Thursday, January 8, 2009

Steam is coming out of my ears...

It is STILL the time of the month, and because of that the younger kids got a mega punishment from me today for being so irresponsible. And I feel they deserve it.

It has been a LOOONNGGG day for me. I was at a meeting which lasted from 9:30a.m until 5:30p.m, with only our lunch break as a breather. Going to the meeting meant that I had to cancel all my classes scheduled for today, which in turn means that I have to reschedule them to another day, which means I would have to double up my classes one of these days. And, it doesn't help when New Year also fell on Thursday last week. I also have to reschedule ALL the classes I missed last week, too! And it is not easy to find a time which ALL the students would be free to attend all the replacement classes.

The outcome of today's meeting also means that my colleagues and I would have to sit down (AGAIN!) to work on some corrections and amendments to some documents which we had been working on for the last one year! And it doesn't help, too, that I've also been given an urgent dateline to meet by the end of May this year for a MAJOR MAJOR piece of work even when my initial proposal was to finish the work by the end of July this year.

I really had A LOT on my mind today...

Anyway, I had to go back to my office to get my stuff and tie up a few things after the meeting. I left the office just after 6p.m., already feeling like a kain buruk, and reached Mak's house at 6:25p.m. Hasya and Hilman are having their mengaji session here tonight, and so, we're having dinner here.

The first thing that I did when I saw Hilman was to ask him if he managed to get his seluar sukan from the school shop today. I had given him RM20 to buy the seluar and RM2 for his duit belanja today. And he told me that the shop didn't have any stock for the seluar sukan. Not wanting him to lose the money I gave him, I asked for the RM20 back for safe-keeping, because just the other day, Hasya LOST the RM20 I gave her to get HER seluar sukan. Apparently, she said she brought the money back and left it on our bed in PJ, and forgot all about it when we went back to SD that night. And the next day, the money was gone. According to her lah.

I was still okay with it, and told myself that she might have misplaced the RM20, and that she must have put it somewhere else but had forgotten where exactly she had kept it. One of these days, the money might just re-appear (?!). Anyway, giving her the benefit of the doubt, I gave her another RM20 today for her to get her seluar sukan.

So, not wanting Hilman to lose HIS RM20, too, I asked him to give it back to me. He took a piece of RM10 note out of his pocket, and gave it to me. And I asked him, "Where's the other RM10, Hilman?". And the reply was, "I dunno...I thought you only gave me RM10".

My kepala dah start panas dah...

"What do you mean? I gave you RM22 just before I went to work this morning. RM20 for your seluar, and RM2 for belanja. Where's the other RM10?!"

Telinga I dah merah dah ni...

And he came up with, "Uh...I dunno, Mommy. I put all the money you gave me on the dressing table this morning, and took everything when I went to school this afternoon".

Pantang tok nenek I when I asked the kids anything, and they come up with all sorts of "I dunno's"!

Dada dah makin berdegup kencang dah masa ni, and I could feel my blood rushing up to my face...

"" - teeth already grinding...

Realizing that I was VERY upset with him, Hilman kept quiet and just looked at me, and I stared back at him before I turned to Hasya, and asked,

"Hasya did YOU manage to get your seluar sukan with the RM20 which I gave you to ganti duit semalam?", and she said, "No, they didn't have any stock this morning, too."

"Okay, then, where's the RM20?"

And she took all the notes from her school bag, and gave me all RM20 - all crumpled.

(Asap dah keluar kot hidung I dah masa tu...)

And I looked at Hilman, and repeated my question, "Where's the other RM10, Hilman?"

And he kept quiet.

"I don't care, I want both of you to find the money you lost! Hilman you'd better find the RM10 now. Hasya, you'd better find the RM20 you lost the other day. NOW! I don't care! NOW!!!"

So, because Hilman lost the RM10 today, Hasya who got away with losing the RM20 hari tu, ALSO has to face my wraths this evening.

