Monday, October 19, 2009

The (mad-rush) weekend that was...

Last weekend could not be more representative of my life as a doctor's wife , and the kids' lives as a doctor's kids.

It started on Friday night when Ayah had to work late to meet the dateline to submit his MM article to the editor. Ayah knew that he would be very late, but he wasn't sure as to when exactly he would be coming home that night. So, the kids and I decided to have our dinner at One-U, and then tapau some for Ayah and join him at the hospital like we would sometimes do on Friday nights.

Our first stop was MPH as we had to get some workbooks for the kids to practice in preparation for their Final Exam this Friday. But, seperti biasa we ended buying books which were not in our original list lah kan... Anyway, after MPH we decided to have dinner at TCRS, after which we left One-U to join Ayah at the hospital, with some tapau-ed chicken rice for him. Mind you, it was already 10:15p.m, and he had not had his dinner yet, and his lunch was taken after solat Jumaat earlier that day.

We reached Ayah's office at about 10:30p.m, and he was still working on the article. Every now and then his focus would be disrupted when he would be called to the ward and/or ICU to attend to his patients. The kids and I decided to just do our own things as we did not want to disturb Ayah.

We would normally go home separately in our own cars after our Friday visits to Ayah's office, when the kids would choose who they would want to follow in the 15 minutes journey back to SD, and we thought that night would be the same, too.

However, by 12:00a.m, Ayah was still with his patients, and his article was not even halfway done yet! I thought of just driving back home with the kids first, but, Ayah was not keen on the idea of me driving alone with the kids at that hour. So, we decided to just take a short nap while waiting for Ayah to finish his article. He was not keen to bring his work back as he knew that if once he was home, he would be tempted to sleep, and he could not afford that to happen!

Anyway, our short nap in Ayah's office turned out to be an overnight stay when I woke up the next morning at 6:00a.m! I saw Ayah still working on his article, and the kids were occupying different parts of his room - sound asleep. Hilman was sleeping on the patient's bed, and Hanna and Hasya were sleeping on the L-shaped sofa where I was also sleeping on earlier.

Ayah finally finished writing his article at about 8:00a.m, after which he had to do his ward-round, while I struggled to wake the kids up! Syok sangat tido kat Ayah's office, kot? :) Anyway, the kids and I just washed our faces, and luckily Ayah had some Listerine stocked in his office. We brushed our hair - trying our best to look fresh - like we already had our shower, etc, but of course, our wrinkled clothes actually gave everything away... Hehehe!

Ayah has his own toiletries, towels and some change of clothes in his office for days like this, and he managed to shower before we decided to have that rare breakfast together at the Cafeteria, before he had to go see his patients at another hospital in Puchong. Thank God, it was a public holiday on Saturday and there were not many people at the Cafeteria :)We finished our breakfast at 10:00a.m, after which we went our separate ways, with the kids and I going back to SD.

The plan for Saturday was "Open Houses Marathon" from 12:00p.m until late at night. We had 4 open houses and 1 wedding to go to, and we had to strategize so that we could go to each in good time.

We knew that it was going to be a mad rush as we were planning to go to Section 14 (PJ) - Damansara Heights - Kajang - Shah Alam - Rawang within 8 hours, with the hope of reaching our last destination by 10:00p.m. So, we had packed some spare clothes, especially for the kids, just in case we needed to change mid-way through the marathon.

Ayah came back from Puchong at 11:50a.m, and we left the house at 12:20p.m, reaching the first house in PJ at 12:45p.m. We left at about 1:50p.m and made our way to the second house in Damansara Heights for a Deepavali do. And just as we were leaving for our third house at 2:50p.m, Ayah received a call from the hospital, and he had to rush back. And of course, seperti biasa di dalam kes-kes sebegini, WE also had to rush and tag along with him.

The kids and I waited in Ayah's office while he attended to his patient. A half hour wait ended being a 2 hour wait, and we only left for our third open House in Kajang at 5:00p.m! We reached Kajang at 5:25p.m, and spent quite some time chatting with the hosts who were back from the UK for a short break. The original plan was to stay from 3:30p.m until 5:30p.m, but the fact that we only reached the place at 5:25p.m, all our plans had gone haywire lah kan? (Mu*ni, if you're reading this, nanti kita catch up later this week, okay?)

