Friday, May 16, 2008

The Sequel (Cardiff : 1986-1988)

Phew...the last one week had been crazy, and I think I need to apologise to some of you who might have hopped by every now and then hoping to catch up with the sequel. So sorry, guys...

I also celebrated my BIG 4 birthday on Wednesday, but I'll have to say that it wasn't much of a celebration. WORK got in the way :( I even had to cancel my birthday lunch with Ayah as I couldn't even spare a measly one hour to eat with him! But, Ayah made a point to finish his clinic early that evening, and the whole family had dinner at SD Club. Even then, I was glancing at my watch nervously and anxiously every 5 minutes or so! So, Ayah and I have decided. We're going to do dinner again on Wesak Monday, this time we're going for Japanese (the whole family's favourite :)!

I only had a total of 6 hours sleep over Tuesday until Thursday, and it was a sleepless night on my birthday itself. Not just for me, but also for Ayah who had been such a dear - helping me prepare my Power Point presentation for Thursday morning, while I was attending to another piece of work!!! I consider THAT as the main birthday present for me this year, dear. Thanks so much! And, oh yes, thank you, too, for the beautiful crystal glass jewellery box. I LOVE IT! (But, errr...I'm also hoping you know that I'm expecting the "bling bling" to come later - to fill the box after this! Hahahahaa!!)

Before I proceed with The Sequel, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody for the birthday wishes and do'a. I truly appreciate them and am very touched with all the warm thoughts. Thank you again. May God bless all of you.

Okay, NOW - The Sequel.

September, the time everybody was waiting for finally came. However, Oxbridge students were divided into 2 groups. The first group was for those going to Public Schools, and the second group was for those going to Independent Colleges all over the UK.

For those who are not familiar with UK education system and structure, PUBLIC SCHOOLS are actually PRIVATE (costing-parents/sponsors-a-bomb type) BOARDING schools (and NOT government schools as the name suggested). And JPA would pair the students, so that each school would have 2 Malaysian students in every batch (i.e. 2 in Lower and 2 in Upper Six) These are schools where the rich and famous send their kids to, and check this out, Ab*d (my MT friend actually got into Ba*min*on School in Bristol, where Mick Jagger and the late King Hussein of Jordan sent their daughters to! Fuuuyyyyooooo....What I'm trying to say here is - those who went to Public Schools were TRULY the creme de la creme, and they had the opportunity to really rub shoulders with the kids of all those stiff upper lips elite group.

Independent Colleges on the other hand, are quite varied - some have hostels for the students, while some don't. And the students do normally rub shoulders with rich kids, too, except that most of them had the same upper lips like us. Hehehe!

Public Schools would normally start their school terms in early September, while Independent Colleges would only start their terms towards the end of September.

Ayah was chosen to attend a Public School - Uppi**ham School, in Leicestershire. His partner was Sh*kri, a budak Sekolah Lorong Harimau. I, on the other hand was chosen to attend an Independent College - Ne* Col*ege Cardiff, in Wales. And because of that, we didn't get to fly on the same flight.

Ayah and the rest of the Public School group left for the UK on 26th August 1986, while myself, and the rest of the Independent College group only left Malaysia on 11th September 1986. (By the way, it was Ayah who actually remembered and told me these exact dates!! Power punyer 3lbs...) I remember NOT being that sad, because I knew that whatever it was, insya Allah, we wouldn't be that far from each other. Hey! If you were to think about it, we would have been thousands of miles apart should I were to stay in the A Levels Programme in Malaysia what...

I remember getting postcards from London EVERYDAY from Ayah until the last day before my flight to the UK, and true to his trademark, his postcards were numbered, too! And it was such a pleasant surprise when we reached Heathrow on that chilly September morning, when I saw Ayah and a few friends from the Public School group waiting for us there! Apparently, their schools were to start only a few days after that, and Ayah was only scheduled to register that next day. Of course, both of us had to contain our excitement of seeing each other at the airport as there were MSD officers everywhere maaaa!

