Thursday, September 6, 2007

Larian Kardio...

The media coverage tells it all.

It was a success - do read about it here.

Thank you to all who had supported this noble cause.

The amount collected as stated in the newspapers was as it stood on the event day itself. Contributions are still coming in.

Something that I want to share that really touched Ayah's heart - DYTM Raja Nazrin, Raja Muda Perak, donated RM100,000 to the Tabung Kardiologi, which brings the total collection to more than RM340,000! Ayah also relayed to me that the organizers had a pleasant "shock" when they opened the collection box a day after the event. They found a personal cheque for RM10,000 written by the son of one of the heart patients treated by the Cardiology Team at PPUM... God bless him, and all who had donated - big or small.

To those who still want to contribute, it is still not too late. The fund is still open. Please visit their website for details.

Thank you again, and Wassalam...


Mahariz said...

can't see nik halmey in any of the photos. did he run too?

WANSHANA said...


Nik Halmey didn't run - he did something else...

He belted out 'Sweet Child of Mine' and 'The Final Countdown' to the gorengs of our own BODE during the concert!!! You should have been there...and of course, I have to mention this - Ayah belted out 'Hotel California'! (Nasib baik bukan 'My Way'...Hahaha!)

Hard to believe (or maybe not?!), but they were REALLY good! :D

Mahariz said...

wow. hey, ada videos tak??? kirim salam to haizal for me - very proud to see the great things he's doing!

WANSHANA said...

I think there are, but maybe not of the whole concert - just snippets of it.

Will kirim salam to him, insya Allah - and ask him to post a comment here later.

Yup! Very proud of him :D

Take care!

Ayah said...

Larian Kardio turned out well. Halmey, like many others, put in a great deal of time and effort to make it a success. We are well short of our target (500k...we only got 340+k), but it was a good effort, nevertheless. With that kind of money we should be able to help 50-80 more patients.

The concert was great! Anuar Zain, Zainal, Rem, Pija, Zubir Ali and Farah Asyikin did well to entertain the crowd. And the band played all of Farah's 5 songs that day. We even changed Britney's "Baby One More Time" to a Rock Version!!! should have been there to witness Halmey's 'dream-come-true' performance. Axel Rose could not have done a better rendition of S.C.O.M.!