Ayah and I had a wedding to go to in Shah Alam that night, and we knew that we had to leave Kajang by 6:30p.m the latest to go back to SD and get ready for the wedding. And of course, there was that final open house/birthday do at Ibu's place in Rawang which we would be going to after that. Logistically, memang sakit badan lah we all, if we were to go back to SD after the wedding to fetch the kids to go to Ibu's. And the kids would miss out on most of the birthday party.

So, tukar strategy. Nasib baik Sh*dy and On*ir (Mr and Mrs Engineer) were also at the Kajang Open House, and as they were also going to Rawang that night, we decided to deposit our kids so that they could follow their Uncle Sh*dy and Aunty On*ir to the birthday do first, while Mommy and Ayah gi makan khenduri. Luckily we had all their spare clothes with us in the car, maka bermulalah sesi mengeluarkan beg-beg baju from our car to be brought by Hanna to their car :)

Ayah and I left Kajang at about 6:40p.m and reached home just after 7:00p.m. We got ready for the wedding, solat Maghrib, etc, and only left the house at 7:55p.m (and the wedding was supposed to start at 8:00p.m!). Satu hal lah pulak coz' we were not sure where Kelab Golf SAAS was, and with a bit of sesat larat, we only reached the place at 8:30p.m! Pengantin dah dok bersanding kat pelamin!

Luckily, it was a free and easy buffet style wedding, and our tardiness was unnoticed as people were going in and out of the hall going to the buffet stations. We stayed on until 9:40p.m, after which we had to leave as Ayah was again called to the hospital. We reached TMC just after 10:00p.m and Ayah had to review his patients at the ICU, and we only left for Rawang at about 10:40p.m.

Sampai ajer Rawang, Ayah just had to catch up on his sleep. Remember? He had not slept at all since the time he woke up on Friday morning because he was working on his article,on top of his usual hospital routine, right? Meaning at that point in time, he had not slept for over 40 hours! He went up to the room (which is one of the rooms at Ibu's reserved for MT members for out late nights in Rawang. Hehehe!), while the kids continued with the party funs, and the Mommies engaged in meaningful activities - basically borak-borak and kraoke-ing :)

By 2:30a.m, everybody decided to call it the night, and one by one of Ibu's guests started to bid good night. And we thought that we should also make our way home. I went to wake Ayah's up, and I had a tough time to make him open his eyes!! He was really catching up with the last 2 nights sleep which he didn't get. So, finally, we decided to just stay the night at Ibu's... (Errrr, macam tak biasa, kan?! Hahaha!) Again, nasib baik ada spare clothes for everybody in the car. And as always, Ibu being such an efficient host was always ready with all the spare toothbrushes and items yang sewaktu dengannya. Hehehe!

The next day, we left Rawang just before noon - but not before being fed with some Yummylicious Nasi Lemak cooked by Ibu's Bibik - siap dengan Sambal Kerang and Sambal Udang, Ayam Goreng, Ikan Kering Bulu Ayam, etc! (Mana lah nak kurus, kan?!)

Thank you so much for having us over, and being such lovely hosts, Ibu and Mr. Ibu... ;)

We reached home at 12:30p.m, and Ayah had to again go to the hospital at about 2:00p.m. We were planning to go to a khenduri do'a selamat-cum-Raya open house at Bukit Jelutong which was supposed to be from 1:30p.m until 5:00p.m, after which we had planned to go to our BJ house to do some cleaning and mopping and have our shower, and then go out for dinner around there like we normally would do.

However, by 4:30p.m, when Ayah was still not back, I SMSd to the host to apologize and tell her that we would not be able to go to her do. I asked the kids to change (from their Baju Kurung, etc, to some casuals) and help themselves to the Macaroni Goreng I fried earlier. She immediatly called and said that we could still go, even later as they were still receiving guests at that time. Even then, I still tak berani nak janji coz' I wasn't sure when exactly Ayah would be home.

Ayah FINALLY came back at 5:05p.m, and the kids were asked to change back to their Baju Kurung, etc, after which they were bundled into the car, and we headed to BJ. We reached our friend's place at 5:25p.m and met some other friends there and caught up with them over some delicious Briayani spread.

