Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Sequel (London : 1991-1992)

Sorry, folks! I have to admit that I have not been diligent in updating my Cerita Chenta sequels. In fact, it is not too much to say that my Cerita Chenta had been left in a state of neglect for nearly a week, and if I were to wait for another few days before continuing with it, I'm afraid the momentum and the flow (from me, as well as for the readers) would be lost! So, I think it's high time for me to post a new entry, huh?!

So, anyway - the few months running to my final exams and also graduation, Ayah and I had a heart to heart talk on what exactly I wanted to do after graduating. At that point, Ayah still had 2 more years before he was to graduate, and we had agreed that he should work for at least 1 year before we were to settle down. So, all in all we were looking at at least another THREE years before we could finally tie the knot!

It was also agreed that after his graduation in 1993, if he were to work, he would be working and doing his housemanship in the UK, as that would be the best training ground for him.

So, we laid down all the possibilities of A to Z, and the bottom line was - I didn't think I could stand being so far away from him for so long!

I had a couple of options.

I could either just go back and serve Petronas. This would have meant that I would have to go back to Malaysia that Summer of 1991, do whatever I needed to do, and I would have had to wait for 3 YEARS before we could get married. And Ayah would be in the UK ALL THOSE THREE YEARS!(Errrr...I don't think I would consider THAT as an option?!!! Nak sakit jiwer ke aper???!!!)

OR another option was, I could apply for a scholarship extension to continue with my studies and pursue my Degree of an Utter Barrister in London, after which I would have to go back to Malaysia, but, we would only be apart for 2 years.

Hmmmmm....THREE years apart vs TWO years apart? NOT a difficult choice to make at all.

I have to admit, if it was not because of Ayah, I would not have even thought of doing my Bar Finals in London! I was never (and am NOT) an ambitious person, and sitting for my Bar Exams was never in my list of things-to-do in life.

But, as it was the ONLY option I had to buy time to spend at least another year in the UK, I went on to apply to do my Bar Finals at Ho*born College/Linco**'s I**, and syukur alhamdulillah I received an offer! And in London I stayed for a year, pursuing my Degree of an Utter Barrister (and Ayah was still in Newcastle upon Tyne the whole time).

In a way, I was just an accidental Bar student - hoping to gain more time in the UK only so that Ayah and I would not be too far apart too long. But, of course, I just couldn't ignore my responsibilities of being a Bar student, could I? I was accepted in, so, might as well JUST DO IT, right?

My one year in London was spent in Stroud Green in North London where I shared an apartment with S*l and Tu*ip. Both graduated from Leeds, and both were also admitted to Linco**'s I** and Ho*born College.

Now, applying and getting a place in Linco**'s I** was one thing. Going through the Professional Bar Course and Exams was another thing. It was SHEER HELL, I tell you! And I know there are a few of my readers here who had gone through the same hell as I did. NEVER AGAIN!!! Even if somebody were to pay me REALLY BIG MONEY to go through the Bar Course and Exams, I would happily decline. Thank you, but, NO thank you, sir!

I didn't mind the 24 Dinners that we had to go through (failing which, we would NOT be called to the Bar EVEN if we were to get 1st Class results for the Bar Finals Exams!). The Dinners were fun actually. All of us going in black and white attires, donning the robes, sitting in the glorious Grand Hall of Linco**'s I**, enjoying our bland vegetarian meals and orange juice, while the rest were having succulent roast beef and gravy, and 3-4 types of alcoholic drinks, one after another...(What my house mates and I would normally do was to makan kenyang-kenyang kat rumah dulu, before going to the Inn's dinner!)

Those 24 Dinners were part of the formal requirements of the Honourable Society. Every now and then we were allowed to bring guests along, and of course, Ayah became my regular "tag-along" for all my Guests Night Dinners. That was just an excuse to get Ayah to make a trip down to London from Newcastle every month actually. NOT that he minded! Hehehehe!

It was the Bar Final Course itself which I tak boleh tahan...Those months of going to classes and working on the endless assignments and studying for the exams were arguably the most stressful time of my life. With, and like all professional exams, it was just NOT the same as the normal and ordinary exams you would do at Uni or college. It was in a class of its own, and as I had got myself into it (as an accidental student some more!!), I sweat through it all and gave my best.

Those who had gone through the Bar Finals Exams as I had, would agree with me when I said that the Exams were one of the TOUGHEST exams on the face of the earth...

