Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Sequel (KPP : 1986 # 4)

Hmmmm...Had too much coffee at my Department's Annual Dinner just now - yearly affair to bid farewell to our Final Year students (By the way, I was voted "Lecturer Paling Anggun and Jelita" by my students! HAHAHAHA! Buter ker aper? Ker nak sogok dapat markah lebih?!) Anyway, I'm now wide awake. Great! Now I can finish off marking the exam papers, but before that, let me just continue with the sequel. Can aarrrr?

Fasten your seat-belts, you guys! Here we go again...on another roller-coaster ride...

Anyway, after that few days post-SPM results break, we all went back to KPP, and I was just not in the mood to see or talk to anybody, especially Ayah. But, hey, Subang Jaya KPP was not a huge place, and how long did I think I could mope around and feel sorry for myself? It was the most difficult thing to do - meeting Ayah and talking about my SPM results. I tried avoiding him, but a girl had to do what a girl had to do.

The morning after we got back to KPP, I sent a message to Ayah via Ibu, telling him of my results and how I was feeling and all. And within 5 minutes of getting my message, Ayah came down to see me at my classroom, and we started talking at the corridor. I think Ayah was not really sure as to how to handle the situation, and he kept on saying, "It's's okay..." And I just could not stop crying. Sedeh sangat....

Not many people knew about us, and they must have wondered what was going on between us then. Those who knew about us being an item(ish) must have thought that we were having a tiff! But, I just didn't care what people were saying. My eyes were swollen with too much crying before that, anyway...and it didn't help that I was surrounded by all the top SPM students in my class...

But, things got better after a few days after I managed to get a grip of myself and said, "Shana, life has to go on...You have to accept whatever it is that's going on in your life, and make the best of it!" And with that, I just moved on...There were a few other Oxbridge students who were in the same shoes as me, and they seemed to be handling it better than I did, and I took courage in how they just went on with life and continued doing what needed to be done.

What I didn't know, and what Ayah did not tell me was - just before our results came out, Ayah had gone to JPA and had made an appeal to CHANGE his Programme, from Ivy League to Oxbridge, and from doing Engineering in the U.S of A, to doing Medicine in the U.K. It was supposed to be a surprise... If Ayah were to get it, that would mean that BOTH of us would be flying off to the UK that September. That was of course IF straight A's on my SPM results slip was the order of the day, which unfortunately it was not...

And it was about a month after our results came out when Ayah got a letter from JPA. His application to be transferred to the Oxbridge Programme had been approved, and he was to fly off to the UK in September that year...

I just could not describe how I felt when Ayah broke the news to me that one afternoon...Was I happy? I really wasn't sure of myself. But, I could see that even though it was such great news to him, Ayah seemed very, very sad.

What a twist...

It started off with me being in the Oxbridge Programme, and he, in the AAD Programme.

And I was still in the Oxbridge Programme, when he was promoted to the Ivy League Programme.

And, when he was transferred to the Oxbridge Programme, when we were supposed to be flying off to the UK together that September, I was demoted to the A Levels Programme...

The irony of life...And such tests to be bestowed upon us.

It was one of the most difficult and awkward times in our relationship, but, we were taking it a day at a time.

I remember getting a letter from Petronas nearing the end of our English Course in Subang Jaya, confirming my status as a student under the A Levels Programme, and I kept staring at it with tears flowing freely down my face...

It was just too much to handle. The English Course was coming to an end, all my AAD friends would thereafter move to all over Shah Alam according to their Programmes. All my Oxbridge friends, and Ayah of course, would be on a long break before starting their Terminology Course in Kelana Jaya, and there I was - left alone in Subang Jaya, having to make new friends. It felt like I was in a bottomless pit...

But life had to go on.

After the English Course ended, the A Levels Programme started. I remember there were a few of us ex-Oxbridge students who were transferred to the A Levels Programme having to take the bus from Subang Jaya to Kelana Jaya everyday to attend our classes. It was such a chore to me, and it didn't help that Ayah and I was not able to communicate like before. He was back home, and I was busy attending classes, and all.

