Friday, May 8, 2009

Separa surprise :)

I was in the car with Hilman after fetching him from school earlier on. He was sitting alone at the back, with his schoolbag occupying half of the space.

We were on our way to his Wan's house to fetch his Kak Long Hanna and Kak Ngah Hasya, before going back to SD when he suddenly said -

Hilman : Mommy, your "surprise" is in my schoolbag okay, Mommy?

(FYI, he has been hinting about this "surprise" for me for the last week or so :))

Me : "Surprise"?! Hmmmm, I think I know what it is, Man. You want me to guess, ke?

Hilman : Okay la, Mommy. You can make a guess.

Me : It's a Mother's Day Card, right?

Hilman : (Silent for about 10 seconds) I know you already know la, Mommy.

Me : Hehehe...Sorry, to have spoilt it for you. Thank you, dear. Did you make it yourself?

Hilman : You see la nanti, Mommy...(Pause for about 10 seconds again). That's why la all my books are on the seat. Cannot fit in the bag because your "surprise" is in there.

I looked behind, and true enough his books were all over the backseat!

Me : Cannot fit in your bag?! Waaaaahhh, how BIG is my Mother's Day card, Hilman?

Hilman : I'll give it to you in 2 days time, okay? Then you see laaa...

Me : Okay, darling :)

Hilman : And Mommy, when I give it to you in 2 days time, make sure you "look" surprised, Okay?

Me : (???!!!) Errrr, okay... (Hehehe!)

So from now until Sunday, I will be spending most of my time in front of my mirror - practising my best "SURPRISED" look for my dear boy ;)

* HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL MOTHERS OUT THERE! Hope you'll have a lovely time with your family this weekend. And make sure practise your muka 'surprised' for your anak-anak, too, okay? ;)


Unknown said...


Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Kama At-Tarawis said...

err.. i have been having that 'surprised' look for about 10 years now, ever since the firstborn started work and still came back to mak to pinjam duit towards the end of each month. the look refused to go away, especially after child number 2 followed suit, diikuti child number 3 and 4 in quick succession.. now, i wear a perpetual surprised look, sebab all 4 pinjam duit (yg tak byr balik) at the end of each month....

Kmar said...


Happy Mother´s Day!! Kat Spain, they celebrate on the first Sunday of May... so... 3rd May, last weekend.

Daniel painted a pot and planted yellow Chrysanthemum Flower (project sekolah) and Shasha made a paper jewellery box with beras glue to it. I also got simple cards from them with drawings. It was nice.

Enjoy your weekends!!

IBU said...

I already received mine yesterday... they just couldn't wait. LOL!!!!

But hafiz said, ada present, surprise, cannot tell, cannot give yet. Ayah said wait till sunday.

So tunggu la esok apa cerita.

the principal said...

wah! Hilman knows about making choices in life at a very early age ye :

1) Mom, I chose a present for you
2) Mom, you cant have it now. I choose the time to give it to you
3) Mom, pls react....when I give it to you....

Brilliant coz some adults do not even know that they can choose what they want in life...

Mrs.A said...

The Hilmans are all the same... Last week my Hilman said.. "mummy, I am making you a card okay.. so dont come near my room..". My adeena planted some Japanese roses in a pot in kindy, tapi dia sungguh excited nak pegang all the time, so sudah ter-tip over her..! takpelah.. Mummy dah tengok at least! And the hubs,.. hari tu pergi that new C & K store in Sunway Pyramid, (bukan CK) , picked out something to hold and something to slip on, bila dia nak bayar he said " Happy early Mother's Day mummy".. No surprises! But I love them anyway.. he he

Kak Ezza@makcik Blogger said...

akak pun sama dengan kak kama...dah naik keras muka ni nak buat muka surprise..sebab tiap tiap hari surprise...hahaha kak kama tu 4 jer...akak ni 7 + 1 lagi.....

Mrs.A said...

Happy Mother's Day Kak Shana!!! (lupa pulak)

cekmekzue said...

Salam Shana,
Kak Zue here...I got my suprise a couple of months back when I found the Mothers day card which was made by my daughter and which were supposed to be given to me but didn'T...
anyway, thanx for dropping by in my cekmekzue blogspot.

ms hart said...

ha ha ha Ejaaackly that's what we all have to do till tomorrow! Parctise, jangan tak practise...ambil 'mood' betul-betulll;-)

Happy Mothers' Day, Shana! You are one wonderful mom!