After checking in at Malaysia Hall (the old one in Bryanston Square), the newly arrived students were given a briefing on what was happening and when each of us were supposed to leave for our colleges. I remember being VERY tired that morning, but, because I knew Ayah would be leaving for Uppi**ham the next day, I accepted Ayah's invitation to join him for a walk/stroll along Oxford Street later that morning.

And I remember him taking and holding my hand for the FIRST time, as we were turning left at the intersection between Oxford Street and Marble Arch that morning...

I was sure that it was a calculated move by Ayah - that spot would be far enough to be out of the spying eyes of any MSD officers. And I remember feeling very warm, and very safe holding his hand on that cold morning. It just felt very natural. It just felt very right.

Ayah left for Uppi**ham the next day, and the following day I left for Cardiff. And that was the beginning of yet another long-distance relationship between Ayah and I.

Oh ya...I forgot to tell you all - I was the ONLY Malaysian girl going to Lower Six at Ne* Col*ege, Cardiff that year. The other three Oxbridge students were Sazl*, Yo*, and Idr*s. So, there were only the four of us in our batch. Or so, I thought at first, until a week later when another SIX students joined us. ALL GUYS - from the Sekolah Askar Sungei Besi under the MINDEF scholarship. So, there I was - surrounded by all these handsome, separa-handsome, and lebih kurang-handsome GUYS in Cardiff - ALL NINE of them! And I was the only Malaysian girl in Lower Six.

I remember going nearly EVERYWHERE with all NINE of them the first few months we were in Cardiff. Fuuuuhhhh, kalau goyah chenta, today's story would have been different altogether maaaa!! Hahahahaha! The guys and I became very close. BUT - sorry to disappoint those of you who were expecting that there would be an orang ketiga in our relationship while I was in Cardiff. Because there was none. Sazl*, Yo*, Idr*s, Ros*an, Ra*in, H*lim, Ma*ek, Ru*di and L*m were all like my big brothers. They were always looking out for me...And my days in Cardiff had been very colourful, very sweet and very memorable indeed because of them.

There were of course a few Malaysian seniors doing their Upper Six at the same college, and I shared a house with our seniors Am* and Far*iz (both from Seremban Girls High School). Our first house was a typical Welsh terrace house on Planta**net Street, while the boys were staying right opposite us. We then moved to Despe**er Street, and 2 of the boys - Ros*an and Yo*, moved to the flat above us. This proved to be very convenient when Ayah came to visit me (which, by the way was VERY frequent!) By the way, both places were just sepelaung from that majestic Cardiff Arms Park Stadium.

The next year - our crucial Upper Sixth year, I moved yet to another house. This time to West**n Avenue in Llandaff, sharing with my juniors - Oz* (also from Seremban Girls School) and Il*a (SMSPP), and May (a HK student). Am* and Far*iz by then had already moved on to Dundee and Oxford respectively. Whoever my housemates were, they were all VERY familiar with Ayah. Pantang ada cuti ajer, he would be in Cardiff!!!

And TWO things that I would NEVER EVER forget were something he did for the first time when we were in Lower Six. (Errrr....NO! NOT what you guys are thinking! HAHAHAHAHA! Weiiii!!! We all budak baik weiiii!!!)

It was Ayah's first half-term break, and he decided to spend it in Cardiff. I was staying at Despe**er Street with Am* and Far*iz then, and Ros*an and Yo* were staying above us - which was quite convenient logistically as Ayah could bunk in with them every time he came for a visit! We spent the whole time either studying, going for walks at Sofia's Park, and the Castle Grounds, going to the movies, etc. And one week went by REALLY fast, I tell you.

The day arrived when he had to go back to Uppi**ham, and I went with him to Cardiff Central Station to send him off. I remember feeling very sad, and it felt like there was a big hole in my heart that day. And as the train was leaving the platform, he made a promise that he would come and visit again very soon. I remember him asking me to study hard and take care of myself, and there I was starting to cry...and THEN he uttered it -

"I love you..." , very softly and just as the train door was closing... His FIRST utterance of the three little magic words to me...

And I for the life of me can't remember whether I actually said, "I love you, too" back to him, or not then!! But, I remember being stunned, and feeling very, very sad. And I remember crying...(I know...I know...cememeh betul...)