And it was such a relief, when all the Oxbridge students reported for their one month Terminology Course at KPP Kelana Jaya in July that year, and I got to meet Ayah everyday! And it was in Kelana Jaya that we first went out just the two of us...

Nothing romantic - Ayah would come to my classroom, and we would go to one of the restaurants there and we would buy our nasi bungkus and we would have our lunch at his classroom. By that time, the whole world already knew about us! But, for some reason, I just felt that I did not want to continue with the relationship...

I was so confident that it would not work out. What with him in the UK and me in Malaysia for 2 years, and all? What I didn't think of was that it would have been the same if he were to be in the AAD Programme and I was in the Oxbridge Programme in the first place! I guess, I was still drowning myself in self-pity without realising it...

And I started distancing myself from him. And I remember there were a few girls from the A Levels Programme who were Ayah's tuition mates, who happened to be close friends with Ayah's sister (my now SIL)who was their junior in the Seremban Girls School, whom I always saw talking to Ayah...(lawa-lawa pulak tu!) And again, because of self-pity, I started to ambik hati...And I wrote him a looonnng letter saying that it was better for us to end whatever it was that was going on between us before the relationship went deeper and further...

And I remember that afternoon when he came to see me at my classroom. He was pretty furious, and he asked me to follow him to his classroom. We reached his classroom and he started asking me to draft a letter to Petronas - a letter to appeal for me to be reinstated to the Oxbridge Programme.

I remember being very degil and told him that it would not work. I have resigned to the fact that I would be doing my A Levels in Malaysia. I was okay with that, and why couldn't he just accept that?! I was pretty defiant... But, he was very determined.

And I remember Ayah drafting that letter and asking me to help him provide all sorts of reasons to give to Petronas as to why I should be reinstated, etc. I just couldn't care less at first, but seeing him so determined and so sincere to help, I sat down and we came up with the draft. Ayah must have brought it back with him and printed it out, and the next day, he asked me to sign the letter and we put it in the post. And the waiting game began - well, at least for Ayah it did. Myself? I didn't dare to even hope that my appeal would be considered. I didn't even get an acknowledgment from Petronas of their receipt of that letter!

The Oxbridge Terminology Course finally ended at the end of July / early August. Ayah went back home and I was back to the old routine. Ayah would come and visit me every now and then in between his busy schedule preparing for his trip to the UK that September, and we would spend time talking at Pawagam P.Ramlee during his visits or just chit-chatting in the Common Room. All those while, I was preparing myself for the day when I had to say goodbye to him when he would leave for the UK. That was until THAT one afternoon.

I was in my room preparing for the next day lessons when I was called downstairs by the warden. There were visitors for me. Strange - because my brother had just visited me two days before that, and my uncles or aunties would only come to pick me up for the weekend. (My Abah and Mommy were still staying in Taiping back then).

I went down to the Common Room, and I was pleasantly surprised to see my Abah and my Brother Im* waiting for me there. After salaming and hugging them, my brother said, "We have good news for you!" And I asked, "What?!!" I just could not think of anything at all that could be the good news Abang Im* was telling me about...

Abang Im* was holding a white envelope in his hand, and he was giving me his usual mischievous looks, and he said (or rather - screamed!)-


And he started hugging me, and I - a bit dazed and confused, started hugging him and my Abah, and we started jumping up and down (except for my Abah, of course!), and I started screaming!

I just couldn't belive it!

"Are you sure?!!", I asked Abah and Abang Im*, and they nodded. And Abang Im*, with the big grin still on his face, gave me the envelope.

I opened it, and read the letter inside -

"Dengan sukacitanya - rayuan anda telah dipertimbangkan - pihak kami bersetuju untuk membenarkan saudari meneruskan pangajian di bawah Program Oxbridge di dalam bidang Undang-Undang bermula bulan September tahun ini", etc.

And suddenly, all the pent up emotions which had been bottling up inside me for the last few months just flooded out, and I started to cry...And I mean REALLY CRY...

...To be continued...


rad said...

Oh...we want more, MORE & be pretty quick about it la!!! hehehehe..

Tak baik tau buatkan ramai orang tertunggu.....
His early action just proved how unselfish he is - & of course as a female, you're allowed to wallow in self-pity - so that the real hero can take/show some action! muahahahaha

wanshana said...


