Monday, June 16, 2008

Interval : Pics from Kuantan Trip...

We had glorious weather. The kids had fun. And so did their Mommy and Ayah!!!

And the food! Drool, people...drool...


Anonymous said...

salam kak shana,

memang drool habis tengok the food!!! sabar aje ler ... *tsk tsk*

by the way ... love hasya's hair - so panjang :)

yes la! baru noticed that hilman looks grown up! so the handsome!!! definitely can be your 'bouncer'!

hanna sebijik muka abang haizal - minus the goatie of course :) hehehe ...

love the photos!!!

lots of hugs :)

Madam Tai Tai said...

Hi Shana, memang terkeluar air liur looking at the glorious gastronomical delights. The lala dish looks soooooooo sedap!!!!!

The beach is equally tempting. Can't wait for hubby to come back and will force him to take us to the east coast pronto!

MrsNordin said...

Nice pics! Whenever we go to Kuantan, we always stay at Swiss Garden. Nice place, kan?

And why you ate Kuay Tiaw only? Nak compare how it tasted against yours, ya? Hee.. hee..

wanshana said...

Salam Motley,

Make sure you wipe all the drools off the keyboard after this, eh? Hehehe!

Anak-anak I dah besar-besar semua. The other day, Hilman asked me "Mommy, when are you going to have a baby. I'm a big boy now and I want you to have a baby..." Hahaha!

Hasya refused to have a haircut over the last school holiday. But, I think her hair is now getting on her nerves sometimes. So, I might just bring her to the salon to have it trimmed a bit.

And yes, Hanna's a carbon copy of her Ayah, alright :)


wanshana said...

Madam Tai Tai,'ll get all the seafood you've been craving for soon enough, I'm sure!

Yes, you should definitely put a trip to the East Coast as a priority. I'm sure you'll have a great time with the family. And go during weekdays. You'll have the hotel and the beach all to yourselves.

But, when you choose your seafood place, sometimes you have to be careful - if they know you're from KL, they'll charge you more. That was what happened to us on our second night there (and the food was not as nice as the place we went to on the first night pun!)

Read your blog, but tak sempat nak leave a comment. Your first day tending to your kids' matters sounded SO exhausting! Hope you've recovered and are now enjoying a proper balik KL break :)


wanshana said...



Yes Swiss garden is a nice place. That was my first time there actually, but Haizal and the kids had been there before. They went there during one of the school breaks when I was away in the UK last year. The kids just loved the place :).

Haizal said, we'll probably try Hyatt pulak next time. Have you stayed there before?

In a way, you're right - I was comparing the Swiss Garden Kueh Teow with mine. And Haizal said mine tastes MUCH, MUCH better. (Nak ambik hati, kot?)Hahaha!

Mior Azhar said...

Err I teringin the bola tu... lama tak nampak bola cam tu... dulu asal gi beach jer beli... belum apa2 dah hancur.....
and tak pernah lagi sampai Kuantan... asyik lalu lalang tepi2 aje... must make sure to go over le ni

wanshana said...


Somehow this particular bola has been quite tahan lasak and has been travelling with us to a few holiday destinations already, unlike the previous (many, many) inflatable balls, like you said - asyik hancur aje! Can't remember la where we got it from.

You should bring Azian and the girls there one of these days. The seafood in Kuantan is much, much cheaper than in Langkawi. Makanlah puas-puas, sampai dapat gout...Hahaha!


IdzaRis said...

sangat ceria...

fififuad said...

Bestnya! Looked like you guys had such a good time!! Alamak the food looks soooo yummy. Lovely pics!

jabishah said...

Hi Kak Shana,
I looove the pics. Seriously.. I do. Photography is sort of my passion jgklah. But I don't really drool over the food.. sbb tak enjoy sgt ;-)(sebenanya, takut terdrooling!)I kept on going back to see your pics by the beach. Your kids are so natural in front of the lens. Love each one of the shots taken.

ps- I did browse through ur Smiling, sbb asik nmpk gamba kuay teow in most albums. Hahaha! Kat hotel pun order kuay teow...

wanshana said...


Thank you for hopping by :)

Ya - sangat ceria dan gumbira...rasa macam tak nak balik KL aje. Hehehe!

wanshana said...



Next time you all are back in Malaysia, make sure you all go for a short break in Kuantan. It's just about 3 hours drive - so, still manageable.

Even though the beach is not like Tioman, or Redang or Perhentian, etc, it's definitely WAAAAYYY better than the beaches in PD.

