Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Food...oh, glorious food!

I've been tagged by Spena - and I must say, it's not an easy one on the will-power. But, on the other hand it's somewhat easy in the sense that I don't really have to think hard because all the answers are already right there on my mind :D (tsk...tsk...tsk...nipis pahala puasa! Hehehe!)

Anyway, here goes -

Name 5 favourite food that you feel like having now -

(1) Johnnys' Steamboat
(2) Victoria Station's or Jake's Spare Ribs
(3) Little Penang Cafe's Assam Laksa
(4) Laksa Shack's Sarawak Laksa
(5) My regular Cantonese Kuey Teow (from Beragas Tom Yam in SD)

(My tummy is starting to rumble and growl now....)

Name 5 food you would like to have for breakfast if you could -

Hmmm...I'm not really a heavy breakfast person because I can't afford to gobble all those calories and cholesterol so early in the morning, but kalau ikutkan hati -

(1) Nasi Lemak with Sambal Sotong
(2) My mom's Roti Air Panas with Fish Curry
(3) My MIL's Lontong
(4) Teow Chew Rice Porridge/Congee with all the condiments!
(5) Assorted Dim Sum

(Spena...Spena...why do you want to torture me, dek oiii?!!!)

Name 5 food you would most likely buy for berbuka today -

Hmmm... my visit to Bazar Ramadhan would normally be to buy Ayah's and the kids' favourites.
So, today will not be any different, I guess?

(1) Roti John - for Hasya and Hilman
(2) Char Kuey Teow Pulau Utara (Bazar Ramadhan Section 17 PJ - Fuyoooo!!!) - for Hanna
(3) Kueh-mueh for Ayah (Popiah basah, apam balik, putu piring, putu bambu, murtabak, badak berendam - NOT all at the same time, eh? I would buy different ones on alternate days la... okay?! Have not decided on which one for today, though...
(4) Assortments of drinks (air kelapa, air tebu, air soya, etc)
(5) Maybe some kind of noodles with soup or just soup for me? (sup tulang, sup kambing, sup perut?)

Aduhhhh.... chobaaaaannn....

Hmmm... who shall I tag/torture now? I think my victims this time will be -


Minah Celoteh

and, I would like to add another person for me to torture (hehehe...)


Sorry, guys...Hehehe... ;) and thanks!

Selamat Berbuka...(Errrr...make sure AFTER Azan Maghrib, okay?)



MAMAMIA said...

How appropriate. Cerita pasal makanan dlm bulan puasa ni...

Ingatkan nak buat later, ie in Syawal, masa tu lagi banyak makanankan. Tapi ada pulak soalan on food to buy for berbuka...

wanshana said...



Moga-moga ketahanan dan kesabaran kita dalam menepis dugaan and temptations while thinking of all these food will give us extra point?!

Selamat berbuka, Mamamia...

Anonymous said...

Alahai..... the previous tag masih hutang lagi, dah kena tag lagi sekali nih.... isk,isk...

Kalau tak puasa, how? hehehe

wanshana said...


Errr...Masuk Buku 555 la hutang-hutang tags you ni!

Come to think of it, I also owe you one tag maaa...zaman tok kaduk dulu - masa I belum akil baligh dalam hal ehwal blogging and tag-mentag ni! I might just do it one of these days, Insya Allah - just for the fun of it.

And untuk mejawab soalan cepumas anda - kalau tak posa, part breakfast tu, tulis aje lah apa yang you wallop pagi esok... (yam cake?!) :D

Anonymous said...

salam ...

kak shana ...

dah ... done it! although i had to really think hard coz you know me ... i just LOVE food! so i had to think hard to narrow it down to 5! heheheh ...


wanshana said...


Thanks for being a sport!

I know it must have been quite tormenting for you for most of the time you would not be able to have what you crave for over there!

But, you know what? Some people over here might be craving for your yummylicious desserts, etc, y'know?!

Anonymous said...

dear kak shana ...

hehehe ...

speaking of deserts ...

ada orang pesan my trifle for raya?! (siapa lagi kalau tak H*LM*!)

sabor je la ...

i miss your nasi and ayam masak 'tak ada resepi' ... nanti i balik you kena masak me that aaa ...

your mum's roti air panas with fish curry sounds so delish!!!

*nasib baik tengah sahur ni ...*


wanshana said...


Kalau bule I pun nak request your trifle for raya! :)

My nasi and ayam tak ada resipi tu - insya Allah, bisa diatur... Hehehe! (But, I can't promise it'll taste the same as before - nama pun "Ayam Tak Ada Resipi"!!!)

It has been quite some time since my Mom made the Roti Air Panas. Nowadays, she rarely cooks anymore coz' of her health. There are a lot of dishes which she used to cook which I miss. I guess now ni I have to learn and make them myself.

The funny thing is - now she looks forward to my cooking pulak! :D

Sue said...

Y O Y must it be list in numbers...arrrrgggh. The other time was 5, den I had to do 8...now back to no. 5.

But den, s long s nothing 2 do wit girls tings, boleh jugaklah.

I get down 2 it, s soon s I can get my hands out from the cookie jar....

fifi said...

Huaa, tensionnya can't sample these food.. never mind, next year, Insyaallah! Did you get our kad raya? My sis passed it thru Imran..? Take care K Shana, love to kids, salam to Haizal.

wanshana said...

Minah Celoteh,

Thanks! I look forward to your entry on this tag. But, I bet your cravings would mostly be home-cooked dishes - you ni sifu chef, and I know just how much you love to cook and how rajin you memasak! :D

Hmmm, once you get your hands out of the cookie jar, pass-pass la cookies kat orang KL ni! Hehehe!

wanshana said...

Dear Fifi,

Sorry for torturing you!!!

But, I bet you had some good samplings of yummylicious Malaysian food when you were back home last month. At least WE did - at Adam and Farah's birthday hari tu. Need to get the caterer's contact details from you again. I've misplaced their card!

Imran must have passed your raya card to Haizal and Haizal might have forgotten to bring it home. Either that, or Imran has forgotten to pass it to Haizal... Both are highly possible - knowing them... Hehehe!

Will convey your salam to Haizal and love to kids, insya Allah. And please convey our salam to A'bar, and muah-muahs to your adorable twins!

Take care, dear.

Anonymous said...

dear kak shana ...

hehehe ... kelakar la your mum ... well ... i guess it's our turn la now to cook for them kan ...

pasal trifle tu no probs ... hehehe ... but you have to come here la!