Saturday, June 14, 2008

Interval : Emerald Rawang Birthday Bash!!!

Hi there, folks. Thought I'd take a breather from continuing with the Cerita Chenta sequels for a bit, and share some pics with you guys.

Have been meaning to blog about it for a few weeks now, but the Cerita Chenta took the better of me...Hehehe...

Anyway, the Majlis Tertinggi had another gathering a few weeks back, and this time, Ibu and her Ayah played hosts at their fabulous spanking new place in Emerald Rawang. It was basically a 3-in-1 thingy : their house-warming do, their Idin's 12 b'day bash, and four of Ahli MT's 40th birthday celebration (Ayah, myself and Mr. & Mrs. Engineer).

And it was really great to be able to catch up with everyone, especially with Y*s and Bu*an, and Aw*n and Nu*q after so long!

The theme was "Everything Football", and we went in our favourite football team jerseys. We had all the perkara wajib for our normal gatherings - good food, hilarious time, karaoke session, and great company, of course :)

Back by popular demand/request was my Char Kuey Teow. Ibu had asked me not to cook too much, as there would be A LOT of food (and she was right!), so yours truly only cooked 2 kilos of Kuey Teow. Should have doubled that was all gone within 20 minute...Hehehe!

And of course, there was Ibu's speciality, too - Masak Lemak Kuning Ketam! Tak sempat nak ambik gambar, dah licin!!! I really don't know how many kilos of ketam ended up in Ibu's wok that day, and I've lost count of how many batches of the ketam dish Ibu cooked for us. I only know that it was finger-lickin' good!

Ibu organized some fun games for the kids, and the highlight of the evening was definitely the "Make-Your-Daddy-Up-As-Your-Mommy" game sempena Mother's Day. The Daddies were so sporting and they actually let all the kids have a free hand at dressing, accessorizing and making them up! Well, I guess that's what happens when you're among friends you're very comfortable being with. No qualms, no shame, no pride whatsoever! Ilek...zilch! HAHAHA!

But, of course the pics of the Daddies in all the Mommies' accessories and make-up are not for public display, but, I have made a note to self to really keep them in a safe place. Who knows, in the future I can use them to peras ugut the Daddies?! Hahaha! So, to all the MT's hubbies reading this - YOU'VE BEEN WARNED! You all better be nice to ALL the Ahli-ahli MT, comprende?

By the time we started the karaoke session, most of the kids dah bergelimpang all over the house.

And seperti biasa, majlis bersurai pada pukul 4 pagi...

Thanks everyone for the birthday presents => cool snorkelling goggles/gear from diving fanatics Iz*am and J*; ties and a lovely brooch from the prim and always proper Re*a but not necessarily so T*bs (Hahaha! Ampun!!!), and a bouquet of lovely roses and a teeny weeny Bl*sh lingerie from (romantics? xxx craze?!) Ab*d and Ra*f (HAHAHAHA!) Thanks guys... And just for the record - ALL the presents have been put to good use...(winks*! Hahaha!)

AND THANKS, Ibu and Sa*a for being such great hosts! Must do this again. Soon.


Enjoy the pics!


U.Lee said...

Hello Wanshana, Wow! I love your char kueh teow, also love bila ada banyak tow gay. From here I can see how delicious it is. And the ketam and other dishes, almost can get their aroma disini.
Everyone look so beautiful and their smiling faces tells the story of being family. last time there was in 1960's when there only rubber estates, tin mines, disused tin mine pools, swamps and coal. Used to go there for fishing as well fish for udang galas.
Enjoyed your beautiful slides. Have a good weekend, Lee.

Madam Tai Tai said...

Hi Shana,

Bestnya..spending great time with great bunch of friends. We miss that very much over here. Although we have friends here, tak sama macam friends kat Malaysia.

You all ni kaki karaoke ya. Any budding Sitis or Anwars in your group?

Waterlily said...

Hi there..

wow..! All those familiar faces...almost didnt recognized Ibu..that her? in blue?

And the CAKE! Haha..the humongous number on top!!

Enjoyed the slides...

wanshana said...

Hello Uncle Lee,

Thank you :)

I also love char kuey teow with loads of taugeh, so, when I cook it, I make sure I give extra doses of it. But, because my kids don't like it, normally have to cook a different batch for them - taugeh-less and kuchai-less. So difficult to get them to eat veges laaa :(

Even though I didn't know how Rawang was those days, (and I don't know how it is now pun - I only know how to get to Ibu's house only!) I'm sure there have been a lot of changes there. And I don't know if you could actually fish for udang galah there now. A lot of development there - sure all the udangs have pindah somewhere, or R.I.P already!

Take care, Uncle Lee.

wanshana said...

Madam Tai Tai,

Yeah - it's great to hang out with friends on a regular basis. They keep us sane (or sometimes when we get together, we become insane - tak ingat dunia. Hehehe!)

I understand what you mean. I have friends living abroad who always say the same thing - one of the things they miss are times to lepak-lepak and chill-out with the gang.

But, as long as you keep in touch, maintain contact and keep abreast with what's going on in their lives, the friendship will never die. Insya Allah, when the time comes for you all to settle down for good in Malaysia, it'll feel like you've never left the country pun.

