Saturday, January 5, 2008

Dr. Patient...

Remember when I wrote that Ayah had a severe back pain in my last posting? Well, it turned out that Ayah has slipped discs...

He has been having this nagging pain on his lower back which was radiating down his right leg for the past 2-3 months, and he was saying that it was probably just a muscle strain due to the nature of his work. He is required to don a heavy LEAD coat every time he does angiograms or angioplasties (like the one the hospital staff would put on when you go for your X-Rays, but maybe heavier than that?). The thing is, some days he would be doing more than a dozen of angiograms/angioplasties. Meaning that on some days he would be with the heavy lead coat from morning until late afternoon/evening.

The pain got increasingly worse in the last 3 weeks. Ayah being Ayah, he just couldn't be bothered to seek medical advice from his friends at PP*M. Ayah rarely gets sick. But, when he does - he would be flat. And even when he's sick, he never takes MC. That's Ayah for you.

I knew the pain was really affecting him when he actually bought a lumbar back support last week (which looks like a corsette, but with a piece of hard metal running through the back and two other pieces on each side) and when he started calling his colleagues at work to arrange for a scan and physiotherapy sessions.

He went for the MRI scan on Wednesday - and it was confirmed. He has slipped discs (L4/5 and L5/S1). What's worrying us is that looking at the images, one of the specialists said that it was rather "clean", while another said that he could see some fragments of the discs - meaning that Ayah MIGHT have to go through surgery to remove the fragments and clean the affected area. He will be seeing the latter friend to have a more thorough check-up and examination of the images on Monday. I pray that he doesn't have to go through surgery. In the mean time, Ayah has started going for TENS treatments and physiotherapy sessions at the Rehab Centre at PP*M.

Ayah said he felt like a VIP patient as he got to see a radiologist, an orthopaedic surgen, a neurosurgeon and a sports/rehab medicine specialist - ALL within 3 days! They made time to squeeze him in their packed schedule, and he's very grateful for that as the pain was REALLY affecting him, physically and mentally. And I could see that.

What's making me more worried is that he is scheduled to go for three trips abroad this month, all of which he could not, or rather - would not, cancel. (Remember, this is Ayah we're talking about...)I just hope I could put some sense into him and make him cancel at least one of the trips! Sigh...

I just hope he doesn't have to go for surgery. And I hope the treatments and physiotherapy will ease his pain and cure the condition.

In the mean time, no rigorous activities, no heavy-lifting , a lot of pain-killers, AND a lot of do'as for Ayah... Hang in there, okay? Sorry - I can only help with preparing the hot-packs and watch you do the exercises at home. I wished I could do more :(

Get Well Soon, dear...


Unknown said...

wanshana....semoga cepat recover Dr Patient....!!

Job hazard jugak tu pakai those heavy lead perisai tu...tapi jika tak pakai risiko lagi tinggi...

Pengorbanan seorang doktor pakar ....hanya di ketahui isterinya....


wanshana said...

Abang Id,

Thank you - insya Allah. I think the exercises are helping bit by bit.

Yes, if he doesn't wear the jacket, lain la pulak risks dia. So, no choice.

Yes, memang banyak sacrifices, but it is one of the most-rewarding jobs. Banyak pahala, insya Allah.

Take care.

Helena said...

Hey. take good care of your hubby. Is he a good patient? Hehe. My dad who is also in the medical line, was said by the doctors to be the worst patient ever.... hehe...

Anonymous said...

Ohhh Wanshana... I hope Ayah will recover soon. My husband's grandma had slip disc as well, the pain was unbearable for her.

In the end she recovered. I pray the same for your dad.

wanshana said...

Hi Helena,

Yes, I will try to take good care of him :)

Hmmmm...depends on what you mean by a "good" patient.

If you mean he doesn't whine, and does most things himself, and tak mengada-ngada, then, YES, he is a good patient.

But, if you mean he listens to what I ask him to do and not to do, then, NO, he is not a good patient at all. He still insists on carrying stuff, etc and going for his trips tu. Geram betul...

wanshana said...

Hi Elviza,

Thanks. Ohhhh...I hope so, too!

Apparently, it is quite common - this slipped discs thingy. I don't know if it is hereditary, or not, but, my MIL and ALL of Ayah's siblings had/have it.

