Saturday, January 17, 2009

Lonely Saturday...

It's 9:03a.m, and I'm veggie-ing out on the bed, under the duvet. Voon's worker is finishing up with the paintwork on the roof-garden walls upstairs, and it's pretty quiet around the house this morning, except for the sound of the air-cond softly purring itself away.

Ayah has gone off to work - straight after sending Hanna and Hasya to school this morning. They have replacement school today. Hilman will also be going to school this afternoon. As I'm writing this, he's still asleep in his room. Went to check on him just now - he looked so gebu and so peaceful in his sleep! Tak sampai hati nak wake him up. Peluk dia tadi, and he still smells like a baby laaah! I'll be sending him to school around 12:30p.m, fetch Hasya at 1:00p.m and then go to Sr* Am*n to fetch Hanna pulak.

Even though it's a school day today, I let Hilman and Hasya play with their PSP and Nintendo and watch DVDs till quite late last night because their punishment was supposed to end yesterday. Kesian la pulak - dah 2 minggu they had been deprived of all these gadgets "fix". As for Hanna, right after we reached home from my MIL's at 7:30p.m, lepas solat Maghrib ajer, terus terkam her laptop! And I had to call her to come down to have her dinner several times last night! Nasib baik steam did not come out of my ears... Truth be told, I'm not even sure what time they went to bed last night! But, both Hanna and Hasya didn't have any problem getting up this morning. So, that's okay.

Due to their replacement school day today for their extended CNY break later this month (and I think a lot of other schools are also having it today), their Chess Class and swimming lessons have been cancelled for today. But, Hanna and Hasya are having their piano theory trial exams this afernoon, from 1:30p.m until 3:00p.m. And Hilman will only finish school at 5:50p.m today.

Ayah will be going to hi-tea with his STANDARD 5 friends from SSP this afternoon (buleh?!) which I'm sure will continue until quite late, and he'll be fetching Hilman from school straight after that.

Hanna pulak will be going to her friend's birthday do in TTDI after Maghrib and we'll only be fetching her home after 11:00p.m.

So basically - there goes my "time-with-the-whole-family" Saturday :(

But, I can see some potential "windows" for some shopping today (which most probably might end up being a window-shopping trip anyway :)). I might be able to squeeze 1 hour or so to go to the new shopping mall in PJ - Tropicana City, while waiting for the girls to finish their theory trial exams, AND after fetching them, boleh singgah One-U on our way home to continue with some more shopping...


Excellent :)


Ezza Aziz said...

alahai shana,
akak pun tgh sedap atas katil ni...dengar bunyi aircond sepoi sepoi bahasa gitu..hari ni cuma Hani yang sekolah petang...Mimi ada latihan merentas desa dan dah balik dan terus padam kat sofa depan...dan yaya tak da kelas nak di ganti..sekolah sini semua nya melayu..cikgu pun melayu..jadi akak ingat tak da bab ganti mengganti ni...
Tapi akak ada banyak kerja yang kena di siap kan...poning nengok langsir ni...
sebelum abang komen baik akak pi habis kan....

kay_leeda said...


So, it will be Mommy's day out today, yes? At times it feels just nice to be able to do our own thing, walk into shops of own own fancy.

I'm going out later too. Today's kids ferrying task has been outsourced to daddy dearest.

p/s Standard 5 old friends gathering...wooo TABIK!!!!

wanshana said...

Kak Ezza,

Memang best sekali sekala dapat peluang berhibernasi macam ni, kan? Hehehe!

Bebudak ni kena ganti 2 hari sekolah sempena CNY. The next ganti sekolah will be on 14th February, but they'll be having Hari Anugerah Cemerlang on that day, insya Allah.

Slow and steady jahit langsir tu, akak. Like I wrote in FB, takut langsir jadi langsuir pulak kang! Hehehe... Bila start poning tu, make sure stop and take a break before blood goes upstairs.

Have a good weekend, Kak Ezza :)

wanshana said...


Yes, it's nice to have some "me" time sometimes, kan?

Hope you'll have fun venturing into all the possible stuff to shop for today. Jangan bagi kosong itu kedai, okay? Tinggal sikit kat orang belakang. Hehehe!

Yup - Standard Five old friends gathering. This is actually another level/group of his primary school friends. Hari tu, they had SSP Batch 80 Reunion Dinner. Today is Hi-Tea/Reunion for his 5 Kiambang friends. And I think they're also working on their Alumni Dinner for this year! Boleh challenge??!! Hahaha!

Memang tabik spring toing-toing :)

MA said...

WanShana : Most schools in KL dok buat sekolah ganti. Like you, the kids timetables pun haywire kena readjust that will see me keluar masuk sending them all over town for their activities!

Restful Saturday? What is that? :-)

*terus tergolek pengsan*

Ummi365 said...

i am just like you today.. jadi supir. have been on the sofa bloghopping in between the ferry-ing. kerja office menunggu kat dlm bilik but i opt to surf. konon nak siapkan kat rumah so that monday tak busy sangat. ermmm tak taulah lagi banyak keje lagi procrastinate. that's me.

i will be off to the new JJ at setiawangsa kejap lagi nak jumpa the new home tutor.. lepas tu shopping!!!!

Madam Tai Tai Again said...

Standard 5 gathering?? goes back that long and specific one, ah? Standard 5 aje and not Primary school old students gathering? I can't even remember who were my Standard 5 classmates!

Have fun window-shopping at both the malls. I could only wish that we have such malls here. Alas...pergi Aarong aje lah bila ke-boringan.

Anonymous said...