I remember studying for the subjects with tears falling down onto my notes. I still have those notes with me, with blotches on the pages as proof of my free-flowing tears smearing the pages! It was so damn hard, but, I knew I just had to do it whether I liked it or not. I remember not eating for days studying for the Bar Finals. I remember not going out for weeks preparing for the Bar Finals.

And I remember asking Ayah if he could just come down to London to be with me - untuk bagi semangat throughout the exam period. But, Ayah did the right thing, and said, "NO". He told me, "YOU have to do this YOURSELF, and I don't want to be there as I might distract you and be in your way. BUT, you can call me ANY time of the day and night, and I will be there for you..."

And throughout that ONE week of INTENSIVE exams, I lost count of how many times I called Ayah, day and night - crying like crazy every time, telling him that I was giving up, and that I just could not go on. And every single time Ayah would steer me back and gave his words of encouragement to just hang in there...

EVERY TIME I called him, I was a nervous wreck. And EVERY TIME, he would be saying the same things to boost my morale up. In fact, it would have been easier for him if he were to make a recording of his words of encouragement and just play it on for me to listen to whenever I called! I knew what he was going to say anyway, but, I just needed to hear his voice over the phone...

I tell you, it was a miracle that I did not go mad going through the Bar Finals Exams.

I sat for the Trinity Paper, and passed all subjects except for my General Paper II (which was basically Procedures on Land Law and Equity - not surprising as they happened to be my pet-hate subjects throughout Uni!!). I bersyukur to Allah swt as that would mean that I only had to resit for that ONE Paper. The system was such that IF you were to fail TWO papers, you would have to resit ALL SIX Papers!!! Mati hidup balik I takkan resit if that were to happen to me!

So, that Summer, Ayah offered his place in Newcastle for me to prepare for the Michaelmas Exams while he went back to Malaysia for his Summer Break. In a way, I was "house-sitting" for him. And when Ayah came back from the holidays, I remember him staying up with me going through the subject, or just accompanying me burning the midnight oil...And syukur alhamdulillah, I passed my GP II in that Michaelmas Exams, and that November 1992, I was called to the English Bar and admitted as a Member of the Honourable Society of Linco**'s I** finally...

And I have to say - if it was not for Ayah's words of encouragement and support, ESPECIALLY throughout the exam period, I would not have got through the Exams. And I know that Ayah and his semangat and encouragement had a lot to do with it...and I can't thank him enough...

With all the ceremonies over, I was left with no choice. Petronas had called me back (NOT that they had a job waiting for me back home in Malaysia anyway!), and I had run out of excuses and reasons to stay on...

And in December 1992, I remember taking the MAS flight from London Heathrow to Kuala Lumpur with Re*a - my MT friend who was also with me in Norwich, and who also spent an extra 1 year (but in Warwick, doing her Masters) ALSO to buy time to be in the UK as her boyfriend T**S (who is now her hubby) also had a couple of years still in the UK.

I remember Ayah and T**S sending us off at Heathrow, and I remember how both Reha and I menangis tak ingat dunia at the airport, and continued with the crying marathon all throughout the 13 hours journey to KL! We were crying, and every now and then we were laughing our hearts out because it was actually a pretty damn funny sight looking at each other's monyok face throughout the flight!

But, it sure wasn't funny when reality sank in.

Back in KL, I suddenly found myself totally lost without Ayah by my side. And the fact that Ayah was going to spend at least another two years in the UK before we would tie the knot, did not help at all...

Yes, of course I was happy that I was back in Malaysia with my Mommy and Abah and the rest of the family. But, somewhere along the line, I had realized that Ayah had also become a part of my family - a part of me. He was my semangat...and I didn't know if I could survive being without him in Malaysia for 2 years...

To be continued...


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

doc ayah was clearly your strength and he even played a major part in getting you to where you are now. but dont get me wrong, not in any ways i'm dicrediting anyone, especially you kak Shana.

but then kan, since he was the reason why you stayed on for another year and yet, he came back home for his summer break and left you there in the process! aisehhh...

Ayah said...


Yes, I came back to Malaysia for the Summer hols but it was only for about 2 weeks. I wanted to meet up with JPA, my sponsors, to tell them that I intended to do my housemanship in the UK the following year. It was something I had to do...or so I thought. It later turned out that my trips to JPA were completely useless as they went back on their words and refused my request after I graduated in 1993 after initially giving me the go-ahead and assurance during the summer break. Long and complicated story laa...

