Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dua Raya...Tiga Raya...Empat Setengah Raya...

We didn't do much on second day Raya. The kids woke up very late, as did their Ayah.

I managed to do a bit of (office) work in the morning, and prepared breakfast (or rather - brunch) of boiled sausages, some potato wedges, sauteed button mushrooms, and some baked beans. And Hilman, after finishing his brunch, immediately requested for breakfast of cheese omelette for the next day.

Hmmmm...bila dah habis puasa ni, anak-anak macam nak qadha' balik all the breakfasts they had missed during Ramadhan pulak...

We went to Mak's house around 4:00p.m as my Abah and Mommy wanted to bertandang raya and ziarah Mak, and Ayah's cousin and her anak-anak were also planning to visit her that afternoon.

So, it was a tussle between the coral peach or the pink bajus to wear. The pink attires finally won :)

We were at Mak's house until about 9:00p.m, and by the time we reached home, everybody was flat out, and yours truly (for the umpteenth time) fell asleep on the 2-seater sofa, only to wake up around 5:50a.m and found Ayah sleeping on the 3-seater sofa! I woke Ayah up, and we went up to the room. After solat subuh, we went back to sleep.

The morning of third day raya, I was not able to make Hilman's Cheese Omelette as I forgot to get the eggs the day before. I ended up making Nasi Lemak with Sambal Udang and Goreng ikan bilis instead (sans the eggs and timun!) which still went down very well with Ayah and the kids.

Later in the morning, Ayah had to go to the hospital to attend to an emergency and he only came back after Solat Jumaat. In the meantime, yours truly managed to do a bit of grocery shopping to stock up the fridge - just in case somebody comes over to bertandang raya at our humble abode, there's something I could prepare in a jiffy to jamu them - meehoon goreng, instant currypuffs and cucur badak, etc. And oh ya, we also have a couple of chocolate cakes in the fridge. Just in case.

By 3:00p.m Hasya was asking if I was cooking anything special. Apparently she said she seemed to be feeling hungry AAAALLLLLL the time after puasa ni. And I noticed that she has been eating a lot the last couple of days ni. Every now and then she would open the fridge, with a bowl ready in her hands - taking whatever there is in there to satisfy her hunger pangs.

I remembered that we had 3 Ayam Hutan (Wild Fowls) stacked nicely at the back of the freezer - given to us by one of Ayah's patients. As I had got the basic ingredients for a Malay dish from the shops earlier (Serai, Daun Kunyit, Lengkuas, and Daun Limau Purut amongst them), so what else but Rendang Ayam Hutan for the day's menu then.

As Along (Ayah's eldest brother) and his family were on their way back from JB that afternoon, and they were planning to see Mak that night, we decided to see them at Mak's as we all belum beraya with him and the family yet.

So, yours truly just whipped up some Laksa Asam to bring to Mak's house that night for yet another family raya gathering.

The kids wanted to wear the coral peach attires, but, as both Ayah and I didn't feel like wearing our Baju Melayu/Kurung, we just asked them to wear their baju raya 'moden' :). We left the house after Maghrib, and spent about 3 hours at Mak's.

By the time we reached SD, it was already 11:40p.m.

And after assuming our normal positions on the 2-seater and 3-seater sofas respectively, both myself and Ayah fell asleep almost immediately, only to wake up just in time for Solat Subuh this morning!

And it's the fourth day of Raya today, and Ayah has to go to work for a couple of hours this morning. Hanna has an Open House to go to at 11:00a.m, while Hasya and Hilman MIGHT have their chess class this morning. I will have to call Grace to find out if their class is still running as usual. But, even if it is, I think I will allow them to skip it this time. After all, it's still Raya what...

And tonight, insya Allah, we're going to Ayah's cousin's Open House in Taman TAR. We might just serbu my Sis Lala's place in Keramat before that - depending on if she herself is not going beraya anywhere, that is.

But, for now I'm going down to the kitchen to whip up some Raya Cheese Omelettes for the kids and their Ayah.

Myself - I'm having some Nasi Impit with my Rendang Ayam Hutan for breakfast :)


Here are some pics :)


Unknown said...

:-) wan shana...meriah!!! your family makes pink look good! ceria...

ayam hutan rendang....pherrrrr sedap tu!!
paling saya terliur nampak itu sambang sotong!

ayah multi talented - terrer tu main piano!

salam raya dari dubai..

Kak Teh said...

wanshana, i truly envy you - masak memasak, makan, melayan anak etc.I have been quite ill and quite busy and not a proper celebration. Pergi open house high commissioner cos Dt Rais Yatim hosted the open house and then went to lepak at a friend's. Today more open house - and my fever dah kurang sikit - mungkin akan pergi memandangkan ada banyak makanan sedap.

wanshana said...

Abang Id,

Salam Raya from Sri Damansara :)

Thanks! Pink is the new black... Hehehe!

I was told Ayam Hutan tu sedap dibuat sup, but, sempena Raya ni, it's only apt for them to end up as rendang, I think.

That sambal sotong memang best...Tapi tak leh makan banyak-banyak coz' it's free cholesterol (NOT cholesterol-free!), and silap-silap sure dapat gout :(

Ayah memang multi-talented - tu belum dia start menyanyi lagi tuh! Hahaha!

wanshana said...