Alhamdulillah, apparently Ayah's condition is not that serious. (If macam ni tak serious, I can't imagine how teruk a more serious case is!)

Glad to know that your hubby's grandma is okay now. Only time will tell if Ayah can recover 100%. One thing for sure, he really has to be extra careful with his back from now on.

Take care :)

Anonymous said...

oooo kira good patient la tu.... my dad was a nightmare because he's trying to act as the doctor although he is the patient.... monitor kat bilik kene ngadap dia and whatever report, semua dia suruh nurse tunjuk kat dia.... pastu, doctors (mostly younger than him) would be challenged with questions from my dad, on his condition in which obviously he knows everything inside out, side effects whatnots.... pening dr nak give opinion sebab mesti dia question back sampai dr tu tak dapat nak jawab....

i think dr kat ijn aje yang tak get pressured by him.... hehe

Theta said...

I'm glad that the slipped disc look like a benign case. Happy recuperating to Ayah!

You take care too, Wanshana - I hope Ayah hasn't been a grumbling patient.

My husband is the type who doesn't like me to fuss over him when he's sick. :)

Mior Azhar said...

How's Ayah? Hope he's feeling better already. I pun selalu sakit belakang and its sakit , real painful woooo. Inikan pulak slip disc... lagi lagi lar.
Semoga cepat sembuh

MAMAMIA said...

Approaching 40, semua jenis penyakit will slowy creep in.

My hubby pun ada case slipped disc. Bila travel long journey or being in sitting position for too long, he'll start feeling the pain.

Tak boleh nak main horsey-horsey with the kids like they used to.

InsyaAllah, slowly your hubby will be able to handle it. Nanti tahulah dia, apa benda yg boleh or tak boleh buat, to avoid the pain fr recurring.

Kmar said...

Shana, I hope he will recover soon. Kena banyak bersabar dan exercise.

Usually behind a ´strong´ man, there is always a ´strong´lady and he will need your strength to make it through.

Take care

Anonymous said...

Shana, hope he will recover soon. It takes time.

My prayer goes with him.


wanshana said...


Alamak...sure fenin all the doctors and nurses who took care of your Dad :)

I guess, it's understandable - as a doctor (and a very experienced one at that), he would want to make sure he was being given the right diagnosis and treatment, and he would want to be in the know on the going-ons, etc. He had the upper hand in deciding on the personal management and care as he was the patient AND the doctor, at the same time. He knew kat mana yang sakit, and the exact nature of the pain or discomfort, etc. And he would also know the best and the most effective way of treating the symptoms.

As for Ayah, he knows little (relatively) about orthos, and neuro problems. So, he leaves it to his friends who specialize in those areas. But, if it had anything to do with his heart (God forbids!), I'm sure he would be like your Dad, too, Helena!

wanshana said...


Thanks :)

Ayah doesn't grumble, but I think he likes me to fuss over him jugak. Just that I yang sometimes tak layan!

You know why? Well, because I see him as someone who is strong and whom I can lean on anytime, anywhere. So, when he falls sick, I yang macam in a state of denial! Teruk kan I?

Anyway, when I realize that he's only human (surprise, surprise! hehehe!), and that he does fall sick, I do worry about him (a lot!), of course.

Take care, Theta.

wanshana said...


Thanks :)

Ayah was better yesterday, but, today sakit balik coz' dok kat clinic lama sangat...

Memang tobat bila sakit belakang ni. Antara sakit-sakit yang paling sakit di dunia ni, unless of course you also experience the pain when one gives birth, that is! :)

I had my share of a really bad back ache when I was carrying all three of my kids - sciatica (? spelling) throughout 6-7 months of all of my pregnancies. Can you imagine being in constant pain every time you move? That was how bad it was for me... But, alhamdulillah, after delivery, ZERO pain. Miracle.

wanshana said...


Tu la kan...Signs of old age :(

I seem to remember one of your earlier postings about your hubby falling of the horse while playing polo. Was that the cause of his slipped disc?

Ayah is following all the advice given to him by the physiotherapists and his doctor friends now. No choice for him - in a way, his livelihood depends on him having a healthy back in the long run.

So, we continuously make do'a that he gets well soon, and that the pain will not recur. Amin.

Take care, Mamamia :)

wanshana said...

Kmar dear,

Thanks for visiting, and thanks for the do'a.