And both of them got a mighty flick on their ears.

And I started berleter - "That's the problem with you guys. You never appreciate money. You do not value duit sebab senang nak dapat. Anything you want, you can get. You don't know how to take care of your own money!! You never take responsibility for your money!!! (and yadda, yadda, yadda...bla bla bla...)

"Don't you DARE ask Mommy for anymore money for your seluar sukan. I don't care - both of you just have to wear your old seluar sukan. I don't care if dah senteng ke, or dah koyak, etc. YOU WEAR THEM! UNDERSTAND?! And no TV or Naruto or PSP or PS2 or DVD the WHOLE of this weekend. Until Sunday. Paham??! In fact, your punishment starts tonight! And you guys are NOT getting any new story books for the next 2 weeks! PAHAM???!!! And tomorrow, you two are NOT getting any duit belanja from me! You have your lunch at home, and bring your bekal air to school. PAHAAMMM??!! (They'll only be in school for 4 hours tomorrow anyway...)

And they both just nodded and looked at me.

And they got another mighty flick on their ears, before they continued to search for the money.

And after laying down all their punishment for not valueing the money we gave them, Hanna came into the room, and asked, "What are you looking for?" (when she saw her adik-adik terkedek-kedek searching for the money from under the bed, etc.)

And I said, "The money they lost!"

And Hanna said, "Ooohh, Aunty Adek found RM10 under the sofa this afternoon, and she gave it to Wan!"

And Hilman looked at me, and said, "That must be mine!"

Mata I dah terjegil at him.



And they looked at me again and nodded their head.

And as I'm typing this, Hasya is still trying to find her RM20. And I'm only letting her rest when Ustadz comes at 8:30p.m nanti.

Both of them could not have picked a worse day than today to ruffle my feathers the wrong way...

So you see, guys...There ARE days when I fail to see the glass as half full. There ARE days when I fail to tell myself that there are others who have bigger problems and heavier burden than me. And even though such a day may come far and few in between, they sometimes do come nevertheless (especially when it's that time of the month!) And today was such a day.

Maybe this is REALLY bad parenting on my part. But, I know they'd think twice about not taking care of their money properly from now on, Insya Allah.


Ezza Aziz said...

sabar dik sabar banyak banyak tau....
minum air sejuk dulu...
Bukan you saja yang mengalami bende bende macam ni...anak anak sekarang ni dah terlebih senang...maacm anak akak ni..semua bende nak di hidang kan depan mata. Masaalah dia kita pulak kena handle. Hari tu kami baru saja berborak dengan adik akak pasal ni. Kalau lah satu hari nanti kita jatuh miskin,apa akan jadi dengan budak budak ni...mati tak makan lah depa ni. Dulu kami susah so kami tak mau anak anak kami susah,,tapi rasa nya salah cara tu kot!!entah lah...balik balik,mak bapak jugak yang salah...(pasal duit hilang ni...serupa la dalam rumah ni...selagi tak jumpa makan pun tak boleh..!!)

Mrs.A said...

Kak Shana... You, are not alone. At least, Hilman's money was found rather than 'someone' yang dah 'terbelanja' some of his. We just continue to try our very best kan.. but I think it is okay to lose your cool once in a while. .. as long as they understand what is the gist of what you are trying to get through.. responsibility.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kak Shana,

I am a silent reader of your blog & I can really understand your situation coz I am a mother of 3 kids as well. Hari ni baru lepas mengamuk coz my daughter hilangkan her school uniform after PE class. Boleh maafkan ke macam tu? Hari ni baru hari ke 4 sekolah & yet 1 pasang baju baru dah hilang. I think kids nowadays dah tak berapa menghargai apa yg diorang dapat. Mungkin utk dapat anything adalah senang berbanding kita dulu. Sometimes rasa sangat give up & disappointed adakah ini disebabkan our less attention to them

Kak Teh said...

wanshana, days like that come and go. and as you know that's not the last time. But as they grow older, they will remember what they went through.
It is good that you teach them the value of money - and how to appreciate money. This is a learning curve for them. You know, I remember losing also rm10 long time ago, belonging to a friend. I couldnt ask my mother for it - so I wrote to my brother in Ireland - he sent me £2 in Irish notes - enough for me to pay back my friend.

