Monday, October 12, 2009

Ada satu cerita kelakar...

Tapi, I tak tau nak gelak ker...or nak nangis...

Ayah and I had a wedding invitation yesterday. It was a reception for the son of my colleague at the Faculty - Prof Fa*zi, and his wife Dr. Fa*i*ah. It was to be held at Gr*nd Bl*e Wa*e, Shah Alam.

I went to get the wedding present on Saturday while waiting for Hanna to finish her guitar lesson at One-U. Jenuh jugak lah nak memilih the present because nearly all of the items which I berkenan semua dah out of stock. They should have tagged on the display items that only the display items were left lah kan? I think I asked for about 8 items, before they finally had one in stock. Wasting my time only!

Anyway, I had chosen our Bajus to wear for the wedding - sedondon, etc. Had asked Dar to iron them nicely, together with a matching samping for Ayah and tudung for me. I later had to go through my accessories collection to find a matching clutch handbag, and later asked the girls to find a matching pair of shoes to go with it. Finally, I took out some bling-bling to be worn to the wedding. By 3p.m all the bajus had been ironed, and Ayah's songkok had also been brushed.

I decided to cook Honeyed Chicken Casserole for the kids' dinner. Ye lah kan? Ayah and Mommy nak makan khenduri, takkan anak-anak mak makan Maggi ajer kat rumah, kan? Dinner was ready by 5:30p.m.

Ayah came back from the hospital just before 7:00p.m, and we left for the wedding at 7:40p.m. We reached GBW at 8:05p.m and was amazed when we actually found a parking slot in no time at all. Ayah and I joked - hmmmmm, maybe we were the only guests at the wedding because everybody else was busy waiting for the by-election results in Teluk Kemang. Hehehe!

We went up the lift to the 2nd Floor where the Grand Ballroom is, with the wedding present in our hands, and as we walked out of the lift, it suddenly dawned to us if we had got the date of the wedding wrong. It was eerily very quiet. Too quiet for a wedding. We walked towards the Grand Ballroom, and saw a group of workers clearing up the tables and stuff there.

I stopped in my stride, while Ayah continued to walk straight to one of the staff there and asked if there was any wedding reception in another Hall at the hotel, and the staff said 'Nope'. She then asked Ayah the name of the hosts and when Ayah gave the name, this was what she said -

"OOooohhh... Dr Fa*i*ah punya function buat petang tadi. Dia buat Hi-Tea from 2:30 sampai 6 petang tadi!"

And at that point in time how I wished the floor under me would just open up and swallow me - all of me, together with my matching handbag and shoes, tudung, and bling-blings!

It was just SO EMBARASSING, okay?!

We got the date right. We got the venue right. But, we got the time wrong!!

But, Ayah being Ayah, dia selamba ajer tanya -

"Oh, ye ke? Hmmmm, You tau tak, if there's any wedding tonight which we can go to? Alang-alang dah pakai Baju Melayu ni. Boleh jugak we all bagi hadiah ni kat they all..."

And I was like ???!!!

We walked back to the lift, went down to the basement parking, and Ayah called Prof Fa*zi to explain and apologize to him for not going to the wedding that afternoon. After which, we got into the car, and we started laughing!!!

Only Haizal and Shana are capable of doing these things, you all!!

Anyway, on the way back we started to come out with names of eating places to go to for our dinner, and we decided that it had to be a place which serves dishes similar to Nasi Khenduri as we, or rather I, had already set our minds to makan Nasi Khenduri that night.

And we settled for d'Ta*do*r in Damansara Utama.

But before we went out of the car, we obviously had to dress down lah kan? Giler apa nak masuk d'Ta*do*r with what we were wearing, kan?

So, Ayah took out his songkok and samping, unbutton a few of his butang Baju Melayu, sengseng lengan baju (biar nampak macho lah kan?),and changed to his chapal which fortunately were in his car.

