Friday, July 3, 2009


I went back to my MIL's house this afternoon to fetch and send Hilman to school. He was all ready, sitting on the bench in front of the house, complete with the surgical mask on him.

I went in to have a drink first, and saw some leftovers of the Do*inoes Pizzas which Hasya brought back from her Do*inoes school excursion yesterday. I did not expect any leftovers from yesterday as I knew just how much Hilman loved pizzas, so I asked Dar if she had served Hilman with the pizzas. And this was what she told me -

Dar : Sudah, buk...Tadinya sememangnya tinggal 3 keping, jadi saya sudah hidangkan dan suruh Hilman habiskan kesemuanya. Tapi, Hilman 'ngabiskannya satu saja. Tinggalnya dua. Dia bilang sama saya - "Makcik jangan makan ni, okay? Saya tinggal satu untuk Kak Ngah. Lagi satu untuk Kak Long..."

I just smiled as I felt all warm inside thinking how thoughtful my boy was!

After sending Hilman, I fetched Hasya and sent her back to my MIL's place, where Dar served her the pizzas on top of the rice and lauk-pauk. I told Hasya how thoughtful Hilman was to have tinggalkan one pizza each for his sisters, and she just smiled.

I went up to solat Zohor, and fifteen minutes later, I went down.

The pizza plate was empty.

Kak Ngah had finished both pizzas, without leaving anything for her Kak Long...


I didn't scold her of course, because benda makan, kan? Dah masuk perut dah pun. And further more her Kak Long was not expecting to have pizzas today anyway.

But still...a bit terkilan coz' niat Hilman was for his Kak Long to have one of the pizzas... Nampak gayanya, this weekend nak kena order pizza again. I ni tak boleh lah benda-benda macam ni...Rasa macam ada benda tak settled. You know what I mean?

Pelik ke?


Hanna's school had its Open Day on Wednesday. The plan was for both Ayah and I to go and see her Class Teacher to discuss her performance for her Mid-Year, but, alas, at the last minute, Ayah had to perform a procedure, so Mommy had to go alone.

Hanna warned me that there would be a huge drop in her position this time as the school has changed its ranking system this year. If before, students were ranked and streamed according to their total marks and percentages, this year it is based on their CGPAs.

For her Final Exam last year, Hanna got 3rd in class and 7th in the whole form, but, her Mid-Year this time, she dropped by quite a number of placings as she didn't get 4 flat.

Kesian Hanna...Her marks were not bad at all. All her A's were very high A's, but she got 2 B's (both missing the A's by only a few marks!), and because of that, she lost out to some of her friends who got all or more A's than her even though her total marks were much higher than theirs...

Anyway, I guess it is a good strategy and system the school is adopting because at the end of the day, it is how many A's one gets that counts when it comes to PMR and SPM, and not one's total marks, kan?

I told Hanna to improve on all her subjects, especially her BM and Sejarah, which gave her the B's. Because to me, as long as she aims high, and as long as she does her best, insya Allah she'll improve and get all A's at the end of the day anyway. But, I tell you...the competition kat that school....oh my...REALLY tough!

Hanna ni, selalunya Mid-Year Exam memang selalu gives us heart-attacks, but, when it comes to the Finals she always excels, insya Allah. This - since Primary School lagi :)

We can only do'akan the kids... The rest would all depend on their own efforts to better themselves, insya Allah.


A bit on the kids' sports activities - Hasya is now training for her school netball team. Tak tau lagi if she will be selected, or not, but she has been going for training for the last one month or so. She's praying that she'll be chosen!

Hanna pulak will be representing her school in Taekwon-do for MSSD this month. She has been a red-black belter since she was 11 and had not sat for her black belt grading as she has to wait until she's 15 to do that. She stopped going for classes when she was in her UPSR year, and only started again this year. According to her Master, next year she can straight away sit for her 2nd Dan Black Belt grading, insya Allah. So, we're quite excited about that!

Hilman pulak seems to exhibit some talent in playing badminton, and we're thinking of sending him for a structured lesson in the game, insya Allah. He enjoys playing with his Ayah and Mommy more than with his Kak Ngah, coz' his sister asyik tak dapat return serve ajer....So, their game together tak smooth sangat.

This was what he told his Kak Ngah -

"Kak Ngah, I play better with professionals..."


Sekian... :)


MHB said...

I remember reading an entry of yours on Hilman's thoughtfulness... yeah, just makes one feel warm all over inside... caaayang Hilman!! ;-)

nothing pelik about wanting to get the pizza for Kak Long... mom's instinct at work there...

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

I pun lebihkurang cam you juga. Kalau mcm ada benda tak 'settle' tu, baik buta. Kalau tidak mesti dok ingaaaat... tak senang duduk dibuatnya.

Extra cheese large punya satu!

Naz said...

I know exactly what you mean :)
Hilman's a darling..

Kat said...

I think it's adorable how considerate Hilman is! and am I right in seeing he had a field trip to a pizza place? No fair!!!

ummi365 said...

How are you dear. Have not been bloghopping here for awhile already and therefore tak baca about your bali trip.. rasa macam 24 hours tu tak cukup.. kalau tak tido boleh tak? tanya itu pak doctor eh.

oh perasaan pelik tu.. i rasa all ibus will feel the same. me too, rasa ralat sangat my dotter went for state level tarian competition and has to take off her specs, i tak belikan dia pun contact lens. imaginelah dia menari dalam kekaburan.. rasa guilty tu tuhan saja yang tahu.

wanshana said...