I'm sure Adam and Farah will love it there - fun on the beach, great time, yummy seafood ;)

wanshana said...

Hi Jabishah,

Thank you, but I think credits for the photos go to the camera itself. Our camera tu "idiot-proof", so, even if the photos are taken by non-professionals and people yang tak ada seni like me, the pics would still come out nice. Hehehe!

I think my kids are quite photogenic, They love the camera, too!

About the gambar-gambar Kuey Teow in my slides tu, I didn't realize it until you mentioned it! Hehehe!
Me and my Kuey Teow...inseparable ;)

U.Lee said...

Hi Wanshana, pantai tu Teluk Chimpedak, Kuantan?
The food? sikit lagi got to put napkin cover my keyboard, ha ha.
I used to stay at the Merlin or Hyatt back in the 80's when on business trips...
Love Kuantan. Lee.

MrsNordin said...

Home-cooked kueh teow memang lagi best... true to what he said!

I've never stayed in Hyatt but my husband has. Err... it seems the place is a bit run down and the beach is not that nice either. For a beach holiday, I think stick to those near Cherating.

jabishah said...

Must be a very good camera. May I know the model? Mahal tak? ;-)

ps- "idiot-proof"? hahaha!

DalamDakapanIbu said...

Hi Shana!
Nice pics, contagious smiles and tempting food! The last time I was in Kuantan was from 1984-1986 when Teruntum Complex was like our place of worship... he..he.. I remember having the shock of my life when I first saw the guys wearing tight blue/red jeans with big red combs in their back pockets(The 'in' thing back then I was thinking like .. "Oh.. camni ke org Kuantan..." But a few months later I fell in love with the place, especially TC - Teluk Cempedak. You'd always find the me with the AAD girls there almost every weekend...

Mesti Kuantan dah berubah banyak now... Do you know that two of my daughters are named Hanna & Hasya too? I remember Mimi (exSTF) was telling me about her friend with two daughters with the same names... I rasa mesti you ni..

Anyway, glad to see you had fun!

wanshana said...

Uncle Lee,

You need a super absorbent napkin for that, you know?! Hahaha!

The beach is at Swiss Garden Resort and Spa, which is about 1-2km further up from Pantai Teluk Cempedak (if you're coming from town).

The kids just love the beach at the hotel, so there was no need to go to PTC. And I'm not sure if PTC is as nice as it was years ago though.

Yes, Kuantan is nice. We love it, too.

Take care, Uncle Lee :)

wanshana said...


And home-cooked Mee Rebus, too! ;)

I think Haizal went to Hyatt just a few months back, and he said it was ok. Maybe, they've renovated the place? Anyway, we know for sure that the kids loved Swiss Garden, so, why try another place next time, eh?


wanshana said...


Only idiot-proof cameras can guarantee us - camera-idiots, great photos! Hahaha!

Our camera is not really a high-end thingy - it's an 8 Megapixel Canon IXUS 860 IS. If I'm not mistaken we bought it for RM1400-RM1500. A very good camera for that price range apparently (so, my hubby said ;))

wanshana said...

And Jabishah,

Hope you don't mind - I've put your blog link in my bloggroll ;)


wanshana said...

Dear dalamdakapanibu (or if I may call you Ja?) :)

Thank you!

Oh yes...I can still remember THAT "in-thing"! And if you might have read in one of my earlier KPP sequels on my Cerita Chenta about "Awang Ikang" - he was something like that laaaa! Eeeewww!!! Hahaha!

You must have had a fun time back then in 84-86 in Kuantan. Such a cool place to study in.

Mimi MUST have meant ME when he told you about her friend whose daughters share the same names as your daughters'! Wait, was this Mimi with the initials MSAMK, or WHWI, or HH? Coz' I know 3 Mimis from STF! Whatever it is, memang sah - dunia ini sangat kecil! Hehehe!

Hi-5! Not many named their daughters Hanna (with that spelling), and also Hasya for that matter. And I know that all your kids names start with the letter H, too, kan? Hmmmm...If ada rezqi we all nak add another one, I can consult you for a possible name for our No. 4? Hahaha!

Take care :)

P/S : Hope you don't mind - I've put your blog link to my blogroll. Thanks!

Amy said...

Love your family photos..I was in Kuantan last weekend to invigilate exams..sempat pegi 20 minutes dip in the sea je, but only went to Pantai Sepat, jadikkk la..yep you're right, much2 better than PD ahahha.