And I can see from reading your blog that you have a lot of wonderful friends whom you're close to back here in Malaysia. So, don't worry too much about it. You definitely can "qadha" all the gatherings you've missed out, when you come back nanti. And you're already back for your break now, right?


P/S : Yup - The MT and hubbies are not just "kaki" karaoke - we're "Kaki", "tangan", and also "Kepala" karaoke, all rolled in one :)

wanshana said...


I say, the one in blue tu - gua laaa!!!

But, if you meant the one in Chelsea's jersey - itu anak gua laaa, Hanna!!

But, if you meant the one in light grey/blue - itu kawan gua and kawan lu, J* laaa!!!

I has been THAT long, huh? Either you've forgotten how we looked like OR, we have changed so much in size and shape that we don't look like we did before. OR, because selalu sangat dok melepak together, we now look like each other??!! Hahaha!

The cake - yup. The BIG 40...

hanna :) said...

you're very very naughty o.o
Mind you, I've looked better okay!
That is not the real me!
Sleep overcame me ;p

Lots of love,

Waterlily said...


I thought Hanna is IBU. So, where's IBU? Last I met her was ..2 years ago I think..

U all still chun melechun la..easy to recognize...cume tersasul with IBU..


Anonymous said...

salam kak shana,

food looks good! teringat pulak the weekly meet-up sessions we use to have here :)

and of course your char kueh teow! (it's one of the main things in my wish list *wink*)

everyone looks good too, by the way , hasya has really grown!!! tiba tiba je dia nampak tinggi ...

anyway, can't wait to see your new place ... dah settle ke?

take care and hugs to hanna, hasya and hilman please ... salam to abang h :)

ps: abang H - Happy Father's Day!!!!!

wanshana said...


I just love to see you fast asleep - reminds me of the time when you were just a teeny weeny baby... hence the pic! (Errrr...nasib baik tak ada drools...Hahaha!)

You look pretty even when you're sleeping, dear. Muuuaaahhh!!


Mommy :)

wanshana said...


Ibu is lurking somewhere...

Kena mintak kebenaran Grand Keeper of Mohor Raja-Raja to reveal which one she really is...Hehehe!


If you're reading this - maybe you can help Waterlily to identify yourself? ;)

wanshana said...


Salams. Long time no hear from you one! Hope everything's fine in South Shields.

Yup - the gatherings we have here are pretty much like the ones we used to have in Newcastle (minus the karaoke :))

Craving for my char kuey teow? No sweat - will definitely put it in my must-cook list when you guys are back home in KL. Don't worry. ;)

Hasya has been growing alright. We have to get her new jeans and pants every 2 months now... Even her shoes!

Hilman has been growing upwards and sideways, too - if you might have noticed! And Hanna is taller than me now, and she's scared that she would weigh the same as her Mommy! (Which is quite impossible, judging by the rate I'm putting on weight now! HAHAHA!)

BJ house still di takuk lama - no progress there, I'm afraid. Contractor still working on "the other" project which hopefully will siap before Raya this year, insya Allah.

Do convey our Father's Day Wish to Hilmi, please. Thanks!

Take care, dearie.

Kmar said...

Nice pictures!!!... Mesti bagus makan-makan ni... menyihatkan badan. My hubby selalu kata, my friends kalau berkumpul, mesti banyak makanan!! .. dah adat kan??. .he.he.he..

The cake..awat la bubuh lilin bernombor.. he.he.he.. welcome to the forties!! Btw, they look delicious!!

O ja, pasal Euro2008, UK tak qualified laa... wink..wink... !!

Just a small reminder, kena tukar venue for the 16th August 2008. Times Square full pulak. Ada convention.

We already confirmed
The Zon All Suites Residence On The Park (opposite Ampang Park). Time and date remain the same. Hopefully you can ´free´ yourself on that day.

Hasta la vista

Anonymous said...

dear kak shana,

elo elo elo :) we are fine thanx :) sorry i was quiet, haven't been in the net much lately ...

hanna taller than you?! omg! habis la i like this!!! by the way hanna, me thinks that you look so peaceful in that photo!!! *hugs*

can't believe hasya suddenly had a growth spurt! but good la for her :) hmm ... i bet when i see her she'll look so different! :)

didn't really noticed about hilman ... tak nampak sangat in the photo :)

eh mana ada you put on weight la! still maintain macam dulu ... hehehe :) abang h pun looks good - i see he is growing his goatie back!

by the way, i think kak ina did say she's going back to malaysia soon so i guess she will be in touch nanti - nazmee pun dah besar and so the comel!

our love to all!

take care :)

afsi said...

Dear WS

Nu*q? Aw*n? Bu*an? hey I know them....kirim salam if you meet them again

Nu*q was my class mate in lorong harimau & Aw*n was my classmate in English class in KPP.... Bu*an i know through rugby games la....

nice gathering though


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

wowww...a real shindig it was.

but i believe Ibu may be a little pissed with me lah. when she made the first announcement of this do, i was keen to join and promised to inform her via email whether or not i'll be present. and that was in may. somehow it slipped off my mind until you posted this!

kepada Ibu yang dikasihi, mintak ampon!!