Hilman ni memang macam tu...His grandmas selalu cair dengan dia :)

And my mom's instinct has made me bring them to makan kat Pizza Milano kat One-U on Saturday hari tu, so, dah rasa okay now :)

wanshana said...


Betulkan, Ja... Selagi tak fulfill apa yang disebut or dihajatkan oleh anak-anak which are within our means, selagi tu rasa macam tak seronok hati ni kan?

Extra cheese Extra large pun boleh, Ja... :)

wanshana said...


We mothers are all the same, I guess. When it comes to our kids, everything else becomes secondary :)

Yes, he's a darling :)

wanshana said...

Hi Kat,

Yes, he is adorable :)

Yes, the school organizes trips to Do*inoes every year, where the kids would be shown how pizzas are made, and then they are allowed to create their own pizzas to bring home. Cool, huh?

It was Hasya who went for the field trip last week and brought home 2 pizzas with her. Hilman's going this Wednesday :) (and we have a feeling that he'll ask us for some $$ to buy 3 pizzas. Hehehe!)

wanshana said...


I know how busy you've been! I've been following jugak your give-aways postings/quizzes cepumas with your gorgeous bags as the prizes, tapi I ni tak creative langsung lah nak memikirkan nice names, etc.

I also read about your daughter masuk dance competition tu. Syukur alhamdulillah sampai state level. I bet you dulu pun memang terror menari, kan?

I understand how you feel, tapi sometimes things happen beyond our control, especially when we have so many things happening at one time. Yang mana satu nak dikejarkan dulu pun tak tau, and sometimes we can't fulfill everything...It's quite normal, but, we do try to make up for it in the end, insya Allah :)

Take care, dear!

tireless mom said...

Alamak nasib baik Kak Long tak terasa macam telur ikan tembakul aka cerita batu belah batu bertangkup. Thotful nya lak si Adik.

Baru baca your Bali trip tu. Sounds like everyone had loads of fun. You deserve the break dear.

D.N.A.S said...

My first son dapat no 2 and he's determined to get no 1 next sem.
My second son dapat no 22, and he's so proud of himself. No target for next sem.

Kids are strange.

wanshana said...

Kak Yatt,

Hehehe...Cerita batu belah batu bertangkup tu dramatik habis, kan? But, in a way, if anak-anak tengok cerita tu, nanti they will always ingat orang belakang-belakang bila makan, insya Allah.

Tapi, I rasa lah kan, susah nak jumpa mak yang merajuk sampai tahap tu kalau anak-anak perabiskan makanan without leaving anything for her, kot? We mothers ni, when it comes to food, we normally dulukan anak-anak, kan? Kita tak merasa pun tak per... :)

And yes - Bali was a good break for all of us!

wanshana said...


Each child is special and unique in his/her own way, but we accept and love them equally and unconditionally.

But, yes, sometimes pening kapla when they are TOO different, kan? :) Sometimes we don't want to treat them differently, but their different characters are such that we don't have a choice but to treat them differently!

IBU said...

How sweet of Hilman.

Had you leave the characters anonymous, I could have easily misled to think that Hilman was the one who wallop all the pizzassss... alahai sorry hilman!!!

But yeah.... I remember you posting re him saving the fish for others too!

wanshana said...


You still remember the ikan posting? Hehehe... Yup, that one pun warmed my heart, and made Bibik Dar teared up jugak :)

You jangan tak tau...Hasya pun kuat makan now! Tak padan dengan kurus...She's getting taller by the day. We have a feeling she'll be taller than Hanna in no time.

zareinah said...

Hi Kak Shana,

I am a silent reader of your blog and enjoyed every posting of yours. I can imagine how's life with 3 grown up kids going to be like in the future as I have 3 young kids at the moment. You gave me a v good insight!

Salam perkenalan :)


wanshana said...

Hi Zareinah,

Salam Perkenalan from me, too :)

I'm glad you've enjoyed reading my postings thus far, and I'm happy that my ramblings, especially on my kids have given you some ideas as to the do's and the don'ts as Moms. The best lesson is best learnt from the mistakes of others, they say. Hehehe :)

How old are your kids? I'm sure tengah phase gebu-gebu, comel-comel and tak create headaches lagi, kan?

Do you have a son? If ada, make sure you hug and kiss him puas-puas when he still allows you to. My Hilman dah tak nak I kiss of hug him in front of others dah sekarang ni...Sedey I... :( (Tapi if no one is around he would be the one who comes and hugs me!)

All the best to us Mommies! :)

edelweiss said...


i pun sama...kelau ada benda yang tak settle...i akan gelisah dok ingat saja. i rasa itu adalah normal lah ... kalau tak gelisah tuh yang tak normal hahahahahha !

baguih la hilman nih...dari kecik dah lagu tuh...esok besaq dia akan jadik seorang yang penuh timbang rasa :)

wanshana said...

Dear Edelweiss,

Amin...Insya Allah :)

Hilman has always been a thoughtful boy since kecik lagi. I remember once he got free stickers from school and when he came back with them, he asked his Kak Ngah to choose the ones she liked and the rest baru he took for himself.

Mothers will be mothers - even without us trying, kan? Hehehe! Syukur alhamdulillah, "hutang pizza" dah langsai hari tu :)

Have a great week ahead, dear!