Saturday, May 22, 2010

How we spend our time together in the car... :)

One of the things that is common to maidless moms like me is that we could not leave the kids at home whenever we need to run errands outside, for me - especially at night when Zaidy, our driver, has gone home.

For instance, last Tuesday night - I had to send Hanna to her guitar class at OU, and I had to bring both Hasya and Hilman with us even though the class was just going to be for half an hour. And mind you, Hilman was having a slight fever and I would have preferred him to just stay at home and rest, but, NOPE - I still felt safer to angkut all of them sekali with me.

And last night, when I had to fetch Ayah back from the hospital - again, had to angkut everybody with me. Much to the dismay of Hilman and Hasya who were watching the final episode of MONK! And you could see how frustrated they were when we reached home at 10:00p.m and Monk had just ended, and they didn't know how the mystery was solved. Sorry, kids! :(

I even contemplated to bring them with me when I wanted to send the washloads to the laundrette last night, but decided against it as the place is just 3-4 minutes away from the house. So, I made sure I got back home within 12 minutes!

But, one thing I like about all this is that I get to spend more time with them in the car. Something that I've missed since Zaidy started working with us. And I like it even better when every now and then Ayah would also use the driver and not drive to work, and I would have to fetch him from the hospital when he's done. Like last night. The conversations in the car can be quite interesting and amusing when all of us are together :)

For instance -

Ayah : So*ha*dy (his doctor friend at work) has been promoting this game to me to be uploaded to my phone, It's called "Mo*ste*s and Pl*nts. But, you have to pay for it laaa...(FYI, Ayah and I only upload FREE stuff ajer so far :))

Me : What does it do? I mean, how do you play it?

Ayah : Apparently it's quite clever and interesting - the monsters will attack you, and you have to defend yourself by planting trees/plants around your house, and the trees will have all the ammunitions, like seeds and all for you to shoot the monsters with.

Me : And what do the monsters do?

Ayah : Oh they have several ways of penetrating into your defence - they can use polevaults, and....

And just at this point, Hanna butted in.

Hanna : Oh God, Ayah...Don't tell me that these are the things you and Uncle So*ha*dy talk about when you see each other at the hospital, please...(eyes rolling...)


Another conversation -

We were using the jalan belakang Sungei Buloh to go back from TMC to Sri Damansara last night, when Hilman saw the sign to go to Kuala Selangor, and he started asking -

Hilman : Mommy what other "Kualas" are there in Malaysia?

Hasya : There's Kuala Lumpur.

Me : Kuala Lipis, Kuala Kedah...

Hasya : Oh yes, Ayah's school - MC*K, in Kuala Kangsar.

There was about a 10 seconds silence, when suddenly, out of nowhere -

Ayah : Kuala Bear...

And the kids just started laughing uncontrollably!

I know...I was quite a LAME joke ("What do you expect from Ayah?" - the kids would say) but, the kids laughter was just contagious and all of us just started laughing! :)

Another one -

Hanna was just sharing with us some of the lame jokes she and her friends had come up with at school using their fingers and thumbs.

Hanna : If this is a "spear" (and she held up her index finger), what is this? (And she started moving the finger vigorusly to the left and right)

Us : Hmmmm...Dunno?

Hanna : SHAKEspear...


Hanna : Okay, okay...If this is a "lighter" (and she held up her right thumb), what is this? (And she started bringing the thumb up above her head).

Us : Dunno? (Obviously we just didn't want to think too much knowing how lame the answer was going to be!)

Hanna : HIGHlighter... :)

Hehehehe! :)

And she continued -

Hanna : Oh ya! Oh ya! Another one! Another one!

Us : Okay... (?)

Hanna : If these are your thumbs (And she held both thumbs up), what is this? (And she started moving her thumbs up and down alternately)

Me : ThumbDRIVE!!!

Hanna : LOL!!! Yup!!

And then Ayah exclaimed excitedly -

Ayah : Okay, okay! I have one! I have one!

Kids : Oh no!!...(eyes rolling...) (LOL!)

Ayah : If this is Hanna (and he put his index finger in front of us - and at this point the kids had started giggling already!), what is this?(And he slowly raised the finger up above his head)

Hanna : Oh Ayah...puhleeeaaazzz?!

None of us could give any answers!

Ayah : Give up? Give up?!

Kids : WHAT is that, Ayah?!!

Ayah - giving his victorious look as nobody could figure it out, then came out with this -

Ayah : Hanna SO HIGH LAAA.... *


But, we ended up laughing bagai nak rak anyway. NOT so much because we thought the joke was funny, but, more because of how lame the joke was!


Aaaahhh...I love spending time with the family in the car... :)

* For those who didn't know - Hanna's full name is Hanna SUHAILA ;)


IBU said...

Shana, tell hilman, one of koala bear in ....err... Apa nama that place eh? I think country paradise farm, kat gold coast, is called Koala Lumpur ! Dunno whether it is still alive or not today.

Desert Rose said...


But seriously, I always tell my better half, that the quality time that we spend in the car is priceless, so pls make use of it , dont just nyanyi cam orang gila or diam sambil kerut dahi.....

DeLinn said...

cute! :-)