Friday, October 16, 2009

No visuals! No audio! Please!!!

Please, I hope nobody will be offended by me writing this. Just to share :)

Ayah and I are quite open when it comes to showing our affections to each other in front of the kids. But, of course within limits lah, kan? Hehehe...And of course, when we're at home lah kan? :)

Just the normal hugs, a peck on the cheeks, a brushing kiss on the lips, etc. You know, the usual normal things which you would do naturally, without having to think about it to do it. On reflex.

The kids are so used to these as we've been doing this sejak azali lagi. And I guess they see it as a normal thing for their Ayah and Mommy to do this, and also for other married couples to do the same.

Some may not agree with me, but, I do believe that it is okay for kids to see their Moms and Dads show their love openly, as this exudes warmth, love, respect and happiness in the family which I think is very important for their growth and development. Happy thoughts in children really can do wonders, especially to their psychological development which will determine how well these kids will do in life later.

But, we don't really see this as a norm in our society. Which is a shame.

Anyway, yesterday was just like any other day, except that Ayah came back earlier than usual. Hasya was in the living room with me then. I greeted Ayah at the door when he came in. We hugged, and we kissed lightly before walking to the sofa.

Hasya, who all those time was sitting on the sofa and observing us, suddenly said -

"Ohhh, Mommy!! Ayah!! Please...NO VISUALS, please!! NO VISUALS! And NO AUDIO, too, please!!!"

Ayah and I just looked at each other, trying to figure out what it was that she was talking about, and realizing that she was referring to the light kiss we had earlier, both Ayah and I just had to gelak besar after that!

What?! No visuals?!! No audio??!! What??!

Why the sudden change in her reaction to all the "openness" thingy, ya? (Have to ask her about this nanti!)

And of course, Ayah responded by hugging (or rather - squeezing her) and giving her a big kiss on her cheeks - with AUDIO set at full volume!


Much to Hasya's annoyance, of course!




Ummi365 said...

shana, you are not offending me. I do that most of the times with hubby infront of the kids. i guess hasya dah besar so dia rasa malu kut.

wanshana said...


Looking at your relationship with your hubby and kids, I know that it is very open one, and you would be amongst those who would not be offended :)

But, I know there are those out there who are not that open, hence would not approve of what I've written. Trust me. There are! But, yeah - masing-masing punya opinion and hak, kan? :)

I just find it strange that suddenly Hasya feels awkward about the whole thing, because we never had the same issue with Hanna, even until now.

Time for a slow-talk with her, I think :)

* Read your status in FB - Get well soon, dear! Hope it won't affect your weekend.

zaitgha said...

me too not fact my husband and i do that too...teringat an interview Oprah did with Bill Cosby about his sitcom....but agreed with u too abt some ppl might get offended but then again....their lost he he....

Lizamurni Lokman said...

Hi K Shana,

Tiba-tiba I rasa 'terpanggil' nak leave a comment in your blog...been a silent reader all this while..heheh..

Well, you are not offending me either. My hubby and I show our affection openly too infront of the harm doing it kan? My sons are also very loving and caring with each other and to others as well...maybe hasil drp visuals that they've been watching..heheh...

Take care, K Shana...

IBU said...

hahaha... reminds me of Idin, who once said "euwwwww......" and ran off upstairs.

wanshana said...


I was just being cautious coz' you'll never know of people's reaction to such a topic, kan?

But, you're right - their lost :)

Tadi, on the way home, the kids and I saw an elderly Chinese couple holding hands sambil ambik angin petang and it really warmed my heart. Kenapa ya, we jarang see elderly couples, especially the Malays, doing that?

I hope we can continue our ways sampai dah ke tua nanti, insya Allah. And I hope anak-anak kita pun will continue doing that with their spouses nanti :)

wanshana said...

Dear Lizamurni @ Dikny :)

Thank you for meninggalkan jejak this time. Hehehe! Sebenarnya akak pun selalu jugak menjenguk your blog. You're Jabishah's friend, kan? :)

You're right - kids will normally follow what their parents do, and if the parents are loving to each other, they will also be loving to others, insya Allah :)

If everybody can express their love more openly, insya Allah the world will be a very peaceful place, kan?

Take care, too, dear :)

wanshana said...


Hahaha! I would have thought Hafiz would be the one who would say that! :)

I will always get the "Eeuuwww", from Hanna and Hasya when they follow me shop for my clothes, etc. Almost everything that I choose would be greeted by, "Eeuuwww, Mommy! NOT that one, etc" Last-last satu baju pun I tak beli coz' tak dapat approval from them :)

So, whenever THEY choose their baju to buy, I pun balas dendam with my "Eeuuwwwws" pulak :)

dillazag said...

K shana,
Me too! Me too!
But then again who am I to comment coz my eldest baru 6 years old. Maybe when Khadra is older I would have to deal with it.. ;)

wanshana said...


Good luck when the time comes nanti. It'll be fun to see the kids' reactions! :)