HANNA said...

i like the picture of hasya and i :D
agagagaa yayy<3

Much love,

wanshana said...

Hi Amy,

Thanks :)

I hopped by your blog last night and got to see your Kuantan pics, too! Waaa....sempat pegi dip in the sea at dusk!

I know what you mean, alang-alang dah beach depan mata, kalau tak cecah air laut tu, apa cerita, kan? Hehehe!

We used to frequent PD. Every 2-3 months we would just go there for a weekend trip. But since the kids dah merasa the beaches of Tioman and Redang, they refuse to main air on PD beaches again! So, now, we only go to PD just to get away from KL over the weekend, and for the swimming pool :)

wanshana said...

Hanna dear,

I love that pic, too. In fact I love ALL the pics of you and adek-adek :)


Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

He..he.. so confirmed la it was you that WHMI mentioned to me... small world eh? She also told me your boy's name is Hilman... that really amazed me coz I was planning to name Hilman, if I ever got a second boy... Tapi rezeki tak dak for a boy...My rezeki to have B-G-G-G-G-G in that order..he..he.. (Alhamdulillah for the blessing) My children's initials are all ZHZ. Tapi panggil H****.

Is it true you were Aman Shah look-alike in your school days? Cerita sket... (I used to drool tengok Aman Shah..he..he..)

wanshana said...


So, it was Wan ***memi! Do you keep in touch with her regularly? If you do, please convey my salam to her, ya... :)

"Hilman" pun used to be quite rare dulu, but I've come across quite a number of boys called Hilman lately. It's a very good and nice name for a boy, I think.

OMG!!! That "Aman Shah" thing!!! HAHAHAHA! Of ALL the things, you were actually told about me looking like Aman Shah during schooldays dulu?!! Hahaha!

I really cannot comment on that. I guess it was just because of the mole that I have above my lip, kot?

Besides Aman Shah,there were quite a number of other look-alikes back then masa sekolah - Donny Osmond lah, Othman Hamzah lah, Jamal Abdillah lah, Siti Fairuz lah, Rosmaria Abdul Hamid lah...Macam-macam ada...Hehehe!

MAMAMIA said...

I only managed to view the first few photos. Cantik... Tak sempat tengok Kuey Teow. My internet connection ni, has been very slow lately, worse than dial up.

We've never been to Kuantan beaches. Cherating pernah. Rasanya sama aje kan. Their beaches are nice but the current too strong.

Daphne Ling said...

Hi Kak Shana,

Do you mind if I call you that? Ikut orang! Hehe...Forgot to ask you the last time...

Anyway, bestnya...I also want to go lar...Next time: Nak ikut!!!


Superwomanwannabe said...

wooohooo romantic nyeeee....dah besar dah anak you

wanshana said...


It's so frustrating when internet connection mogok, kan? I'm having the same problem on and off now.

It's okay. Insya Allah when the connection is okay balik, boleh revisit this posting and check the photos again, eh?:)

I pulak tak pernah sampai Cherating. But, I've heard a lot of peple saying Cherating beaches are much nicer. I really dunno...

wanshana said...

Hi Daphne,

Nope, of course I don't mind you calling me Kak Shana :)

Next time when you balik from Canada, we can plan something, and everybody can ikut ;)

Take care!

wanshana said...


Ha-ah. Anak pompuan I yang nombor satu is taller than me, and pakai kasut size 7-8,boleh? And she's not even 13 yet.

Lomantik???! Hehehe...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

looking at those pics, i feel i too should get some break. its been a while since i enjoyed a holiday, totally break away from the usual routine. but nonetheless weekend's here, woohoooo! routine boleh senget sikit...hihi...

wanshana said...


I know what you mean. The last time we had a break out of KL before that Kuantan trip, (i.e. not following Ayah to some place where he had to attend meetings /conferences/course, etc) was quite some time ago. So, it was really nice to just laze around in Kuantan, with Ayah not having to worry about his talk lah, his presentation lah, etc. Hehehe!

Yup! Hooray!!! The weekend is here! Have a good one, Kerp!

IBU said...

Swiss Garden eh? Was it week ending 1st June? Aiya... we were there too!

Lovely photos!!!

wanshana said...

"Lovely photos" - Thanks! Tengok kaki laaa...Main photographer was yours truly, okay? Hehehe!

Aiyaaaa!! Kalau tau you all pun nak gi Kuantan, would have booked same time maaa... We were there 3-5 June! I think Haizal booked the Family Package more than a month before that kot?

Next time kena synchronize MT's holidays maaa...