Take care.

D.N.A.S said...

Kak Shana,
mothers are human. Chill out, have some camomile tea before bed tonight.

Waterlily said...

Fuiyoo...! Paham..saya paham puan.

(berlalu sambil terkedek kedek...)

ummu asiah said...


this time entah kenapa terasa nak tinggal jejak..all this while..tumpang2 lalu n baca saja..

agaknya perangai bab tak sabar dgn kerenah anak2 yg mcm ni..mcm serupa saja..

yes..i pun selalu marah anak sampai tahap mcm what u wrote here..tapi selalunya lepas tu mesti rasa bersalah sgt and kesian sgt kt depa..tapi bab hilangkan duit and tak tahu value duit and barang ni memang tak boleh dibiarkan mcm tu saja..hopefully anak2 akan faham..tapi yg susahnya bila mereka tahu yg kita seolah senang dapat duit.. evrytime i marah dekat anak2 or sesapa saja and i hempas pintu sekuat hati, i will remember u..

kay_leeda said...


I feel for you!!! I know how it's like, they think just because we are so readily available to hand them money from our purses, they have the right to be irresponsible. Penat kan, and so penat bercakap.

My youngest had hers this evening. Also being punished till the weekend. Geraaammmmmm......

wanshana said...

Kak Ezza,

Thanks...Rasanya semalam tu, makan ice cubes pun, I tak boleh cool down kot?! :)

Selalunya boleh jugak sabar...tapi this time around hormones tengah extra haywire I guess. Normally, when something like this happens I would just jegilkan ajer bijik mata at them and then give them a silent treatment and they will know what they need to do to get into my good books balik, i.e. to undo their mistakes as much as they possibly can.

Memang betul kata Kak Ezza. Dulu kita hidup susah, and now selagi boleh we don't want our kids to rasa susah, kan? Maybe, nak kena review cara kita berbelanja for them now for their own good.

wanshana said...


Thanks. Tu lah tu...puas I fikirkan where Hasya's RM20 had gone to, and I didn't want to accuse anybody to have taken it. She was not supposed to let the money lying around like that in the first place.

The kids are quite responsible when it comes to their own stuff, and also when it comes to things they need to do, BUT when it comes to money, macam they don't value it. I think high time to let them feel how it is not to have money readily available, and start being more responsible.

Rasanya from now on, even duit belanja sekolah tu pun I will only give when I think they've earned it. Maybe only then baru they'll take care of their money bebetul.

wanshana said...

Dear Anonymous @ 10:46p.m,

Thanks for visiting and sharing your share of the same headache :) In a way, it's reassuring to know from your comment and all the comments here that these things are quite normal - the kids "tidak kisah" attitude, and our reactions to all that.

Hilang uniforms ni pun, I think Hanna and Hilman each pernah hilang once, also after their PE. Awal-awal tahun ni, especially when the uniforms are brand new, lagilah rasa nak menyinga ajer. kan? Uniforms do not come cheap!

Maybe it's not because we don't give them much attention. Maybe it's because we give them TOO MUCH attention that they feel hidup ni terlalu senang...

wanshana said...

Kak Teh,

Thanks. I do hope they've learned something from my wraths last night!

And your story about your brother kirim the Irish notes tu, aaawwwhhh, that was really sweet of him! Did your friend use the money to belanja kat the kampung corner shop, I wonder? :)

You take care, too, Kak Teh :)

wanshana said...