Anyway...I remember vividly the many many phone calls Mommy made in the weeks leading to her Bar Finals. One thing about her is this...she would do things at the very last minute ALL the time... and ALL the time she would be stressed out BIG time...and ALL the time too she would be fine in the end! Sometimes I pulak lagi stressed out! Hahaha... I guess that's why I love her to bits! :)

And whatever she has written in this posting, let me put it on record that she is the very reason I am who I am...and who I will be. She has been the wind beneath my wings...and my pillar of strength throughout my career pursuit.

For that and more...I would forever be grateful...

rad said...

Yippeee!!! The much awaited sequel is here at least...hehehe..

Truly enjoy reading it! Esp. the struggling part..and being apart - wah, macam hindustani lak! Wakaka!!

Salute to you both coz you're both very STRONG people. Helping each other to do better & all.

Madam Tai Tai said...

Kudos to you for passing your BAR finals. I know that 1 year doing your BAR wasn't easy as MrS did the same thing too in 1990.

I remember also the dinners he and his housemate, K*din, had to go to fulfill the BAR requirements. So kelakar because they had to smarten up for the ocassion. But they really looked like barristers on the dinner nights.

Thanks for sharing once again the cerita chenta you. Ingat kan dah tak nak tulis after a long hiatus.

afsi said...

Dear WS & Doc

I really envy you guys, the way you guys faced all the obstacles together, the words of encouragement that was spoken...

If it was me... well I am hopeless with words and I dont think I would be a good motivator of confidant compared the honorable Doc...


suria said...

Unlike you.... in Sept 1991 I got married in London.Dah tak sanggup berpisah dah...heheheh

Helena said...

Wow..... I can just imagine what u went through.... sambil tu teringat time dulu2... last minute baru nak crack the books.... hehe

Best nya baca reply Tuan doctor... hehe

wanshana said...


Yup - can't imagine life without my pillar of strength...Come to think of it, he has always been in the picture for more than half of my life!

And it was just a short trip that he made back to Malaysia that year, as explained above. It was a necessity of sort.

wanshana said...


Speechless...(which is SO not me!)

Air mata bergenang...(which is SO me!)

...thank you...

wanshana said...


Sorry to have kept you waiting. Hehehehe...Thanks!

We did go through a lot together, and I guess because we had always been there for each other, our combined strengths chrystallized into one, maybe?

wanshana said...

Madam tai tai,

Thanks, and you're welcome :)

The truth be told - I felt quite guilty for not continuing with the sequel sooner actually! The least I could do is to keep on writing and sambung until we tied the knot, I guess? If not, macam tergantung la pulak hidup...Hehehe!

MrS would know how menyeksakan buat Bar Finals. Never expected it to be the way it was. And yes - the Dining experience was something else :)

Take care.

wanshana said...


Sometimes we don't need words to comfort and motivate another. Our presence and understanding will mean A LOT to that special someone in times of need...and I'm sure you've done that many, many times already :)


Udinb said...

Wow .... interesting reading. My first visit and I pop in via Helena's. Good story and sure I would not want to miss the continuation.

Me and wife will be in UK for my MBA's graduation 7th July till 16th July

wanshana said...


Waaaaahhhh....interesting! Care to share with us events leading to the London wedding, please? :)

I had friends who got married while abroad, too, and I just love wedding ceremonies held in the UK!

However, dunno why, but the thoughts of us doing the same had never crossed our minds.

But, of course when we eventually got married, we said to ourselves, "Should have done it sooner maaa!" Hehehehe!

wanshana said...


"Procrastination" is my middle name, and Ayah dah kenal sangat I ni!

And yes, I'm so touched with what was written by Ayah above...

Take care, dear.

wanshana said...


Thank you for visiting. It's always nice to make new friends here :)

And of course - Congratulations! Hmmmm...MBA is another head-cracker (as Bar Finals was to me!) You must feel so relief, and so happy now. I can just imagine the feelings.

Have fun at your Graduation Ceremony, and why not extend your stay in the UK a little bit longer to REALLY celebrate!