But, I remember the phone-call Ayah made while waiting for his connecting train to Oakham at Peterborough that evening. The thing was - there was no phone in our house, and what my house-mates and I would do was we would fix a certain time for anybody to call us to a public phone near our house at a specified time, on a specified day. And Ayah had asked me to wait at that public phone that evening as he promised that he would call while waiting for the last connecting train to Oakham, as he would have about forty minutes to kill. And he did call at the promised time. He was telling me how tired he was and how sad he felt leaving me that afternoon, and suddenly, the words just came out from me, just like that - "I love you..." MY FIRST utterance of the three little magic words to him... And I felt so relieved after saying it...

Ayah became very quiet suddenly. He then went on to utter the three little words back to me again. In fact BOTH of us became VERY quiet after that. Ayah then excused himself and we said our bye byes. And I remember dragging my feet back to the house, with very heavy heart - thinking of the next term break when Ayah would be visiting again...

It was about 11:30pm that night when our doorbell rang. Am* was listening to some very loud rock music, and I didn't think she heard the bell. Far*iz was studying as usual, and I knew that I had to answer the door. I was quite reluctant as it was already quite late, and none of us were expecting any visitors. Both Ros*an and Yo* were out, and I thought maybe it was one of them. Maybe they left their keys at home, or something like that.

I was just going down the stairs, when through the opaque glass door, I saw a figure in grey attire waiting outside, and my heart skipped a beat.

"Could it be...? couldn't be him...could it?!!!"

I just stood there behind the door, waiting for that person to turn.

And turned he did! And through that opaque glass door, I saw Ayah's face!

I immediately opened the door and let him in, and Ayah was grinning away, wheeling his luggage in, looking at how confused and dumb-founded I was seeing him there in front of me!!! And both of us started laughing!

Ros*an and Yo* came back then, and they, too, were surprised to see Ayah that night!

Apparently, after his earlier phone-call, and after hearing the three little words coming out from me, he felt that he had to turn back . He then called his House Master, Mr. De V**l (NOT Devil, okay?!) and told him a white lie that he had missed the last connecting train to Oakham and therefore he had decided to turn back to Cardiff! Ayah managed to get his ticket and got on the next train to Cardiff - and that was how he turned up in front of our opaque glass door that night...

That was the FIRST time Ayah pulled that stunt, and that was NOT the last time, either! I think throughout our Cardiff days, he did that at least 4 times...And the guys would jokingly tease and kutuk Ayah every time he would tercanguk in front of our door after we had said our bye byes earler in the day. And memang teruk lah jugak Ayah kena...

The normal things :

"Haizal, engkau baik check ticket engkau. Aku rasa engkau salah date. Kau punya train bukan hari ni kot?"


"Haizal, aku tak kemas sleeping bag kau, tau. Aku rasa, malam ni kau tido sini lagi kot?!"


"Haizal, engkau baik tukar sekolah aje lah..."

Even Mr De V**l would tease him about it! Yup, even his House Master knew about his Cardiff girl!

The two years in Cardiff definitely left very fond memories for us.

And, one thing that both of us could not explain was - even though we suffered emotionally every time we had to part ways, we NEVER tried to influence each other on the choices of universities for us to pursue our studies after our A Levels so that we BOTH would be studying at the same University, and for once would not endure the heartaches of being apart.

In fact, NONE of Ayah's 5 choices which he put in his UCCA Form were the same as MY 5 choices! You would have thought, that after going through what we had gone through, we would at least take the next step and at least went to the same University, right? But, I guess, we were still very sensible, and we chose to go to the university of our own choice, which offered the best for our respective courses then.

And, after my A Levels days in Cardiff, and Ayah's days in Uppi**gham, I went on to do Law at University of E**t An**ia, and Ayah went on to do Medicine at the University of New**st*e up** T*ne...

And that was the beginning of yet another 3 YEARS of long distance love affair between Ayah and I, but this time, as University students...

...To be continued...


IBU said... sweet la Shana! The story I mean. Got cry-cry all .... Lomantik. I'm sure this brings back lots of love stories memories amongst the bloggers who drop by.