Thanks...Yes, we're very human :)

Cammomile tea doesn't work for me lah, sis. Last night I walloped a handful of Hershey's Kisses - baru rasa cool sikit. Buleh?!! Hehehe...

wanshana said...


Hehehe... Only mothers paham bebenda ni, kan? I bet our husbands sometimes don't even understand why we react they way we do to our kids' antiques!

wanshana said...

Ummu asiah,

Thank you for hopping by and sharing your experience with us. Serupa lah kita kan?

I pun bila dah marah anak-anak teruk-teruk, selalu menyesal and sedih especially when I see them asleep at night. But, somehow last night I didn't feel that guilty!

I did want to see them when they were asleep though, but, when I went up to the girls' room, they were already asleep and dah latched the door, and Hilman decided to spend the night at his Wan's pulak last night. Still takut dengan I kot? :)

And, yes - I would normally start banging the doors when I'm angry, but memandangkan semalam we all kat rumah my MIL, tak boleh lah kan?! Hehehe...

wanshana said...


Thanks...Tu lah tu, kan? Anak-anak kita ni tak pernah rasa susah, and because of that they don't know how to appreciate the value of most of the things they have. Everything is taken for granted. Sometimes they take US for granted!

Memang dah penat bercakap, tu yang most of the times, I would just give them the silent treatment.

Hmmmm, your daughter pun dapat extended punishment lasting the whole weekend, ya? I'm glad I'm not the only one who gives all these 'extended' punishment to the kids. Now, I feel even less guilty :)

Let's pray that they've learnead their lessons, insya Allah...

(Tapi just now before Haizal left to send the girls to school, I asked him to ask Hasya if she wants duit belanja. Tak sampai hati lah pulak...but, I didn't want to ask her myself. Tak nak contradict myself pulak, kan?)

MA said...

Whoaa...Mommy's on the warpath! Haha...senario biasa la tu especially time baru bukak sekolah. Bab buku hilang, duit hilang, tie hilang...

How la nak educate budak-budak ni to understand the value of money kan? For me, I include my children when I pay the bills so that they see everything around them - astro, streamyx, fridge, washing machine, airconds etc - cost money.

Bila pergi pasar, I suruh diorang add up all the things we buy and let them see where the money goes to.

The elder two dah faham, cuma si Adik still thinks that all the money in the ATM belongs to me :-) Bila I cakap tak ada duit, dia suruh gi cucuk kat dinding bank.


Anonymous said...

Saya seorang yg selalu baca blog Wanshana. Saya pun pernah terjadi kat anak saya. Dia boleh kata,.tak tahu'. Saya pantang orang kata tak tahu'. Masa tahun satu dan dua,selalu pensil,pemadam,color pensil memanjang ilang. Tanya ke mana,dia kata bagi kawan. Saya pun tanya,kawan tu tak mampu ke nak beli....kita yang teruk-teruk cari duit beli...senang-senanga nak bagi orang.-hang perak.

MHB said...

You're human after all!!?! :-) tapi macam tak boleh imagine you garang macamana...

Kids... yesterday I pun 'hangat ati' at the girls... 10 minutes before reaching home from office, called them suruh siap2 as I will be picking them up and go straight to Kumon. Rupanya worksheet the day before tak siap lagi!! Dalam kereta kenalah bebel...

jabishah said...

Hi Kak Shana,

Dont feel bad. Nothing is wrong on your parenting as I'd do the same thing.

Ye lah, kids nowadays need to appreciate more the value of money. Mine too. Ingat duit turun dr langit agaknya. You Ok now? ;-)

wanshana said...


Yup, on the warpath, alright. Hehehe! And last night was only one of the many battles I'd have to go through until the kids realize and understand the meaning of "responsibility' - individual and collective.

Bab hilang stationeries segala ni, memang tak larat nak cerita. Kalau kumpul semua barang yang they lost dari dulu, I dah boleh bukak satu supermarket I'm sure.