Btw, if you feel like following this Cerita Chenta of Ayah and myself from Day 1, feel free to click on my Cerita Chenta Label ;)


Kerp (Ph.D) said...


like kak shana, cant seem to find the right word to describe you best. but you bet, you're a perfect role-model for guys to look up to. i'm one. gotta prove to them future in-laws their daughter has indeed made the right choice.

Amy said...

Bloghopping through Abg Idham's blog last week and I'm hooked to your love stories (pengakuan tak malu nih! :P) and looking forward for more sequels. Was studying in KPP too, 1995-1999. Doing ADP (replacement of IU programme), but were the first M.ARA students batch tak dpt fly due to recession - 1997. Oh well,takde rezeki. I enjoy reading your experience studying there :)

U.Lee said...

Hi Wanshana, beautiful story, and reading of your Bar exams very interesting.
I wanted to do Law too when young, but when I found out had to study Latin, I changed my mind...
You were really deep in love too, huh? But happy to read you have done well in both your Law and the love of your life. Outstanding!
You keep well and have fun, best regards, Lee.

wanshana said...


Just be yourself. That would be the easiest way to prove to them future in-laws that Pinky has indeed made the right choice. ;)

All the best! :)

wanshana said...


Thank you for hopping by - it's always a pleasure to have new friends here :)

Glad you're enjoying the 'saga'. Jangan nanti bila sequels semua dah habis, you'll get withdrawal syndrome la pulak?! Hahahaha!

It doesn't really matter where one studies. Yang penting wherever we are, we make life the way we want it to be, and we make it the most interesting experience we've ever had. It's the friends around you which are important wherever you are

I'm sure your life in the ADP Programme pun were very colourful. Betul tak? ;)

Do drop by again, kay?

wanshana said...

Dear Uncle Lee,

Thank you :) come I didn't have to take up Latin to do law? ( I wonder if my Law Degree was authentic ke tidak?! No Latin whatsoever taken as a subject! Hehehehe!

And as for the Bar Finals, I also don't know la how I got through the exams...Hehehe!

Yes, I was really deep in love then...(and even more so now! :))

Have a great weekend, Uncle Lee. Take care.

Theta said...

No pressure, but can't wait for the continuation :)

As for your question in the previous two entries, my twin sister only arrived in Cardiff in Autumn 1994.

The Bar Exam sounds like a hellish nightmare! Glad you made it through - thanks to your determination and 'kindred spirit' ;)

MrsNordin said...


You know Tulip as well? She was one of my close friends masa kat TKC (A-Levels) dulu! My God... do you know where she is now?

Cerita you ni dah jadi macam "Jejak Kasih" lah pulak! :)

But I'm seriously amazed that you still remember every single detail of your feelings at that time... I feel for you, tau!

Udinb said...

Your Cerita Chenta made me sleep very late last nite. But its OK ... nothing else to do when you are alone in a hotel room.

Itupun tak abis lagi. Balik Kuching nanti kena sambung baca balik. I paling suka bab kat stesen keretapi tu.

wanshana said...


1994 - I was already back in Malaysia for 2 years then. Our paths wouldn't have crossed. But, I'm sure your sis really enjoyed life in Cardiff, as I did. Cool place :)

The Bar Final exam was indeed a hellish nightmare - slightly less scarier than The Grudge, maybe?! I just can't explain how on earth I got through! Hehehe!

Have a great weekend, Theta :)

wanshana said...


Alahai!!! Memang dunia ni kecik betul...Tulip, Sal and myself were flat-mates for more than a year, you know! (And if you did your A Levels at TKC, you must have known Mar*na Ja*l, too? She was my next door neighbour in Taiping dulu - adik K.Ina Ja*l)

The last time I heard, Tulip was a Senior Federal Counsel with MITI, I think. We've lost touch, but, I'm sure I can get her contact details from Sal.

About still remembering every single detail of my feelings dulu - I guess it's because they were SO INTENSE kot dulu?! ;)

Have a great weekend, dear.

wanshana said...


Glad my Cerita Chenta could be somewhat as your "companion" to pass the time :)

The whole bab keretapi tu is one of my favourites, too. Macam cerita Hindustan, kan? Hahaha!

Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear Kak Shana,

I missed the train, just read latest sequel. Uhm, at this stage ada je yang getting in the way of the two of you. Honestly, don't know how you do it, being far from each other for 2 years pulak tu!!

And that exam....ok, I've no personal experience of knowing anyone doing it BUT sounds like a real torture!!! Gosh....I've never cried for an exam before, you were really strong, with an even stronger person behind you.

