Tuesday, September 25, 2007

She ain't heavy...she's my...?

It was bad enough for Hanna when some people told her that we looked like sisters. It was worse when some even said that Ayah and Hanna looked like they were brother and sister. But, what could possibly be the worst thing for her (with somewhat an endearment tinge to it?) people could say than what was said last night?

Read on... :)

We were having our berbuka puasa at E****n Hotel in Section 16, PJ last night - courtesy of a drug company who had organized it for Ayah's cardio unit staff and their families. I have to say that I was really impressed with the berbuka puasa spread which they had there, and more importantly the place was not as crowded as other hotels which we had been to for berbuka.

Anyway, being more vigilant than ever now after the tragic and cruel death of Nurin Jazlin, yours truly was more than willing to bring the girls to the toilet a few times myself when previously I have to admit I would ask Hanna to bring her sister to the toilet when Hasya wanted to go oh so many times... The toilet was not situated where I could monitor or keep an eye on the door to see who goes in and out of it. So, I felt safer for me to accompany the girls even when they had to go a few times.

By the time everybody was ready for desserts, I was still having my main meal due to the frequent chaperoning of the girls to the toilet! So, when the kids wanted ice-cream, I asked Hanna to bring Hasya and Hilman to the ice-cream station and help them with whatever flavours they wanted, while I tried to finish my main meal and get it over and done with. As the ice-cream station was merely 6-7 metres away from the table we were sitting at, and I was sitting directly facing it, I let big sister bring her small siblings herself under my watchful eye.

I was watching them queuing up for their turn, and I saw a couple of guys talking to Hanna. And when she came back, she was half-smiling and half-frowning, and she said -

"Mommy, you know what those guys said to me?"

And I asked her, "What did they say?"

"I was telling Hilman to sabar and wait for our turn to get the ice-cream, when one of them asked me, 'Are these (Hilman and Hasya) your children?'"

Both Ayah's and my mouth dropped open, and we somehow said it at the same time, "WHAT??!!!"

"Yeah, that was what they asked me", Hanna said.

"And what did you tell them?" Ayah was curious to know.

"Well, I told them - 'I don't look that old. I'm only 12 years old, and these are my brother and sister!' and one of them said to the other - "There...I told you she was not their mom!!"'

(By the way, just for the record - she'll only turn 12 in November)

And all of us just broke down and laughed! We thought that was SO funny!!!

Duuuuhhhh!!! Were the men blind or what?!!

But then again - what do you think, guys? Just look at the pictures... :D

* Pix of Hanna with Hasya and Hilman.

** Pix of Hanna, Hasya and Hilman and their cousins (Ayah's side).


hanna said...


Did you have to post that?!
I feel old.
No, really I do :(
Hehe xD
Well it did freak me out at first.

Hanna Suhaila (:

PS//: To everyone, ever since this incident, Ayah and Mommy have been calling me their sibling, and Hasya and Hilman's mother.

Saya tak tua lah ;)

MAMAMIA said...

Kesian Hanna... But for a 12 yr old girl, she looks very matured. Mommy lepas ni pening kepala lah, she's gonna be a heartbreaker.

Mahariz said...

this is the first proper family-oriented blog i have read, ie with comments from dad and the kids!

does hanna play basketball?

Ayah said...

Hanna... My dear 'sister'. I'm a bit confused here. Err..are u my older or younger sister yah? Kehkehkeh... :D

'Brother' Ayah :)

WANSHANA said...

Errr...Hanna, nobody said you were old. They just said or implied that you "looked" old (or the more diplomatic word for it - "matured")

Hmmmm...I wonder which is worse. Hehehe!

No lahhh..just kidding, dear. I think you're gorgeous. ;D

Luv ya! Mmmmmuuuuaaaahhhs!


And Ayah,


Don't you think you have tormented her enough? Hehehe!

Maybe, you (we) can save it for another day - say maybe, when she's in her "Ayah-bullying" or "pull-a-prank-on Ayah" mood or something?

Good ammunition you have against her here, dear. Hahaha!

WANSHANA said...


Adusss! Sekarang pun dah pening...

But, it is funny/strange when you see her in person - it's like a small kid living in the body of an older girl! You can't really take the age out of a girl, can you? (Irrespective of how matured she looks!;D)

WANSHANA said...


