Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bali Trip - Day 3 & Day 4

I have been meaning to post an update/continuation to our Bali trip postings, specifically on our 3rd and 4th days there, since the weekend, but, alas, I only managed to upload the pics to Slide.com today. Again I shall let the slides do the talking, while I just give a brief summary of what we did in those two days.

Did I mention in my last posting that the food at Diwangkara was nothing to shout about? Well, because of that, the kids decided not to have their breakfast at the hotel restaurant on the third morning, and instead they had their breakfast at the Villa. Seperti biasa, we normally bring our stocks of Maggi Cup Noodles of pelbagai perisa, packet drinks, kaya/tuna/ikan bilis buns, and a range of 3-in-1 drink sachets on our trips, and this time was no exception. So, while I had my breakfast eating the lumpy congee and condiments, and I-dunno-what noodles at the restaurant, the kids had Maggi Cups, some buns and Milo, which I'm sure was much tastier than what I had!

Straight after breakfast, we made our way to Cok Ratih's Puri again for the second day workshop, whereby this time the girls were taught the Tarian Legong, while Hilman continued with his Tarian Baris. After the lesson, we were brought around for a tour of Cok Ratih's Puri. Sorry - no pictures of the inside of the house. Didn't think it was proper to click away and take pics of the inside of somebody's house, kan? Hehehe! But, it was indeed a VERY nice house.

We were then whisked away to Warung Made at Jalan Seminyak for our lunch, which served a variety of Fusion Food. And Yeay!!! Within half an hour of us reaching the restaurant, Ayah, whose flight from KL arrived at 12:30pm, joined us there! Happy, happy, happy! Now we have somebody to take over the role of the family photographer...Hehehe! And of course, I was happy because I was missing him so, so much already. It's just not the same if he's not there with us on vacations like this. Rasa macam the "semangat" was not there. You know what I mean?

After lunch, we were given a couple of hours to shop along Jalan Seminyak, and we managed to get very nice blouses and dresses and also accessories for the girls (including me - the big girl ;)) Hilman, who was already contented with his PS2 Games CDs which we bought on our second day in Kuta, didn't ask for anything at all, but, by the second hour, he was already feeling restless and bored watching his Mommy and sisters choosing stuffs at the shops. So, he was really happy when we decided to go back to the bus at 4:30p.m, and made our way back to Diwangkara.

Back at the hotel, Ayah and the kids managed to spend about an hour at the Swimming Pool before they had to come back to the room to get ready for the programme lined for that night. Dinner was to be at Cok Ratih's Puri, whereby she had gathered her students to perform a few Balinese dances, accompanied by her own Gamelan group. The girls and Hilman managed to watch how exactly Tarian Rejang Dewa, Legong and Baris were performed that night to have some rough ideas as to how they were supposed to dance the dances when it was their turn to perform nanti. Dinner was held in Cok Ratih's garden, where the entertainment continued throughout the evening.

Back at the hotel, we invited everyone over for a lepak session at our Villa as it was our last night in Sanur, before we proceeded to Ubud. With our Villa being the biggest, with a huge living and dining area to fit everybody in the group, it was only natural and proper to have everybody over for a Midnight snack. What with our supply of Milo 3-in-1, and crisps, and cookies - all specially flown from KL, it was like a Midnight Feast for us, much to the delight of the kids :) I think everybody slept after 1:00a.m that night!

The next morning while yours truly was busy with last minute packings of our stuff, Ayah brought the kids to enjoy the beach after breakfast. We checked out of the hotel at 10:30a.m., and made our way to Ubud.

The journey to Furama Villa and Spa Resort, Ubud, took us nearly 6 hours, as we made a few stops along the way. We visited the Batik Centre, the Silver Craft Shop, and stopped at Padi Prada for lunch. The Crispy Duck at Padi Prada was simply heavenly... And, oh course, we also spent nearly 2 hours shopping at the Ubud Art and Craft Village before going to the hotel. Please don't ask how much the damage was, okay? Hehehe!