Ok....bila nak masuk meminang nih?? Come on, clock's ticking!!Lol!!


wanshana said...

Dear Murni,


Yes, there was always something in the way at every stage of our pre-marriage relationship. But, syukur alhamdulillah, they made us appreciate each other even more.

Sitting for the Bar Finals was indeed an unforgettable experience. And the fact that I was doing it just so that I could spend another year in the UK (and NOT really into it) and yet I managed to pass - even I was surprised! Hehehehe!

The exam schedule itself was crazy - we had to sit for ALL the papers within 5-8 days (if I remember correctly)!

Bab meminang? Watch this space... Hehehehe!

Oh ya! Got your SMS a couple of days ago. My apologies for not replying - always in and out of the office/house the last few days. We cerita panjang when you come back in August nanti, insya Allah :)

Take care, dear.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Haizal- i think i need to get jab to talk to you on how to be romantic ....i am sooooo jeles of shana...heheheheheheh

Superwomanwannabe said...

oh my god shana- your post on the exams just triggered a heck of a lot of memories....ok ok i go and post on my blog now...heheheheh

wanshana said...


I look forward to your Bar Finals posting (after your GC trip la kot?)

Actuallynya kan - come to think of it, sedahsyat-dahsyat Bar Finals tu, I never really had any nightmares of my Bar Finals AFTER that...

BUT, I SELALU sangat have nightmares of not having enough time to study for my SPM!!!

So, I guess I was more traumatized by the latter kot? Hehehehe!

pakpayne said...

:-) wanshana....caught up finally with the sequels...

that house-sitting for ayah during his summer break did you good...his aura was there accompanying u during ur resit exams preparation.....itu kut boleh concentrate tu..hehehe

barristers formal dinner, black tie and all....and I can imagine the stiff upper lips too.....huh, that sounds quite a challenge to sit through not twice, but 24 times....but but, having ayah with u there, the rest didn't really count la kan...

i love reading ayah's reply to kerp....especially the part he said,
"she is the wind beneath my wings"
....his responce really warm my heart.

thank you for sharing...nanti i nak print la semua sequel nak bagi my children pun baca...boleh jadi great tips on 'HOW TO'BERCINTA....hehehehe.

wanshana said...


You're most welcome, and glad you finally managed to catch up with the train :)

Ha-ah, Ayah's aura AND the SMELL of him/his perfume/cologne, etc., around the house did the trick kot?! Hahaha!

And Newcastle was a nice change of place to study from London. Also, the fact that I only had to concentrate on just ONE paper, instead of all the subjects ALSO made it possible for me to pass the Michaelmas Exam. Syukur alhamdulillah.

Actually, come to think of it, ada hikmah jugak that I failed that one Trinity paper. If I had passed it the first time around, I would not have been able to stay on in the UK until December, as Petronas would surely have asked me to balik Msia in September that year! :) Kurang 3 bulan in the UK with Ayah! Hehehe!

The Dining was full of tradition - so, it was a wonderful experience for us, actually. We could mingle with all the QCs, etc.

Alamak...nak print out the whole thing for your kids to read? Hmmmm...must make sure censorship committee do a good job, especially for Luqman's benefit! Hehehe!

Salams to K.LiL, please.

Mior Azhar said...

You know something? I've just spent the past hour or so re reading your Cherita Chenta entry in one go. And I feel really good (rasa muda balik pun ada)..... hilang segala tension and stress.
For that I Thank You.

Kmar said...


You really make me glued to the chair... especially when you mention the BAR. It must be ´super tough´. I am so happy that you made it through. You deserved it.

Reha pun ´puteri airmata´ jugak ke?..ha.ha.ha.. When it involves LOVE, especially ladies.. senang betul berjurai-jurai airmata.

Your Ayah was-is your strength from the start. Both of you are meant for each other.

I am so impress with your memory of every single detail .. errghh.. ada tulis diary ke??..he.he..

Kmar said...

Shana, just a short note. Boleh jumpa tak nanti at

Venue : Berjaya Times Square (we will be renting 2 bedrooms apt)
Date : 16th Aug (Saturday)
Time : 1500hr (tea)

This is tentative. I already mentioned to Sal and BJ and please extend to others yang you rasa available at that time. The kids can go to the Theme Park with hubbies.. he.he.he.. Our flight to Barcelona will be on the 18th Aug.

dalamdakapanibu said...

wanshana, c'mmon.. I'm already hooked to your Cerita Chenta... cepat sikit... tak sabar nak tau when you tied the knot..2 tahun lama wei...hehe..

wanshana said...