Yup, Standard 5...exactly 30 years ago (but I'm only 28 years old, so how laa..? Hehe)

We were a close bunch. Our ex-class teacher, Mrs Loke even remembered where I sat in class and who sat beside me, left and right!!! We must have been a rowdy bunch...or maybe a group whom she held dear.

Hmmm...I'm quite surprised Mommy dear didn't go on a shopping spree tho she had the greeenest of all greenlights from me! Only 4 books! Hmmm... Maybe tomorrow, yaa.. ;p


Mrs.A said...

Apa lagi Kak Shana.. green light sudah ada.... ! Do not waste that oppurtunity. Tropicana City.. belum ada apa2 la... but I did go to the Carrefour the other day. Hope to see you soon!

wanshana said...


Tu lah tu. I ni dahlah memang yang susah nak move away from routine. All this ganti sekolah ni has forced me kerja lebih sket and "luar kawasan" this weekend :( (But it was nice to have some time alone this morning though :))

Kalau tak dapat "Restful Saturday", I hope you'll get a "Relaxing Sunday" tomorrow - dapat halfday pun, jadi lah, kan?

wanshana said...


I was out ferrying the kids from 12:30p.m until 6:30p.m tadi. Tapi sempatlah ukur tanah kat Tropicana City and One-U. Hehehe...(Tapi, tak shopping pun. Takder yang menarik perhatian - which is good news to my purse :))

Dah habis ke stock JJ Setiawangsa lepas you memborong tadi? Where exactly is this new JJ, ya? My sis is staying @ Keramat Permai and I used to hang out at her place. Now dah laaaaaaaama sangat tak visit her and her family. Must make a point to see her, and then check out this new place.

wanshana said...


Exactly! I can't even remember who sat beside me masa Std 5. Inikan pulak the whole class! But, I think their networking is quite good, and the school's in PJ. That makes everything so much easier.

Elok jugak kalau tak banyak shopping malls ni. If not, duit keluar macam air. I tadi tak sempat nak shop for anything pun, except for a few books I need for work. (Sungguh boringnya hidupku!)

wanshana said...


"We must have been a rowdy bunch...or maybe a group whom she held dear"

Errrr...I believe it must have been because of the former :)

Just didn't feel like going for a shopping spree just now. No semangat to spend meh! Esok kalau "banker" ikut sekali, mau semangat berkobar-kobar kot? Hehehe!

wanshana said...


Greenlight tu valid and applicable sampai esok, so, insya Allah we'll see some serious shopping tomorrow. Hehehe!

Kids need new clothes and pants/skirts (all grown taller maaa!), Ayah needs new working clothes and trousers (he sudah kurus maaa!), and myself... errr, no specific reasons, except to perabih duit. HAHAHAHA!

Yeah - Tropicana City tak happening langsung (maybe coz' still tak banyak shops yang dah start operation kot?) Shops yang ada pun not so appealing to me. Have to give them 4-6 months lagi kot?

Yes, insya Allah we'll see each other soon (but, Ly*n has not indicated when, where and what theme Q2's bday do will be this year) Would be a fun thing to have a guessing game on this, huh? Hehehe!

Take care, dear :)

tireless mom said...

Dear Shana

I hate the replacement Saturdays too. Becos had to send kids as early as 7 am, we had to go to market early also. Terkejut cina jual ikan tu. Hope your weekend was great despite the loneliness.

wanshana said...

TM @ Kak Yatt,

I was okay with the girls having had to leave early on Saturday coz' Ayah was their supir that morning :) But, that also meant he had to miss the Saturday morning sleep-ins we would normally have :(

But, we made up for it on Sunday morning, though :) After that we went to Mid Valley - reached there around 12p.m (parking was crazy!!) and only left the place about 5:30p.m. So, not so lonely weekend after all :)

Have a great week ahead, K.Yatt :)

KG said...


how now nice if i can just tuck in under the duvet on sat is the busiest in the week, after subuh, gi asar tani after tt hantar khadijah gi school, replacement or co-co, fix the kids breaky ustaz dtg at 8.45...3 mths ago i gi my masala dance, now postpone kejap, after tt prepare kids for lorna and khadijah's and dad cuci mata atau kalau terbabas cuci sekalipurse @ curve (hence, terjumpa you all there), balik dah almost nak maghrib, lepak and zzzz.....but friday is usually my nite out wt haq!!

wanshana said...

Yani @ Kitchen Guardian,

It's good that you guys make a point to go on a date on Fridays :) As for us, Fridays would be one of Haizal's busiest days as he has his UMSC clinic until about 9:30p.m.

So, memang I look forward to some "close proximity" time under the duvet with him on Saturday morning. Other days kena buat appointment to see him maaa! Hahaha! Itupun until about 8:30a.m ajer coz' he has to leave by 9:00a.m to see his patients at 3 different hospitals on Saturday mornings.

I think most parents memang have busy Saturdays as most of the kids extra lessons would be on Saturdays, kan? I nasib baik - Hasya and Hilman only have chess (11:00a.m-12:30p.m), and then swimming (4:00-5:00p.m). Ada lah time nak bernafas :) Sunday morning - they have traditional dance class (11:00a.m-12:30p.m):)

KG said...


fooyoh, traditional dance class...i salute, my yusof probably wants to enrol in AF vocal classes when the time comes, instead of hafal surah, petang petang dia asah suara wt his mp3!!

wanshana said...


Hmmmmm, another Mawi in the making?! Hehehe!

Yup, traditonal dance class for our two younger ones. But, Hilman only goes for Zapin :)Hasya has had the opportunity to perform, among others, during Mercy Annual Dinner, OIC Delegates' Wives Lunch, and Raja Perlis' Birthday Do :) And she just loves it :)

Singing - none of our kids are inclined to that unfortunately, even though their Ayah is so into it! Hehehe!