I think I can only remember crying 2 times only throughout my episode with my Ayah. One when he left Washington DC, the other when he left Indi for Msia. Itu pun the tears tak trickle pun?! Just bergenang jer. But nanti I check dgn dia lah if he remembers any other time I cried. hahaha...

Eh! Didn't know our Tuan Doctor pun capable of little white lies? Hmmmm chenta punya pasal!

Anonymous said...


that's very sweet!!! :) buttt, long distance love affair itu memang menyakitkan, kan :(

anyhow, wanna start the cheering oredi.. WE WANT MORE! WE WANT MORE! :D

Have a good weekend..

rose '86

Madam Tai Tai said...

Hi Shana,

Ibu is right. The UK Sequel did bring back the romantic memories of my hubby and I, esp tang part yg kena said goodbye to each other kat train station. Sayu nya masa tu..

We actually alternated our visit to see each other. I remember the eagerness I felt when I boarded the train to Victoria Station to see him; and the forlornness which accompanied me on my return trip to Canterbury.

Distance made the heart grow fonder..which is still true until now. Whenever he is away on overseas trip, I still miss him much. Just like how I had missed him many many years ago when we were at different cities in the UK.

Thanks for bringing back those memories in this sequel.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kak Shana,

Soooooo sweeeeeet!!!!

Hai....romantik betul Abang H rupanya. I just can imagine how you felt when he turned up at your doorstep after leaving him at the train station! And that first I LOVE YOU!! I remembered how it was when those words were first uttered to me!! fuuhhh melayang gile!!

Long distance relationships do work, the strength of your love is enough to keep it going. My own love story was somewhat too painful at times. Often I felt, I couldn't possibly endure the pain of separation. But alas if it was meant to be, nothing I guess could keep us apart.

Can't wait for sequel #6, Life at Uni!!


wanshana said...


When those things happened dedulu, memang lah lomantik and sweet segala...Now, bila reflect balik, tergelak besar we all!! Hahahaha! Iron Lady pun bule nangis jugak??? Fuuuuuuuuh...dahsyat jugak penangan chenta "Tukang Kasut" ya?

Errrr... there are many "unsangkarable" things Tuan Doktor is capabale of, by the way ;)

wanshana said...


Memang menyeksakan jiwa raga!

But, I guess tu yang buat life interesting tu...And masa tu lah nak test our patience, sincerity, loyalty segala.

And I guess we passed all the tests with flying colours ;D

Enjoy the weekend!

wanshana said...

Hi Madam Tai Tai,

You're most welcome! ;D

Best jugak mengenang balik cerita chenta dolu-dolu, kan? Sometimes we tend to forget how we started out, and that's one of the reasons why we sometimes take our spouses for granted.

There are so many cerita chentas while studying, and I'm sure there are also quite a number which had to go through so many more obstacles and tests compared to us.

Farewells at train stations have always been one of the most difficult things to handle, kan? The effects are so much more - what with the train slowly leaving the platform, and you could see him waving from inside, and you would wait until the train disappeared from your sight! Tambah-tambah pulak with the gloomy British weather in the background...Adoi!!!

I would have loved to do what you did - alternate visits to each other's place. But it was quite impossible as Ayah was in a boarding school then. And also, come EVERY term break, almost ALL of the Oxbridge students would lepak in Cardiff at our place.

All of them were not allowed to stay at their schools over the holidays and what normally happened was that they would stay at Malaysia Hall throughout the break. And normally, they would make their way to Cardiff and spend 50-80% of their cuti there as we all had a proper house, with kitchen, etc, and Cardiff was/is such a nice place to visit and stay in.

You were in Canterbury? So, you must know Rye? She used to lepak in Cardiff, too!

And i know what you mean when you wrote -

"Distance made the heart grow fonder..which is still true until now. Whenever he is away on overseas trip, I still miss him much"

Take care.

wanshana said...


Yup, Abang H is one very hopeless romantic alright :)

I just can't describe how I felt when he came back to Cardiff that night. Rasa macam caaaaiiiiiirrrr sangat!! :)

It MUST have been the distance between us that made us stronger, and I have to add - also his patience with me!