As for me - I couldn't do much dressing down, except to take off my bling-blings. And I just couldn't bring myself to carry my clutch bag yang glamour giler to d'Ta*do*r. So, I kept my jewelleries in it, put it under the car seat, and berdo'a that nobody would take them, and lenggang masuk the restaurant.

We ordered Pilau Race and Garlic Naan, Chicken Jalfrezi, Mutton Roghan Josh and some Brinjal dish and some Mango Lassi. The Poppadums were complimentary. Kira okay lah tu...Lebih kurang macam Nasi Khenduri lah tu! HAHAHAHAHA!

We finished our dinner at 9:45p.m and headed back to Sri Damansara and reached home at 10:00p.m.

The kids were still up.

And barely a minute after we went in, Hilman asked -

"Ayah, you have not given the present yet?! Why?"

Hmmmm...That's what you get when you have a very observant child in the house.

And we ended up having to tell the kids our embarassing story...

The moral of the story, you guys -

(i) When you get an invitation, make sure you read it properly, and don't just assume that just because it is a Malay Wedding held at a hotel somewhere, it would be a sitting down dinner reception.

(ii) Make sure BOTH you and hubby read the invitation from A to Z, and put a reminder in BOTH your phone Calendar/Schedule. And of course, make sure that ALL the details are CORRECT.

(iii) Do not misplace the invitation card (like we did!). It'll do you good to CHECK it again a day BEFORE the function/event.

(iv) Make sure you have spare casual shoes/attires in your car, or you might end up having dinner at Kayu dressed macam nak gi meminang anak raja...


Amy said...

Nasib baik Amy baca kat opis. So senyum diam2 je. Kalau kat rumah. confirm Amy dah gelak sakan. Haduihh Kak Shana..tapi I don't blame you la, kalau Amy sure tak terpikir wedding masa high tea :P Hihih ingat ke ada gambar kak Shana dgn hubby yg dah dressed up tu, tapi hampa :))

Cik Puan Kamil said...

Don't worry... It happens to us all the time... Sigh...

Desert Rose said...

*tepuk tepuk dahi...

patutla teringat kat akak semalam.
Yesterday petang smp malam, kaky kay, kak ezza n edelweiss datang raya rumah I. I saja invite them over sebab dekat. Not an open hse pun, i masak skit and justexclusively ajak 4-5 bloggers yg mg dok shah alam.

And then tetiba masak buat koey teow grg (sb i teringat cerita sensasi pasal d famous Shana's koey teow goreng yg I dok teringinn sgt nak makan hi hi )

Rupanya akak berada d Shah Alam.

Waaaaaaaaa nyesal. Shuld have ajak u. U guys shuld come for my "wedding" instead. U know how much i want to meet u.

Sob sob

Sorry kak ni mg citer lawakkkk, tapi i sedey plak.

p/s : Adakah akak jua berdoa jgn le sesapa kenal makan kat situ jugak hi hi hi i can imagine. " Shana, awat u glamer sgt ni ??? Anniversary U ka Anniversary restaurant ni ?"

Helena said...

hehe... advice noted. I always seem to misplace invitation card, much to hubby's annoyance. I told hubby ... you keep la. Taknak pulak. hehe

But at least you did manage to makan "lauk kenduri"kan.... ;D

Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin dear....

Kama At-Tarawis said...

Oh dear! This is hilarious...LOL

D.N.A.S said...

I pernah tak jumpa rumah pengantin. So, hadiah tu bawak pegi bawak balik jugak.
Sekarang ni bila dapat invitation card, I tak simpan..... letak aje dekat meja kat depan pintu tu and make sure takde orang buang. Kalau tak pun, I letak dalam kereta. Lagi satu, always have to check the address kat dalam Google map sebab selalunya map kat kad tu tak accurate.

zaitgha said...

ha ha ha....oh Shana this is very funny and i love your hubby reaction by asking if there was another wedding there ha ha far i tak missed ur latest posting tapi jarang left marks...but this one kena lah....its funny and tak yah nangis lah ....

Pi Bani said...

Or... the next time you lose the invitation card, pakai sempoi ajelah to the dinner, if at all there's any...