Yeah...take your pick - the Brady Bunch OR the Addams Family...(or The Simpsons?!!!) :D

No, she doesn't play basketball. But, she plays netball for her school though - she's the GS/GA.

Maybe (just maybe) if she joins a boarding school next year, she can be groomed for PPM? I think she'll be good at it.

Take care.

Spena said...

See? I told you K.Shana. She looks like your sister.;-)

WANSHANA said...


Nasib baik tak de lagi yang kata she's my elder sister...Hehehe!

"Oh, tidak!!!!" (I could hear her screaming if that were to happen)

Anonymous said...


NurElsa said...

hi kak shana, dunno whether u remember me but we met at a&w when u brought me the hps from murni :)

i remember sangat2 your son kept singing "one now, one nescafe"! :))

hanna, u look gorgeous la, you should try out as a model!

WANSHANA said...

Dear NurElsa,

Thank you so much for visiting.

Of course I remember you! And I still remember you giving my kids the colour pencil sets, too! :D

And yes, I still remember Hilman singing Nescafe's "One now, one Nescafe" non-stop, on and on and on and on, that day! Must have been such a torture for you. Hahaha!

Hanna a model? Hmmm... If she wants it, I'll probably only let her model for TV commercials aje kot? NOT a catwalk model though. Boleh earn own money for college, insya Allah.

Take care ;)

Keanorlinsya said...

Hanna makes a hot mummy! super young too. hahaha..sian Hanna. ur gonna have ur hands full with this heartbreaker aunty shana.

WANSHANA said...


And I'll make a super hot grandmama! Hahaha!

Heartbreaker - I hope not...

Take care, dear.

Azian Hasan said...

Nooo way Hanna can be mistaken as a mommy for Hilman and Hasya. Buta ker mata dia orang? But she does look matured and beautiful?
Oh by the way, salam perkenalan.

WANSHANA said...

Dear Azian,

Salam perkenalan :D, and thank you for visiting.

I know! That was our first reaction, too - buta ke dioghang?!!! Lucky Hanna tak ambik pot sangat! :D

If she were to read what you wrote about her - she'll senyum panjang lebar, I'm sure. But, she'll only be able to read this next week, as this week she will not get acces to the internet - it's her exam week.

Thank you (on her behalf :)) for the compliments ;)



12!!!! Hanna does look...errr....let me get the word rite....not tua Hanna....but matured.

But to think those guys said Hanna is a 'mom'...this is just one of those examples of small talk to start a convers with a pretty girl.

WANSHANA said...

Dear Minah Celoteh,

Tu lah kan - macam-macam tactics and strategy used by men nowadays to chat up girls, kan? But, I have to say that what they said that night could not be said to be one of the better chat up lines ever thought of maaaa?! Guessing if the girl was the mom of two kids?!!! Original? Yes. Effective? Definitely NOT!

Whatever it is, I just hope THAT was NOT their intentions that night! Ngeri!!!

I think they really thought Hanna was the kids' mom - in other words - confirmed they were blind...

Tsk...tsk...tsk! Kasihan...

D.N.A.S said...

I was an early bloomer like Hanna, too. Ppl thought I was my cousin's mother.
The funny thing was, baru darjah 5 dah berderet-deret orang nak ngorat. Good luck Hanna (and mommy and ayah too!)

WANSHANA said...


Thanks! ;D

Aduh!! Berderet-deret?!! They all kena ambik nombor, tak? Hehehe!

Any tips for Hanna (and Ayah and I!) on how to handle potential wooers at such young age, please? We all dah start berpeluh dah ni...

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Shana!
How come I never get invited to the drug dinners? Ever?? Like EVER??? Like, Ive always been moaning that these drug companies never want to include spouse etc etc. ohoooooo!!! Jab has some splaining to do heheheheheh

Its fun to read you!Your kids dah besar!!!

WANSHANA said...

Dear Superwomawannabe,

Thanks for visiting.

Great to be in touch again! It has been YEARS! Yep - all our kids are big already. But, I'm still imagining Nadine at 3 years of age!

Hmmmmm...about dinners with drug reps tu - tak leh lah den nak nolong. Kono tanya Jab la, Shila...Hehehe! I think it has to do with him being a surgeon and Haizal - a physician?!

It's delightful to read your blog, too!

Take care, dear.