We left our friend's place at 6:30p.m and headed to our BJ house and Bibik Dar and I started to sweep and mop the floors, while Ayah and the kids took their shower, etc. We were done by about 8:30p.m, but instead of going out for dinner, we decided to go to my brother's new place (also in BJ - at Tr*pi*a), and ended up staying there until about 10:50p.m.

We reached home at 11:15p.m and by then, everybody was like kain buruk already...

And I was gone to the world as soon as my head hit the pillow, and only woke up at 6:00a.m this morning...

And it's already Monday...




ibu,mommy,mom... said...

wow..Penat I baca your blog today:)

Kak Ezza@makcik Blogger said...

Hah! dah habis...

tersangat lah sesak nafas ku ini bila baca cerita kamu! pakai bateri Energizer ker....

Kalau kami lah ni..half way dah melepek dah ni....

Anak ibu sapa nama.....

IBU said...


The kain buruk that still has got the energy to jot this entry down at 6.00 am? Must be some kind of high grade kain buruk this one. Errr... chap Zara ker? Ekekeke....

Next time around when u've got similar marathon series ala-ala Amazing Race ni, you know you can always count on Rawang to be the last pit stop - check in & check out anytime. Because as you know - MT & Rawang : the last team to arrive will not get eliminated.

'Pagar' we all memang sentiasa terbuka... ehehehe...

Our pleasure to have you guys over. I shall remember to standby saline solution for contact lenses next time.


Amy said...

Adoihh macam Amy cakap dulu mmg salute la Kak Shana ni, mana dapat energy tu semua and especially ur hubby. Amy sure akan dpt migraine kalau tido tak cukup macam tu.. ni baru betul2 FULL weekend ni :)

wanshana said...

Ibu, Mommy, Mom...

I pun penat nak menaip entry ni tadi... Hehehe!

It was a pretty packed and tiring weekend for us, but we had fun!

wanshana said...

Kak Ezza,

Somput ko bacho? Sorry lah, akak.Lain kali, agak-agak tengok entry macam panjang sikit tu, jangan lupa take a break halfway. Mesti ada intermission. Hehehe!

I tak pakai bateri Energizer. Ada portable generator. Hahaha!

Anak Ibu, namanya...Jeng Jeng Jeng...I'll let Ibu do the honour of announcing her lil' princess' name, lah ya?

But, nama dia chomei - macam tuannya :)

wanshana said...


Thanks again for membuka pagar, membuka bilik tido, membuka bilik air, membuka dapur, dining hall dan segalanya for us ;)

I somehow woke up at 5:30a.m and couldn't go back to sleep after that. I think sebab tak biasa tido awal kot? Dah cukup jam tido, automatically terbangun.

Kain buruk chap Zara?! I say, you silap orang lah, gang. That would be J*! I chap Kh*ti*ah Tailor kat Tmn Tun tu ajer :)

Yes, put Saline Solution on standby at your place. Errrrr, while you're at it, do you want me to give you a list of all the things we might need should there be more unplanned overnight stays at your place? Hahaha!


* Kiss-kiss to 'Shanjer'... :)

wanshana said...


I think it's because we're so used to it kot, and we never really think about it?

And also because we never knew other ways of living/leading our daily lives other than how we're leading it know - hectic and action-packed! Hehehe!

Normally, bila nak wind down at night tu baru lah start terasa sakit satu badan :)

LadyMarko said...

Tabik for being a very patient mother and supportive wife. Bet your hubby appreciates that too :-)

1na said...

Salam kak,

Saya rasa penat bila baca kak.... macam mana la dgn tuan punya badan hehehehe

Letih rasanya...

wanshana said...


Thanks :)

I hope he does...(He'd BETTER! Hehehe!)

wanshana said...


If we stop and think about it, memang penat. So, the trick is - don't think about it :)

Layan ajer... :)

Formerly known as Superwomanwannabe! said...

I TELL YOU! I AM SO WITH YOU GIRL! grab their time wherever and whenever you can..tidor dalam office pun tidor laaaa

They are amazing, our husbands. Ada lagi hati nak fulfil social obligations ...


MrsNordin said...

Wow... I can imagine how tired you all must be! Kalau i, memang i cancel semua appointment.

I hope last weekend was not too tiring for you. Take care!