Thursday, October 13, 2011

A lot on my mind laaa, dear Facebook... You don't give me enough space oso

I'm supposed to write what is on my mind on my FB status.

But, what I have in mind at this moment will be too much and I don't think they would be "squeezable" into the allocated status box.

So, I'm writing what's on my mind here, and you decide la how I am feeling, and what's on my mind, okay?

5:50a.m - Woke up and got ready for the day (after only having slept for 4 hours last night).

6:45a.m - Left my MIL's house to send kids to school. Ayah would normally do this, but, as I had to be in UM by 8:15a.m anyway today, and the fact that Ayah only had a few hours of sleep and rest for the last couple of nights, it was only fair and right for me to send the kids this morning so that he could catch up on some sleep. No big deal as the schools are so near UM anyway.

7:13a.m - Dropped Hasya and Hilman at their school.

7:25a.m - Dropped Hanna at her school.

7:45a.m - Arrived at AEI (UM) - as I was to have a meeting in KL and the plan was to car pool to Chulan Tower with some colleagues from AEI.

8:25a.m - Left AEI and was stuck in a terrible jam at Jalan Tun Razak (Don't ask me why we used that route in the first place).

9:10a.m - Arrived at the meeting venue. (The meeting was supposed to start at 9:00a.m, by the way. I hate it when I'm late for meetings!).

10:30a.m - Meeting ended, and we made our way back to UM.

10:55a.m - Reached AEI. Got my car and drove back to my Department.

11:15a.m - Started my AUEA1104 Lecture.

12:55p.m - Finished my Lecture.

1:00p.m - Started my AUEA2104 Tutorial.

1:45p.m - Done with my Tutorial, and left UM to fetch Hasya and Hilman.

1:55p.m - Reached the school, fetched Hasya and Hilman and went straight to Section 14 to send Hilman to tuition.

2:05p.m - Dropped Hilman, and made my way to Tropicana to send Hasya home.

2:45p.m - Reached Tropicana. Had lunch. Had a 10 minute rest before going back to the office.

3:00p.m - Hasya came to the room and said,

Hasya : "Mommy, I need to print some stuff using a colored printer!".

Me : "Why didn't you tell me earlier Hasya? We could have gone straight to my office to print the stuff after sending Hilman tadi...".

Hasya : "Oh...Sorry, Mommy. I forgot."

Me - (Too tired to argue) As we only have a B&W printer at home, printing at my office would be the best option for a colored print-job.

3:40p.m - Left Tropicana with Hasya. And I have to say that the sun was SCORCHING HOT today! I had the car aircond on full blast, but, I could still feel the heat burning my skin!

4:15p.m - Reached Section 14 (with a splitting headache building up) and fetched Hilman.

4:45p.m - Reached UM and had to bring Hilman to have his LUNCH. Apparently, he did not have his lunch between 1-1:45pm before his tuition even though I SPECIFICALLY INSTRUCTED HIM THIS MORNING to makan first at the school canteen while waiting for me to finish my class and fetch them.


4:45p.m until 5:30p.m - caught up in an urgent discussion with a colleague. Lost track of time.

5:30p.m - Called Ustadz to inform that Hilman would be slightly late for mengaji and that Ustadz should start the class first with my niece and nephew, and Hilman should be back by 6:15p.m.

At the same time, I called Hanna to ask her to tumpang and go back to her friend Elynna's house in Section 14 first after her tuition at Jalan Bukit, and that I would fetch her once everything was settled.

5:45p.m - Went up to the office. Started printing Hasya's stuff. THEN ONLY DISCOVERED that it was not JUST to print, but, also to search for the items from the internet first. YES. ITEMS. NOT ITEM. I ended up printing more than 15 images for her.

6:15p.m - Print-job suddenly stalled. And I asked Hasya,

Me : "How many more items do you need to print, Hasya?

Hasya : "About 5 more, Mommy"

Me : FIVE?! Hasya, when do you need all the images for?

Hasya : Tomorrow...

Me : Tomorrow?! And when did you know that you had to print all these?!

Hasya : Last Thursday...

Me : (Blood already went upstairs - started to lose my top!)


6:25p.m - Had to ask Hilman to call and apologize to Ustadz as there was no way we could reach home in time for mengaji. So, only his cousins had kelas mengaji with Ustadz today.

6:30p.m - Left UM and went straight to Section 14 to fetch Hanna from Elynna's house.

6:45p.m : Reached in front of Elynna's house and called Hanna.

Me : "Hanna, we're already in front of the house..."

Hanna : Mommy, I AM in front of the house. Where are you?

Me : In front of Elynna's house lah...

Hanna : But, Mommy! I texted you saying that I could not follow Elynna home as she was going to Kelana Jaya after tuition. So, I'm still at my tuition place!

(Blood CONTINUED "going upstairs". 2 storey high, in fact!)

Me : You're STILL at Jalan Bukit?! Why didn't you CALL me? Why did you just text me?! I didn't check my SMS tadi as I was in a hurry to fetch you!Jalan Bukit is so near my office!. And I'm already in Section 14 now! Why is it that it's so easy for you to call your friends, but, so difficult for you to CALL me to tell me that you tak jadi ikut Elynna balk?!!!


And I had to go through all the traffic AGAIN to go back to Jalan Bukit!

7:00p.m - Reached Hanna's tuition place, fetched her and started to make our way back to Tropicana.