On hindsight, bila fikir-fikirkan balik, Drama Queen sungguh I - waiting to be "rescued emotionally"...

But, Ayah was my hero alright... ;)

IBU said...

Hmmmm....anggun dan jelita yerr???
Hmmmm....Mana itu gambar john lennon?

hanna said...

ooh la laaa you were voted paling anggun and jelita! HAHAHAHA :D
agak pelik, because you give them low marks fr their papers haha. Mesti they want extra marks mm? ;P
this entry banyak nangis aaa ;)
you didn't tell me any of this before -__-
Anyways ayah is being his usual self and demanding to use the computer,
sooo I'm still waiting fr the final post, mmhmm! ;D

Much love,

Anonymous said...

Dasyat betul budak budak pandai macam you all berchenta!! This should be the epitome of love to all those youngsters out there! Haa! Kalau nak berchenta jadilah macam Wanshana and Dr Haizal, berlumba lumba dalam pelajaran! Dengar tu Hanna!!!But Hanna is also a clever and sweet young lady!

Kak Teh said...

Oh God, I have a lot to catch up on!!!
In the meantime, Happy Mother's day!

wanshana said...


Wooooo....Kalau gambar John Lennon I tu keluar, wajib penganugerahan itu ditarik balik dan medal tersebut terpaksa dikembalikan... Sungguh tidak jelita, dan sungguh tidak anggun!

(Errr...tapi sekarang ni boleh tahan aper?!)


wanshana said...


So now you know :)

Errr..some of my students tu, beyond help, my dear... Nothing they do, or I do could salvage them!

Okay, get back to your books - you have exams next week.

Mommy do'akan, Hanna diberi ketenangan fikiran, kecerdasan minda dan kefahaman yang sebaik-baiknya, dan setinggi-tinggi kemampuan to give it your best in all your papers. Amin. Insya Allah.

Make us prouder ;)

Luv ya.


wanshana said...

Anonymous at 12:35p.m,

Thank you for visiting,and thank you for the compliments :)

Errr... Saudara Haizal ajer budak pandai kat sini. I kan ke ader musykil sikit?! Hehehe!

Ada cerita chenta yang LAGI hebat from our cerita out there, I'm sure...

By the way, Hanna dok tersenyum-senyum baca your comment about her. Thank you on her behalf :)

wanshana said...

Kak Teh,

Hehehehe! Tak per....tak per! You can always click on my "Cerita Chenta" label to get the full volume thus far :)

Happy Mother's Day to you, too. I'm sure you'll be pampered silly by your Sayang Mamas and of course, by the one and only - Mr. Awang Goneng himself ;)

Enjoy your day.

Take care.

U.Lee said...

Hello Wanshana, I really enjoyed this sequel.
Wow! You got back into the program and because of Ayah's prodding you to write.
Gosh! Men like your Ayah don't grow on trees. Getting what you wanted, he by your side, the sacrificies he made for you...
It is always interesting or emotional to read of someone's love story, one like yours.
Me? I only encouraged girls to cook for me, ha ha.
Where got future like this? Ha ha.
Now I nanti for the next sequel...the ahemm, holding hands part or belum lagi? Ha ha.
Happy mothers day Wanshana, Lee.

hanna ;) said...

"Anonymous at 12:35p.m,

Thank you for visiting,and thank you for the compliments :)

Errr... Saudara Haizal ajer budak pandai kat sini. I kan ke ader musykil sikit?! Hehehe!

Ada cerita chenta yang LAGI hebat from our cerita out there, I'm sure...

By the way, Hanna dok tersenyum-senyum baca your comment about her. Thank you on her behalf :)"

-_- haha true true thankyou Mr. / Miss Anonymous ;)

pakpayne said...

:-) simply magical!!!
Magic!!! And I am lost for words....

*gigit jari tersenyum sendiri!*

wanshana said...

Uncle Lee,

Thank you for the wish :)

Yup, you're right there - men like Ayah don't grow on trees...but, there are A LOT who LIVE on them, and that's why they behave like monkeys...Hahahaha!

