Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ayah's articles :)

Hi, y'all.

For those who might have missed it on Malay Mail yesterday, here's the link to Ayah's article :)


And here's the link for the article he wrote last week -


I will try to get the links to all of his articles in Malay Mail and post them here, soon, insya Allah.

And if you want, you can always get Malay Mail every Monday to read the hard copy, of course :)

And here's the link to Ayah's first article in Metro Ahad early this year. I couldn't seem to find the link to the rest of the articles that he had written to Metro Ahad, though. Sorry.


He writes in Metro Ahad every two weeks, by the way.

I love the way Ayah writes - in that he tries to make it non-technical so that people like me (yang lemah when things are so technical - malas nak fikir!) find it easy to understand.

Hope you'll find Ayah's articles beneficial for your health - in particular the health of the heart, insya Allah.

Happy reading :)

* Btw, Ayah appeared on Selamat Pagi Malaysia on TV1 this morning :) Hmmmm, my hubby macam "Celebrity" Doc lah pulak! Tsk...tsk...tsk...



Desert Rose said...

Hi Kak Shana,

I penah baca his article way before I know your association with him ha ha.

One thing is that, I like his way of putting it into words, kita baca pun cam santai, macam baca cerita 'Mawi dan Ekin intai peluang buka restoran halal di Korea" gituew....but yet very informative (i;m referring to Doc Haizal's writing la) Unlike other medical write up, cam kena kerut2 dahi dulu ambik feel nak baca kan. I sense he's a bit artistic as well. And for all that I know from where he is getting motivation from kan .....Kepp writing both of U.

wanshana said...

Hi Desert Rose,

Good to know that you've been reading his article and found them refreshing :)

Truth be told - I think he got the skills of expressing himself in layman terms after spending years with me - the ultimate blur partner... So, he had a lot of practice at home trying to explain rocket science to me and made it sound like "Peter and Jane" :) Hehehe!