Malas nak membebel - so I just kept quiet. NOT GOOD FOR YOUR HEART, I tell you - keeping your anger inside.

Journey from Jalan Bukit to Tropicana took nearly an hour. JAM GILER TAHAP TAK BOLEH NAK CAKAP DAH!!!

By the time we reached home, I was mentally and physically drained....

20:45p.m : Received an SMS from Ayah - he had just finished an angio case and needed to do his night rounds and so, he would be home late, and he would have dinner at the hospital.



And, oh! Don't get me started on the fact that I'm still recovering from a very vicious flu and also the fact that our driver for the last 1 year 8 months had suddenly tendered his 1 week notice of resignation a few days ago (when he was supposed to give us 1 month notice!)and decided not to turn up for work at all after giving his notice!

And also the fact that I have more than 10 pairs of my baju kurung at the dry cleaners which the said driver was supposed to collect this week, but which are STILL uncollected in Sri Damansara (and I've run out of decent baju kerja to wear in my wardrobe at my MIL's house!).

And tomorrow is the last day to pay for the EPF and SOCSO contribution for Ayah's company's staff, and I have two meetings tomorrow and a function to attend and I just don't know when exactly I can run to settle the contributions!

And I just realized that there are still some outstanding bills still not settled which require me to go to the payor company personally.

And I'm supposed to collect the keys to our BJ house 2 months ago (after defect rectification works had been done).

And tak payah lah tanya whether I've achieved my KPI at work for this year, ok? Nanti says masuk ICU...




Anonymous said...


Awww Kak Shana,

Wish could be there to take you away for a cuppa of teh tarik!!!


-M @ Bristol-

Anonymous said...

Assalam Shana,
Take a deep breath my're not alone (senang je cakap) & God knows - you can handle it all insyaAllah! -rad-

Anonymous said...

Dear Shana,

Take a deep breath.....and i know how u felt.........macam2 hal kan......


Anonymous said...

Dear Shana,

Take it easy... Kalau bayar lambat for the statutory bills habis-habisnya kena bayar penalty. Not the end of the world.

Me? I don't want to be a superwoman.


MrsNordin said...

"Why is it that you can easily CALL your friends but just TEXT me for this kind of things???!!!" Arrrgghhh!! I know... been there, done that (pulling my hair, I mean). Even worse, at the end of the day, husband called and said he's gonna be late (or, like in my case, husband kata tak boleh balik KL hari ni from JB). Sabar je lah... Hope today is a better day for you *wink*.

wanshana said...


Better still - wished I could be THERE to have a cuppa with you! I just need some time away from this hectic schedule. Wouldn't that be nice, eh? :)

Abang Haizal is looking out for flight tickets for early November (Raya Haji break). So, you'll never know. we MIGHT get the chance to have those cuppas ;)

Will keep you posted, okay? :)

((((HUGS BACK!))))

wanshana said...

Salams, Rad :)

Amin...Insya Allah :) One thing that works for me when I'm avalanched with so many stuff like this is try NOT to try too hard to have everything done over such a short period of time. So, things yang at first tu macam urgent lah sangat - but, when I take my time to do it, they become not so urgent! Hehehe...(I know it doesn't make sense, but it helps me to see things differently and to set my priorities right). :)

wanshana said...

Dear Liza,

Thanks. I have taken long and deep breaths sampai rasa macam hyperventilated sometimes. Hahahah! I know it's impossible to get everything done at the same time, and there's no point to try doing them sekaligus pun, kan? So - que sera sera :) Just that sometimes it helps to vent out how we feel, and what are on our minds, kan? Hence this posting ;)

wanshana said...

Dear Kak Adik,

Very true indeed! :) But, I do try not to have to pay penalties for late payment of bills. Could use all the amount paid for penalties yang dikumpul-kumpul tu to buy new handbags and shoes instead! HAHAHAHA! ;)

Me oso, cannot and don't want to be superwoman. But, sometimes macam natural transformation when the need arises. Heheheh ;)

wanshana said...

Hi BJ,

It's comforting in a way to know that all these are quite normal happenings in normal families. Hehehe... So far, it has always been "coming back late" for dinner than "not coming back at all for the night" for me at the last minute. So, I guess it's not too bad then...

Yes, we really have to be VERY sabar, kan?

Today is SLIGHTLY better, dear. Thank you :) And what made it better was that I chose NOT to attend a meeting scheduled at 3:00pm, when I knew it would just make me feel tired and miserable. Life all about making choices, and I chose to take things easy (ier) today :)

Anonymous said...

U survived the day and managed to blog about it, accordingly. Ohhh its sooo you lah kak wan, oh u super mom u...


Nikki D said...

kak shana, ur maid still exist? btw, take care mmg kdg2 make our blood boils :)

AkaZukii ChaCha said...

salam puan,

i stumbled upon your blog while Google-ing for your full name to put in me first page of thesis...

i've been meaning to see you puan so badly for guidance regarding the thesis progress, but i am ashamed of myself cos i have been putting that work on hold ever since me last saw you (last July) then i heard you sprained your ankle or some kind of injuries and were on mc then there were ramadhan and next eid (didn't want to bother you then)...and then the uni's lib restricted access till new registration....etc.

oh puan i am so sorry that i haven't gone to see you though i was most of the time around thinks because am scared as i am freaking out writing this thesis, meeting the deadlines - in between mommying -life hurdles..

would it be ok if i see you anytime soon?