There's nothing wrong with men wanting their girlfriends or wives to be able to cook well, Uncle Lee. The more the men cannot forget their cooking, and keep on yearning for more, and rather eat at home - the better, huh?!

There are a lot of ladies out there who enjoy cooking for their men. So, your strategy is not a bad strategy at all :)

Bab holding hands coming soon... ;)

You have a good day, Uncle Lee.

wanshana said...

Pak Payne,

Yup, it was magical alright - that's why everything is still crystal clear to me :)

Errrr...pesanan dari penaja -

"Jangan sampai putus jari, yaaa?"


Please wish K.LiL "Happy Mother's Day!" for me.

Take care.

Ayah said...

After I lompat twice (to IvL, then to OxB) to get to the same programme as u, did u for a moment think that I was going to let u slip away from me? ;p

I guess it was destined to happen...
I guess some call it fate...

But...whatever anyone wants to call it, nothing will happen if you don't wish for it first...and then work damn hard for it!!!

U can say I was a man on a mission! :)

Happy Mother's Day, darling...

hanna ;P said...

Mommayyy ;P

yeah I've been leaving quite a few cmmnts fr this blog but who am I to blame? :D

well I'm just sending you a comment (again) to say that Ayah sounds soooo corny -__-

You know I love you!

Anonymous said...

Too many hurdles to jump through Mrs Anggun and Jelita!!! Just to be TOGETHER AND FOREVER!!Hahahaha!!

This proves that Abang H would have moved HEAVEN AND EARTH to get you!! Well is that not true love or what? Just one question, how on earth did you both know so early on the relationship that he/she was the one for you??

Love #4, made me smile at the end.....makes you think someone up there was listening to both of your prayers!

Sorry but when is #5??


Theta said...

I love this KPP saga. I'm waiting with bated breath of the next installation. Heh heh.

Tumpang lalu Murni, with regards to knowing that person is for you, so early on in the relationship, I think it all boils down to gut feeling.

Deep in the pit of your stomach, no matter how you try to deny and silent it, you know he's the one. :)

helena said...

wan shana, wow somehow i can imagine how u felt.... bila hubby was surrounded by the girls yg lawa2..... huhu.... mesti heartbroken giler kan....

mmm.... your entry this time round confirms how romantic budak koleq can be. My dad was and still is a hopeless romantic... your h is definitely one too.... apa benda extra yang they all blajar kat mckk tu eh?

wanshana said...


...and mission accomplished...


wanshana said...



(You'd better be prepared - Ayah will surely have a field day chasing you around the house and poking your tummy tonight!)

You know I love you, too :)

wanshana said...


Theta is right - it's just the gut feeling we had which we could not explain.

I think both Abang H and I actually felt it even before the number of letters going to and fro KK-JB reached double digit!

And yes, dah memang jodoh tersurat, and our prayers to Allah SWT had definitely made the path clearer and the journey smoother.

#5 - as much as I wanted to continue with the sequel soon, it will definitely have to wait a while. I'm losing my sanity at work now...Sigh... :(


wanshana said...


Hehehe...Thanks, but, I hope you won't hold your breath too long! No #5 might have to wait a while - earliest Friday morning, maybe? Tapi, tak boleh janji! :)

And I agree with you - sheer gut feeling! ;)

Take care.

wanshana said...


Hehehe! I think that time - anything which I could find to become an issue between Ayah and I, I would use it! I was trying hard to make it easier for me to distance myself from him! Teruk betul...

Hmmmm...with due respect to bebudak Sekolah Melayu KK, I don't think Ayah became a romantic through whatever life lessons they taught in koleq. I think (at least in Ayah's case) it was just his upbringing.

Waaaaa!!! Your dad's a hopeless romantic, ya? Care to share something on this in your blog? ;)

Take care, dear.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

ehem...i was so tempted to dig your past entries hoping to find something about oxbridge but went against the idea instead. since you''ve got me hooked might as well wait for the next sequel with full anticipation. bukan nak spoil the fun but i could foresee where this is leading to...hehe...but being so KPC, i just gotta read how it all went for you and doc over 'there'...hahaha....maybe kena korek sikit from IBU...

Anonymous said...