You're most welcome :)

Glad that my Cerita Chenta could be a de-stresser for you and have some "rejuvenating" effect. Hahaha!

Actually, writing the cerita is good therapy for me, too - especially bila tension dengan Ayah. Bila rasa nak marah or tak puas hati, terus aje cool down bila ingat zaman hebat berchenta dulu. Hahaha!

Hmmm...I think everybody should dig up all those buried memories to light up the flame, and appreciate the other half again :) (IF we have been lacking in that department lately, that is!)

Cheers...and chill out. Jangan tension-tension at work! ;)

Take care, and do sampaikan my salam to Azian, please. Thanks.

wanshana said...


Yes - the Bar Finals memang tough, and I'm glad Sal, Tulip and I got through it successfully. Thanks!

Ha-ah! Both Reha and I yang tersangatlah macho dan hero masa kat sekolah dulu had to surrender to L-O-V-E...Hahaha!

To tell you the truth, I never kept a proper diary. EVERYTHING is recorded and stored in my head actually :) and I'm even amazed with myself with the things that I could remember sometimes! Hehehe!

16th August - bisa diatur. I'll war-warkan to the rest of the gang, insya Allah. Can't wait to meet up with you again!

Cheers, and take care :)

wanshana said...


Thank you for hopping by. I just visited your blog, and I will definitely make my regular hops there from now on ;)

I'm working on the sequel, I promise! Hehehe... Insya Allah, it'll be coming out soon.

We just came back from a 3-day break in Kuantan actually. Itu yang a bit of a hiatus the last few days. Sorry :)

And Ayah and I just brought back 6 BIG albums from my parents' house today - full of photos zaman sekolah, KPP, Cardiff, Norwich, London, etc. Nostalgic sungguh! And our kids had a field day gelakkan both of us posing maut dulu-dulu. Hahahaha!

But, looking at all those photos really makes me feel good, ESPECIALLY after writing my Cerita Chenta ni. Macam it all just happened recently ajer :)

Take care.

NJ said...

Salam Wan Shana,

Bloghop here quite often, especially since the release of your heart-warming Cerita Chenta, but never left trail behind until now…and for that officially Salam Perkenalan :D

Memang your entries brought back those memories… KPP lah, UNI lah..etc etc.

Can’t wait to read the continuation.. don’t keep us waiting :D

wanshana said...

Dear NJ,

Salam Perkenalan :)

Thank you for hopping by. It's always a pleasure to get to know new blogging friends here. I have just visited your blog, and will surely hop by again (and again!) :)

I think, you may not be the only one whose KPP and Uni memories had resurfaced after reading the Cerita Chenta. I've had a few who confessed that they've been reminiscing their own Cerita Chenta lately. Which is a good thing, I guess. I'm sure semua good memories, kan? ;)

Continuation coming soon, insya Allah.

MrsNordin said...

Marina J was my housemate for a good 2 years before she got married! I was quite close to her family at that time. Now, sekali sekala ada lah contact. Memang... what a small world!!

Hey, bila nak sambung cerita ni?

wanshana said...

MrsNordin @ BJ, ke?!

My family used to be very close to hers when we were in Taiping. Now that my parents have moved to KL, dah jarang meet up. The last time I saw her and the family was maybe about 4-5 years ago when she threw a bday party for her daughter at Twinkles @ One-U. It'll be good to meet up with them again.

Sequel - in the pipeline. As tomorrow's a public holiday/weekend, ada chance it's coming very soon... ;)

dalamdakapanibu said...

Hehe.. those photos will definitely bring back all the memories.. thus more Cerita Chenta to write..yey!

Posting those memorable photos in your blog will give more ummpph... macam makan makan cakoi cicah kopi 'o'.. sedaaaap..

wanshana said...


Ayah is in the process of scanning gambar-gambar "strategic" from the 6 albums. Insya Allah, you all will get a glimpse of some of them one of these days.

Baru real - bukan macam cakoi cicah kopi 'o' lagi nanti. More like cicah roti kelapa lutut with kopi kemaman! Fuyoooo...