Desert Rose said...

Kak Shana,

Tomeynya ala ala.....mesti dia teruja n cant wait to hand u d suprise kan.

Ahli kelab Sin Chan Hilman, my daughter pun dah 10 kali whispered to me , I'll bring home your surprise on Friday ok, "

Yeah guess I pun kena practice jugak buat muka terkjut, I plan nak buat2 pengsan, ha ha ha

jabishah said...

Hahaha! So cute... Do me a favour will you kak shana. Kindly ask Hanna to snap the picture of you wearing your surprised look... ;-)

Balqis has art in kindy every tuesday. She's been hinting it frm Tuesday that she made a surprise for me but refused to tell.On Thursday Wardah presented me with her card (her art is on Thursdays) in front of Balqis. The look Balqis gave her was close to murder.

"Balqis made mama a special heart shape card but teacher devi tak bagi bawa balik..." & wajib for her to add... "Lagi cantik!"

Hahaha! Happy Mother's Day to you!

Naz in Norway said...

Would love to see that well-practised surprised look of yours..haha! Jangan lupa mulut terlopong and tangan kat dada :D

Naz in Norway said...

Kalau nak lagi dahsyat, lepas aksi surprised tu, you pengsan terus! LOL

Mior Azhar said...

Happy Mother's Day Shana... apa le gamaknya your surprise tu .. tell tell

wanshana said...

Thanks, Aida :)

Happy Mother's Day to you, too!

wanshana said...

Kak Puteri,

Then I'd better also practice my "muka-tak-ader-fulus" look from now, too! Hahaha!

The things we mothers do for our kids, kan? Pure, unconditional love - "loan agreement" pun unconditional :)

Happy Mother's Day to you, Kak Puteri. Hope you'll have a great one :)

wanshana said...


Thanks, and Happy Belated Mother's Day to you!

Aaawwhhh...That was sweet of Daniel and Shasha :) I remember when my kids were their age and at kindy, they would come back with all sorts of cards and crafts for every single celebration throughout the year, and I would keep them in my office sampai lah dah tak cukup tempat...Hehehe!

Gifts from lil' kids especially are so heartwarming :)

wanshana said...


Thanks, and Happy Belated Mother's Day to you!

Aaawwhhh...That was sweet of Daniel and Shasha :) I remember when my kids were their age and at kindy, they would come back with all sorts of cards and crafts for every single celebration throughout the year, and I would keep them in my office sampai lah dah tak cukup tempat...Hehehe!

Gifts from lil' kids especially are so heartwarming :)

wanshana said...


I can just imagine your boys tak leh contain excitement and rahsia...Hehehe!

Do update us on the REAL surprise nanti, okay?

Happy Mother's Day, my friend. Hope you'll have a blast today.

(Visiting Idin later ke?)

wanshana said...

Emy @ The Principal,

Oh yes, he does know about making choices at a young age - I think he acquired it from the tasks of choosing what to eat when we dine outside - whether to have lamb chops/chicken chops/rib-eye/T bone/Bee Hoon Tom Yam/Kuey Teow Ladna/Mushroom Soup/Sharks Fin Soup, etc. Kalau steaks tu - siap boleh choose rare/medium/welldone lagi... Hilman and his choices of food ;) Hehehe!

Happy "Special" Mother's Day to you, dear :)

wanshana said...

Amy @ MrsA,

It MUST be the name, kan? Your Hilman and my Hilman have VERY similar traits :)

Alahai...shiannyer Adeena. Maybe you sould get small pot of Japanese Roses kat nurseries near your place just to make her feel better.

Hmmmm, something to slip on, and something to hold? Aaaawww! :) Sure matching C&K shoes and handbag ni! Post gambar can aaar? ;)

Happy Mother's Day, dear. This year it's for earning 2 stars. Next year - THREE stars ;)!

Take care.

wanshana said...

Kak Ezza,

Aduh! Sampai keras muka akak?! Hehehe! That's so funny :)

People say kids will never fail to amuse and amaze us. They should add "to surprise us", too.

AND not just SMALL kids, BUT BIG KIDS, TOO! :)

Happy Mother's Day, Kak Ezza. Hope you'll have a great time with the family today.

wanshana said...