Would you and Haizal have gone in if there was actually a wedding reception at the hotel that night? I mean, somebody else's wedding reception?

wanshana said...


Hehehe! Tu lah tu. That was what we said to memujuk diri and to justify our mistake - mana ada Malay Wedding yang buat High Tea kat hotel, kan? (Chewah...tak nak mengaku salah! Hahaha!)

Sorry, tak der gambar coz' tak bawak camera. Sebabnya - clutch bag I yang glamer giler tu teramatlah chomei and tak muat nak masukkan camera. Buleh? :)

wanshana said...

Mrs Kamil,

I guess we can form a club then? Hahaha!

I selalu dengar orang pegi silap wedding (errrr, in fact it happened to me, too! Yikes!), but, not silap time :)


wanshana said...


HAHAHA!! Tepuk lah dahi sampai berdarah...Memang duuuhhhh giler we all, kan? :)

Ye ke you buat makan-makan kat rumah you semalam?! I say, tak de rezqi :( Tak per lah. Insya Allah next time. (Errrr, not that I want this to happen again, okay? ;))

In fact, Ayah dengan selambanya had called one of his friends yang dok kat Section 11, if we could go to their place OR they would join us for makan luar around the area. Unfortunately, his friend was at an Open House in Bangsar. So you see, kalau ada yang sedia terima we all semalam, memang sah we all akan sampai! Hahaha!

And memang - mulut I terkumat-kamit membaca segala do'a that we would not bump into anybody we know kat situ. Embarrassing weh!

(But, really - everytime I tengok Haizal jalan gi basuh tangan kat sink at the back of the restaurant with his baju melayu yang dah toned down tu, I dok imagine others yang dok makan kat situ dok perati I berjalan dengan high heels I kat situ. CRINGE!!!)

Anyway, insya Allah ada rezqi to meet you one of these days :)

wanshana said...


Thanks. Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin to you, too, dear :)

Selalunya, invitations from my friends, I would keep them. And if the invitations come from Ayah's friends, he would keep them. And we would just inform the other to block the date, etc.

Masalahnya, Prof Fa*zi is my colleague at the Faculty, and he was also Ayah's patient when he was at PP*M dulu. I gave the card to him, and he actually wrote the details down in his calendar (obviously making that SMALL mistake on the TIME :)) and after that we couldn't remember where the card was.

Tapi tak per. Like you said, still dapat makan Nasi Khenduri (kalau the khenduri is held in Northern India, that is! HAHAHAHA!)

wanshana said...

Kak Puteri,

Hehehe! But, trust me. It was NOT funny at that time. I could feel my face swelling and turning red with embarrassment and nafas pun macam semput...

Dah masuk kereta baru lah tergelak besar we all! Luckily there was no blaming game between us. Memang dua-dua punya salah, kan? Served us right! :)

wanshana said...


Thank you for the tips/advice.

I rasa I kena tampal invitations kat dahi kot? :)

Nak tengok Google Map? Lagi lah sesat larat, coz' I'm so not into map reading. Mau sampai Ulu Yam nanti :)

wanshana said...


Kalau I nangis pun, bukan sebab I sedih, tapi, most probably sebab dok guling-guling ketawa, kot? Tapi, memang kelakar lah bila difikirkan balik :)

Ayah memang macam tu. Tu yang anak-anak dia kekadang tu tension with his jokes separuh masak kat rumah...LOL!

wanshana said...

Kak Pi,

I think lah kan, kalau ada somebody else's wedding, we might not realize it pun until lah upacara merenjis kot bila tengok we all tak kenal mak bapak pengantin! (Itu pun kalau ada merenjis!)

And then, alang-alang dah duduk, (and sure masa tu dah bagi pun hadiah kat tuan rumah kan?), makan sampai sedawa, and we probably would leave before upacara potong kek...Hehehe!

AuntieYan said...

Salam Shana,

memang sungguh lawak, tapi kalau jadi kat Auntie, harus tak tak tahu nak kata apa?...lawak ke?...sedih ke??