We arrived at the Resort just after 4:00p.m and were served with Balinese Tea with some local kuehs and snacks before we were shown our rooms. The kids were delighted with the Villa which was so much nicer than our Villa in Diwangkara, Sanur. The villa housed two rooms, and had it's own dining terrace, massage hut, and not forgetting - it's own plunge pool. And the Master Bathroom was of a semi-open concept, and was REALLY huge - bigger than our room in Diwangkara! It gave me the creeps every time I needed to go to the loo in the middle of the night while at Furama. The fact that the resort is surrounded by padi-fields didn't help much, either...

The kids managed to take a dip in the pool (fully-clothed, mind you!) before getting ready for dinner. This time, we were brought to Bebek Bengil (which literally means "Dirty Duck"), and we were given the choice of having another round of Crispy Duck, OR Crispy Chicken. All the kids opted for the Chicken, except for Hanna. While Ayah and I decided to take the Duck again. It's just that, we were so sure that we would never ever eat ducks back home in Malaysia. So, apa lagi...seize the opportunity lah, kan? And the Crispy Duck at Bebek Bengil was REALLY yummy, too, okay?

We reached our hotel at about 10:00p.m, and Hanna and Hasya invited a few of the other girls over to watch DVDs at their room. I think it was about 1:00a.m., when they finished watching the movie, and yours truly, together with Hanna and Hasya had to accompany the girls back to their respective rooms coz' Ayah dah lama sampai Dreamland masa tu. Bagi chance lah kan - cuti sekolah...and we were in Bali, kan?! But, seram jugak coz' it was REALLY quiet, and REALLY dark outside the hotel fence tu. (What do you expect - the resort is right smack in the middle of a padi-field!)

The kids went to bed just after 1:00a.m., while I found it really hard to sleep after that. It had been a long time since I last experienced a night so quiet, with only the sound of crickets continuously serenading the night...with the full moon shining bright, with the clouds weaving in and out in between...The feeling I had that night was indescribable.

I didn't know when exactly I finally dozed off, but, by 5:00p.m, I was already up - awaken by the sound of the roosters cockadoodle-do-ing away in the distance...It was so serene, and so calming.

If only the kids were up then - I'm sure they'd love the sound the roosters were making.

But, alas... they preferred their sleep more. This I know because I had a difficult time waking them up on that 5th day in Bali :)

To be continued...

Here are some pics.

Enjoy! :)


ibu,mommy,mom... said...

So happy reading your post about your holiday...

MrsNordin said...

This seems like fun! I've eaten at Bebek Begil before. I think, that must be a popular restaurant in Ubud.

Your description of the Furama Villa reminds me of the place we stayed in for our honeymoon way back in 2004. In the middle of a paddy field... It was kinda creepy at night, that's why we moved out the very next day!

Btw, I have a question for you. Why did you decide to send your kids for Balinese dance? My girls attended Dida's classes too when they were younger, and the highlight was a performance at the Centre Court in KLCC. But after that, they just stopped going.

wanshana said...

Dear ibu, mommy, mom,

Thanks - it was a happy trip for us, too! :)

wanshana said...


It WAS fun - especially when everything was organized for us. We just follow the group ajer - tak payah nak memeningkan kepala planning our activities everyday :)

Bebek Bengil is one of the most popular restaurants in Ubud alright. I never knew dia ada extension sampai ke belakan-belakang tu. It is huge, but still crowded.

Furama was in a way creepy, but at the same time quite serene. I guess we'll take time to really appreciate it, because we are so not used to the still of the night, kan? Hehehe!

The kids had never learnt Balinese dances before this. The trip was Dida's way of introduction to Balinese dances for them before she starts teaching them the same here. Hasya has been learning Asyik, Inang and a few contemporary dances, while we only send Hilman for Zapin lessons.

Hasya has has the opportunity to perform at Mercy's Annual Dinner, OIC Delegates' wives luncheon hosted by Jeanne Abdullah, and also at a private birthday do for Raja Perempuan Perlis in the last 3 years. It has been an interesting experience for the kids :)

wanshana said...

Has "had"... :)

Desert Rose said...


Bestnye dok kat Ubud, i sukeeeee tgk all ur pics.

I dah buat agreement ngan Kanda next time pi Bali MUST stay in one of d villa in Ubud, asyik dok kat Town je, serabut. I kinda like d idea of Balinese yg treat their nature esp river as holy, so they betul2 jaga , very clean and serene.