I think I'll do macam you la from now on - to include them when I'm doing our monthly budget, etc. And bila gi grocery shopping, I will only allocate RM10-RM20 for them to get the things they want. Then only they'll realize how little they can get with that amount.

Hilman pun sama macam Adik. Dia ingat duit kat ATM tu semua we all punya... :)

Memang pening...

wanshana said...

Hang Perak (Anonymous@ 12:12p.m)

Terima kasih for following this blog dan meninggalkan jejak kali ini :)

Memang betul tu - anak-anak I pun selalu sangat give away segala pensil, pemadam, ruler, etc to kengkawan. In a away, it's good coz' ada sifat pemurah, and nak membantu orang susah. Tapi, kalau mak bapak kengkawan tu masing-masing bawak Mercedez S Class & BMW menjalar, terkedu lah jugak kita kan?!

So, saya selalu pesan kalau kawan tu orang susah, saya tak kisah. Yang lain-lain tu biar their parents belikan barang-barang tu for them. Kalau kawan nak pinjam, okay. Tapi mesti ambik balik. Jangan biar kawan tu buat ghete pulak. Jenuh kita nak replenish stock tiap minggu!

wanshana said...


Yup, I'm very much human. The last time I cut myself, blood came out... Hahaha!

I am very strict, but jarang lose my top. Tu yang bila tiba hangin macam last night, habis meletup semua. To the MAX.

Samalah dengan my kids - it's always their Piano homework yang baru mula nak buat on the way to class. Dah berbuih-buih dah mulut ni (kalah Shabery Chik! HAHAHAHA!)

Allah SWT helps us. Amin :)

wanshana said...

Hi Ja,

I'm okay now. Thanks :)

You'd have done the same thing?! Fuiyooo! Ini I tak boleh imagine. You're such a sweet and gentle mom! But, I guess all moms will have their angin kus-kus moments, kan? Hehehe!

Enjoy your weekend, dear :)

ms hart said...

Wanshana, came here many times to comment on the previous entry - yeah are right...puhliiiiiz!! But blogspot has been playing on us here, dah type, bila click publish comment, keluar segala message e.g. "Error on page" Blow betul.

Anyway, I'm glad I'm not alone on this issue!! Loooove it when you make me feel so normal and so human!!! hahaha

Anonymous said...


dear kak shana,

you are only human and no matter how hard we try ... there will be a day when the kids are probably thinking that 'why la my ibu like this?' (been there done that :))

but as the rest were saying, they need to learn to appreciate and take responsibilities in what they say or do ...

i don't think it's a bad parenting ... it's what we are suppose to do - nuture and teach ... with this ...

I Make Dua That Happiness Be At Your Door

May It Knock Early, Stay Late & Leave

The Gift Of ALLAH'S Peace, Joy & Good Health Behind

lots of hugs from me and try to time some time for yourself eh :)

take care :)

:o) me

IBU said...

Suka nya I baca WanShana naik hantu. hehehe... ada geng.

Next time bagi diorang duit monopoly or saidina as punishment.

wanshana said...

ms hart,

It's okay :) I pun pernah kena like that a few times. Dah berjela typed my comments, tetiba tak dapat publish! So, now when I feel like commenting panjang sikit, siap save my comments in Words dulu, just in case. Hehehe...

Hi-5!! Sah kita manusia biasa :) Naik hangin is allowed for us mortals. Hehehe!

wanshana said...


Memang naik segala macam hantu semalam - langsuir, hantu raya, PHSM pun ada! Hehehe!

That's a good idea - giving them duit Monopoly next time. Kalau ada duit Pokok Pisang, lagi bagus... :)

wanshana said...


Long time no hear from you, dear. Hope everything's okay in freezing UK :)

Thanks for the do'a and thoughts, dear. Feeling much better now.

It's difficult to strike a balance between being strict, and at the same time trying to be "friends" with the kids, in that they feel okay to share everything with you. Kalau strict sangat, we might push them away. Tapi, kalau lenient sangat, they take us for granted and don't take us seriously, kan? Sigh...