MrsNordin said...

Hi Shana,

Nice to see pics of Y*s and R*h*. They look so different!! And why does R*h* looks SO baik? Hee... hee... ingat masa kat sekolah dulu, rambut pendek. So tomboy. Now so ayu & proper like that! :)

wanshana said...


I can just imagine Jose geleng kepala tengok we all makan-makan. If after that we make an attempt to burn all the calories and go cycling up and down the hill like he does, okay la jugak...Ini - mengular berkaraoke...Hahaha!

England memang hancus lah this time around. What to do?

Anyway, will make a note about the change of venue, and will continue to war-warkan kat the rest of the gang.


wanshana said...


My flabs are very well-disguised. Hahaha!

Yup - he's got his goatie back after anak-anak "protest" when he shaved it off hari tu. Hehehe!

The kids have ALL grown taller. Not long before they'll be taller than me (and Hilman can become my "bouncer"...)

wanshana said...

And Motley,

I'll try calling Ina's sister to find out if she's already back in Malaysia.

wanshana said...


I say, what a small world, huh?

Bu*an ada in some of the pics, but, Aw*n and Nu*q had left earlier as Nu*q had a flight to catch that night. He was going to one of those ****stan countries, I think.

Will they know you if I were to tell them that "Afsi" conveys his salam? I remember in one of your earlier comments you wrote the initials "BR". Shall I just say Afsi @ BR then? Hehehe!


wanshana said...


It was a real shindig alright!

Ibu actually had ANOTHER do last Saturday. I think THAT was the do you were referring to. I couldn't make it either. So many goings on for me and the family that day, sampai ke malam...

Insya Allah, bila ada rezqi we can serang Ibu's house next time, huh?

Ibu, did you roger that?! :)

wanshana said...


"And why does R*h* looks SO baik?"

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Tergelak I baca your statement/question ni!

Well, my answer is - BECAUSE she's SO baik laaaa!!!

(Any other answers might warrant a flying-kick from R*ha*! Hahaha!)

Errr...and if you might have noticed, ALL the ahli MT were the "boy" actors/dancers in school dulu, kan?! ALL the tomboys in school yang sekarang dah menjadi wanita-wanita ayu dan anggun gitu.... Hehehe!

jabishah said...

Hello Kak Shana,
Love the pics, Love the food. I'm sure all had a jolly time & looking forward to the next MT ;-)

Happy belated birthday to you...

wanshana said...

Hello Jabishah,

Thank you :)

That's one thing about MT's gatherings - makan, makan, dan makan lagi. Followed by, croaking, croaking dan croaking sampai 4 pagi...Hehehe!

Yup - everybody had fun :)

Mr Engineer said...

I was looking at the pics and realized that we have come a long, long way....from being singles to becoming parents and producing lots and lots of MT juniors. I have lost count...18 of MT juniors??

wanshana said...

Mr Engineer,

Yup - you got the figure right. 18 MT juniors. That's an average of 3 per MT pair (but, of course you and Mrs Enginner - above average! Hehehe!)

We've come a loooooonnngggg way, alright... and Insya Allah the friendship will last a loooooonnnngggeeeerrrrr way :)

Take care, and Cheers!

IBU said...

Hahh.. at long last. Sorry Shana.... was soooooo bz that x sempat access internet pun other than to read my email to check who wanted the map. Itu pun termiss 2 people.

I just realised I blom bagi ur present. How?

By the way, I couldn't find myself in the photos either. Bagus!!!

And ohhh!! Tengok lah hubby ku itu! Pakai t-shirt & checkered shorts dia tu??!!!! Hahahaha.... Tak perasan pun that nite. Hampeh punya host. I suppose that was his dress code when he watched football la kot?

Glad u all had fun. Definitely must do again. Especially now that so many of you have the singing mikes oredi? Easy maaaa...... but next time around, kita nak rasa your mee kari pulak. OK?

wanshana said...


Present?! Aiiyyyaaaa...No need one. You hosting the gathering and bash tu kira sudah baik punya present la tu. Langsai :)

(But, if you still insist, this Saturday I jumpa you kat Poh Kong SS2, boleh?! Hahaha!!!)

Kira okay la dress code si Sa*a tu. David Beckham practises his free kicks kat belakang rumah dia, pakai T-shirt and checkered shorts what?!! Kadang-kadang tu dia pakai Pagoda...Tak jadi hal.

By the way, bila pulak you all nak get the Magic Sing mikes tu?

Mee Kari? mean Mee Rebus? No probs :)

IBU said...

Tak sama ker mee kari dengan mee rebus? Aiyaaa.... don't care la... you masak apa pun, gerenti sedap.

p/s ok, ok Poh Kong this weekend. I heard the window shopping is free. but time is priceless tho'. So no hal! I'll spend any time with you to window shop. hahahaha....

wanshana said...

Aiyoooo you...Mee Kari where got same with Mee Rebus one...

Anyway, Haizal pun dok drop hints for me to masak my mee rebus, so, one of these days, insya Allah.

P/S :- Ha-ah, I memang suka beli tingkap...