Thursday, January 10, 2008

"Anything you can do...."

"I can do it better", that was probably what Hasya was thinking when she saw her Ayah doing the exercises for his back.

Ayah was given some diagrams/pictures by the physiotherapist on how to do some stretching and back exercises for his slipped discs, and he has been quite disciplined in actually doing them at home. And the kids seem to be quite amused every time they see him lying on his tummy when he does them, and they started calling Ayah "The Walrus" (it had always been "Fatto Whalo" before this...:))

The Diagram

Anyway, a few times when Ayah was doing the exercises, Hasya would follow him, and here are some pics taken of her showing Ayah on how to do it properly - HER way, that is!

"Here's how you raise your legs, Ayah!"

"And this is how you arch your back!"

"While you're at it, see if your toes can touch your head, old man..."

"This is how you do a bridge, Ayah"


And later - "Hey, make sure your fingers are touching your ankles, okay? Easy, peasy..."

(By the way, while Hasya was doing all these exercises, Hilman was exercising his thumbs and fingers - with his PS2, in the background)

Errrrr....Hasya, dear...we don't want to make a pretzel out of your Ayah, okay?!!

* For the uninitiated, Hasya used to be in the Selangor pelapes team for rhythmic gymnastics. But we decided to pull her out of it due to certain circumstances and because of a certain individual. Read about it here.


Unknown said...

i flipped to the older entry - berdetik2 hati i dengan kemarahan terhadap coach gymrama dare she!!
but, that is now history la kan...

how is she doing / progressing with her tae-kwan-do?

and has ayah fully recoevered and berMEOwwwww-Meoowwww again ek hehehe ( to borrow IBU's nudging ).


wanshana said...

Abang Id,

Yes, we were very angry and upset about the whole thing, but, as you said - it's history now.

No regrets for pulling her out of it, and at the same time no regrets for the 7-8 months when she was in the programme. It was a very valuable and interesting experience for her, indeed.

Hasya's taekwondo lessons have been suspended for a while as her chess class (which she goes to with Hilman) clashes with the school's taekwondo lessons. She holds a yellow belt, by the way. Hopefully we can find another class she can go to soon, insya Allah.

As for Ayah, he is still not fully recovered, but I think the pain is not that bad now. And no meow-meowwwww lagi coz' he's
on his Surabaya trip - with stocks of painkillers, his lumbar support, etc with him. Kan I dah kata - memang degil...Sigh...

Take care :)

MAMAMIA said...

Melentur buluh biar dari rebung.... Kalau dah tua baru nak lentur, silap2 boleh jadi buluh bakar lemang.

Masa sekolah dulu, I enjoyed watching the gymnasts practising their routines. Macam senang aje, tengok they all buat...

wanshana said...


Hehehe...buluh bakar lemang, or nak buat rakit... :)

I have always enjoyed watching rhythmic gymnastics (and figure skating), too - sampai sekarang.

Memang nampak macam senang aje, but, if you were to watch how they train...Aduh!!! Kita yang rasa sakit satu badan.

Hasya didn't mind going through the physical training and going through the pain. She was one of the most flexible juniors there and could do most of the stretchings and bendings perfectly. It was just the mental torture that she could not stand.

Every now and then, we would ask her to do the warming up and stretching exercises at home, so that her body would stay supple and flexible. So far, she still can do them.

Take care, Mamamia.

IBU said...

Aiseh Hasya...

Aunty Ibu tengok gambar Hasya ni, terus rasa sakit pinggang la... adeh,deh,deh,deh....

Kmar said...

Alamak, I tengok I pulak yang seriau!!.. takut terpatah pinggang..he.he.. Salute!!

Terasa macam tengok Cirque de Soleil.. very flexible.

wanshana said...

Aunty Ibu,

Sakit mata Aunty Ibu memandang, sakit lagi mata Mommy Hasya when I saw her being "uli-ed" like rubber during training...

The first few times Hasya went for training, I followed to watch. I yang menitis air mata...Yang paling tak tahan when some of the new girls were forced to do a front and side splits... Oooouuuchhh!!!

wanshana said...


