pehe? of course lah ye dok...

tapi tak pe..
sebab i tak nak tunggu u mintak maap kat akhirat nanti..i maapkan you..

note: setiap malam kita kena maapkan orang sebeblum kita tidur sbb kalau kita tak sempat maafkan org tu, nanti, kita lambat masuk syurga sebab Allah nak bagi peluang orang tu mintak maap kat kita dulu kat akhirat nanti, dah settle semua baru kita boleh masuk syurga.

Abu S.H said...

skang dah betul2 tak anonymous..hehehheh..i punt ak suka jadik anonymous ni..lemass..

Yang Ada Lima Credit Cards! said...

Wan Shana ... Consider that you telah membuat satu community service kepada pengguna credit card dari dua banks tu...memang lah elok di ajar sedikit dengan ilmu 'customer service'.
I pun cepat juga naik hangin bila my good intention is abused....hehehe
tapi cepat juga sejuk!

Shana masih marah ka??

Abu S.H said...

Hi desert rose..
I am human.
I can err.
I am not ustaz.
Giving reminder does not make someone ustaz.
Some part of the old me are still in me...hence the bad akhlak.

Call me anything, but please forgive me before you die.

I am still learning hard to improve myself.