The first "I Love You" is always magical, and it always brings a very warm feeling in your heart every time you remember it, kan?

Take care, dear.

Madam Tai Tai said...

Shana, is this Rye from Sarawak and formerly budak TKC?

If yes, memang kenal benar! And MrsNordin kenal her too (they used to be housemates). Rye used to bercouple with budak koleq, my batch (also former a budak Oxbridge).

Before MrS left to do his Bar in Gray's Inn, he studied at Canterbury too. That was where we met and fell in lurve.

When he moved to London, I became the third pole in Rye and N*har's relationship. Asyik mengacau daun dia orang aje.. When I was with them terubat rasa rindu as they were quite a funny couple. Asyik bergaduh aje! Bergaduh manja la...

I haven't heard from her for quite some time now. Saw her once after we came back to Malaysia and lepas tu tak jumpa lagi. I rindu lak kat Rye ni! Hope she's married and beranak-pinak now.

wanshana said...

Madam Tai Tai,

THAT's the Rye alright! And yes, she is pretty kecoh and funny! When you knew her back then, was she still into Joe Elliot and Def Leppard?!

We used to be very close! Were room-mates when we stayed at Malaysia Hall over Summer Hols of 1988! Every day dok layan lagu Def Leppard with her back then! Hehehehe!

She's in Sarawak. and I heard from another friend that she has 2 (or is it 3?) kids now.

Small world, huh?!

suria said...

hahahah....rupanya ada juga orang lain yang kat UK main public phone....hahhah..that's what me and my boyfriend now hubby did masa bercinta kat uk dulu.Kat depan rumah dia ada phone booth and we set time untuk call each other.Survive juga bercinta masa tu walaupun tak ada handphone.hahaha

It was so sweet to remember back time kat nak bukak album balik ni....hehehe

MrsNordin said...

I think, this is your loveliest posting, Shana. I like your love story.. can't wait to hear the rest!

MrsNordin said...

Yes, I know Rye. Ohh... room mate you, rupa nya...

She came to KL for a visit just after she got married dulu. That was a good 12 /13 years ago... she came with her husband. We were quite close dulu, but after she got married. we lost touch. I still have her parents' address tho', could always track her down.

And I suppose Ab*d was with Jojie in Bad*inton? Jojie is our dear friend, too.. still is.

MAMAMIA said...

I'm amazed... Esp the part where Ayah boleh ingat lagi your flight date.

Memang mabuk cinta.... I guess U experienced all the "Tidur tak lena, makan tak kenyang, mandi tak basah...."

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

whoaaa...almost missed the boat again.

very touching la this sequel. no touches and all that i know but this time it really touched my heart reading the first time 'i love you' was uttered, and it had to be the guy making the first move.

so anyway, the thought of a loved one being far away, and surrounded by guys most of the time can be a real mental torture to a guy. Not accusing doc ayah of anything but in typical cases, guys would go nuts thinking about it. i guess the bottom line is, its all about trust or a certain relationship wouldnt last long without it.

*happy belated birthday to you, kak shana!

*cardiff stadium tu bukan yang millenium stadium ke, the one replacing wembley for footie finals while the latter was under construction?

wanshana said...


You pun berchenta through public phones ke?!! I ingatkan I ngan my housemates ajer yang buat kerja-kerja tu! Hahahaha!

Tapi, kelakar lah...come what may - hujan ke, ribut ke, snow ke - I would wait for his calls there every Sunday afternoon at 3:00pm.

If there were handphones dulu, mau scholarship money habis tang bil mobiles kot? ;)

Alang-alang nak bukak album balik tu, bukak le cerita chenta you pulak!

wanshana said...


It IS such a SMALL world, kan?

Both Rye and I worked at Msia Hall over that Summer Hols - she was working at the Dining Hall/Cafeteria, while I was working as a cleaner. Dapat lah we all extra pocket money before masuk U that year... It would be nice if we could get in touch with her again.

And Jojie, too! Yup - she was Ab*d's partner at Bad*inton. I bumped into her about 2 years go at Jaya Supermarket Section 14 PJ.

