Friday, April 24, 2009

The difference... I like :)

It has been just over a month since Ayah cut his 'umbilical cord' totally from UM*C, and already I could see the difference in him. The good kind of difference. This, I like... :)

Yes, he still goes out to work at 6:45a.m. every morning as he has to send Hanna and Hasya to school first, and he would go straight to TMC after that. And he still comes home after 10:00p.m. nearly every night.

But, I notice that when he comes home tired at night - it's a different kind of tiredness. I could sense a kind of calmness in him, unlike before, when he would come back tired AND stressed out.

And he calls and SMSs me more often now. Sometimes, it would be -

"Hi...How are you? Saja ajer call...How's your day? Have you had your lunch? You makan apa?"


"Hi...okay to talk? Saja ajer call...I'm taking a break now. Where are you now? You tengah buat apa?"


"Hi...Just to let you know - I'm on my way to As*un*a (or Co*um*ia As*a or Ch*ll*ah) and I should be back home (or at TMC) by XYZ a.m. (or p.m.)"

It may not be a big deal for some of you, but, it's a big deal for me, okay?!

Before, when he was with UM*C, he would TRY to call at least once during the day, and once just before making his way back home. Itu pun terkejar-kejar nak bercakap, and normally he would call while he was on his way to the wards, or to the clinic, or on the way to some other parts of the hospital, etc., and everytime when he got into the lifts, the phone would go dead on us! Tension... And if he didn't call by 3:00p.m, I would call him instead. And when we spoke, I could sense that his mind would be elsewhere - thinking of the 1001 things he needed to attend to at the hospital then.

But, now - he would call just to say "Hi" every 2-3 hours :)

This, I like :)

And he's always in a good mood nowadays. Dah tak marah-marah the kids sangat (NOT that dia selalu marah them before this pun...but, well, you get what I mean? He doesn't get irked easily by small-small things the kids do).

The ONLY time that I see him stressed out sekarang would be when he has to meet the datelines to submit his articles to the Editors of Ma*ay Ma*l and Me*ro Ah*d :) But, it's still bearable because I know that he enjoys writing them. It's just finding the time to write them ajer yang sometimes a bit bermasalah for him :)

Oh ya, for those who are not in the know yet, Ayah has a regular column in The Ma*ay Ma*l (you can read it every Monday), and he also writes once every two weeks for Me*ro Ah*d. So, a couple of days before the articles are due, I pun stressed jugak, coz' I'm his proof-reader and personal editor. Hehehe!

And his clinic at TMC is also picking up, syukur alhamdulillah :) He also does sessions at Co*um*ia As*a (in Puchong), and As*un*a Hospital. And also at Ch*ll*ah Diagnostics Clinic in PJ. He has to. Mula-mula ni, kena kais kat banyak tempat nak cari rezqi... :) And he gives talks on health in general, and on heart matters in particular, here and there, too. Yes - he's pretty busy. But, he's doing it on his own terms :)

And the best thing for the kids is, sometimes when he has to work late, the kids and I would join him at his clinic/room, and we would tapau some food and have dinner with him there...and sometimes, while waiting for Ayah to wrap up his work, the kids would sleep on the sofa in his room, or help themselves not just to the drinks or food in Ayah's fridge, but also to all the medical "gadgets" in his room :) (We start them young, you see...Hehehe!)

In a way, Ayah gets to spend more time with the kids - tak kisah lah even if it's in his office on some of the evenings. It's HIS time, and NOT his employer's.

And this, I like. Very much :)


Scarred Soul said...

Slm kak Shana...