Yes, we both have to be strong for each other. But, I have to admit that all this while I expected him to always be healthy for me (selfish, eh?!)

He's doing all the necessary exercises for his back religiously now. Hopefully they'll produce miracles, insya allah.

You take good care of yourself, okay? And do convey my salam to Jose, and hugs to Aisha and Daniel :)

Anonymous said...

Dear all...

Thx for all the well wishes.

It's a case of "No, it will never happen to me"...and it actually did. Have to say I am not very good at playing the sick role. A friend suggested I should take a long rest...Told him to shoot me if he wanted me to lie low that long. At times I can make House look very ordinary!

As Mommy said, my pain has been there for months. I chose to ignore it..thinking sakit biasa je ni. What gave it away was 2 weeks ago when I had pain from my back going down my right leg when I sneezed and coughed! That was hell!

So I decided to follow my dear wifey's advice to seek help (not that I tak pernah ikutlah...). I had a scan (MRI) and the rest is history.

My neurosurgeon friend has given me 6 weeks to get better, or else....I would be off to the chopping board!!!

So Mommy dear...thx for melayan kerenah I ni. Now I have a very good reason to manja2 kay... ;p (meow....)

wanshana said...

Dear Ayah,

May I suggest that you create your own blog? Hehehe!

Not at all - it's my pleasure to melayan "kerenah" you, dear.. And you don't have to have a reason to manja with me what??!!

But, "MEOW"???!!!

Kmar said...


Insyallah we will be back for 5 weeks holiday Jul-Aug.

Do you need anything from here.. Zara? Sekarang tengah gila-gila Sales!! Ayah, I love that ´Dr House´....just finished watching the 4th season series!! Ayah can request anything.... since dia sakit kan?.. Kena bagi motivation sikit.. six weeks tu lama. Btw, have u read my email?

wanshana said...


ZARA?!! Bling bling! Bulat mata I!! Hahaha! Sales some more?!!! Can laaa (kalau you dah offer...Hehehe!)

So, you nak bukak Zara car boot sale kat Ipoh or kat KL nanti? You have 2 confirmed customers (at least) - myself and you-know-who laa...

By the way, I think you should start your own blog, my friend. You have to share your stories about your life in breathtakingly beautiful Barcelona.

E-mail? Errr...dah lama tak check la, Kmar...atas sebab-sebab tersendiri ;)

Formerly known as Superwomanwannabe! said...

Shana! Tell Haizal we shall pray for the best- our husbands if tak betul betul terduduk sakit memang like to pretend that they are supermen kan. Jab pun cam tu.

MAMAMIA said...


U still remember that N3? I've taken it out fr the archive, atas permintaan yg punye diri.

Anyway, my hubby had his pain way before that...

Anonymous said...

Haizal, get well soon...!! Take care! Lots of well wishes fr Notts, Fifi, Akbar, Adam,Farah x

IBU said...


(Ehem..ehem...Ma'al Hijrah ni, bagi salam la kan).

Awat komen I tak keluaq? Kena censor ke? Cehhh...Anyway, i think my earlier comment would be void by now, because the "meowing" from Ayah is strong enough evidence that nocturnal activities would not qualify as "kerja-kerja yg membebankan tulang belakang". hehehe...

Ya lorr Tuan Doktor - are you going to take up that challenge ( err.. suggestion by a 'lawyer' can be deemed by others as 'challenge' y'know? ) to have your own blog. Boleh kitorang cross refer the paras & the clauses. Hehehe...

Take care you two. Here's wishing Dr Patient a speedy gonzales recovery, YEEEEHHHAA !!! Er... I mean, isyaAllah... ameeen.

p/s And wah lauu... Kmar is here too? Yeayy!! Meriah nyer!!

wanshana said...


Thanks - will do :)

Memang...sangka Supermen! Tapi, sebenarnyer Supersakitmen...

Take care, dear!



Yup! Somehow I still remember that N3. I amaze myself sometimes... Hehehe!

Hope our hubbies will recover 100%. Amin. Insya Allah.

wanshana said...


On behalf of Haizal - Thanks! I'm sure he'll drop a reply later.

How's Notts? Hope there are no blizzards, and you guys are keeping warm this winter. (I DON'T MISS ENGLAND AT ALL WHEN IT COMES TO THE WEATHER....)