Kak Syana... cepatla habis cerita you ni... I cannot wait!!! Next time I see you and Abang Haizal at Q2's birthday party in June I shall tersengih sendirian..

Amy (friend of SIL from Seremban Girls School!)

wanshana said...


Waaaahhhhhh! Nak sneak preview ke? Hahahaha!

Sabar, dek oiii...

I was just talking to Ayah the other day on how to lump/group the forthcoming sequels actually, because we were all over the place back then in the UK. Still have not decided yet.

In the mean time, go tanam pokok taugeh...By the time they have sprouted, the next sequel would already be posted, insya Allah...Hahahaha!

wanshana said...

Dear Amy,

Thanks for hopping by. But - embarassing!!!

Pssssttt...FYI, my dear SIL does not know about this Blog tau! Don't tell her tau - nanti she reports to my MIL about how her Angah ngorat K.Shana masa student days dulu!! Mau kena kejar dengan penyapu keliling rumah! Hahahaha!

And I don't think she knew this side of her Angah ;)

See you at Q2's bday do (or earlier?), insya Allah.

Take care :)

Kmar said...


Cool!!.. Anggun & Jelita!!.. you got that criteria laa... you go girl!!!

Kalau dah nak jumpa jodoh tu, everything can happen kan??..he.he..

wanshana said...


More like "Angau and Jelek", rather than "Anggun dan Jelita"?!!! Hahahaha!

Yup - everything that happened thus far in the Sequels boiled down to our jodoh :). As Ibu would say - pusing-pusing roundabout. How complicated and twisted things were, it was fated, and our jodoh tak ke mana...

Take care, you!

Helena said...

hi wan shana. to me when i said budak2 koleq ni romantic, I meant it in a positive way.

Maybe i should say a romantic AND a gentleman.....

hehe.... put in my blog ke.... hehe .... sikit2 here and there boleh la.... but not an entry just for tat....

hari tu he met his mcoba friends.... as usual they commented again about him n my mom being lovey dovey..... asyik berkepit ajer.... hehe... they told my dad... hey, you r missing out all the fun!! hehe....

Azian Hasan said...

Mior and I decided that this has to be dibukukan... commercially... let's show youngsters today how love affair should be conducted correctly.

Delightful as always..... and tahniah you for being the chosen one... anggun jelita. And Happy Mother's Day lewat skit tak pe kan)

wanshana said...


Ada jugak bebudak Sekolah Melayu KK yang sungguh tidak gentlemen, tau! But, I guess mostly are (kot?!)

Waaaa...your dad still gets together with his KK gang ya?

Ayah on the other hand is an atypical budak koleq - rarely goes back for the OBW, and rarely lepak with other budak koleq, rarely attends their dinners, etc. He was involved in a few blood donation drives, and also some health talks for OBW though, and that's about it :)

Take care, Helena - and oh yes, Happy Mother's Day (belated!)

wanshana said...

Dear Azian,

Thank you, and Happy Mother's Day to you, too! It's never too late to wish good things upon others ;)

Nak dibukukan?! Hahahaha! Nanti boleh buat series macam 7 Habits la kot?

Waaaahhh...nak kena start cari publisher ni!!!

Take care.

Ayah said...

saya rasa bukan sahaja dibukukan. sambutan sebagai mini series juga sangat menjanjikan ...

MAMAMIA said...

Sukanya baca cerita chenta ni...

Instead of dibukukan, why not buat movie aje...

Utk Puan yg Anggun & Jelita, Happy Mother's Day!!!

Anonymous said...

Salam Shana

Happy (18th) Birthday! wink wink! :D Semoga panjang umur and murah rezeki.


Anonymous said...


dear lecturer yang anggun lagi jelita :),

first and foremost,


may ALLAH bless you always! wish we could celebrate it with you :( but i am sure you're gonna have a lovely day :)

secondly, sorry i forgot it's mother's day back home so ...


can't wait for your next sequel - 'life is like a box of chocolates' eh :)

miss you loads!!!

Ayah said...

Happy birthday, dear... has just begun ;p

Anonymous said...

Hi Kak Shana,

Happy Birthday!!