Kak Teh,

Oh dear, hope you're feeling much better now. How's the weather in London? If it's the usual, it's not helping much, is it?

How did the open houses marathon go? Sure meriah bagai nak rak :)

Nothing to envy Kak Teh. I pun only get the chance to masak memasak and melayan anak-anak during cuti like this.

I'm sure you'll get the chance to do the same when you're back on your feet, 100% sihat, and all your anak-anak dah balik rumah nanti.

I guess it's the compulsory Nasi Tomato and Ayam Golek on the menu?

Get well soon, Kak Teh, keep warm, and Take care

Madam Tai Tai Again said...

Hi Shana,

Wah..terangnya pink baju raya you all! Sah boleh stop traffic at any junction . :)

I would have loved to taste your rendang ayam utan. Have never had ayam utan before. Liat ke the meat?

wanshana said...

MTT @ Gina,

Bukan ajer traffic, outriders Agong pun sure stop bagi we all lalu...Hahaha!

The girls kain were bought by their Wan this year, while the boys' and mine are actually baju raya last year. Nasib baik muat lagi :)

I was expecting the ayam hutan to be tough as I was told that I needed to cook it in a pressure cooker if I wanted to make soup out of it. But, it wasn't tough at all (I guess for rendang pun kena masak about 2 jam. That's why it was lembut)

And it tasted just like ordinary chicken. Cuma everything was in smaller sizes - the thighs, the drumsticks, the wings, etc.

MAMAMIA said...

Aik, empat setengah raya pun kira ke?

I pun berkenan kat sambal sotong tu...

Tengok your pink colour, gives me an idea to go for pink pulak lah next year...

MrsNordin said...

Nice hari raya pictures! And terrornya masak... so cepat, the way you put it! I don't think I can cook like you did.

Selamat pulang bekerja. Hee... hee... I'm still on leave!

wanshana said...


Empat setengah raya coz' when I posted the entry, it was still morning fourth raya :)

Sambal sotong tu memang power, Mamamia!

Pink is actually quite a nice colour for the family. I believe that a man can only claim himself to be a macho man if he can wear pink, feels comfortable in it, and NOT make such a big deal of it.

If you're a man, you're a man. Wearing pink will not change that. Betul tak?!

Anyway, I pun dah start planning for next year. Maybe silver or aqua green kot? :)

wanshana said...


Thank you.

Jeles!!! I dah start kerja today. Liat betul pagi tadi nak drive to work :(

Terrer masak? Not really. Just that all the ingredients were already there, and I had my maid to prepare everything, and I campak everything in the kuali/pot.

Both rendang and kuah Asam Laksa tu kira jenis campak everything and bring to the boil (or for the rendang - tunggu sampai kering). It's the preparation of the ingredients yang kengkadang tu buat kita malas nak masak, kan?

Anyway, enjoy your holiday, dear :)

Mior Azhar said...

Somehow I feel raya tahun ni ada yang kurang. Just like you, masuk second day jer, dah terasa back to normal.

wanshana said...


Don't know why, kan? Macam kureng sket meriahnyer...

(Haizal said - kalau we all dok mengular ajer kat rumah and tak bawak bebudak tu berjalan, mana lah nak rasa suasana raya! Hehehe! He's got a point there)

Anyway, raya sebulan. With all the Open Houses in the coming weekends, insya Allah terasa jugak kemeriahan.

ms hart said...

Wanshana! I like this kind of Raya! Just jalan2 raya, mengeratkan silaturrahim, bawak buah tangan - don't play-play....asam laksa some more!! he he Tak payah tunggu invites, kan? Seronok! Macam masa dolu2...before entah sape lah 'invent' concept open house nih!!

Hello...what do you mean 'just whip up' the laksa??? wah wah wah....Kalau I, terkial-kial!!! he he Selamat Hari Raya dan Maaf Zahir Batin to you and family too. My son kan, suka cakap the phrase 'maaf ZAHIR batin'...sebab nama gadis idaman dia Zahirah!!! he he Macam-macam!!!

wanshana said...

ms hart,

Tu lah tu kan? Zaman kita dulu, pakai redah ajer rumah orang - tak jadi hal. Lagi meriah!

Laksa Asam I memang simple habis coz' I tak payah nak rebus ikan kembung/temenung segala. Instead, I blend ajer mackerels and sardines Cap Ayam dalm tin tu dengan belacan, campak dalam periuk with air, chili blend, asam keping, bunga kantan and daun kesum garam and a bit of gula. Rebus. Senang kerja. Hehehe!

Tersenyum I baca about your son and buah hati bernama "Zahirah"... Hehehe! Cute :)

afsi said...

Dear WS

Selamat Hari Raya. I beraya kat KL je. Tak balik kampung. Sounds like you guys had a hectic raya. Mine was more relaxing, just lazing around....

wanshana said...


Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf zahir Batin :)

Actually raya tahun ni is relatively less hectic than the previous years for us. Most of the times, the first half of the day, memang mengular ajer. The second half of the day baru lah nak berjalan sket. If not, sambung mengular... Hehehe!

We all pun beraya kat KL ajer, coz' my MIL's in PJ, while my parents are in Kota D'sara. Kesian anak-anak I tak der "kampung"...