Friday, July 9, 2010

Towkay tongkang pecah...

We are living like nomads. Again.

Back in 1998 until 2003, that was how we lived. We stayed with Mak - my MIL, in PJ, as it was more convenient for us given the circumstances then. Our SD house was just our weekend home.

We had two sets of everything. One set in PJ, another set in SD. Toiletries, Clothes (different categories - homewear, sleepwear, "jalan" wear, baju kerja, towels, beddings), shoes, socks, baldi, etc. You name it. Two sets of everything. And we're talking about stuff for FIVE people, okay?! And sometimes I would end-up wearing a baju in PJ, only to realize that the matching tudung(s) were in SD. The same goes with my shoes. Major crisis, weh...

Then we decided that someone had to cut the umbilical cord, and we started to slowly settle in our own house :) The kids were getting bigger and needed the space, and Ayah and I needed our own room (Hehehe!;)) And I also needed my own kitchen :)

We still kept two sets of some of the things in PJ though, but just what the kids might need while waiting for me to fetch them after work. Furthermore they still had their tuitions and a couple of nights mengaji in PJ. But, we got used to the arrangement.

And then Mak moved to her new house early last month.

And we now have THREE sets of everything in three different houses.

As Mak has yet to move fully out of her PJ home, the house is still very much the centre of the kids' Universe. It is still the more convenient stop/transit point for the kids compared to her new house, as it's near their school, tuition centres, music class. And, they still have their mengaji there as it's more convenient for the Ustadz. And of course - it's just 7 minutes away from my office (on a jam-free day).

Mak still goes back to the old house every day to shift the barang-barang bit by bit to the new place, and I'm doing the same thing.

Some of the stuff - I have shifted to the the new place. Some - back to SD.

And our old room in PJ is already like tongkang pecah.

The same with our house in SD. Sememang sedia maklum macam tongkang pecah since my maidless status. And now - with all the stuff shifted back there, dah jadi macam tiga tongkang pecah. And it doesn't help that now we spend most of our time at Mak's new house, and I just couldn't find the time to really tidy-up/clean-up our SD house!

And our room in the new house is also like tongkang pecah as I keep bringing stuff there from PJ, and I couldn't/can't seem to find the time to unpack and kemas them properly.

So, just imagine. Living in three tongkangs. All pecah...

But, we do find it relatively more convenient for us staying at Mak's new place especially when it's so much nearer to Ayah's hospital. He doesn't have to drive that far at the end of a hectic day at work to get home, and he doesn't have to drive that far in case he gets called to the hospital in the middle of the night.

Not to mention, our SD house pun sejak dua menjak macam merajuk (macam tau we're moving out to our BJ house). Air-cond bocor, plumbing leaking, some of the lightings buat hal, etc. So much so, that we feel it to be so much more comfortable staying at Mak's place. And of course - there's Mak's AV Room, which makes our World Cup experience more gempaq the last month or so :) Hehehee!

Every 2-3 days we would go back to SD so that the kids can get whatever stuff they need for school/lessons for the next 2-3 days. And also to feed Benji and Button (the hamsters) and Jasper (the terrapin). And I would normally try to do as much ironing and tidying up as I can in the short span of time we're there.

And now, I shudder to think of how it would be when we finally decide to move in to our BJ house nanti.

EMPAT tongkang pecah?!



D.N.A.S said...

Kak Shana,
your husband boleh jadi Kapten Tongkang Pecah. You jadi Navigator Tongkang Pecah.... hahaha. Mencabar betul la your logistic..

BTW, Charles and Keith tengah sale. Boleh shop for handbags and shoes (sebab everything kena ada 3 set, kan?) hehehehe..

wanshana said...


Kalau Abg Haizal jadi Kapten, terus HANCUR our tongkang...Haha!

Disebabkan nak kena ada 3 sets - tak mampulah nak join C&K Sale. Setakat longgok-longgok kat Parkson and Jusco tu, boleh lerr, insya Allah.. :)

kay_leeda said...

Oh...I salute yr coordination skills. TIGA tongkang pecah!!! I'd drown on the first one..heh heh..

I'm so not looking forward to year end, coz I may be in the same shoes you are now. Maidless and manning a tongkang pecah..double whammy!!

BJ as in Bukit Jalil, Bukit Jelutong?

wanshana said...


Skill? What skill?! I pakai redah ajer mana yang sempat...LOL!

Good luck to you for year end. Seriously, after a while, you somehow manage to not notice all the semak samun around you (and hoping those around you won't, too!) Hahaha!

BJ = nearer to you => Bukit Jelutong :)

ms hart said...

Shana oooohhh Shana...that's how we have been living here, dear! I sooo understand the state of the tongkang pecah-ness (?) because our 'port' i.e. my family house is under a major renovation and so imaginelah the 'import' & 'export' business!!;-) Now our rooms tak rupa rooms, our kitchen tak rupa kitchen, our store??? Eeee...takuuuuut...;-)

wanshana said...


Hehehe...Tak per, Tati. Nanti tongkang pecah you transforms jadi QEII - berbaloi, and puas hati. But, for the time being, pejam mata ajer lah.. :)

Jangan lupa post gambar QEII you kat blog/FB you nanti, okay? ;)

ALJ said...

Blessed is a family that have understanding in laws. May Allah Bless the Parents(in laws) who nurture their kids and are coniderate with the needs of their children.

Amy said...

Baca pun rasa penat. Ada satu rumah ni pun rasa tak terurus (walaupun takde anak?) the end of a work day, the last thing I want to do is uruskan rumah. And I always say to myself (must do this weekend)but end up sleeping/resting or going out catching some quality time with friends and family. How la...

edelweiss said...

kak shana...

heheheh tongkang pecah dah jadik normal for me...i kemaskan...2 or 3days after jadik balik...dah dah survived 2 tahun lebih without a maid. hujung minggu cunnnn balik ...weekdays pening kepala tengok. itu baru 3 org dalam rumah kak shana oiii.

BJ dekat lah dengan i...heheh beberapa minit jer... i kat BS.