Baru je tengahari tadi I ckp dengan my mom,

'kesiannya kat doktor2 ni... nak sembahyang pun diorang mesti kena kejar2 cari masa.'

my mom said,

'tulah jihad diorang... bukan senang nak selamatkan nyawa orang.'

well... I'm very much impressed with doctors. and with their families that have to cope with them.

konon-konon dulu i nak jadi doc... tapi malas belajar... haha.

it's good to know that Dr. Ayah has more time for you and your children now. :)

Roti Kacang Merah said...


those hurried calls you spoke about? i SO get that. and the more frequent sms-es you're now getting? it's SUCH a big deal for me, hence i SO get that, too!

i pray one day my husband could do the same as yours, too -- doing things HIS time and of what he loves the most.

Dad of 4+1 said...'s different when you have something of "your own"....

IBU said...


Dia dah fofular dah kat my kedai runcit. hehehe....

If petang2 u idling, since his sepital is within a stone throw away from the kedai runcit - if you feel like killing some time, gimme a call la ek? boleh pekena teh tarik & rojak buah kat curve.

kay_leeda said...

Shana, kan suddenly dapat text messages yang bearing his name. Rasa tak mau delete gitu iyer tak??

Glad that Ayah is fitting well with his new routines. InshaAllah, rezeki ada di mana-mana di bumi Tuhan ini, yang penting kita usaha.

wanshana said...

Scarred Soul,

How are you, dear? Dah lama tak nampak :)

I read about the postponed procedure. Sorry you have to wait again. If Ayah were a surgeon, boleh gak akak mintak dia tengok-tengokkan you, kan? :)

You're right about their solat - most of the times memang kena kejar-kejar cari masa. Itu pun kekadang tengah solat, kena paged. Memang doctors ni species yang very patient, and very durable :) Kalau I, memang dah lama weng...

My do'a for Labour Day :) Hope no postponement lagi, and hope everything goes well for you, insya Allah.

Take care, dear :)

wanshana said...

Dear RKM,

Salams :)

Amin. Insya Allah your do'a dimakbulkanNya.

Dulu tu, because susah sangat nak dapat SMSs or calls from him, I would read his old SMSs over and over again! Sad, huh?! Hehehe...

Tak per lah...asalkan I bahagia ;)

Do you do that, too? If you do - Hi-5!

Enjoy your weekend, dear :)

wanshana said...

Dear Dad of 4+1 (and soon to +1 more! :))

I'm sure there's a huge sense of relief and calmness in you, too, since you became your own boss, kan?

Yes - there are so many things that you need to think of yourself, but, yang penting, at the end of the day you decide what you want to do, kan?

Happy for you and Yani, and your kids, of course! :)

wanshana said...


Make sure tak "fofular" sangat amongst the ladies, ya?! Hehehe!

Hey, he enjoyed doing the talk at your place tremendously. He did say I got a special mention from you that day. Thank you, thank least the ladies there know he's taken already. HAHAHA!

Teh tarik and Rojak Buah session - bisa diatur. And we can also extend it to Re* Bo*, kan, kan, kan?

Or you can come over to the sepital when St*rb*ck* starts operating there :)

Take care, you. Enjoy your weekend, but take it easy :)

wanshana said...


Memang best dapat SMSs ni. Mengalahkan teenagers yang tengah bercinta. Hahaha!

Truth be told ,I do keep all his SMSs sampailah storage dah critical. And everytime my HP kena curi (yes, TWICE, okay?!) one of the "ralatness" that I felt was because I lost the SMSs he sent me :(

Yes, insya Allah rezqi dapat dicari di mana-mana di bumi Allah berkat usaha hambaNya. Yang penting, like you said, kita berusaha. And yang lebih penting, kita sentiasa bersyukur dengan rezqi yang diberikan, irrespective of what it may be :)

You, too - enjoy your weekend, dear :)

Anonymous said...


Seronoknya... For me pulak, I missed the things that he used to do before...

Dulu, dia ada masa nak nyanyi sambil main gitar while waiting for me masak-masak kat dapur. Sang my fav. songs....

Now, setahun sekali pun susah nak buat.


wanshana said...