Salams Kak Zue,

You're welcome! Waaaah, looks like your baking business is taking off quite well :)

It's the thoughts that count, kan? She must have spent quite some time working on the card dengan niat to give it to you, tapi it must have slipped off her mind :)

Happy Mother's Day, Kak Zue.

wanshana said...


Dah jenuh practice dah ni! Tak der dress rehearsal ajer lagi! Hahaha!

Ni dah pukul 7:50a.m and none of the kids dah bangun! Kalau by 9 tak bangun jugak, I think THAT'S the surprise, kot? The surprise is - there's NO surprise. Hehehe!

Thank you, dear. Happy Mother's Day to you, too. You're a wonderful mom, too!

wanshana said...

Desert Rose,

I ni tengah tunggu anak bujang Sin Chan I bangun tido ni. Semalam tido lambat coz' baru dapat Game Naruto for his PS2. Langsung dah tak ingat kat Mommy lah tu... :)

I dah practised "Surprised Look" Tahap 1, 2 dan 3. Tahap "Pengsan" which is Tahap 4 - baru nak practise pagi ni. Better do it before the kids wake up. Hahaha!

Happy Mother's Day to you, dear...AND "Selamat Pengsan" to both of us :)

wanshana said...


Hahaha! That is SO cute. I can just imagine how Balqis looked and said that! I'm sure dia frust betul when Wardah beat her to it. Shiannnn dia...

Hmmmm...nak ambik gambar I "surprised"? Tengok petikan filem when I win The Oscar nanti, okay? Hahahaha!

Happy Mother's Day, dear. Hope you'll have great fun with your lovely girls and hubby today :)

wanshana said...


Dah practised beberapa rounds dah ni - tangan kat dada, kat kepala, tutup mulut yang terlopong dan sebagainya. Pagi ni nak practise pengsan pulak. :)

Happy Mother's Day to you, too! Have fun with the family.

(Does Norway celebrate it this weekend?)

wanshana said...


Thank you, thank you :)

Do wish Yan "The Happiest Mother's Day" from me, please. Are you and the girls bringing her out for a special meal today? Or are you whipping up a special meal at home for her? Whatever it may be, I'm sure you all will have a blast today :)

Hmmmm, the surprise so far is - there's no surprise (yet?). :)

Madam Tai Tai Again said... cute Hilman ni. I hope you have practised your 'surprise look' well for today, Shana.

Happy Mother's Day to you!

MHB said...

Happy Mother's Day to wonderful mom wanshana!! your Hilman is a heart-breaker!

Helena said...

Hope you had a great MOm's Day! i sure did! Did you successfully give an original suprised looked? hehe

Unknown said...

dah pengsan kah?...

oopss bangun balik..give a big hug laa...


wanshana said...


Thanks :) Happy (belated!) Mother's Day to you, too, dear.

Ha-ah...anak bongsu I ni rasanya sampai dah besar panjang nanti pun I tengok dia cute ajer... :)

Take care!

* By the way, are you back in KL already?

wanshana said...


Happy (belated!) Mother's Day to you, too, my dear.

By the look of things and pics on your blog, you sure had a wonderful celebration yesterday, I see :)

Hmmmm, I hope Hilman won't break too many hearts nanti!

wanshana said...


Happy (belated) Mother's Day, dear :)

Yesterday was great, thank you. A bit tiring, but still great :)

I think I might win an Oscar for next year for giving out the most surprised face to Hilman yesterday! Hehehe!

wanshana said...


Memang macam-macam ada... :)

Dah melopong, dah menjerit, dah pengsan, dah bangun balik and dah peluk cium dah... Hehehe!

D.N.A.S said...

My 2nd son gave me a self made card and a plastic rose. He didn't eat during recess sebab nak beli bunga tu. Terharu sungguh rasanya.

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Dear Shana,
Happy Mother's Day! Hilman's soo sweet!

wanshana said...


Alahai...that was really sweet of him! I pun terharu baca...

Kids - such purity and sincerity, and such love...

Hope you had a swell Mother's Day celebration last weekend, dear :)

wanshana said...

Ja @ DDI,

Thank you, dear. Happy (belated) Mother's Day to you, too! :)

Ha-ah - my Hilman : mashem-mashem manis...Hehehe!