Anyway, both Rye and Jojie would also be familiar with cerita chenta Ayah and I ni...

wanshana said...


Yup, you can say that again...Semua serba tak kena ajer.

And all of us - Ayah, myself and the rest of the Oxbridge students always looked forward to our Term Break when nearly EVERYBODY would be in Cardiff!

Suffice to say, there were a few of my friends who had crushes on some of my Sekolah Askar Sungei Besi brothers, and my house was a very strategic station for them... Hehehehe!

By the way, I myself am amazed with Ayah's ability to remember the dates.

Take care.

wanshana said...

Dear Kerp,

Thank you for the wish :)

Ayah and I were quite conservative jugak - it always had to be him to make the first moves. Nothing wrong with that, I think?

Hmmmm...You have to ask Ayah about that - whether he was worried with the fact that I was hanging out with the NINE guys day in day out then. Personally, I never thought about it because I regard them as my close buddies, and I just assumed that Ayah knew that and thus should not worry.

Yup - it's the same stadium alright. Cardiff Millenium Stadium was formerly known as Cardiff Arms Park. Every time they had a rugby match there, and if it was shown Live on TV, I would just turn the volume down, open the window, and listen to the cheering LIVE! Awesome...

Ayah said...

After the 4th time I came back late to school, I had run out of excuses. My Housemaster ngeleng kepala jer..Hehe. I think he knew what was going on but he was such a sport! Hey, I was his 'pet student' that's how I got away scot free each time ;p

Kmar said...


Cintan habis-habisan!!! .ha.ha.ha.. Romantik betul tuan doktor. You are so lucky!! Btw, bila nak keluar chapter ´masuk meminang´ ni??

hanna said...

Awww I love you too Mommy!

This sequel is sweet
Ayah so lovey dovey HOHOHOOOO :D

You know, sebelum ni Hasya, Hilman and I didn't know anything about this okay,

we only got to know through your stories ni. And we only get to know the same time as everybody else ;)

so it's not fair.

But who am I to complain kan kan?

xoxo & Much Love,

Madam Tai Tai said...

Shana, it is a RATHER SMALL world, indeed.

I know Jojie too. She and MrsN were in the same batch at Canterbury.

suria said...


Me to start on my love story....heheh..kalau start dari form 4 ...alamak banyak pulak character hero nya...tak macam u one from start to beginning...sungguh romantik....kalau with hubby now pendek aje periodnya.Tapi best jugak ingat sweet memories ni...maybe sempena our aniversery nanti.

Theta said...

All these Cardiff references remind me of own twin sister and her husband whom she had fortuitously met while studying in Cardiff.

And of course, the times I stayed with her in Cardiff during my Winter Break. The intercontinental travel was worth it.

So, it sort of walking back down memory lane for me, in a way. :)

Your beautiful love story is a stuff of movies! I can''t wait for the next installation.....

afsi said...

Dear WS & H

Awwwww.... cair baca cerita epic love story ni...

So you ended up in Cardydd in De Cymru? Never been to Cardiff, only reached Swansea once, ages after yoou left there.

You still keep in touch with Shuk? I havent spoken to him in ages... Newcastle, been there once in 1989 visiting a few friends, usually I'll end up in Sunderland instead


rad said...

Happy belated Big-Four Ohhh besday to you!!! Long live & blessed by Allah always.

The 1st 'I love you', phone calls & stunts were SO sweet! What makes it sweeter is to read it here & now with all the other readers & your own hubby & kids too - everybody loves a happy ending aye?

But enough of unnecessary commentary - we want MORE!!! Hehehe...

Mior Azhar said...

So sorry but tayar keretapi I pancit... but its not too late kan.. Happy Belated Birthday from both of us here... many happy returns

IBU said...


I re-read, tergelak lah pulak baca pasal public phone tu & the u turn train trips. Sah macam filem hindustan!!!!

By the way, alllooo...i did mention, bergenang jer ok? hehehe... Sedih lah juagk coz dah x de orang nak drive me around to do grocery & tolakkan trolley tu semua. Berat wohh! Huaaaaa...

p/s Lepas tu tolak sendiri lah, walaupun ramai jugak yang rajin jer nak nolong nolak nyer! Tak kuasa.... wink! wink!

wanshana said...