Hope you had a good birthday and lots of how does it feel when your life have just begun? Although, I think that applies only to guys Abang H, women's life began at 30 I'm afraid!! Hehehe!!

Oh yes, it was Mother's Day on Sunday weren't it.



Eta My said...

Hi shana...Happy Birthday!!hehehe!!

"Cikgu" paling jelita lagi..maintain cun...but most of all..keep on writing....

Sorry but..I did remember..macamana mata u bengkak2 sitting w Reha..kat Kelana Jaya..and I just tak tahu nak pujuk...( rupanya....begitu kuat penangan cinta!..)..

P/s: My spm results pun tidak menggembirakan juga...tapi syukur because I jumpa jodoh gak Alevel..hehehe!tapi i tak pandai karang cerita cam u..

Bak kat Tuan doktor...bukukan lah kisah percintaan ini...

And Shana..I always admire your writing skills..back from 'perdangangan' years lagi..salam untuk our En masdar..hehehe


wanshana said...

Ayah @ 10:42pm,


Ayoyo...untuk channel aper tu ye?

(What's that ASTRO Channel which shows all those Hindustani/Indian series/movies? Haaaaaaa!!! That would be the ideal channel for this certa chenta! Hahahaha!)

wanshana said...


Thank you for the "Anggun Jelita (Harharhar...) and the Mother's Day Wish. Happy Mama's Day to you, too :)

Dah lama tak dengar khabar berita. I've been checking your blog for updates tau... Hope you're well.

Nak buat movie? Hmmmm...macam-macam proposals ni! Why not kita buat buku + mini series + movie sekali harung?!

Kaaaacccchhhhiiiinnngggg!!! :D

wanshana said...

Dear Anaonymous @ 12:06a.m @ ex-housemate,

Salams and thank you! Amin.

And Happy Birthday to you, too! ;) Semoga dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezqi and happy always, insya Allah.

When's the next time you guys are coming back to Malaysia? Get in touch, kay?

Take care.

wanshana said...

Dear Motley,

Thank you. Amin. No worries. And thank you again! Hehehehe! :D

This year kureng sket celebration as I'm pretty bogged down with work. Abang Haizal even has to cancel my Birthday lunch this afternoon, coz' empunya badan cannot even spare an hour for that today! Sigh... :(

So, all celebrations will be postponed until this weekend (even though it will STILL be a VERY hectic weekend for me...)

Missing you loads, too!

Take care, you!


wanshana said...

Dear Ayah (the Real McCoy)

Thank you...and sorry about lunch, dear :( has just begun? More like dah masuk A'sar, going into Maghrib ni!!! Hehehe!

Doesn't matter. As long as you're with me until Isya' and beyond...

Luv ya.

wanshana said...

Hi Murni,

Thank you, and thank you :)

Happy Mother's Day to you, too! (even though you all celebrated it earlier :))

It's somewhat low-key this year, but, it's okay. Syukur Alhamdulillah, I'm healthy and happy.

Take care, dear.

wanshana said...


Thank you!

How are you doing? My do'a that you're feeling much better now.

Hmmmm...SPM results for our stream that year was like - GOSH!!! Unbelievably unexpected. I think En. Hidz*r was really shocked with my results and yours, and Pea*e, too. Our results were not bad at all, just that they didn't reflect our normal results. But, semua ada hikmahNya.

Kat mana ya I bengkak-bengkak mata ngan Reha tu? Tak ingat sangat, coz' masa tu selalu sangat bengkak mata...Hehehe!

My writing skills? Masa Commerce tu, I banyak torak ajer, Eta...Hehehe!

Take good care of yourself.

Madam Tai Tai said...

Hi Shana,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a great day today!

Anonymous said...

Kak Shana,

Happy birthday!!! Your love story reminds me about mine... Lots of ups & downs.. anyway, keeps on rolling ya.... banyak dugaan b4 kahwin... Alhamdulillah kahwin jugak...heehhe... Take care ya...


aiz said...

kak shana.....
Dr "Saudara" is so smart by asking you to write the appeal letter kan.... ahhhhhh (dgn muka yang amat feeling).... i want more..... btw, i almost terlompat-lompat jugak tadi when my reading was ending... hahahaha

ok lecturer yg paling anggun dan jelita, i'll be waiting for more....

