Thursday, July 29, 2010

Coming Soon - Mutmainah dari Jawa Tengah...

"Ok..I want 2 do dis 4 u dear..Duit bole cari, but I want u 2 relax n chill out wen u come home. Kalau x tu habislah anak2 kena marah..+ bapak they all sekali! Haha :)"


(Okay, okay... Granted. I can be so like a singa betina when I'm dead tired after a round of Bibik duties at home - and especially after a stressful day at the office).

Anyway, THAT was the SMS I got from Ayah last night after various SMSes between him, myself and Pn No*iz*n from a maid agency in SD. Even though we were quite shocked when we got to know the amount of dosh we have to part with to get a maid, we finally decided to just go ahead with it. Apparently, the amount quoted to us is the standard fee that one needs to pay for an Indonesian maid nowadays. In fact there are some agencies which charge between RM1k to RM1.5k more than that!


Really mencekedaghah more like it.

We've chosen one candidate by the name of Mutmainah, a 33 year old Mom of 3, from Jawa Tengah. She has worked in Malaysia before - there are pros and cons to that, like there are pros and cons to chosing EVERY single maid candidate out there irrespective of what are written in their biodata. So, pejam mata ajer lah. Pengemis tidak boleh menjadi pemilih... Bukankah begitu?

I was given the impression that this girl was already here and she could start straight away, and I was already planning to fold and iron at least HALF of my laundry yang dok menggunung in the back room, and also clean and tidy up the house a bit, coz' takut nanti Bibik pengsan bila sampai our house... Later I was told that it would take 2 months before all documents would be in order, etc. So, tolak campur kali bahagi, the new Bibik will only be here after Raya.

Well, I've been without a proper maid for 8 months now, what's another 2 months, kan? (I don't consider my last maid as a "proper" maid - for obvious reasons!)

Furthermore, this would also mean that I don't have to rush to iron and fold all those undone laundry, and there is also no need for me to break my back to do all that tidying up, too. At least for now ;)

So, insya Allah, we will not live like Kaum Badwi lagi nanti come end of September.

Having said that, this would mean that I can only REALLY chill out and relax at home in another 2 months time.

And in turn, this would also mean that Ayah and the kids would have to bear with this stressed out singa betina at home for another 2 months lagi...



Tina said...

salaaam... lama tak leave comments here!!

I wish you all the best with Mutmainah... harap2 dia boleh diharap..ameennn

I sent da maid home yesterday but have been maidless for a week (cannot see her face anymore so sent her to mom's..long story). now I know how life is in the 'other' world!! maidless world that is!! this morning I looked forward to come to work so I could 'duduk'!! can you believe that??? hahaha

p/s: me too singa betina yg sungguh ganazzz bila dah penat hehe

btw, this is MHB here (ingat lagi kerrrr)... now using new blogger name :)

wanshana said...

Salams, and thank you.

MHB!!! (Or can I call you "Tina" now? ;))

Of course lah akak ingat :) I was wondering if we would ever be re-connected after the loooooong hiatus (on both sides!) I'm so, so happy to "see" you again!

And I LOVE your new blog! I think even if you didn't introduce yourself pun, I would have guessed it was you just by looking at the layout and of course the yummylicious looking cakes and cuppies, etc. It is so YOU, dear! :) Very, very artistic, and soothing to the eyes.

Hmmm...I won't probe into the long story on the maid - as I'm sure, nak cerita kat orang pun you boleh sakit jiwer...Hehehe...I'll spare you from that.

How long are you planning to be maidless? Memula, stressed out jugak. After a while, we tend to just close one (or both!) eyes bila rumah macam tongkang pecah. And after that we tend to feel that we need a maid again. It's just a cycle :)

Good luck to "maidless" us!

Take care, Tina :)

tireless mom said...

Good luck to us Shana. My application for the new maid has just been approved. It is a replacement maid. The former one ran away after three weeks here, after telling everyone that we did not feed her. Boleh ka?!

Anonymous said...

I don't know how u do it Shana. Kalau I, bukan jadi singa betina but singa coma! Hehehe.....

Ibu ler ...

wanshana said...

Kak Yatt @ Tireless Mom,

Thanks! Yes, good luck to us!

Don't worry lah Kak Yatt, I also had a Bibik who went around telling people we didn't feed her. Memang sakit hati! Yang dia satu hari dok rumah while we're at work tu, dia buat apa? Bukan kita kunci fridge or tong beras, kan?

That maid of mine tu - dah lah banyak beno pantang larang tak boleh makan itu ini and I would bring her to get groceries so that she could choose apa benda dia nak makan. Takkan kot I yang nak kena masak for her, kot?!

Yang tension, dalam dia kata kita tak bagi dia makan, benda-benda dalam fridge and pantry asyiklah berkurangan, and kadang-kadang tu anak-anak kita pun tak sempat merasa... Memang geraaaammm!

wanshana said...


Errrr... "Do it"?

Do what, Ibu? You obviously have not come to our house for a long, long time, mate. Disebabkan I have not been doing much, rumah kitoghang dah tak der rumah rumah dah, Ibu ooiiiii.... Hehehehe...

So, to answer your question - "How do I do it?", the answer is, "I don't!" ;)

Lily said...

Salam.. kak Shana, I thought I've sent my last (8th) bibik home 3 years ago when my 5th child turned 4. Now hubby is suggesting a 9th bibik if I want to shorten my maternity leave and get back to teaching. My baby is 6 mths old now, and my maternity leave is approved for two years. I'm itching to get back to work but without a helping hand, I know I'd surely become a hungry singa betina coming home from work to 6 kids. But truly.. I phobia dgn Indon maids.
I wish you all the best with Mutmainah.

Desert Rose said...

Kak Shana Dear,

Tu diaaa nama Mutmainah, takut dengaq....semoga sifatnya semutmainah namanya..Amin

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Shana dear,
Dengan maids ni, it's all NASIB kan? If we were lucky, dptlah yg elok, kalau unlucky dptlah yg teruk. So good luck - I really hope this Mutmainah will be an asset to you & ur family.

My maids are going back early next year. So I'll be shopping for biodatas soon. I was told that the fees <> 10K for one maid now. Or is it more?