But, I know how strict you are with your boys (and so garang one!! I pun sometimes takut ngan you, tau? Hehehe!), but the boys adores you to bits :) So, that's really nice.

Keep warm, dear :)

Anonymous said...

hehehe ... really? yeah, i know ... i am garang and sometimes i lari masuk other room to gelak at their telatah ... it's bad isn't it? i have to try and mellow down sikit kot ... (sorry kalau i buat you takut ... was that why you were so well behaved? hehehe *joking*)

i agree with you about the boundaries but i think you're doing a superb job at it!!! it's so nice when they have these little mind boggling Q&A sessions ... hehehe :)

yup ... very the cold! it's been -C lately and one night it was -8C!!! nasib baik tak kena thaw ... the thing i boring sikit is to defreeze the car in the morning ...

anyway ... have a good weekend and hugs to your munchkins and salam to abang H :)

me & family off to watch panto tonight :)

maklang said...

it is quite normal tu..esp when you have growing kids..they do not know the value of money...macam my kids they all ingat mak bapak keje cap duit agaknya...

bawak bersabar ye dik...mungkin you were too tired tu..tu yang sampai keluar asap kat idung tu!

Anonymous said...

Actually I am still a new mom and penat memikir macamana nak start discipline anak ni. My mum was very strick masa I was growing up. Kira sampai I sanggup sign sendiri report card, takut sangat. (padahal dapat number 4 je pun)
And macam Kak Ezza said la, we would like to provide our kids with what we r not fortunate enuff to get before. Tapi itu la, takut pulak they start taking things for granted. Dulu I pernah told myself, I am not going to be garang to my kids macam my mum with me dulu.
Tapikan... rasa macam kena je... hehe.

p/s hari tu i pukul tangan my 2yrs old son. Lepas tu I pukul myself, as hard as I did to him. Sakit! I seems to be having this habit bila I pukul dia (kalau dah geram sangat la, pls dont call teledra on me k), I will do the same to me later just to check how sakit. I am still sane kan?


Pi Bani said...

Wan Shana naik angin? Nothing to do with menopausal syndrome I hope?

OUCH! Wei, janganlah marah I pulak! ;)

tireless mom said...

Dear Wan Shana

Wah... Dah lama tak nengok you blow the top. Chill out dear. Like others it is pretty normal, hilangkan duit hilangkan buku pencil, eraser, uniform. Sometimes berbuih buih mulut reminding them. After having to endure so much nagging, the kakaks are ok now whilst the adiks have not changed much. Tunggulah til Hilma and Hasya besar sikit. I am sure what you have thought have hammered enuf for them to remember and appreciate the value of money.

wanshana said...


Yup - you garang, you know? Gua manyak takut! Hehehe! But, okay coz' bertempat, and because of that your boys are such gems and very well-behaved :)

Thanks :) The Q&A Sessions (which we normally have in the car) is one sure way to get to know the kids better, and at the same time to corner them for anything - nowhere to lari, maaa...Hehehe!

I heard that this winter is the coldest in 35 years for Britain. Make sure you all keep warm. Can be quite depressing kan?

Waaaa...nengok panto? I thought after Christmas dah tak ada panto dah?

Do convey our salam to Hilmi and kisses to Iman and Irfan, please.

Have a great weekend!

(To keep you warm this winter ;))

wanshana said...

Mak Lang,

Teruja nampak Mak Lang tinggalkan comment kat sini! Thank you for hopping by :)

Shana ni sebenarnya your silent reader. Selalu lalu lalang kat sinun, tapi tak pernah tinggal jejak. Shy lah ;)

Memang that day, I was extra exhausted - physically and mentally. I know it should not be an excuse to lose my top with the kids, but, I think with what happened with the money and all, memang patut take away their weekend privileges tu. Hope they've learned their lessons.

