Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Goodbye 2007...Hello 2008.....

2008 has not really started with a BANG! for us.

But, I would have to say, the LAST day of 2007 was something else for Ayah and I.

I guess some of you could relate to this - The "Meet-the-31st December-dateline-to redeem-whatever-points-needed-redeemed" phenomena, or rather, sickness?!

We left the kids with Daryati from 11:30a.m until 7:00p.m yesterday!

Went to pasar Taman Tun to collect Hilman's school trousers, and, also bought one papan of eggs.

Went to collect a photocopied book, and photocopied whatever documents needed for the kids' first day of school in Section 17.

Went to collect Ayah's passport at Mak's house.

Went to bank in some cheques at UM C*MB.

Went to MBSA, in Shah Alam to pay our overdue quit rent for the new house (plus fine some more!) We had to wait for more than 2 hours before we could finally pay the bill!

(All the time, my mind was thinking - the eggs...the eggs...the eggs!)

Went to MAS office at KL Sentral to collect Ayah's ticket to Surabaya, and also to redeem our Enrich points which would have expired today. Alhamdulillah, we managed to redeem some points and get tickets for a holiday a year from now, with the points.

Went to J*sco to renew our J-Card and redeem our points (which we later discovered could be done on another day. Eherks...)

(The eggs...the eggs...the eggs!!!)

Went back to SD, reaching home just before Maghrib. The one papan of eggs had been in the car for nearly 7 hours! Nasib baik tak menetas....

Anyway, after Maghrib we were frantically going through the Yellow Pages and calling the 103 operator to ask where the nearest Sen Heng/Sen-Q branch is - to redeem our points for our R*B Credit Cards which (yes, you guessed it right) were expiring by 31/12/07.

Got a number for a Sen Heng in Section 14 Jaya, and rushed there, only to find that that outlet is no longer there! Aaaarrrggghhh!!! And it was already 9:30p.m and we decided to just abandon the idea of rushing to SS2 to another Sen Heng shop. So, there goes our 44,000 plus points - gone with the wind...Serves us right for leaving it till the last day...

Anyway, so, off we went to Jaya 33 (our first time there actually) - the new hip and happening place in PJ, to have dinner at Cozy Corner. Sorry, no pictures. Food was top of our priority at that time, and I totally forgot that I had the camera in my handbag! Anyway, all 5 of us had sharks-fin soup and steaks (T-bones for Ayah and his daughters, sizzling black pepper sirloin for Hilman, and spare ribs for me - YUMMY!!!) And we're definitely going back there in the near future, insya Allah for their perfect steaks.

So, there you have it - our last day of 2007.

And now, for the first day of 2008...

What have my family and I done today?

Well, for a start, we watched the Countdown to 2008 and the fireworks display at KLCC...on TV (as always). We had a nearer-to-home fireworks display which we could have just gone to last night, i.e at The Curve, but, hello?! We prefer the comfort of our sofas at home, thank you. We could see the virtually non-moving traffic going to The Curve while we were passing through LDP last night coming back from Section 14, and said to ourselves - "Crazy people..." Hehehe! No offence meant! I'm sure those who celebrated the dawn of 2008 there had a fabulous time (but, maybe not-so-fabulous time queuing up to go home after the big party?!)

The four of us (myself, Ayah, Hasya and Hilman) ended up sleeping on the (too comfortable) sofas, with the TV watching us, and we only woke up at 5:30a.m! After sending the kids up to their room to continue with their sleep, we had our shower, solat suboh and only woke up again at 9:15a.m! The kids had their mengaji lesson at 10:00a.m, while Ayah went to the hospital for about 2 hours (well, no surprise there!)

We have no plans whatsoever for today, but the kids have been egging us to bring them to watch The Golden Compass. Hmmmm...have to discuss with Ayah. They will only start school on Thursday, so theoretically speaking, it's okay to bring them for an outing today (even though both Ayah and I will be working tomorrow after a 3 day break. Sigh...)

We ended 2007 with our own kind of "Bang!" - with me having a terrible migraine, and Ayah having a severe back pain yesterday. Maybe, we should just take the "Zen" approach to start 2008? After all, both of us are hitting the "Big 4" this year (YIKES!!!)


Well, whatever it is, Happy New Year, y'all. May 2008 bring better and greater things for all of us, insya Allah (ESPECIALLY for Ayah ;) Amin.


Ayah said...

Wow...baca ur posting about what we did yesterday buat I terus jadi penat balik! :D

Well, this new year was kinda different. Last few years in a row I slept from one year to the next! This year dapatlah tengok fireworks on TV! After that...tidur!

Anyway, my darling...here's wishing u and us a Happy New Year! I believe it will be a big BIG year for us... :)

IBU said...

Dear Shana,

Every year some of my enrich points die their natural death without proper burial. hehehehh ... The others tu easy maaa... redeem online jer (psssst... including RHB points, babey!!)

But eh! about the eggs, kalau menetas sepapan tu kan bagus jugak eh? Boleh supply chicken to T3sco. LOL !! Tu lah... next time beli telur kat T3SC0 la. Kan ada Seng Heng kat situ?

WANSHANA said...

Thanks, Ayah :D

Amin. Insya Allah...

New year, fresh beginning. I look forward to all the better things coming your way, God willing.

My do'a and love always.

Anonymous said...

assalammualaikum ...

dear kak shana and family ...

happy new year to you guys ... hope you got our sms ...

may 2008 strengthen our faith, brings good health, happiness, peace and prosperity to all of us ...

take care and our salam to the family ...

wassalam ...

:o) murni & family

WANSHANA said...


RHB points tu we all were aiming for the 'on the spot' redemption kat Sen-Q. Dok eyeing one or two items there maaa... Dok call the designated number, tapi asyik dapat fax machine pulak! Tak de rezqi.

As for Enrich points tu, we had to collect Tuan Doktor's flight ticket from MAS office anyway...So, alang-alang dah ke situ...

Yang lelain tu, memang boleh buat online kalau straightforward case. Our case ni, kira bengkang-bengkok sikit :)

Sen-Q kat T3SCO Mutiara Damansara tu memang le nearer to home, but to go there on New Year's Eve?! Errr...mintak maap!

Take care.

WANSHANA said...

Wa a'laikumussalam Murni,

I was just about to reply your SMS when your comment came in! Wow...ESP giler... Hehehe!

Thanks for the wishes. I will definitely convey them to the family. Hope the new year bring better things in life - worldly and spiritually, good health, great friends, love and joy. Amin.

Please convey my salam to Hilmi and hugs to Iman and Irfan, okay?

Take care, dear.

ila de cute said...

kak shana,
happy new year... may u have a great and blessing year...
love always


WANSHANA said...


Thank you, dear.

Here's wishing you and your family love, joy, good health, prosperity, and all things great this new year. Amin.

Take care :D

P/S - Hope you don't mind me linking your blog to mine. Thanks!