How are your gorgeous twins? Any chance of you all coming back for a holiday this year? Do holler when you all are back here, okay?

Our salam to A'bar, and hugs to Adam and Farah, please.

Take care.

wanshana said...


Wa a'laikumussalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh...

Allahummaj'al haza rizkan halaalan thoyyibba, la tabia'ta fihi wa la hissaab. Allahummabaariklana wa qina a'zaabannaar...Amin

(Hanya do'a makan yang dapat saya berikan sempena Ma'al Hijrah ni...)

Ehhh, where got your earlier comment one, my friend? You sure you posted to my blog kah?

Anyway, Ibu - ini baru "MEOW" aje... Belum lagi bunyi-bunyian nocturnal creatures yang lain...HAHAHAHA!

(Oooops! Pardon me!)

And yes - YEEEEHAAAA!!! Kmar in the house! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! :D

sayang ummi said...

Salam Kak Shana,

Our doa's for Abang Haizal. Gosh reading all that sounds really serious. PLEASE, PLEASE TELL HIM TO TAKE IT EASY!!! I don't know but there is something about men I don't understand. My other half pun macam tu, unless he is on his death bed, he will still drag himself to work. Sometime, he'll come home early becoz people at work sent him home....sigh!

Anyway, lots and lots of rest and proper TLC from now on....

Hope not too late to wish HAPPY NEW YEAR.....Abang Haizal is right, reading ur post about what u did on the last day of the year makes me exhausted!!! LOL...

Take care and lots of love to whole family.

Kmar said...

Shana, my proposed gathering date is 16-17th August (Sat or Sun). Tak ingat pulak which date yang I tulis in my previous comment. Takut tersalah tulis. Old age is catching up!!.. he.he...

Dad of 4+1 said...

Shana - Oh Dear.....Tell Haizal to take care and get well soon!

Selamat menyambut Ma'al Hijrah...

Anonymous said...

Thx Abg Id, Helena, Elviza, Theta, Mior, Mamamia, Kmar, Shila, Fifi, Ibu, Murni & Haq. Thx guys for the kind thots and well wishes.

10 years ago (lamanyer...) when I started work at UH, someone told me, "Be careful...u better watch ur back!". It had a different meaning then, I guess.

And now, being officially a patient of my own hospital, I look at life in a different perspective...thinking now as a patient...from the inside looking out.

Yup Helena, Shila & Murni, doctors are the worst patients. We are the worst kind! For months I ignored my pain..but as reality set in, I had to swallow my pride as I started to swallow the pills! Sigh... :(

Err..Ibu, u want me to blog? Not yet..not now..and maybe, not ever kut. Probably if fate has it that I have to lie supine recovering from 'chop-chop', and after there are no more DVDs to watch then only I may lah! :) Oh btw, the 'nocturnal activities' may be the best form of back exercise tau!!! Sure recover in no time! ;p advice to u now is.."Be careful...u better watch ur back!"

wanshana said...


That's it. You DEFINITELY have to have your own blog.

By the way, when you mentioned DVDs, I hope you didn't mean those which are circulating around especially down south in Johore, noooo? ;)

wanshana said...

Errrr...not that I want you to lie supine after the surgery. Nauzubillah.

wanshana said...

Dear sayang ummi,

Salams and thank you :)

There you have it - confession of one of the most difficult kinds of patients on earth...They can form a club - Iqbal and Haizal. I wonder who'll be the President ;)

Rest? Errr...I'm not sure if that's in his vocabs. And TLCs? Errr...too much of it pun not advisable. Hahahah!

Happy New Year, to you, Iqbal and anak-anak, too.

Take care.

wanshana said...


Will block those dates. In KL or Ipoh?

Looking forward to having you all back home, albeit just for a short while.


wanshana said...

Dad of 4+1,

Thanks. Will do (actually he has read your comment :))

Selamat Menyambut Ma'al Hijrah to you, Yani and anak-anak, too. Semoga tahun ini lebih diberkati Allah SWT. Amin.

Hey, have to organize a get-together one of these days. Can loop in Shila and Jab, too! (but, maybe after Ayah is feeling better?)

Take care.

Kmar said...

Shana, KL laa ... and we will be staying (insyallah) at Berjaya Times Square.