Yes - salute! It's amazing to see how the girls could bend themselves into awkward positions!

Hasya is naturally flexible (one of the gymrama moms calls her "Elasty Girl! Hehehe!) But, even those who are not that flexible pun boleh dilentur in no time at all. Mana taknya... nearly everyday di"pretzel"kan by the coach...

Anonymous said...

Hi Mommy dear...

Sugeng dalu... Dhos pundhi kabaripun panjenengan? Kulo saeh2...

M at d airport...can't wait to be home!


P.S. Meoooooooow.... Purrr...purrr... ;p

wanshana said...


Errr...whatever, Ayah. I only understood the "meow-meow" and "purr-purr" part! :)

Even Daryati didn't quite get what you were trying to write, dear... I guess bahasa Surabaya is quite different from the rest of Indonesia?!

Anyway, we're looking forward to have you back home with us, too, Ayah.


Mior Azhar said...

That looks menyakitkan... definitely a no no for me...Hasya is so flexible

wanshana said...


And definitely not for me, too! Memang NOT recommended for us yang umur dah A'sar ni... :D

It was also painful for Hasya masa mula-mula dulu. After a while, her body just got used to being kneaded and made into pretzels.

If you think Hasya is flexible, you should see her senior team-mates. Lagi "seghiau" kalau tengok they all warm up and perform. Elasty Girl pun will be put to shame...

ms hart said...

Salam, Wanshana,

Been reading yr blog but so far tak ter-komen apa2. How-e-ver, reading yr old entry about the gymnast coach thing.....tak tahan nak meletop-letop!! eeiissyyhhh!!! horrible people, huh? Ayah and you made a very good decision. Good for Hasya, yah? She need not grow up with that kind of person to be called her coach! Anyway, that's history, as you said lah. Have a good weekend, even tho meow-less, eh?!! he he he

wanshana said...

Dear ms hart,

Salams and thank you for hopping by my blog. I also hopped by yours - cool blog ;)

Hasya had always been a very confident girl and very bubbly, but after being subject to the mental torture we could see her changed to being very quiet and unenthusiastic - not just when it came to gymrama, but also at school (I guess the daily training was also draining her physically). After we pulled her out of the programme, baru lah nampak ceria balik!

And you're right - she doesn't need to grow up with that kind of person as her coach.

We now send her to a traditional dance class instead (which she enjoys tremendously!). She just adores her very loving and fun dance teacher to bits!

A good weekend to you, too :)

Take care.

drNO said...

hhahah...i was smiling looking at the diagram.
mu hybby have back problem 5 years ago, he is supposed to practice the exercise just like in the diagram everyday. But since he thinks he is better, he will just ignore it. But whenever the pain is back, he'll be searching the house hign and low for the diagram...
it seems that ur father are getting better pretty well..dah blh pg holiday...:) just take care

wanshana said...


Thank you for hopping by :)

Seems like back problem/pain ni is quite common, kan? Hopefully your hubby dah okay. If not, next time the pain comes back, just ask him to browse through this entry to look at the diagram - no need for him to search for it kat rumah ;)

My hubby still goes to physio, and hot-packs treatment at the Rehab Centre in P*UM, and he has started on the traction sessions as well. Nampak ada improvement jugak, but the pain is still there kalau tak kena gaya tidur or duduk.

He was in Surabaya the other day on a working trip - not holiday. What to do?! So degil...What is it about men and taking time off work when they're sick, huh?! Sigh...

Take care, drNo.

zaitgha said...

looks like this slipped disc thingy is kinda command happening to guys after certain brother is suffering from this too...

wanshana said...

Dear Zaitgha,

Thank you for visiting. It's an honour to have you here :)

Yes, it is quite common...but, don't let Ayah know that you're implying that it's one of the signs of old age for guys...Hehehe!

Ayah is still going for physio/traction/hot-packs, etc., and looks like ada improvement. Alhamdulillah. But, of course he has to take everything easy now. Cannot ligat-ligat like before anymore.

Take care :)