I remember there were a few times after that when you warned me, "Please don't expect me to turn back today, okay? I REALLY have to go back today..." (even when we were already in Uni!) and yet, lo and behold - you STILL turned up at my doorstep later those nights! Hehehehe!

Yeah - I remember you being your housemaster's pet student back then ;) Banyak "privileges", huh?

Oh ya...I've never really asked you this, and I think Kerp was also wondering, "How did you feel when you knew I was surrounded by them guys in Cardiff?!"

wanshana said...


He IS a romantic. Can start calling him "Doktor Chenta" from now on if you want! Hehehehe!

Bab masuk meminang? Watch this space ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh K.Shana, i pernah dicap "tidak loyal" when he got to know that ada sorang mat saleh syok kat i when i was in the US :( I didn't expect the mat saleh to "jatuh chenta and thot of marrying me some more!!" after i carry his daughter when we're at a parade. Ialah, anak mat saleh kan cute-mute bagai nak rak.. i lifted her as a sudden reflex when she passed in front of me, huhuhu. After that mat saleh confessed, terus i confused and tak layan dia.. takutssss *LOL*

anyhow, segala seksa itu sangatlah berbaloi :) i'm so blessed and contented that he chose me as his wife :D Syukur alhadulillah. Semuga jodoh kita berpanjangan *amin*

Take care K.Shana.

rose '86

wanshana said...

Hanna dear,

Your Ayah being all lovey dovey is nothing new what... You know how he is what...

And again - don't get get any ideas from our story ni, okay?!

Luv ya!

wanshana said...

Madam Tai Tai,

So, you also knew Jojie? Dunia ini sememangnya tidak sebesar yang disangkakan...

And I think a particular budak koleq from Canterbury from my batch is now a YB up north? ;)

wanshana said...


I look forward to your anniversary posting nanti then? ;)

Is it coming soon?

wanshana said...

Dear Theta,

When was your sister in Cardiff?

Cardiff @ Caerdydd is such a lovely place, kan? I just loved it when the daffodils bloomed in March...EVERYWHERE you see - there would be daffodils, the national flower of Wales.

And of course, you couldn't get enough of leeks, too, in Wales! ;)

The Welsh are such friendly people and I just love their accent - so melodious.

Aaaaahhhh...sweet memories...

wanshana said...


Swansea (or Newport, for that matter) is SO different from Caerdydd. You have to be there to know the uniqueness of this Welsh Capitol.

The weather pun, macam different sket from the rest of the UK (?!) - I don't know why...maybe because of the love aura masa tu kot? Hehehehe!

wanshana said...


Thank you...Amin :)

I think it's easier for my kids to read these postings themselves rather than I tell them the story verbally. Tak tercerita nanti, coz' I'd die with embarrassment! Hahahaha!

Yes - all the significant FIRSTS actually happened while we were in the UK. Very sweet memories indeed.

Take care :)

wanshana said...

Mior and Azian,

No problem... and thank you :) Amin.

Hope things at work are more or less settled, and you can have a breather now.

Myself - kepala ni dah berdenyut non-stop since 2 weeks ago...Rasa macam nak explode ajer, but, I'm trying to do the best I can to stay sane...


wanshana said...


Cerita hindustan pun kalah kot?!

Kalau your standard, "bergenang" tu kira dah dahsyat la tu!!! Hehehehe!

Waaaa....ramai penolak trolley ya? Depa kena ambik nombor jugak ke? Ke you kena come with jadual tugas?!

But, I guessed - cara they all tolak trolley tidak akan sama dengan cara your Ayah tolak trolley kan...?

wanshana said...


Waaaaa...Got Mat Saleh admirer, ya?! That would be an interesting thing for you to share, eh? Create a blog lah for that, boleh?

Tapi, tu lah kan...kalau dah jodoh dengan your hubby dah tertulis, memang tak ke mana, kan? Syukur alhamdulillah.

Amin. Insya Allah.

You take care, too! ;)