Next time Hasya n Hilman ajar Aunty DR menari beliak2 mata tu yea...

Scarred Soul said...


Balinese dance accompanied by Balinese gamelan!

Only learn gamelan melayu & gamelan jawa.

It must be spectacular... the performances! Wish I was there, huhu.

Your trip must be fun! Even looking at the pictures pun rasa macam dah sampai Bali...

wanshana said...

Desert Rose,

Ubud is a very nice place to spend some quality relaxing break, as it's quite different from the rest of the touristic spots in Bali.

Masa first gi Bali dulu for our honeymoon, Ayah and I stayed in Kuta. Kira alright lah for our peringkat umur, kan? Muda belia - and Kuta was (and still is) the most happening nightspot in Bali.

The second time pi, anak dah 2 (and masa tu nak masuk 3), so, we stayed kat Nusa Dua. Sesuai lah dengan peringkat umoq, kan?

So, now dah masuk 40, Ubud suits us best. Sangat sesuai dengan warga emas...Hahaha!!

You and hubby, kira okay lah lagi nak dok kat Kuta nun... ;)

Hmmmm, as the kids' manager, I can surely arrange for a Balinese Dance lesson for you - with no charge at all. Hehehe! Hilman is really good with the mata terbeliak part :)

wanshana said...

Scarred Soul,

Hello, dear. How are you now? Hope everything's going well.

Errr...ada difference ya, between Gamelan Melayu and Jawa, and Gamelan Bali? Sorry lah...I am so buta seni. Hehehe!

Yes, it was a really great performance by Cok Ratih and her students that night. Amazing to see the lil' kids dance macam professional!

My next batch of slides will show you how the kids in OUR group perform the Balinese dances they learnt at the workshop pulak. It was fun!

Watch this space, okay? ;)

Take care.

Dad of 4+1 said...

Still trying to convince Yani to go back to Ubud which she finds very eerie. I on the other hand love Ubud

wanshana said...

Dad of 4+1 (soon + another 1!) :)

Yes, Ubud is quite eerie at night. And it's the kind of place whereby you either love it, OR hate it. No in between.

Surprisingly, our kids loved it there. I guess because the villa was lovely, and it had DVD players segala, and of course the private plunge pool of natural spring water :)

(But, nak gi Furama again may not be a good idea for us as I don't think we'll get the same low rate for our stay if we don't come in a group package next time. Their normal rate mencekedaghah!!)

bella said...

Kak Shana...love love love this entry...reminds me of why I love Bali and Ubud....kenapalah kita with all the beaches and rice paddies can't get the same feeling kat sini ye...mmm...macam nak cuba pulak belajar menari tradisional for adult...jom???hehehehe

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Dear Shana,
TQ so much for sharing your story and the pix dgn orang yg tak pernah sampai Bali cam I ni..huhuhu... (dah la sedih MJ died) Nampak & dengar mcm fun habis... bestnya... I tak boleh imagine mcm mana la Bali tu :{

Take care dear, & have a great weekend :)

jabishah said...

Can't wait for the next update... Great pics! And foods... I did not try the crispy duck. Best ke?

wanshana said...


Ubud is just lovely, kan?

Hmmmm...good question. I think Bali is different because its not overdeveloped, and they treat their environment somewhat like the spirit, and they still preserve a lot of their traditional ways in their daily lives.

Nak belajar traditional dance? Dida does have classes for adults on Sundays, if you're interested :)

wanshana said...

Hi Ja,

Glad you enjoyed the entry and pics. Ni kira macam preview for you before your turn to go there pulak, insya Allah :)

Bali has a lot of villas which are suitable for families, and I'm sure you'll find one perfect for yours when the time comes. Kena planning from now ;)

Have a good week ahead, dear.

wanshana said...


Insya Allah the updates coming soon. Semalam baru habis uploaded photos on Slide.com. I've put a link to it in my FB. For a more detailed account of our 5th and 6th Day there, kena tungu my blog posting. Soon...soon :)

The Crispy Duck was really nice. The outer skin and bones were crispy and crunchy and yet the meat was soft and moist. Don't think can find anything like it anywhere here kot?

By the way, dah berapa lemari siap jahit baju? Hehehe! Keep it up, dear!