Thanks again, Mak Lang, and hope to see you here again :)

wanshana said...

Anonymous @ 11:10a.m @ DeeDee,

Thank you for hopping by :)

Yes, it is difficult to balance, kan? How garang or how lenient we should be with the kids, etc. But, I guess, at the end of the day, we are the only ones who know our kids best and how to discipline them. Kena follow motherly instincts, I guess.

But, whatever it is, we have to start disciplining them early in their lives. And I'm a firm believer that if they deserve to be smacked, then they should be smacked. But, the smacking should become less/stop as they get older, especially after they're 5-6 years old.

Don't worry, you're still sane, dear...I used to do the same, too, when the kids were smaller - smacking myself after smacking them. Hehehe!(Unless I'm also considered insane for doing that, then, yes, you are insane, too! Hahaha!)

Have a great weekend, DeeDee :)

wanshana said...

Kak Pi!!!

HAHAHAHA!!! Tu baru ya tu!!!

The hot flushes were definitely there when I naik hangin naik / hantu that night. Hehehe!

I say, I hope not...Baru planning nak tambah lagi satu umat, insya Allah :)

Enjoy your weekend, Kak Pi :)

wanshana said...

Kak Yatt @ Tireless Mom,

Hehehe...tu lah tu. People like me yang jarang meletup, bila sekali-sekala meletup, macam Krakatao lah jadinya.

Hanna dulu pun macam tu jugak when it comes to instilling in her how to value and appreciate money and susah senang hidup, etc. Now, insya Allah dah okay...Tapi, ada other stuffs pulak yang nak dileterkan! Never ending, kan?

But, I guess all these come in the package of motherhood. We'll just have to deal with it.

All the best to us mothers!

Have a great weekend, Kak Yatt :)

Ummi365 said...

eh my comment hari tu tak keluar..

Hey we got the same script... when they make my blood go upstairs.. my normal script will just pop out macam switch on radio je..

Just like today.. my son saje je nak cari pasal.. asked my permission to go jamming when he hasn't done his study timetable. I asked for it for a week already.. memang dah nak kenakan.. apalagi segala ayat2 suci tok nenek semua keluar ler.. hahaha..

i guess that is why we are called mothers kan.. it comes with the package.

sometimes it's good to let it out.. and i guess that would be the best time to write sebab tak payah fikir.. jari jemari hentak the keyboard as much as the pain in the heart kan!

wanshana said...

Salams Ummi,

Your comment tak appear in my comment box pun, and I've been having problem accessing your blog for 2 days now - asyik dapat "Internet Explorer cannot display this page". Pfffftt... Something wrong with our one to one connection kot?

And memang ya, kekadang tu bila kita marah we sound just like rekod rosak. Can't help it - berleter benda yang sama coz' yang kena leter tu pun macam tak learn any lessons pun...

It was good lepaskan geram semalam. But, hopefully it won't happen selalu...:)

Take care, dear.

MrsNordin said...

Read this last week, but tak boleh post komen. Hang.

Bab2 ni memang sound very familiar. Tak apa... the next time, they'll know better to take care of their money properly. Sometimes, it takes a shelling like that to make them realise "We mean what we said!"

Kmar said...


We are human. Sometimes we lost control of ourselves and I am very sure you are not alone.

It always happen to me, bila dah jatuhkan ´hukuman´... such as no toys for the next two weeks (sorry le, my kids still ´jagung´..he.he.) and then later terasa guilty pulak. I got to stick to my words tapi after the two weeks, instead buying for him ONE small car, jadi two small cars... pfff.

Whatever it is, they will understand ONE DAY once they have their own children. Macam kita dulu, kena jugak denda dengan our parents, betul tak?

Unknown said...

Dear..Mrs Steam...Hari tu..kita ade post comment...kot tersilap tekan...but again...sheshekali marah...baru le anak-anak ni tahu..langit tu tinggi atau rendah...