Alahai Zae,

Bestnyer!!! Siap main guitar and sang your favourite songs lagi. Romanticnyer... Sure cair you :)

Tak per lah... insya Allah, time-time dah settled bebetul and dah tak sibuk sangat, he'll start serenading you again :)

For now, you'll have to start listing down the list of songs you would want him to play and sing for you nanti. Hehehe!

Enjoy your weekend, dear :)

Naz said...

I'm happy that you're happy. I love getting sms-es from mine too. They don't have to be anything but it's the thoughts, you know...
And yes, being my own boss is the best gift I've given myself and my kids, too.

the principal said...

Kak Shana,

Lucky you. My husband bz memanjang. I hardly call him @ d off; asyik meeting je. Dont know when is the right time to call so I end up not calling him at all unless its extremely important - between life & death I guess.

I let him know my plans for the day before he goes to work to avoid calling him at the wrong time & we end up talking for 5 seconds...

Madam Tai Tai said...

Hi Shana,

I'm happy that his practice is flourishing. Good! And even better that he could spare more time to berbalas-balas phone call and text messages.

I told my hubby that when we live apart, he'd better put his handphone to good use. He has been really bad at texting and calling me whenever he travels. He'd better not be this time around...or else this woman ain't gonna be happy!

Ayah said...

Happy 25th Anniversary, darling...

Fyi, I too still keep all your smses, esp. the ones when you were in the UK for a year! :)


wanshana said...


Thank you :)

Yes, you're right. Sometimes it could just be an "Ok" from him in response to your SMS ajer kan?

Hmmmm, I pun berangan nak jadi my own boss lah nanti :)

wanshana said...


I can relate to that. It used to be like that for me, too. But, in my case, it's precisely because of life or death lah yang I tak boleh call selalu :) I pernah called a few times and he was in the middle of resuscitating his patients!

Anyway, I still made a point to call even though he was busy (or rather ESPECIALLY when he was busy!) nak make sure dia tak lupa kat I di tengah kesibukan dia...Hehehe! 5 seconds pun, jadi lah... :)

wanshana said...

Hi Gina,

Thank you :)

Yes, you'd better make sure MrS makes full use of his HP while you guys are leaving apart nanti. The phone would be your lifeline. I can attest to that.

Ayah and I had been apart for months on several occassions, and I tell you - HPs REALLY helped us stay sane :)

My do'a that things will be just fine for you guys, and semoga Allah gives you all the strength and wisdom to consolidate your love even more while you're apart. Hang in there, okay?

Take care :)

wanshana said...

My darling Ayah,

Happy 25th Anniversary to you, too :)

Oh yes...those SMSs when I tengah kemaruk dulu...Hehehe! Sadly for me, the SMss you sent me over that period were lost when I lost that phone :(

But, never mind - I think I can recall almost all of your SMSs to me then by heart anyway :)

Love you...

Zarina said...

Salamz Kak Shana,

I'm a silent reader of your blog... banyak jugak petua which I get from your postings, if you don't mind... I have 3 myself. Definitely a handful and now, even before they're at your kids age, my weekends are a totally burnt out!

Nice to know you've hit the 25th mark of your anniversary! Congrats! Will post more comments in the future :P

wanshana said...

Salams Zarina,

Thank you, thank you :)

Oh, I just love the fact that I've made so many new friends through this blog. And I'm always touched whenever I get to know the silent readers. Of course you are most welcome to drop your comments here whenever you wish, dear. I look forward to that :)

How old are your kids now? My guess is they are now at the age where you're sending them to Smart/Victoria Readers, or JELIC, or Shichiida, or Tweedle Winks, KUMON segala :) They never fail to amuse and amaze us, whatever age they're at, kan?

Brace yourself - your weekends will never really be a weekend until all your kids get married and settle fact, lepas tu, we'll be busy with cucu lah pulak :)

Parenting is a life-long learning process, and Ayah and I are still learning...slowly. I'm glad secara tak sengaja I bagi "petua" in this blog. Hehehe! But, I know I can also learn a lot from you, and other parents out there, too :)