Sunday, December 13, 2009

Naik bukit, turun bukit...

It's 1:14a.m, Sunday 13th December 2009 - and the kids and I are still awake in our room at Aw*na Hotel, Genting.

Ayah, meanwhile is down in KL. He turun bukit a few hours ago as he was attending MC*BA's Dinner at Is*ana Hotel, and I asked him not to naik bukit balik tonight, but instead sleep at home. I just didn't want him to drive up back here alone. Not when he's not that familiar with the roads and all. Anyway, he has decided to sleep at the Hospital instead as he has some work to finish there. He knows that if he were to go back home, he would be sleeping instead :) Anyway, he should be back here again first thing tomorrow morning, insya Allah.

We checked in at the hotel on Thursday afternoon. Ayah has a Cardio meeting/conference and it will only end at 1:00p.m today. Nasib baik they only have half-day sessions in the morning ajer, so for the last two afternoons, we've been going on the rides at Genting Theme Park. Syukur alhamdulillah the weather has been really nice.

The kids have really enjoyed themselves especially Hasya and Hilman because this time around they could go on most of the rides. The last time we were here they were not tall enough for some of the thrill-rides. In fact, on the second day they actually went on some of the rides again. Me, I only went on 5 rides - itupun I had my eyes closed during most of them. Hehehe! I memang penakut...(tapi teringin jugak nak naik!)

Insya Allah we will be going back to KL tomorrow afternoon. IF Ayah larat, after checking out we will be going up again and lepak-lepak at First World Plaza, etc. If Ayah tak larat, we'll probably lepak kat OU jer. See la how it goes nanti.

Anyway, here are some jokes from Ayah sempena our Genting trip ni -


Just as we were approaching Aw*na Hotel and as the kids saw the signboard, they shouted -

Kids : Ayah! AW*NA!!!

To which ayah answered - "You wanna what?!"

Me : Errrr...?


As we were driving up, we decided to open the car windows and breathe in the cool fresh air.

And just as the cool air came through into the car, Ayah said -

"Hmmmmmm...The Late Lim Goh Tong was SOOOOO rich he actually installed AIRCOND through the whole of Genting Highlands!"

To which the girls responded, "Ya Allah... Ayah, punya ler lame your joke..."

Me : (SETUJU....)


P/S : And Ayah, if you're reading this tonight (instead of doing your work!), I just want to say "I Miss You..." :(


Ummi365 said...

Shana... i could feel how you are missing your other half.. tau jelah kita2 ni kan lebih jiwang sikit hahaha..

anyway boleh jugak jalan2 during cuti sekolah.. we all ni masih terperap kat rumah sebab kakak just finished her spm.

Amy said...

Hahah the Awana joke is classic! :))

tireless mom said...

Hi Shana

Enjoy yourself. I hope you are feeling much better after the mishap which had fallen you. Wanted to post my comment earlier but was rushing for time. Take care dear.

IBU said...

Eco friendly aircond some more.... muahaha....