Dah cool dah eh!!..and bila dah reda...masa-masa santai pasti teringat..amboi puan permaisuri boleh keluarg segala asap meh!!..

Desert Rose said...


-sigh- I think i'm facing d same things. My kids dont really seemed to appreciate the value of money. They get what they ask for (esp frm bapaknye).....

Penat taw, I made them sit & watch Bersamamu tu sampai abis. Sedey & insaf time ti jugak tapi they ols siap cakap agaknya mak diaorang dulu malas sekolah kot, sebab tu la susah Ya Allah...tak paham konsep btoi.

Tp looking back, I always promised myself that I will try to give everything yg my children mintak masa my wish for something was turned down with my ol man. Dilemma.....

wanshana said...


I think Blogspot ni nak sabo Makcik Bloggers punya network kot, ya? I've been having problem accessing Ummi's and Ms Hart's blogs the last couple of days ni. Kalau dapat access pun, tak leh comment.

Anyway, the problem with kids ni, they all sedar sekejap ajer. Tak dan seminggu, dah lupa all the punishment given to them.

But, I guess, it's better to keep on reprimanding them, rather than let them do whatever they want without monitoring or disciplining them at all, kan?

wanshana said...


Sama lah kita...I pun bila denda no storybooks for 2 weeks, after punishment uplifted, I would get them their books in "arrears", so it comes to the same thing jugak. But, I guess the fact that they have to puasa from buying books and toys for 2 weeks tu kira suatu penyiksaan jugak tu... Hehehe!

But, seriously Kmar - I can't imagine si Daniel and Shasha kena marah dengan you. They're so well-behaved :)

You're right, kita dulu pun kena denda jugak dengan our parents, and we still remember some of the punishments so vividly. And we learned from all that. Insya Allah our kids will do, too.

wanshana said...

Hi Eta,

I say, you also had problems leaving your comments, ya? Hmmmm... I wonder why so many glitches with Blogspot's comments. I hope they've looked into the matter.

Bukan keluaq asap saja, Eta oiiii! Kekadang tu, sikit lagi nak keluaq api - nak jadi naga :)

wanshana said...

Desert Rose,

I tak tau nak tergelak or nak nangis baca your comment especially tang statement anak-anak you on Program Bersamamu tu...Hehehe!

But, I know what you mean, my kids pun bila tengok cerita-cerita orang susah ni, memang they feel for them. Lepas tu, tutup TV ajer, terlupa terus, and start lah membazir food segala. Tension!

And yes - I pun selalu tell myself that I would try not to disappoint them when they ask for anything coz' masa kecik-kecik dulu I selalu sedih when my father could not afford to get the things I wanted. So, selagi termampu, and the prices are reasonable, Ayah and I would give them the things they want but, always with conditions attached. At least, kurang sket dilemma tu :)

Lee said...

Hi Wanshana, hey, be can be tough sometimes...but when the gonggets tough, the tough goes shopping, ha ha.
Keep well and smile, the sun will come out tomorrow, Lee.

wanshana said...

Uncle Lee,

I love it - "When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping!" Hahaha!

I'm so over it now, thank you :)

Keep warm, and take care, okay?

Kama At-Tarawis said...

Hehehe, my apologies wan, I tergelak baca this account of you naik angin with your kids... macam tu la jadi mak, kan.. it's so true what they say - children ni both racun dan penawar..

wanshana said...

Kak Puteri,

Hehehe...Actuallynya, I pun tergelak when I baca balik what I wrote here. Memang masa I typed this posting, hati still tengah membuak-buak and everything came free-flowing!

Dah cool down the next day, and bila I read it again - rasa kelakar pulak, and kesian kat Hasya and Hilman. But, of course I can't contradict myself, kan?

Yes - anak-anak adalah our penawar AND racun, but hopefully they wouldn't be our racun selalu...