Auntie pun pernah jadi macam tu, tapi tak le sampai ke destinasi kenduri....tapi dah sakan make-up bagai...dah nak keluar rumah, check sekali lagi kad jemputan...tu dia.....kenduri dah berlalu seminggu!!!masuk rumah, buka baju terus le tido. Nasib baik dah makan untuk alas perut, konon takut tersesat tak jumpa rumah...he!!...he!... :-)

Mrs.A said...

ni sama cerita pergi rumah kawan I for open house hari sabtu rupanya opoen house hari ahad.... ha ha..

nasib baik u can laugh abt it!

wanshana said...

Salam Auntie Yan :)

Hehehe! Lega lah pulak rasa coz' we were not the only one who had experienced this. But, still - so kelakar lah! LOL!

I say, patutnya bila Auntie dah realized khenduri dah over masa tu, alang-alang dah bersiap and dah bermake-up segala, harus Auntie and Uncle Din sambung ajer gi Carcosa for a romantic dinner. Tukar ajer baju, keep the make-up on :)

I was telling Haizal - sampai mati I akan ingat ni! LOL!

wanshana said...


That one okay lagi - you can still go again the next day, kan? Hehehe!

I teringat kat my good friend who came to my wedding a day late. She came all the way from Muar, with her hubby and baby, together with her parents sekali! Nasib baik lah Lauk and Nasi Khenduri banyak lagi. Dapatlah we all menjamu they all :)

But, yeah...this kind of things, tak payah nak worked up lah kan? We should just laugh about it :)

Unknown said...


(dah le kita ni batuk...baca ur blog...gelak sampai terbatuk2....)

wanshana said...


Nasib baik terbatuk ajer! Jangan terkuchil sudaaahhh...LOL!

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Hahaha Shana... embarassing kan? Rasa mcm budak kecik pulak sebab tak baca betul2. I lepas jadi incident in May tu, I dah betul2 careful dah bila baca wedding invitations.

Tapi kan, rasanya somehow kalau nak jadi, jadi jugak..hahahaha...

wanshana said...


Hehehe! I seem to remember your May incident tu - you silap date, kan? Tercepat by a week or a month, kan?

And I think I actually reminded all of us to read the invitations bebetul, etc.

Hehehe...I don't seem to practice what I preach, huh? LOL!

Anyway, HOPEFULLY we've learnt our lessons :)

Unknown said...

hahaha!!! wanshana.....that was so funny.....but i love the way u guys reacted!!! so cool...

wanshana said...

Dear Just Me,

Hehehe! That was the ONLY way we knew how to react to the whole thing. Nasib baik we BOTH thought it was funny. Kalau tak, mesti monchong jugak kot? Hehehe!

But, yeah...we just have to step back, take a deep breath, and smile. After all, benda dah terjadi kan? :)

Anonymous said...

SHANA !!!!!!!!!!!!

HAIZAL !!!!!!!!!!!

Goshhh.... I'm lost for words!

p/s In your sms, u said ada wedding this coming Saturday at Shah Alam? Pls check betul2 eh? But we all (the whole MT clan) won't mind meeting you in your baju glamer & bling2 segala....whatever time. Guests of horror... hehehe...


wanshana said...


You?! Lost for words?! SO NOT YOU, okay?!! LOL!!!

Tu lah tu... Nak kena suruh Haizal make sure bebetul about wedding Sabtu ni. Ni lagi best - tak der invitation card. The parents of the bride ajak through phone. And semalam pun Haizal macam tak sure where exactly the wedding is going to be held! I kan dah kata - we all ni never learn our lessons :)

Wajib Haizal call them up again, record the conversation to get the exact correct details. Tak mau lah d'Ta*do*r untung dua kali, kan? HAHAHAHA!!

We still have not finalized logistics for Saturday night lagi. Tak sure if the kids can tumpang Ab*d to go to your place or not. Depends on which car she's driving, I guess.

But, insya Allah, we'll be there - bling blings and all ;)