(and oh, even if your students are blind pun.... i am sure they can sense your beauty... chewah...)

IBU said...

Happy Begeday!!!!

And the celebration next weekend, don't 4get. Important tu yg empunya diri hadir!!!!

Kmar said...


FELIZ CUMPLEAƑOS!!!... welcome to the ´group´ of ...ties.. he.he..

Didoakan panjang umur, murah rezeki and maintain ayu!!! Tak demand apa-apa ke dari tuan Doktor??

wanshana said...

Hi Madam Tai Tai!

Thank you :)

My birthday was a non-event - was trying to finish a paper, and didn't get any sleep at all! In fact, total hours of sleep for the last 3 nights - 6 hours!!!

Presentation dah habis tadi, so, lepas ni I nak qadha tido... :)

Take care!

wanshana said...


Thank you :)

Selalunya yang banyak ups and downs, and chobaan dan rintangan tu yang paling kuat ikatannya, insya Allah...

Take care.

wanshana said...


You dah nak lompat-lompat baca posting ni ke? Alamak...Safety hazard jugak ya?! Hehehehe!

Students boleh sense my beauty???!!!

Errr!!! Rasanya memang sah tak boleh, kot? Sebab my murid-murid kebanyakannya "NON-sense"! ;)

wanshana said...


Tengkiu...tengkiu...Hehehe! Minggu lusa kita jumpa, ya?

Tuan punya badan nak kena bawak badan DAN kuali kah?!

wanshana said...


Thank you :) Amin.

And kayu mesti maintain...Errr, I mean "ayu"! Hehehe!

Tahun ni (seperti juga tahun-tahun sebelum ini) I tak demand apa-apa from Tuan Doktor, except that he stayed up the whole night tolong buatkan my powerpoint presentation for my talk today, while I attended to another piece of kerja!!!

Tuan doktor kena dera, you...

Macam mana I tak sayang 200 PERSEN?!!! Hehehe!

Anonymous said...


Happy Belated Birthday :) Hope all your wishes come true and you'll be under Allah's blessings always :D Blue Skies, Everything Nice...

Take good care sis.

rose '86

wanshana said...

Hi Rose,

Thank you, and Amin :)

Hari ni baru terasa tua - semalam tak sempat nak fikir! Heheheh!

You take care, too.

Anonymous said...

My Hilman plays with your Hilman laa.... at most of the birthdays...! Now I pulak malu nak jumpa you!!! Happy birthday..


wanshana said...

Dear Amy,


Yes - both Hilmans were partners in every game and ride during Q1's bday do that day right? Macam tak boleh dipisahkan! Hahaha!

My Hilman looks forward to all birthday dos - that's when he gets to really play with boys his age puas-puas. At home and at Wan's house - all girls!

I bet SIL will throw another grand party for Q2 pulak come June, and we're sure to see each other there. (I think I'm the one who should be "menyoroking" then! ;))

Take care, Amy :)

MAMAMIA said...

Happy Birthday. Semoga kekal Anggun & Jelita...

Dropped by nak baca sequel, tapi hampa....

By the way, KPP Kelana Jaya ni, was it the shophouses with Giant supermkt nearby? Kalau betul, I was there too for A-Levels. Ours was the 1st batch.

wanshana said...

Dear Mamamia,

Thank you :)

Yes, THAT A Levels Programme yang kat Giant tu... Nostalgic kan tempat tu?

By the way, I've posted the sequel :) Enjoy!

sb said...

kak shana..i'm one of the silent reader of your blog.. blog hopping into ur blog not so long ago and become addicted :D ehehe bacaan masa lapang time lunch hour..

anyway u hv such a beautiful love story.. i really did cried a little when i read the last part where u were back in the oxbridge prog.. eheheh cam baca buku citer dah ni..

wanshana said...

Dear sb,

Thank you for visiting, and I'm glad I could provide some lunch time entertainment for you. Nanti kalau dah buat syndicated series, boleh tengok kat ASTRO Prima pulak...Hahahaha!

Do drop by again. It's always a pleasure to make new friends here :)